I have added some history taken from the movies, and anime uk. There is a more powerful version, we use in our games, if you want that one too then e-mail me. Hope you guys like it.



Bio-Booster Armor: Guyver

Guyver Unit(s) Data:

 The Units are mysterious Bio-organisms that bond with a

host, giving that being strong armor and enhancing the host's own strength and speed. The Units are living things. feeding off the host's Bio energy (P.P.E.) as well as harnessing it to power weapons systems - The Megasmasher, Sonic Swords, Gravitonic Generator Orb, and other systems revealed with time. The Control Medal regulates the armor - prevents it from literally eating it's host alive - and records the genetic structure of it host. If the host is injured or killed, it will regenerate the host from the smallest bits of Bio-Booster Material. If it is destroyed, the unit absorb its host. The Control Medal has tentacles that reach into the host's brain, and allows the host to use the Guyver. There are telepathic organisms that attach to the host's back, allowing the host to call the armor as well as communicate with other Guyvers. When not worn, the armor is in a sub-dimension. It follows the host and is instantly available when needed. While powerful, there are a number if things that can damage or destroy a Guyver. The Enzyme-Type of Zoanoids were developed to produce an acid that dissolves the Bio-Boosted Armor. A Zoalord has enough power to destroy a Guyver, as do some of the Hyper Zoanoids. Most weapons (S.D.C.) have no effect, while high powered weapons (M.D.C.) can damage a Guyver. The Creators developed a weapon that Chronos calls a Unit Remover. It separates the Control Medal from the host, killing the host and returning the Guyver Unit to it's inactive state.

The Guyvers may have been designed as a command crew element for Creator ships, The Control Medal can be used to talk telepathically with one of the craft.

Control Medallion:

 This is the control system for the Bio-Booster Armor.  A

host of fine tendrils link directly to the host's brain and enable control of most if the Guyver's abilities. It also protects the host from begin consumed by the Guyver technology. It is located on the Guyver's forehead. The Control Medallion can protect it self from harm.

Head Sensors:

 The metallic spheres on either side of the Guyver's head are

in fact complex three dimensional sensors which can move back and forth along the grooves on the head armor. They can even detect objects in the other side of walls, and can detect objects that are invisible.

Sonic Blades:

 The protrusions on the Guyver's forearms can flex and extend

at will. They vibrate at a super-high frequency (much like Vibro-blades), enabling them to slice through almost anything.

Forehead Infrared Laser Beam:

 The metallic spheres. Control Medal is a high quality

Infrared laser. The Guyver can fire the laser to defend the Control Medal, or by the host at will.

Gravitonic Generator Orb

 The metallic spheres located on the mid section of the

Guyver is the Gravitonic Generator Orb. Through this orb the Guyver can fly and create a small gravity ball that can be used as a weapon or a defensive shield.

Sonic Wave Projection:

 Even though the range of this weapon is very limited, this

weapon can be used to destroy projectiles, and damage enemies. This Wave can also be used to create a powerful shield.

Mega-Smasher Cannon:

 Even though its power output varies from time to time, this

weapon can easily destroy a large building and is the most powerful of the Guyver armaments. Located under the chest armor, which must be opened to use the weapon, are two lenses made of clear gelatinous material which bulge out during the firing process, thus focusing and amplifying the light particles and increasing the power of the weapon.

The Creators:

 Thousands of years ago the Creators discovered the primeval

organic soup on the Earth, and began genetic experiments, developing the line that resulted in humans. They designed humans to draw on their own Bio-energy to become super-strong fighting organisms (It's inferred that the Zoanoids could have been made in any shape, the birth of Super Humans, Magic, and Psionics could be due to the Creators genetic experiments.) The Guyver Units seem to be older technology, something the Creators brought with them rather than developed on Earth. The Creators abandoned their experiment before it was completed. Speculation is that they were designing humans as Bio-weapons to be used in some war, and were forced to abandon their planetary laboratory before they could finish. The Gene-Splicers are speculated to be the Creators come back to finish there experiments, or to terminate there experiments, or the Creators enemies, looking for the weapons of the Creators.

Creators' Lost Spaceships:

 These organic-appearing crafts, it seems that the Creators

'grew' rather than built their spaceships. Entering them is like going into a living being rather than a mechanical device. It communicates with the Guyvers through there Control Medals. The Guyvers can also control spaceships through the Control Medal. While one of these ships was destroyed before the coming of the rifts, there are others buried throughout the world.

Bio-Booster Armor Guyver Unit

M.D.C. By Location:

Head - 350 Control Medallion - 1000 Arms(2) - 250 Each Sonic Blades (2 - 4) - 300 Each Main Body - 700 Legs(2) - 400 Sonic Wave Projection Shield - 200 Gravitonic Generator Orb Shield - 200

Height: Plus One Foot To Host's Height Weight: Plus Four Hundred Fifty Pounds Speed: Running: 250 Mph Flying: 300 Mph Physical Strength: Is equaled to a 55 or if strength is greater then add ten to it. Physical Endurance: Plus ten to P.E.

** P.P.E. Cost: To active the Guyver Unit 20 P.P.E. is needed. *** Time Limit: The Guyver Unit can be uses for P.E. times two minutes before the host can no longer keep up the Guyver. The host will need to rest for ten minutes before he or she can reactive the armor. **** Life Span: The Guyver can keep a host alive forever.

Weapon Systems:

1.) Sonic Blades Mega-Damage: Plus 1D6X10 To Punch Range: Two Feet Bonuses: + 6 To Strike P.P.E. Cost: 5 Per Melee

2.) Forehead Infrared Laser Beam Mega-Damage: 5D6 Plus 5 Per Level Range: 4000 Ft. Rate Of Fire: Single Or In A Three Shot Burst Bonuses: + 10 To Strike P.P.E. Cost: 10 Per Melee

3.) Gravitonic Generator Orb Mega-Damage: 2D6X10 Range: 6000 Ft. Rate Of Fire: Equal To The Hand To Hand Attacks Bonuses: + 10 To Strike P.P.E. Cost: 15 Per Shot

4.) Gravitonic Generator Orb Shield Mega-Damage: 200 Range: Personal Rate Of Fire: Equal To The Hand To Hand Attacks Duration: Instant P.P.E. Cost: 4 Per Shield

5.) Sonic Wave Projection Mega-Damage: 1D6X10 Range: Two Feet Rate Of Fire: Equal To The Hand To Hand Attacks Bonuses: Always Hits P.P.E. Cost: 10 Per Shot Area Effected: 10 Ft Per Level

6.) Sonic Wave Projection Shield Mega-Damage: 200 Range: Personal Rate Of Fire: Once Per Melee Duration: Ten Melees Per Level P.P.E. Cost: 10 Per Shield

7.) Mega-Smasher Cannons(2) Mega-Damage: 01 - 25% 2D6X10 Each 26 - 50% 2D4X10 Each 51 - 75% 1D6X10 Each 76 - 00% 1D4X10 Each Range: Ten Miles Rate Of Fire: Once Per Melee Bonuses: + 10 To Strike P.P.E. Cost: 15 Per Shot, Per Cannon

Bonuses From The Guyver Unit:

1) + 200 M.D.C. Or if an S.D.C. being then has a base M.D.C. of 200 2) P.P.E. is 100 or if higher then add 50 % of the P.P.E. base 3) Leap Height and Length are multiplied by ten 4) Super Regeneration: The Host and The Guyver regenerates at 1D6X10 M.D.C. per melee round and will grow back severed limbs and appendages within 4D6 hours. Also The Guyver can also regenerate the host if any part of the Control Medal is left.

Armando V. Acosta