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% - These OCC's are specific to the Keltarian Race: See Appendix B

@ - These are SDC OCC's created for other Palladium games, but useable in RIFTS

And now on with the show....

Adept O.C.C. by Matthew L Jinkerson ()

As a result of one of my players taking a firm grip into the magical aspect of MAGE, I developed a new magic O.C.C. more suitable for what he requested. In the course of development I tried very hard to create a new mage aspect without going beyond the bounds of equality amoung the initial three magic character classes. If for your game you wish to make changes to this O.C.C. or have any questions, feel free to make those changes, or write me at: .

Experience points/level: Same table as a Mystic O.C.C.

P.P.E.: P.E.+(2D4*10)+2D6 per level.

Standard Skills 2 Languages +15% Wilderness Survival +10% Pilot: Hover Craft +5% Lore: Demons & Monsters +10% Math: Basic +10%, Literate +10%

Plus 7 other skills (req. 1 science,1 technical) available areas are: communication (radio only), Electronics (Basic), Medical (first aid), Physical (except Wrestling and Gymnastics.), Pilot +5%, Pilot related +3%, Rogue, Science +10%, Technical +5%, WP (any), Wilderness +5%. Plus select five secondary skills (without plus).

Powers: 2D4 spells initially.

  1. Sense ley line and magic energy - This power is somewhat similar to the psi-stalker and mutant dogs. The line walker can see and feel the presence of magic. Sense ley line nexus - The walker is able to feel whether there is a ley line within the area of his sensing abilities, 10 miles (16 km) per level of experience, and can tell whether it is near or far. He can also follow the feeling to locate the ley line at a skill level of 30% +5% per each additional level of experience. Sense a rift - The mage will automatically feel the sensation of a rift opening anywhere within a 50 mile area (80 km) +10 miles (16 km) per each additional level of experience. Although he can not tell exactly where this rift is, the walker will know whether it is near of far and whether it is big or small. Sense magic in use - The expenditure of magic in the form of a spell, rifting, or techno- wizardry can be felt, up to 100 feet (30.5 m) away per every level of experience. The will not know the location nor be able to trace it, but he will feel its energy and know that magic is being used in the area of his sensing range.

  2. True Sorcery - This unique magic user invents new spells as he/she needs them. Creating spells that may or not be similar to those spells listed in the books, if not similar, the GM will have to deterime the P.P.E. required, range, damage (if any) and description for the spell. Step 1: Character determines the desired effect that he or she wishes to accomplish. Step 2: The GM determines what power, spell, etc... best accomplishes the desired effect, and assigns rank (level) to the given power (record and save for future reference). Step 3: Character rolls dice to determine the length of time needed to invent the spell. The creation time of the spell is directly related to the level of the spell wished to be created. Creation time is 2D4 melees + 2*(level of the spell) melees extra. For example if an Adept wished to create a spell of 5th level it could take anywhere from 12-18 melees depending on the roll. When the Adept begins the creation, he/she goes into a meditative trance. While in this state the character cannot take any other action other than a slow walk (no dodge, parry, etc...). However, the Adept is aware of his surrondings and can cancel the meditation at any time, resuming action normally. If the meditation is broken at any time the Adept shall have to resume his meditation from the beginning, as the spell is not imprinted upon the Adept's memory until the end of the meditation. This does allow the Adept to create new spells as he/she needs them, provided all spells have not yet been chosen, but finding the time to do so in combat can be tricky. Step 4: The Adept casts the newly acquired spell for the first time ever. This initial casting requires two times the normal amount of time to cast the spell. If the Adept chooses he/she can negate the penalty of the double time in casting the spell, by expending 10 P.P.E. extra for the first spell. All spell casts after the initial time can be accomplished at the normal rate of time. Normal casting time for spells: Levels 1-6: 2 spells per melee. Levels 7-10: 1 spell per melee. Levels 11-15: 1 spell every 2 melees. Step 5: Add the spell to the Adept's personal list of spells for future reference which can now be called upon like any ordinary spell cast by most magic users. Limitations:

  3. The character can never learn magic like a normal mage, instead he/she must develop a similiar one.

  4. These spells are all personal, they cannot be taught to other magic users.

  5. Can only create 2 spells a week plus one per each level of experience.

  6. Can only create 4 spells per each level of experience plus one for each level of the Adept, per year. For example if a 1st level Adept had not advanced for two years he/she could have up to 10 +2D4 spells available to him or her.

Bonuses to Save: +2 vs Horror Factor

Weapons: Standard Other Equipment: Standard Vehicles: Standard Credits: Standard



An R.C.C. for Rifts by Dan Hicks

These beings are similar, in that they are able to simply negate magic!

Alignments: Any Attributes: All 3D6 O.C.C.'s: No practitioners of magic, tend towards fighters XP Table: Use dragon experience table Hit Points: Standard S.D.C.: Normal as per O.C.C. Horror Factor: 13 to creatures of magic when they realize what they're fighting P.P.E.: 3D410+40 to start, +1D410 per level Natural Abilities: Unless noted, these powers cost no P.P.E. to use.

  1. Negate Magic The Anti-Magic can negate magic at a rate of 1 of his P.P.E. to 4 outside P.P.E.

  2. Impervious to Hostile Magic Just like it sounds, hostile magic directed at the character either fizzes out, misses or some else happens

  3. Negate I.S.P. The Anti-Magic can negate I.S.P. at the same rate as P.P.E. (see above)

  4. Negate Magical Creatures By directing his P.P.E. towards a magical creature he is touching, the Anti-Magic can do 3D6 damage/ P.P.E. point/round to a supernatural creature, such as vampires, were beasts, dragons, faeries. Generally anything which can't survive without magic is effected by this.

  5. Change Magical M.D. to S.D. Any magical attacks which do M.D., such as a dragon's punch, a rune sword, is done in S.D. to the Anti-Magic.

  6. Negate Magical Attacks This is like #1, #2 and #4. Any attack which couldn't exist without magic but isn't physical, dissipates upon hitting the Anti-Magic, doing no damage.

         Example: A dragon breathes fire at an Anti-Magic and his friends
                  behind him.  The fire strikes the Anti-Magic and
                  dissipates, doing no damage to anyone.
         Example 2: A basilisk tries to petrify an Anti-Magic. The beams
                    strike and dissipate, doing no damage.

Attacks per Melee: As per combat Damage From Special Attacks: See abilities Average Life Span: 90 years Value: 80 billions of credits Habitat: Anywhere Language(s): Any as per O.C.C. Enemies: Supernatural beings Allies: Weak humans Size: human Weight: human Notes: This is my first R.C.C. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send them to . Also, don't tell people you made this. After all, this is my first.


Asternogs R.C.C.

Born of the stars, beings of pure cosmic energy, no fear, no emotions, and no friends. One continual message, passed down throughout there existence, gives them reason to live, DOMINATION!!!

Asternogs or Asteronians, as somtimes called, feed off of the energy

radiating from the stars of the universe. They reproduce sexually and offspring are placed in the interior of a star. There they grow and mature until they unleash themselves on the universe. Domination of all beings seems to be their main instinct and they rarely have an feelings toward any other being. Usually they travel alone searching for prey to either conquer or digest. Food is there only means of survival, and somehow it uses the gases from the breakdown of food particles and gives their bodies any particular gas needed to function. They need to feed every human week and any living or non-living tissue can be consumed. Their appearance is very intimidating. The average Asternog stands 10 feet 6 inches. They can fly at velocities of up to 1,000 mph and sometimes faster when pissed off. Their physical build is that like a humans, they have two arms and two legs. The head is large with one eye in both the front and the back. Ears are relatively small but still have remarkable hearing skills. Their skin is green for males and blue color for females. Both sexes are equally powerful but the females seem to be a bit stronger overall. And fight ferosiously.

Attributes: IQ 6, MA 5, ME 4, PS 7, PE 5, PB 1, SPD 6 (or 7 if female). P.P.E.: 5D6x10 Mega-Damage/Hit Points: 1D6x100 + 10 M.D.points Armor Rating: Skin is M.D. substance and is impervious to all normal weapons. Magic and Psionics inflict 75% effect. Natural Abilities: Fly 1000m/h, see invisible, and bio-regeneration 1D6x10 M.D, hit points every three minutes. Eye Incinerator beam: 6D6 MD, range: 1000 feet. Atom dismanteler: 6D10 + 10 MD, range: 80 feet. Note: (When used, the dismanteler collects all stored power from own body losing amount of damage inflicted) Claws: 3D6 MD Bite: 4D6 MD Photon Detonator: 5D10 MD Note 1 : (When attached to target it explodes after 3 melee rounds) Note 2 : (When the bomb is on its specific target the target character can attempt to disarm it by rolling a 20 sided dice. 1-7 Disarm successfully 8-10 Disarm but lose 10 MD points 11-14 Lose 1D4x10 MD points 15-19 Disarm successfully 20 Bomb goes off and lose 2x MD points inflicted

Psionics: Master Psionic: player can choose up to ten psychic powers from any category. Select an additional five at 5th level and 10th level. I.S.P.:2D10x10 Magic Knowledge: Full understanding of magic. Can sense ley lines and nexus points; range: 100 miles. Spells: Can learn all spells by usual means beginning at 1st level. Combat Abilities: Equal to hand-to-hand basic, + 2 melee attack. Average Life Span: 40,000 years.

Shawn Woods



Requirements: ME 9, MA 9, PS 12, PE 10

OCC Skills Math: Basic 98% Literacy (Native Language) 98% Native Language 98%

Skill Programs Medical Program - Biology, Criminal Sciences/Forensics, (Chem, & Chem: Analytical prerequisites not

            necessary) Paramedic, Pathology.  +20% to all skills
    Police Program - WP Auto Pistol, WP Shotgun, Hand-to-Hand:
            Basic, Radio: Basic, Pilot: Auto.  (+20%)
    Select 1 other skill program, excluding Military, Espionage,
            Pilot: Advanced, or Stage Magic.  +20% to all skills.

Secondary Skills: 10, +2 at 3, 6, 9, 12, 15


Math: Basic 98% Literacy (Native Language) 98% Native Language 98% Biology (+20%) Criminal Sciences/Forensics (Chem, & Chem: Analytical prerequisites not necessary) (+20%) Paramedic (+20%) Pathology (+20%) Radio: Basic (+20%) Pilot: Auto (+20%) WP Auto Pistol WP Shotgun Hand-to-Hand: Basic

Other Skills: 5 Communications: Any (+5%) Domestic: Any Espionage: Any (+10%) Electrical: Basic Electronics Mechanical: Basic, Auto Mechanics, Locksmith (+5% on Locksmith, Mechanical Engineer prerequisite not needed) Military: None Medical: None (see skill programs) Physical: Any Pilot: Any ground, air, sea. No Power Armor, Robots, or spacecraft. Pilot Related: Any Science: Chemisty, Chemistry: Analytical, Math: Advanced, Psychology (+10%) Technical: Any (+5%) WP: Any

Secondary Skills: 10, +2 at 3, 6, 9, 12, 15

SDC: 3d6 XP: Use the Nega-Psychic from Beyond the Supernatural


Beyond Cyber-Knights OCC's

Believe it or not, once a Cyber-Knight (NOT Warriors, Rangers, or Ninjas, just Knights) reaches Level 15, the game's not over. It is possible to advance still further, but it is not easy. First, there are 3 paths to choose from : Cyber-Paladin, Cyber-Avenger, or Defiler (which, as any Cyber-fighter histori an knows, was the original group from which the Cyber-Fighters sprang). The following applies to all of the "Super-Cyber-Knights":

-After reaching Level 15, the Cyber-Knight must spend 2 years in training in wh ichever new path is chosen.

-All of the paths use the Ancient Chiang-Ku XP Table. The difference in XP is gained through the training so that the new Super-Cyber-Knight begins anew at L evel 16.

-Gains 1 secondary skill each level due to heightened concentration and mental abilities. In addition, all restrictions on skills are lifted.

-Gains the following bonuses: Add 1 to all mental attributes, add 3 to all phys ical attributes except PB, and cannot become a vampire. Also gains an awe fact or of 10.

-At the end of the 2-year training period, the Cyber-Knight goes into a week- long trance. During this trance Lord Coake appears to the Cyber-Knight in a vision. When the Cyber-Knight awakes, all cybernetics, bio-sytstems, and bio- wizard ENHANCEMENTS (if a new limb, eye, or whatever was simply cloned because it had to be, it is not affected) are GONE with the exception of Cyber-Armor with full MDC restored. In place of the cybernetics are normal, living, human parts. From that point onward, the Super-Cyber-Knight may NOT get any more enhancements. If such an enhancement is necessary (to replace a lost limb, for example) it is allowed under the following conditions: it may NOT be enhanced (a perfectly normal version of what was lost,) it MUST be bio-wizardry or a bio-system (though the latter is somewhat reduced in efficiency; -1 to all physical atributes for that limb,) and its attributes cannot be above those of the original.)

CYBER-PALADIN: REQUIREMENTS: PS 20, PE 18, Good or Unprincipled Alignment MAGIC: At Level 16, starts with no spells, but may purchase and learn any spell s he/she wants. Gains 2D20 PPE immediately and 1D10 every level thereafter up until Level 26. PSIONICS: Choose 1 from Super (except, of course, for Psi-Sword) and 2 from Hea ling. Gains 1d10 ISP and is considered a Master Psionic. POWERS: 1) Psi-Blast: The Psi-Sword of a Cyber-Knight becomes a new, terrifying weapon. While it cannot be kept "up" like the Psi-Sword, it is deadlier. A column of glittering psionic energy fires from the Cyber-Paladin's hand, first going out and then back in like a psionic yo-yo. This counts 2 melee actions. DAMAGE: Unchanged from Psi-Sword at Level 16, add 1d6 MD at Levels 17, 19, 22, 24, and 26. 2) Can use the psionic Healing Touch the same as the psionic power WITHOUT using ISP. This may only be done once per 24 hours, and it temporarily drains1d4 SDC from the Cyber-Paladin.

CYBER-AVENGER: REQUIREMENTS: 20 in all physical attributes, anarchist or evil alignment (this includes Aberrant) MAGIC: See Cyber-Paladin PSIONICS: Gains Bio-Manipulation and 3 of choice from Physical. Gains 1d6 ISP and is considered a major psionic. POWERS: 1) Physical Psi-weapon: The Psi-Sword can become a psionic version of any weapon the Cyber-Avenger wants, but it must have a physical core (a Psi-Chain must have a real chain, a Psi-Pistol must have a real pistol.) This physical core may not be changed once chosen, and the core must be used in conjunction with the weapon (if the core is stolen, TOUGH!) The advantage to this method is that any weapon with ammunition no longer needs it to shoot (a big plus for energy weapons.) DAMAGE: Same as for Cyber-Paladin. 2) Gains the ability to incite fear in any creature (horror factor 19) once per 24 hours. Like the Cyber-Paladin, this action drains 1d4 SDC from the Cyber-Avenger.

DEFILER REQUIREMENTS: at least 20 in all attributes, any alignment MAGIC: At Level 16 gains 10 spells of choice from any level 1 to 6 and gains 1 new spell per level. Gains another 6d6 PPE. PSIONICS: 2 Super psionics (once again, not Psi- Sword) and 5 from any other cat egory. Gains 2d20 ISP, master psionic, +4 to save vs psionics POWERS: 1) Can use both the Psi-weapons of any Cyber-OCC (except for the Paladin and Avenger's weapons; those weapons are unique to those OCC's.) DAMAGE: Unchan ged at Level 16, add 1 die of damage (D6 for sword, D4 for bow, and so on) every other level. NOTE ON PSI-SWORD: A Defiler's Psi-Sword can be thrown 15 feet and it will return. This does the same damage as the Psi-Sword, but it costs 2 melee actions to throw it 2) Gains Nightvision 50 feet

A Beyond Level 15 OCC by DaBeechMan E-mail me with any questions. Enjoy!the bonuses. Choose an addtional 2 at leve


Borowitz Giants R.C.C.

The Borowitz are giant psychic humanoids from another world.  Yet while

they are massive and powerfully built beings, they are not supernatural in nature. Despite what most smaller folk may think, the Borowitz are not plodding, dim-witted brutes. They are very intelligent and have keen minds, even though they are not very charismatic and tend to speak brutishly. All Borowitz have an intrinsic love for games, both mental and physical. Disputes even between mortal enemies are handled through gaming competition, whether it be athletic, intellectual, or psychic. They often view other races as being "un-civilized" because others are so quick to strike up arms against both friend and foe alike, when the entire matter could be so easily settled in "Personal Gaming Competition." Worshipping no gods, the Borowitz have an almost religious devotion toward their Elders. Their society is organized around a family-unity type of structure. Each of the scores of different Orders are lead by a council of twelve Elders. Each Order is composed of dozens and dozens of Clans, all of which headed by their council of Elders. By tradition, every Clan in the Order has a specific occupation. Every Order has its own Clan of merchants, warriors, engineers, etc. The bitterest of competitions arise from clans competing with similar occupational clans in other orders. Every fifteen years, the occupational Clans from dozens of Orders will hold great Olympic- style competitions, each trying to out do the other.

Alignment: Any, however the vast majority are anarchist, unprincipled, and scrupulous. Regardless of alignment, all Borowitz are 100% loyal to their Order. Attributes: The number of dice rolled is as designated: I.Q. 3D6, M.E. 4D6, M.A. 2D6, P.S. 4D6+10, P.P. 3D6+2, P.E. 4D6, P.B. 2D6, Spd 3D6. Their P.S. and P.E. are considered to be at the supernatural level on magic supercharged environments such as RIFTS Earth and Wormwood. Hit Points: P.E.5 +2D6 per level of experience. S.D.C.: 2D4100 on RIFTS Earth plus those gained from O.C.C.s and physical skills, making the giant an equivalent light mega-damage structure (every 100 S.D.C. equals one M.D.C.). Horror Factor: 11 P.P.E.: 6D6 Natural Abilities: Exceptional long range vision, night vision 40ft, heals ten times as quickly as normal, and is naturally resistant to both magic fire and magic cold (does half damage). Additionally, these giants's natural psychic abilities are made even more powerful on RIFTS Earth. Bonuses: +3 to save vs Horror Factor in addition to those gained from attributes, O.C.C., and skill bonuses. Damage: Restrained punch does 4D6 S.D.C. plus P.S. bonus, full strength strike does 2D6 M.D., power strike 4D6 M.D. (counts as two attacks), and a kick does 3D6 M.D. Magic: By O.C.C. only. Psionics: All Borowitz giants are considered major psychics. Select five Physical psionics and any three additional psionics from the categories of Healing, Physical, and Sensitive. At levels three, six, nine, twelve, and fifteen select one additional psionic from those categories. At levels four, eight, and twelve select one super psionic. O.C.C.: Virtually any O.C.C. (except Glitter Boy), including the CS Military (equivalents). Skills of Note: Speaks and is literate in Borowitz, and Troll, and speaks Gobblely, all at 98%. Knows one extra ancient W.P. in addition to O.C.C. skills. Also add +5% skill bonus to all Wilderness skills due to their natural aptitude in that area. Average Life Span: 250 years. Habitat: Can be found anywhere. Considered a monster or D-Bee on RIFTS Earth. Enemies: Generally indifferent to most, however they view most short folk with disdain. Allies: Non per se. May associate with anyone. Physical Appearance: These beings are massively built humanoids. Their skin colour varies in shade from a dark golden honey to a light brown. Their limbs are unusually long, resulting in a more gangly appearance. The most noticeable difference that separates them from most other giants is the fact that they are not cannibals! Size: 12ft (3.63m) plus 6D6 inches. Weight: 400 to 900lbs (180 to 410kg). Notes: Borowitz tend to be surprisingly civilized, although they are more aggressive toward smaller or weaker beings. They have quickly adapted to RIFTS high technology and have a passion for vibro-blades and other weapons that show the full extent of their skills.

Dustin M



Based on a character in Final Fantasy II, this lesser practitioner

of magic can do some amazing stuff.

REQUIREMENTS: ME 16, IQ 15, must start training as a child (All Callers start at Level 2 except in a few special cases. For example, in Final Fantasy II, Rydia would start at Level 1 because of the Mist Dragon's defeat).

ALIGNMENT: Contrary to popular belief, most are Unprincipled or good. Many tend to perceive them as Miscreant or Diabolic, as the most famous (and nasty) are evil.

BONUSES: Add 1d6 to all mental attributes

SPELLS: Choose 1 from Level 1 (no spells yet in the case of a Level 1 Caller.) Add two per level of XP, up to a level equalling that of the Callers. At every 1,000,000 XP above Level 15 may choose 1 Spell of Legend or 5 normal spells or 2 temporal spells. May learn spells normally, but do not like summoning magic (would rather use their own powers.) PPE 2d20 plus IQ plus ME. (only 1d20 for Level 1.) Add 2d12 per level.

PSIONICS: Telepathy and Empathic Transmission (only works on animals and monsters.) Good, Unprincipled, or Aberrant Callers also have Healing Touch while evil or anarchist have bio-manipulation. ISP 50, add 10 per level (starts with 25 if at Level 1)

TATTOOS: Choose 3 animal and 1 monster. These are bestowed by the Caller's parent, who can only bestow the tattoos that he or she was given and will not bestow them upon anyone else unless they are to become Callers. May get any new tattoos later, but double effects and duration of damage to the Caller for Weapon (simple or Magic) and Power tattoos.

SKILLS: Language: Dragonese (96% plus literate at 80%, drop literacy if at Level 1.) plus 1 other at 90% HTH: Expert (may become Martial Arts at cost of 1 other skill or Assassin (evil only) at the cost of 2 other skills) Horsemanship (+20%) Acrobatics and Gymnastics WP: Blunt +2 other Streetwise (drop if at Level 1) Athletics General Sing at Professional quality (often used to calm animals, which it can do at a percentage equal to 3/4 the normal percentage. Can also calm people at full percentile chance) MD, but only works on animals (veterinarian, so to speak.)

OCC Related: Choose 2 more plus 1 at Level 5, 10, and 12 Radio: Basic Domestic: Any Espionage: Escape Artist only (+20% if a tattoo can be reached, but must make a roll to use the tattoo and another to get the animal do get the Caller out, and it only works on things the creature can break) MILITARY: NONE PHYSICAL: No types of fighting other than OCC skill, but WPs and athletic skills like running are allowed) Rogue: So long as it doesn't involve computers, any PILOT: Forget about Robots, PA, and APC's, but anything else. Same story for Pilot Related (no robot, PA, or APC stuff allowed) Science: Any but MD in Cybernetics Technical: Same story as for Rogue, no computers, but anything else WP: Any, but tends to use ancient weapons Wilderness: NO hunting or fishing (the nature of Callers causes them to absolutely HATE eating meat; they won't comment on others eating meat though) but anything else.

POWERS: Can tame any animal (and, if caught at a VERY early age, like just born or hatchling, monsters) at a proficiency of 60% plus 2% per level. Can summon any creature or monster PPE: total possible damage in m.d.c./2+M.D.C armor/10=p.p.e.cost to call the creaturetechnique for calling monsters is learned the same way as spells, with a different technique for each creature. The Caller MUST defeat that type of creature at least once before it can be summoned. only need a memento or a tattoo of the creature {more often a memento} . the monster if sentient must be of that alignment or gave consent . they start with 3 animals ,1 monster and, 2 lesser monster below . calls May have a familiar link like a Shifter . speaking of shifters a caller and a shifter can open a rift to an unknown plane or planet [in case someone is making some thing on espers and FF3] witch people other can people can go though. There's many creatures on this place {plain or planet} that know about callers and are willing to help. [note:there could be a natural rift open to that place.] LIMITATIONS: If a called monster or creature dies, so does the Caller who summoned it. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE! Same story for familiars, but the familiar will otherwise live as long as the Caller A caller must be a human or true atlantean.

ENHANCEMENTS: NO CYBERNETICE OR BIO-SYSTEMS! Bio-wizardry is allowed, but a Caller will still only get this when ABSOLUTELY necessary, and ONLY to replace something that was lost, NO enhancements. Even trying to get an enhancement will kill the Caller, though new things like arms may be added safely if used to replace a lost one. Also, something peculiar: If an enhancement is added against the Caller's will (such as being turned into a Slave-Borg for the Coalition) the Caller will survive.

MONEY: 2d20x1000 credits, 20d6x100 in black market items

GEAR: light armor (most often Crusader), 1 ancient weapon, one energy pistol, several sets of travelling clothes, rations for 2 weeks, and a pet (most often a bird which may be used as a familiar.)

XP: Xp of a shifter

Chocobo: Calls a Chocobo, who bites and kicks 1 person, doing 2D6 damage. 10m.d.armor Costs 7 P.P.E. Level: 1

Mist: Calls a Mist Dragon, who blows a cold wind at 1 person doing 5D6 damage. 50m.d.armor Costs 20 P.P.E. Level: 6

Titan: Calls Titan, quake 5d6 to 3 ground things , on water it can be used to make a tsunami wave 1d4+1m.d. 100m.d.armor Costs 55 P.P.E.

Shiva: Shiva comes and casts a cold wind on up to 2 people. Does 6D6 damage 90m.d.armor and costs 45P.P.E. Level: 7

Indra: Indra hits up to 4 people with lightning, doing 3d6 m.d. 90m.d.armor Costs 45 P.P.E. Level: 7

Jinn: Jinn comes and creates a fire, doing 12d6m.d. 90m.d.armor Costs 45 P.P.E. Level: 7

Special Calls: Asura: By defeating Asura, Queen of the Summoned Monsters, a Caller can call Asura for a healing a group of nine on up to repairing 60m.d.armor. 200m.d.armor Costs 50 P.P.E.

Levia: By defeating Leviathan, King of the Summoned Monsters, a caller can call Leviathan, who creates a huge wave doing 1D6x5 damage to 5 people. Costs 80 P.P.E.

Odin: By defeating Odin, a caller can call Odin 50% of the time, who comes and kills enemies by cutting through them.200m.d.armor Costs 70 50+per extra enemy P.P.E.

Sylph: By doing a favor for the Sylph fairies, a Caller can call 3 Sylphs, who do 1D6x10 points to 1 person and give the points back to 1 person. 50m.d.armor per sylph. 17 P.P.E.

Bahamut: By defeating Bahamut, the most powerful summoned monster, Caller can Call Bahamut, who does 3d6x10 600m.d.armor.

An OCC for RIFTS by Beecher Greenman E-mail me with any questions. Enjoy!

============================================================================= Cambion RCC


The Cambions are a human-like race from fairly deep within the Thundercloud galaxy. They are the main force in a group of planets known as The Collective of Free Planets. The Cambion home world is situated in a stange solar system. The only thing that is contained in this solar system is the sun, Cam Solim, the planet Cambi Prime with its five moons, and a spacial anomally much like a black hole or worm hole. The hole, which has been named the Vortex, is the only thing which orbits the sun. This means that the planet of Cambi Prime orbits the Vortex! More precisely, the planet is caught in the Vortex, but surprisingly seems to be stable and in no trouble of falling in. From the earliest records of the Cambions it seems that the planet has always been there, or it has been there at least since the Cambions arrived. The Cambions were probably humans once, but millenia of living on the edge of the vortex has altered them making slight differences. NOTE: Cambions make up almost 45% of the Collective. See "The Collective" for more information.

Cambions are almost identical to humans in appearance, except their skin has a dusky grey tinge and their ears have a slight point. Hair colour is normally black, dark brown, or white, with other colors existing but very rare (red hair is considered a bad omen, and usually coloured).

Alignment: Any, but typically good. Attributes: I.Q. 3d6+1, M.E. 3d6+3, M.A. 3d6, P.S. 3d6, P.P. 4d6+3, P.E. 3d6+1, P.B. 3d6, Spd. 4d6 Size: Five to seven feet tall. Weight: 100 to 250 pounds. M.D.C.: By armour or magic only. S.D.C./Hit Points: Standard+30, and double normal hit points. Horror Factor: None. P.P.E.: 4d6, unless magic O.C.C. Average Life Span: 180 years. Natural Abilities: Nightvision 40 ft and immune to radiation. Also have near perfect hand to eye coordination when piloting vehicles, add +10% to any piloting skills. Psionic Powers: Standard; basically the same as humans. Magic Powers: Only if a magic O.C.C. is selected. Combat: Normal; varies with skills. Vulnerabilities/Penalties: None. O.C.C.s: Virtually any! Most lean towards fighter pilots and other pilot classes. The Cambions discovered magic about fifty years ago from a highly magical race that the FWDC discovered (actually elves). Cambions have taken well to magic, and are especially favoured towards Techno-Wizardry. The Cambions also have a special class, known as the psi-pilot. These are people with ambient psionic powers, that develop a highly specialized form of telemechanics for the use of interacting with vehicles. In the last 25 years the Cambions have shared this knowledge with other races, and it has recently appeared among pilots in the CCW, making Turbo-Jockeys very jealous. Alliances and Allies: The Cambions work well with all of the races in the collective, and are also friendly with most of the races near the colective that were not destroyed by the insectmen. They are also forming a treaty with the CCW, and are friendly with any race with a "goodly" disposition.


Coalition Centurion O.C.C.

The Coalition Centurion is a combat specialist who is trained to work

with Inquisitors. Primarily, they aid the with investigations, although they are also used as a highly visible police force. Centurions are an elite group, numbering even less than the Sea Wolf oceanic units. They are usually arrogant and ruthless in fulfilling their duties, especially when dealing with non-humans. Centurions will occasionally be deployed as members of regular fighting groups, but will mostly serve with the Inquisitors. Inside the Coalition States, the sight of a Centurion will often bring some fear and uneasiness into the hearts of criminals. The sight of a Centurion is usually the first sign of a major crackdown of Coalition law- enforcement. They are part of the Coalition police forces, but are principally the enforcers of the will of the Inquisitors. Centurions begin their career at the rank of Sergeant, although they are not bound to obey orders from superior officers unless they have been assigned to a regular soldier's unit. Although it is not a requirement, at least 55% of all Centurions are minor and major psychics. Telepathic individuals are valued highly and placed with psychic sensitive Inquisitors.

Attribute Requirements: P.E., P.P., and I.Q. 12 or higher

O.C.C. Skills: Radio: Basic (+15%) Literacy (+15%) Intelligence (+15%) Robot Combat: Elite (with two separate robot/armor types) Read Sensory Equipment (+15%) Weapon Systems (+15%) Prowl (+15%) Detect Ambush (+15%) Detect Concealment (+15%) Running W.P. Energy Pistol W.P. Energy Rifle Hand to Hand: Expert (can be changed to Assassin for 1 "other" skill)

O.C.C. Related Skills: in their duties, Centurions are given more leeway and access to knowledge than most Coalition soldiers. Centurions may select 10 skills, of which 2 must be Espionage and 2 must be either Science or Technical. Gain additional skills as follows: 2 at level 3, 2 at level 6, 2 at level 9, and 1 at level 12. Communications: any Domestic: any Electrical: any except Electrical Engineer Espionage: any (+10%) Mechanical: Automotive and Locksmith only Medical: First Aid or Paramedic only Military: any (+5%) Physical: any Pilot: any Pilot Related: any Rogue: any (+5%) Science: any Technical: any Weapon Proficiencies: any Wilderness: any (+5%)

Secondary Skills: The character may also select six secondary skills from the previous list. These additional areas of knowledge do not get the bonuses listed in parantheses. Also, skills are limited (any, only, none) as previously indicated in the list.

Standard Equipment: Coalition "Dead Boy" body armor, energy rifle and sidearm of choice with five extra E-clips for each, six grenades, survival knife, distancing binoculars, robot medical kit, pocket computer, utility belt, air filter and gas mask, walkie-talkie, uniform, combat boots, canteen, and two additional energy or non-energy weapons of choice (may include a light rail gun). Conventional military vehicle of choice (motorcycle, jeep, hovercycle, etc) for daily use. Centurions are also issued a standard Legionnaire's suit of power armor.

Equipment Available Upon Assignment: Centurions are allowed to commandeer any vehicle in the execution of their duties, but they are typically assigned a modified Coalition Sky Cycle which has 35% more armor, and have an integral jet pack on their body armor.

Money: Centurions are given a roof over their heads, food, clothing, and all other basics provided as part of their pay, as well as access to all Coalition facilities. They also receive a monthly salary of 2350 credits, beginning with one month's pay. Their quarters are identical to those for military specialists.

Cybernetics: None to begin with, but implantation is not restricted.

Centurion xp table: same as CS Military Specialist


Coalition Commando O.C.C.

The Coalition commando is a highly trained, combat-oriented specialist

whose job is to act as counter-insurgent and counter-terrorist. These soldiers are deployed under the command of Coalition military specialists, and are used extensively as members of long-range patrols outside the borders of the Coalition States. They are also deployed as members of reactionary units within the Coalition States to quell uprisings or other threats to the Coalition States. Due to the speed and efficiency that Coalition commandoes carry out their assigned tasks, they are known as "Swifts" both within and without the Coalition States. All commandoes begin at the rank of corporal.

Attribute Requirements: P.E., P.P., I.Q., and M.E. 10 or higher.

O.C.C. Skills: Radio: Basic (+10%) Literacy (+10%) Intelligence (+10%) Robot Combat: Elite Read Sensory Equipment (+10%) Weapon Systems (+10%) Wilderness Survival (+15%) Prowl (+15%) Running W.P. Energy Pistol W.P. Energy Rifle Hand to Hand: Expert (can be changed to Martial Arts or Assassin for 1 "other" skill)

O.C.C. Related Skills: Select 12 other skills. 2 must be Espionage, 2 must be Physical, and 2 must be Weapon Proficiencies. Gain additional skills as follows: 2 at level 3, 2 at level 6, 1 at level 9, and 1 at level 12. Communications: any Domestic: any Electrical: Basic only Espionage: any (+5%) Mechanical: Automotive or Locksmith only Medical: Paramedic only Military: any (+5%) Physical: any Pilot: any Pilot Related: any Rogue: any Science: Math, Chemistry, or Anthropology only Technical: any Weapon Proficiencies: any Wilderness: any

Secondary Skills: The character may also select eight secondary skills from the previous list. These additional areas of knowledge do not get the bonuses listed in parantheses. Also, skills are limited (any, only, none) as previously indicated in the list.

Standard Equipment: Coalition "Dead Boy" body armor, energy rifle and energy sidearm of choice, four extra E-clips for each, four grenades, survival knife, distancing binoculars, robot medical kit, pocket computer, utility belt, air filter and gas mask, walkie-talkie, uniform, combat boots, canteen, and additional non-energy weapon of choice. Conventional military vehicle of choice (motorcycle, jeep, hovercycle, etc.) for daily use.

Equipment Available Upon Assignment: Vehicles include SAMAS power armor, Spider-Skull Walker, Enforcer UAR-1, other robot vehicles, conventional military vehicles, hovercraft, jet pack, tank, APC, and aircraft. Any weapon types, extra ammunition, surveillance equipment, camera equipment, sensory equipment, optical enhancements, and food rations for weeks. Also has access to vehicle and equipment repair. Note: All weapons and equipment are given out on an as needed basis, with the commanding officer deciding whether or not the item(s) is really necessary or not. If the officer doesn't like the character(s), the availability of items may be extremely limited.

Money: The commando gets a roof over his head, food, clothing, and all other basics provided free as part of his pay, as well as access to military facilities. Plus a monthly salary of 2000 credits, starting off with one month's pay. The quarters for the commando are the same as those for the military specialist.

Cybernetics: None to start with, but implantation is not restricted.

Commando xp table: same as CS Military Specialist

============================================================================= Coalition Deathknight OCC (Elite Infantry)

During Proseks improvements in the army, he came up with an idea. Take

the best Raw recruits and put them through a year of training that would make hell look like fun. There is an amazing 54% fatality rate in the training! None the less, it has created the ultimate unit. Dedicated, trained, and most definitely lethal. If that wasn't enough, they are given a dna modifying virus that enhances their attributes (as if they weren't high enough all ready). Note that Prosek has made this OCC available only to men. This is following with his idolization of Hitler, who didn't like women in his spec ops units. Note: Because this unit is new, no member is currently above 3rd level, and none are older then 19.

Attribute Requirements IQ:14, ME: 17, PS: 17, PE: 20, PP: 17, SPD: 14

Training Bonuses +3 PS, + 6 PE, +2 PP, +2 SPD, +40 SDC, +1 attack per melee, +2 save vs. Horror Factor +1 roll with punch/impact, +1 dodge, +1 strike (hth and ranged weapon), +3 save vs. psionics, +5 save vs. Mind Control, +1 save vs. Poisons

Gene Engineered bonuses +4 PS, +4 PE, +2 PP, +4 SPD, +50 SDC, +1 attack per melee, can lift 2x person of normal strength. Needs only 6 hours of sleep. Can stay alert and ready for up to 3 days.

PPE: Standard Magic: None ISP: 2d4

Psionics: Because of their unusually harsh and training, they have the natural ability to, twice daily, do either Impervious to Cold, Impervious to Fire, Nightvision, or Summon Inner Strength. They can also use the powers Resist Fatigue, Resist Hunger, and Resist Thirst indefinitely. These are not true psionics, so they require no ISP to do. It is possible because of the ultra- intense nature of their training. All of these are the equivalent of a third level psionic.

Healing: Because of their DNA modification, they recover 2d6 SDC/HP every 2 hours.

Power Punch: The Power Punch of a Death Knight does 1d4-1 MD (if zero, its still the equivalent of 50 sdc damage)

Senses: The Deathknight has senses that are as good as a human can get. Even if they had an impairment before, the DNA modification changed that. This is represented in their training bonus.

OCC Skills Language: 2 of choice at 98% Literacy: 1 of choice at 98% Radio: Basic (+30%) Basic Electronics (+30%) Detect Ambush at 98% Detect Concealment at 98% Escape Artist (+10%) Intelligence (+40%) Sniper Tracking (+20%) Wilderness Survival at 98% Basic Mechanics (+35%) First Aid (upgradeable to paramedic at the cost of two occ related skills) (+30%) Hollistic Medacine (30%) Demolitons at 98% Demolitions Disposal at 98% HTH: Expert AND Assassin!!! (gets the bonuses of both at the same level) Athletics: General Body Building and Weight Lifting Boxing Climbing (+20%) Gymnastics (+10%) Prowl (+60%) Running Swimming (+15%) Scuba (+5%) Wrestling Drive: Automobile (+25%) Drive: Tanks and APCs (+15%) Read Sensory Equipment (+30%) Math: Basic (+30%) Computer Operation (+5%) 3 Ancient W.P. of choice 5 modern W.P.s of choice Land Navigation (+25%)

OCC related Skills (pick 5) Communciations: Any (+10%) Domestic: Any Electrical: Any (+10%) Mechancial: Any (+10%) Medical: None Military: Any (+15%) Physical: Any (+15%) Pilot: Any BUT Robots and PA or Robot Combat (both types) Pilot Related: Any (+5%) Rogue: Any (+5%) Science: Math Advanced (+20%), Biology, Chemistry Technical: Any (+20% language/literacy, +5% others) WP's: Any Wilderness: Any (+15%)

Secondary Skills Choose 2 from the list above without the bonuses. Choose an addtional 2 at levels 2, 6, 9, 13, and 15

Standard Equipment 3 Energy Weapons (literally ANYthing the player wants) of choice with 5 clips for each, 1 vibroweapon of choice, 1 ancient weapon of choice, 1 sd gun of choice with 3 clips. Suit of Death Knight Heavy Enhanced Armor (see below), Dress Fatigues (Patch is a Skull with a Broadsword sheathed in energy pointing downward in front of skull), Camo Fatigues, 2 pairs of boots, regular clothes, black 'Ninja' style outfit (complete with shoes) for sneaking and prowling, Binoculars, Tinted Sunglasses, Gas Mask, Survival Knife, Pocket Computer, walkie-talkie (2 mile sending range), two canteens, 14 MRE's (one days meal in each), Vehicle of choice (can opt to share a Modified Iron Maiden APC with 3 other soldiers).

Equipment Available upon Assignment: Anything but Robots or Power Armor.

Money: Has all the same benefits as a Military Specialist OCC, but gets paid 3500 a month salary. Has 1d4x1000 Credits to start with.

Cybernetics and Bionics: Player can have up to 2 bionic implants (excluding limbs, but including hands), and/or 5 cybernetics implants.

Note: This is an EXTREMELY powerful OCC, and pound for pound they're probably the best trained soldiers on the planet.

Exp Table Level Exp 1 0-4500 2 4501-9000 3 9001-12,000 4 12,001-23,000 5 23,001-40,000 6 40,001-90,000 7 90,001-150,000 8 150,001-190,000 9 190,001-250,000 10 250,001-500,000 11 500,001-830,000 12 830,001-1,000,000 13 1,000,001-1,300,000 14 1,300,001-1,600,000 15 1,600,001-2,000,000

DeathKnight Heavy Enhanced Armor Realizing the Need to give these new troops their own unique armor, Prosek allowed the creation of a suit of armor that almost borders on being a full PA. MDC: 120 Weight: 75 ilbs (supported by exoskeleton) Fair Mobility: (-10% prowl) Exoskeleton Bonuses: +6 PS, +10 Speed, +5 feet jumping distance (up and across), +5% climb, reduces fatigue by 50%. Also Allows character to punch for 1d4 MD and Power Punch for 1d6 MD. Penalty: Takes 2x longer to suit up. Black Market Cost: NOT AVAILABLE!!! If for some reason it would be become available, where talking 2 to 3 million because of its scarceness. Colors: Solid Black

Note On DeathKnights These characters, including PC's, are 100% LOYAL TO THE CS. There are NO exceptions. You're probably saying "Why, surely one of them would want to defect." Let me explain something. Neither myself nor any of you out there could possibly understand the bond between Deathknights. We have neither the honor, nor the experience required to realize just how strong this bond is. We're talking a bond that, in all likelihood, could transcend even Death itself. There is no such thing as a traitor. This is, admittedly, part of their genetic code, but it goes beyond even that. GM's take note, THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS! This means there alignment is ALWAYS aberrant.

A OCC and armor for RIFTS by Palladium Books Created and Written by Capt MJB (Mike Best)


Coalition Entertainment Specialist O.C.C.

Coalition entertainment specialists are a small and select group of

people who couldn't quite cut it as soldiers, but are still dedicated to the cause of the Coalition. Rather than not use these men and women at all, someone had the bright idea of creating a new position for these people. Thus, Coalition recruits who are better suited for fun and games instead of combat are intensely trained to become entertainment specialists. They are sent to remote outposts to help bolster the morale of front-line personnel, and are occasionally sent to help "break the ice" when the Coalition is negotiating to annex new areas. The entertainment specialist has gained the nickname of "Gomer Boy" from fellow Coalition troops, and this is the name that outsiders tend to refer to them with. Cruel officers will sometimes assign a Gomer Boy to a SAMAS RPA Elite officer, just to see the Sam suffer under the attention of the Gomer Boy. Note that Gomer Boys can be either male or female, and are pretty much permanently stuck at the rank of corporal, much to the dismay of the Coalition Grunts, who sometimes take orders from the Gomer Boys.

Attribute Requirements: P.P. 10 or higher.

O.C.C. Skills: Radio: Basic (+10%) Pilot Hovercraft (+10%) Robot Combat: Basic Read Sensory Equipment (+10%) Weapon Systems (+10%) Running Acrobatics Juggling Sleight Of Hand (+15%) Disguise (+15%) Imitate Voice (+15%) W.P. Knife W.P. Energy Pistol Hand to Hand: Expert (can be changed to Martial Arts for 1 "other" skill)

O.C.C. Related Skills: Select 8 other skills. Gain additional skills as follows: 2 at level 3, 2 at level 6, 1 at level 9, and 1 at level 12. Communications: any (+5%) Domestic: any Electrical: Basic only Espionage: any (+5%) Mechanical: none Medical: First Aid only Military: any Physical: any Pilot: any Pilot Related: any Rogue: any (+5%) Science: Math only Technical: any Weapon Proficiencies: any Wilderness: Land Navigation only

Secondary Skills: The character may also select six secondary skills from the previous list. These additional areas of knowledge do not get the bonuses listed in parantheses. Also, skills are limited (any, only, none) as previously indicated in the list.

Standard Equipment: Coalition "Dead Boy" body armor, Gomer Boy beanie helmet, various inflatable things, various stage magic items, energy sidearm of choice, four extra E-clips, survival knife, robot medical kit, pocket computer, utility belt, uniform, combat boots, canteen, and additional non- energy weapon of choice. Gomer Boys invariably use a flashy, multi-colored, garish-looking hovercycle that catches the eye of everyone and everything it passes. Usually has a few wind-driven noisemakers attached as well, for that added touch of the absurd.

Equipment Available Upon Assignment: Vehicles include conventional military vehicles, hovercraft, and jet packs. Most weapon types, extra ammunition, camera equipment, sensory equipment, and food rations for weeks. Also has access to vehicle and equipment repair. Note: All weapons and equipment are given out on an as needed basis, with the commanding officer deciding whether or not the item(s) is really necessary or not. If the officer doesn't like the character(s), the availability of items may be extremely limited.

Money: The entertainment specialist gets a roof over his head, food, clothing, and all other basics provided free as part of his pay, as well as access to military facilities. Plus a monthly salary of 1900 credits, starting off with one month's pay. The quarters for the entertainment specialist are the same as those for the SAMAS officer.

Cybernetics: None to start with, but implantation is not restricted.

Entertainment Specialist xp table: same as CS Grunt


Coalition Inquisitor O.C.C.

Within the ranks of the Coalition States is a secretive band of internal

police known as the Inquisitors. They are the shadowy figures in the background who appear from nowhere to deal out justice to wrongdoers. An inquisitor is an extremely well-trained and highly motivated individual who operates slightly out of the normal chain of command. An inquisitor answers to no one in the military hierarchy, and instead follows only the commands of the highest echelons. Likewise, they cannot legally issue orders to the military, but their soft-spoken "advice" is usually followed to the letter. However, they are commonly allowed to commandeer units up to squad size to aid in the capture of criminals. The inquisitors serve as a preventative measure against insurrection and unrest among the populace, as opposed to the more reactionary stance of the military. Their mission is to search out rebels and eliminate the threat they pose to the survival of the Coalition States, and thus to the survival of the human race. Inquisitors are not restricted in the methods that they may use to roust terrorists. Indeed, they are highly rewarded for creativity in their pursuit of dangerous criminals. They also command a special military cadre known as Centurions, who aid them in their investigations. It is a unique phenomenon that the inquisitors actively recruit psychics. Their paranormal abilities allow them to discover bad elements in Coalition society that much easier, and add to the fear and mystique that accompanies their profession. As a result, 75% of all Inquisitors are major psionics, and are so heavily indoctrinated into Coalition beliefs that they would never consciously betray the Coalition.

Attribute Requirements: I.Q., and M.E. 14 or higher.

O.C.C. Skills: Radio: Basic (+15%) Cryptography (+15%) Literacy (+15%) Intelligence (+20%) Interrogation (+20%) Investigation (+20%) Psychology (+20%) Mathematics: Basic (+15%) Escape Artist (+15%) W.P. Energy Pistol W.P. Energy Rifle Hand to Hand: Martial Arts (or Assassin, at player's choice)

O.C.C. Related Skills: Select 10 other skills, of which at least 2 must be Espionage. Gain additional skills as follows: 3 at level 3, 2 at level 6, 1 at level 9, and 1 at level 12. Communications: any Domestic: any Electrical: any Espionage: any (+10%) Mechanical: any Medical: any Military: any (+10%) Physical: any Pilot: any Pilot Related: any Rogue: any Science: any (+5%) Technical: any (+5%) Weapon Proficiencies: any Wilderness: any

Secondary Skills: The character may also select six secondary skills from the previous list. These additional areas of knowledge do not get the bonuses listed in parantheses. Also, skills are limited (any, only, none) as previously indicated in the list.

Standard Equipment: Coalition "Dead Boy" body armor, energy rifle and energy sidearm of choice, four extra E-clips for each, four grenades, survival knife, robot medical kit, pocket computer, utility belt, air filter and gas mask, walkie-talkie, uniform, combat boots, canteen, and additional non-energy weapon of choice. Also has full ceremonial Inquisitor outfit, including unique personalized uniform, Inquisition staff, and a full range of interrogation devices. Has a conventional military vehicle of choice (motorcycle, jeep, hovercycle, etc.) for daily use.

Other Available Equipment: Vehicles include power armor, robot vehicles, conventional military vehicles, hovercraft, jet pack, tank, APC, and aircraft. Any weapon types, extra ammunition, surveillance equipment, camera equipment, sensory equipment, optical enhancements, and food rations for weeks. Also has access to vehicle and equipment repair. Note: Due to their special status, inquisitors may commandeer virtually anything that aids in the pursuit of terrorists.

Money: The inquisitor gets a roof over his head, food, clothing, and all other basics provided free as part of his pay, as well as access to all Coalition facilities. Plus a monthly salary of 2500 credits, starting off with one month's pay. The quarters for the inquisitor are the same as those for the military specialist.

Cybernetics: Any two cybernetic implants to begin, and additional cybernetics or bionics are not restricted.

Inquisitor xp table: same as Techno-Wizard


Coalition Psi-SAM OCC (also known as Psykers)

Attribute Requirments: IQ:12, PP:10, ME:12

OCC Skills: Radio:Basic (+10%) Pilot:Hovercraft(+15%) Rob.Com:Elite:UAR-1 Pilt:Rob & PA(+20%) Read Sensory Equip(+15%) Weap.Syst(+15%) Running WP:En.Rifle WP:En.Pistol WP:Heavy En. Weap HTH:Martial Arts Boxing

OCC Related Skills: Select 7 at lvl 1, 2 at levels 3 & 6, 1 at levels 9 & 12 Comm: Any(+10%) Domestic: Any (-5%) Electric: Basic(+5%) Espionage: Any Mechanical: Basic % Auto(+10%) Medical: First Aid Military: Any(+5%) Physical: Any Pilot: Any(+15%) Pilot Related: Any(+10%) Rogue: Streetwise Science: Math:Basic, Adv Technical: Any WP: Any Wilderness: Land Nav & Hunting

Secondary Skills: Select 8

Standard Equipment: Same as SAM OCC, except UAR-Pysker replaces SAMAS Equipment Available Upon Assignment: Same as SAM OCC Money: Same as SAM OCC Cybernetics: Not likely, prefer natural abilities.

Bonuses: +2 save vs. Psi., +1 save vs. Magic, +2 PE, +1D4 ME, +1D6 PP

PSIONICS: Roll 01-30: Minor Psionic: Select 2 from any one category except Super -ISP: 2D6 + ME + 1D6/level

31-40: Major Psionic: Select 6 from any three categories except Super -ISP: 4D6 + ME + 1D6+1/level 41-50: Major Psionic: Select 8 from any one category except Super -ISP: 4D6 + ME + 1D6+1/level 51-70: Master Psionic: Select 2 from any one category including Super -ISP: 4D6 + ME + 2D4/level 71-80: Master Psionic: Gets telemechanics at first level -Select 1 additional power from any category at levels 3, 6, 9, 12 & 15 -ISP: 10 + ME + 5/level 81-99: None: Roll again on this table at levels 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 & 15 until a psionic type is aquired. -Cannot pilot UAR-Pysker -When character does get a psionics, multiply ISP by 2 and select 1(possibly additional) Super power

00: Master Psionic: Select 2 from every category at level 1 including Super -Select 1 from any category (except Super) at levels 3, 6, 9, 12 & 15 -Select 1 Super power at levels 4, 10 & 14

============================================================================= Combat Mage OCC

Roll up stats as normal for a human. Humans are the only race allowed for this OCC. The Combat Mage is a man of magic OCC. The combat mage must be male. Sort of like a Valkyrie must be female. Remember to get your GM's approval before using this powerful OCC. This class can be of any alignment, but only rarely are they evil.


 IQ: 12, ME: 10, PS: 12, PP: 10, PE: 12, Spd: 8

Bonuses (Special)

 +3 to save vs. Horror Factor at Level 1
 +1 to save vs. Horror Factor at levels 3, 5, 8, and 12
 +1 to ME     +2 to PS     +2 to PP     +2 to PE     +1 to SPD
 +3d4x10 SDC
 +5 HP


A Combat Mage has the following Psionics:

Healer: Bioregeneration Physical: Impervious to Fire, Impervious to Cold, Summon Inner Strength Sensitive: Mind Block, See the Invisible

    Plus, chose 2 more from the Physical category and 1 from the

Healer category.

    At Level 5, the Combat Mage gets the Psi Sword super psionic,

but it costs 2x the normal amount of ISP and lasts for only 3 minutes per 4 levels of experience. At Level 7, the mage gets the Psi-Shield ability, but it only lasts for 1 minute per 5 levels of experience and it only ever has 45 MDC.

ISP is 2d4x10+ME at level 1. Add 2 per additional level of experience. Saves as a Master Psionic.


At first level, the character has 2d6x10+PE PPE. Add 3d6 per level of experience. At first level, the character has the following spells:

 Thunder Clap, Fear, Befuddle, Turn Dead, Armor of Ithan,
 Energy Bolt, Invisibility: Simple, and Fire Bolt.

Also chose 3 first level spells and 1 second level spell at first level.

    At every Level, a character may chose as many spells as his

new level. He may chose them from the level 1 below his current experience level. For instance, see the following chart:

      X.P Lvl               # of Spells             Max Lvl

         2           2                1

         3           3                2

         4           4                3

and so on.

Other Bonuses

 +1 to save vs. Psionics at levels 2, 3, 5, 7, and 13
 +1 to save vs. magic at levels 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, and 14
 +1 to parry and dodge at levels 2 and 7
 +1 attack at levels 3 and 10
 +1 to HTH damage at level 5

The Combat Mage and Vampires

A Combat Mage may never be turned into a vampire. Vampire MD attacks to SD if they are in direct contact with the Combat Mage. This means vs. Armor and MDC protection spells and psionics, the attacks are still full MD, but against the skin of the mage, they're only SD. Finally, by using all his melee attacks, a Mage can permanently remove 1d6 HP/SDC from a vampire. This damage is never healed back by the vamp., and it can kill a vamp. If the vamps HP falls below -30, but it would take to long unless the vamp. is properly restrained. On the same hand, if the vampire that the Mage harmed by this method kills the Mage, it gains back all the previously permanently lost HP/SD

The Combat Mage and Dragons

When a Combat Mage is fighting a dragon, the dragon's MD attacks on the mage's skin react just as the vampires MD attacks do, they convert to SD.

The Combat Mage and Other Supernatural Foes

When other supernatural foes but the above 2 fight a combat mage, they're attacks against the skin of the C. Mage are reduced by 1/2. The are not converted to SD and the minimum for a MD attack is 1.


 Radio: Basic (+10%)
 2 Espionage of choice (+15%)
 First Aid (+10%)
 Demolitions (+20%)
 2 Physical(+10% if applicable)
 1 Pilot of choice, excluding Robot and Power Armor (+5%)
 Math: Basic (+15%)
 2 Languages (+45%)
 1 Literacy (+20%)
 2 WP Modern
 2 WP Ancient
 HTH: Expert

OCC Related Skills: Chose 5 from the following list. Chose an additional 2 at levels 3, 5, 7, and 13:

 All Domestic skills (+5%)
 Basic Electronics (+5%)
 Any Espionage (+10%)
 Automotive mechanics (+5%)
 Demolitions: Disposal (+10%)
 Any Physical {+5% if applicable}
 Pilot: Any but Robots or Power armor
 Pilot Related: Any (+5% on Weapon Systems)
 Any rogue (+5%)
 Science: Any but Archaeology, Botany, and Chemistry: Analytical
 Technical: Any (+5% on Lores)
 WP: Any
 Wilderness: Any (+5%)

Secondary Skills: Chose 3 from the above list, without bonuses. Chose 1 additional skill at levels 2 and 8

Gear: Suit of LIGHT megadamage armor. Energy Pistol with 3 clips. Ancient Style Knife, Sword, Staff, or Club (SD ONLY). Canteen. A pair of sunglasses. Regular everyday clothes, a 2 piece suit, and a black ninja-type outfit complete with Tabi Boots for Prowling. A pair of combat boots for everything else and a backpack.

Credits: 2d6x10

Cybernetics: Will never willingly get cybernetic or bionic implants. They are also rejected by the body and fall off 2d6x10 hours after being implanted. If a stump is left, so be it.

Levels of Experience

  1              0-3,500
  2              3,501-5,000
  3              5,001-9,000
  4              9,001-30,000
  5              30,001-50,000
  6              50,001-90,000
  7              90,001-140,000
  8              140,001-190,000
  9              190,001-250,000
 10              250,001-350,000
 11              350,001-500,000
 12              500,001-700,000
 13              700,001-1,000,000
 14              1,000,001-2,000,000
 15              2,000,001+


Combat Psionic OCC

    Sort of like my combat mage, only this time it's a psionic.

They tend to be heroic, with less then 4% in all the megaverse being evil.

Attribute Requirements: IQ 9, ME 13, PS 8, PP 7, PE 10, SPD 7

PPE: 3d6

ISP: 4d6x10+10 (add 10 per level of experience)

Regains 4 ISP per hour of activity, 9 per hour of sleep/meditation


 +4 to save vs. Horror Factor
 Considered to be a Master Psionic
 +3 save vs. Psionics
 +2 save vs. Magic
 +2 save vs. Insanity
 +1 save vs. Poisons
 +1d4x5 SDC, +1 PS, +1 PE, +1 ME


See the Invisible is automatic (like a dragon)


The following is a list of Psionics available to the character automatically:

 Bio-Regeneration, Deaden Pain, Exorcism, Impervious to Cold,
 Impervious to Fire, Levitation, Mind Block, Nightvision, Resist
 Fatigue, Summon Inner Strength, Telekinesis, Sixth Sense, Bio-
 Manipulation, Mind Bolt (costs only 1/2 normal ISP), Psi-Shield,
 Psi-Sword (treat as if it where at third level up until 4th
 level), Telekinetic Force Field

Also Chose 1 additional power from all categories (including super) (Thats a total of 4 more psionics)

Chose 1 additional Psionic from any category at levels 3, 5, 7, 8, 11, 13, and 15

Magic: None

Note: The Combat Psionic CANNOT be turned into a Vampire.

Standard Gear: Traveling Clothes (Blue Jeans, T-Shirt, Underwear, etc.), Combat style Boots, Tinted Sunglasses, Canteen, backpack, 5 MRE's (each one has 1 days worth of food energy).

Standard Armor: Chose one armor from the following: Urban Warrior, Plastic Man, Huntsman.

Standard Weapons: Chose 1 Vibro Blade (including Neural Mace) of choice and 1 Ancient SDC weapon. Does not start with any MD blasters/Guns. Would rather use a Mind Bolt anyway.

OCC Skills

 Chose 2 Languages each at 85%
 Wilderness Survival (+15%)
 First Aid (+5%)
 Athletics: General
 Chose 1 pilot (+5%) excluding Robots and PA
 W.P. Sword
 1 modern W.P. of choice
 2 Ancient WPs of choice
 HTH: Basic (Can be upgraded to Expert at cost of 2 OTHER skills,
 assassin and martial arts not possible)

Other Skills: Chose 4 from the following list. Chose 1 additional at levels 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, and 14.

 Radio: Basic (+5%)
 Domestic: Any
 Basic Electronics(+5%)
 Espionage: Any (+10%)
 Military: Any (+10%)
 Physical: Any (+5% when applicable)
 Pilot: Any but Robots and PA
 Pilot Related: Any
 Rogue Skills: Any (+5%)
 Math Basic
 Technical: Any (+5% to Lores, Languages, and Literacies)
 W.P.: Any
 Wilderness: Any (+5% when applicable)

Secondary Skills: Chose 3 skills from the above list without the bonuses.

Uses the Dog Boy Experience table.


Cyber-Farie RCC

    Here is Doctor Articulus's (Rift's Sourcebook #1) newest creation's.

How he talked a band of faries,close to 500, to be transformed into mystical cyborg's is unknown. He was fasinated by using the faries inhertant P.P.P to power their mystical cybernetic implant's. By sacrificing their magic powers and some of their natural powers the faries have been changed into powerful, if small, cyborg's Even though most these faries enjoy their new powers some have been having second thought's about their transformation and are searching for Doctor Articulus to have him change them back. (these are the most common to be found on Rift's Eart) Basicly these faries have been changed from happy go lucky pranksters to serious little tank's.

MDC:15x1d6 (note: to completly destroy must be taken to -50 or they will regenerate)

Alignment:Any But most are Unprincipled

Horror Factor:10 (by people who know faries and see what these have become)

Size:5 to 9"

Weight:4 pounds


Age:Unknown (suspected immortal)

Attributes:I.Q. 3xd6 M.E. 3xd6+6 M.A. 2xd6 P.S. 2xd6 (supernatural) P.P. 4xd6+4 P.E. 3xd6 P.B. 2Xd6 SPD. 3Xd6

Disposition:Are more serious than normal faries, except when they are in the company of normal faries which is when they act extremly foolish.

Magic Powers: Regenerates 1d4x10 MDC every thirty minutes. Limb's grow back in an hour Chameleon at will for 1 hour per day Globe of Daylight (equal to level) 4 times a day Sense Magic (automatic) Teleport:Lesser (equal to level) 2 times a day

Psionic Powers: None

Natural Powers: Flys at 2xSPD Attribute

Attacks per Melee:4

Bonuses: +6 to dodge +4 vs. all poisons +4 save vs. psionics +3 to roll with punch Cybernetics: (All of these are magical and will regenerate of destroyed) Sensor hand Multi-optic Eye Wrist or Palm Needle with farie sleep serum (same as the farie sleep arrow) Magical Forearm Laser Blaster 2D6 M.D Range 200 ft (609m) 10 blasts recharges at 1 shot every 2 minutes

Weapons: Sometimes fairy bow or a specialy designed weapon.

Skills of note: Same as Vagabond O.C.C.

Description:Basicly the look like a tiny cyborg with metal lace wing's

Use Vagabond Experience Table

Carl Backstrom |Because Polevaulting isn't a |sport it's a lifestyle


Cyber-Ranger OCC

    80 Years ago the Cyber Knights appeared. 60 Years ago the

Cyber-Warriors appeared. A mere 20 Years ago (Circa 83 P.A.) the Cyber-Rangers appeared. A sort of super wilderness scout, the Rangers are the stealth and senses of the Cyber trilogy. They are silent and can make normal wilderness scouts seem as natural as Chi-Town. Training: The Cyber-Rangers have probably the hardest training of any of the three Cybers. Their training begins at age 10, and continues until age 20. They must be taught by a Cyber Ranger of at least 7th level. Word has it that Lord Coake himself encouraged this branch's creation and helped in its separation from the Cyber-Knights. Use the Dragon Experience table.

Alignment: Any good or selfish.

Attribute Requirements: IQ 9, ME 12, PS 10, PP 6, PE 14, Spd 7

Psionic Powers

Roll a 1d10. On a 1-8 The character has no psionics (With the exception of the choices provided later), only 1d6 ISP, and is considered a Minor Psionic. On a 9-0 (10) the character is a Major Psionic and may chose 5 powers from the following list at level 1 and 2 more at levels 3 and 7:

 Bio-Regeneration, Deaden Pain, Healing touch, Increased
 Healing, Alter Aura, Impervious to Cold, Impervious to Fire
 Impervious to Poison/Toxin, Resist Fatigue, Resist Hunger,
 Resist Thirst, See the Invisible, Sense Evil, Sense Magic,
 and Sixth Sense.

Powers: Chose 2 from the following 5:

 1. Psi-Bow: A bow that shoots MD arrows up to 500 feet away. This
 is like a Psi-Axe/Sword in that it can be used indefinitely and
 costs no ISP/PPE. It does 1d4 MD at level one, 1d6 at level 3, 2d6
 at level 6, 3d6 at level 8, and 5d6 at level 13. Effective range
 is 500 feet. If character chooses this, he automatically receives
 WP Targeting.

 2. MDC Being: Drop all HP/SDC and the character becomes a MDC
 being with 3d6+1 MDC. Add 1d4 MDC at levels 5, 8, and 1. All
 Physical skill SDC bonuses are DROPPED. They do not become MDC.

 3. Enhanced Senses: Character automatically has nightvision to
 200 feet, see the invisible to 500 feet, sense magic, sense evil,
 sixth sense, see aura, and can hear as well as a dog and smell as
 well as a Crazy.

 4. Super Stealth: The character can, 3 times a day with each
 time lasting 2 hours, become totally Invisible to ALL methods of
 detection. This means not even see the invisible will detect him.
 He cannot be heard (unless he wants to be), and cannot be smelled.
 He still appears on Radar, and can be felt and has weight.

 5. Enhanced Abilities: Add 2D6 to PE, 2d4 to PS, 1d6 to PP,
 1d4x10 to SPD, 1d4 to ME and IQ, 1d6 to HP, and 1d4x10 to SDC
 (These latter two become +2d6 MDC if choice 2 is chosen).

Special Bonuses: Add a one time bonus of 2d6 to PE and SPD, 2d4 to ME, 1d6 to PS and PP, 1d4 to IQ. Add 1 attack per melee. Add +3 to parry and Dodge. Add +4d6 to SDC.

Saving Throw Bonuses: +2 save vs. poisons, +1 save vs. insanity, +5 save vs. Horror Factor, +1 to save vs. Magic. Cannot be turned into a Vampire.

PPE: Permanent 4d4

OCC Skills

 Language: 3 of choice (95%)
 Literacy: Chose 1 from the above 3 languages (85%)
 Cook (+5%)
 Fishing (+15%)
 Sewing (+5%)
 Detect Ambush (+20%)
 Detect Concealment (+20%)
 Intelligence (+15%)
 Tracking (+20%)
 Wilderness Survival (+40%)
 First Aid (+10%)
 Holistic Medicine (+15%)
 Athletics: General
 Climbing (+20%)
 Prowl (+30%)
 Horsemanship (And riding animals in general) (+15%)
 Math: Basic (+10%)
 Lore: Demons and Monsters (+15%)
 WP 3 ancient of choice
 WP 1 modern of choice
 Identify Plants and Fruits (+30%)
 Land Navigation (+50%)
 Track Animals (+20%)
 HTH: Expert (Can be changed to Martial Arts at the cost of 3 Other

Other Skills: Chose 5 from the following list. Chose 1 more at levels 4, 5, 7, 9, 12, and 15

 Radio: Basic (+5%)
 Domestic: Any (+5%)
 Espionage: Any (+10%)
 Military: Any (+5%)
 Physical: Any (+10% when applicable)
 Pilot: Any but Robots and Power Armor & Tanks and APCs
 Pilot Related: Any
 Rogue Skills: Any but Hacking (+5%)
 Science: Biology and Botany (+10%)
 Technical: Any but the 2 Computers. (+10%)
 WP: Any
 Wilderness: Any (+15%)

Secondary Skills: chose 4 more from the above list without the bonuses.

Gear: One set of light or medium MDC armor. One MD rifle with 3 clips. Vibro Knife. Combat Fatigues and Combat Boots. Blue Jeans and T-Shirt. Backpack. Canteen. 1 Protein Healing Salve. Do not like vehicles and prefer riding animals.

Money: 1d4x25 Credits

Cybernetics and Biosystems: CANNOT RECEIVE THEM. Some strange force will not let a doctor implant a bio or cybersystem on a Cyber Ranger. The object being placed will not go with in a 1/2 inch of the character. No matter how hard or fast it is being pushed/going. This does not affect other characters cyber- or biosystems. Only ones that are being put in the Ranger.

Code of Honor: Defend the Weak. Protect the Innocent. Help the Needy. Slay Evil. Protect INNOCENT animals (this does not include intelligent species, they fall under the Help Needy clause).



DESIGNED FOR USE AS AN NPC VILLAIN None of the -Runners likes or even respects the Cyber-Runners, or CR's. To call any other -Runner a CR is an incredible insult, and will likely get the one who said it killed. CR's are ruthless, uncaring souls who seek only to destroy the other types or -Runners and anything that stands in their way. Their powers are gained by way of a techno-wizard cybernetic implant so powerful that even the hyper-phobic Coalition has looked into these.

CYBER-RUNNER ALIGNMENT: The C-Runner will have eight personalities, one of each alignment. To see which one comes out at any one time, roll 1d20. On a 1-19, the diabolic personalitiy will surface, On a 20, roll 1d8 and consult the table SURFACING PERSONALITY TABLE 1=Diabolic 2=Abberrant 3=Miscreant 4=Anarchist 5=Unprincipled 6=Scrupulous 7=Principled 8=Diabolic The number that is rolled corresponds to the personality that surfaces. Note that only the Diabolic and Miscreant personalities can use the CR powers, but each personality is only aware of the other (the Diabolic personality will NOT let the Miscreant personality out because "he's a wuss." The Miscreant personality considers the Diabolic personality out because "that guy's crazy.") The other personalities, however, are aware of all the other personalities and usually (50% likely for anarchist, automatic for others) will feel guilty for the havoc the evil personalities bring about. NONE of these personalities will let the Diabolic or Miscreant personalities surface if they can help it. REQUIERMENTS: none BONUSES: +3 to all attributes PSIONICS: Psi-Sword, Psi-Armor, Bio-Manipulation, all kinds of -kinesis, Hypnotic Suggestion, Telepathy, and Death Trance. Permanent ISP 500 MAGIC: None. PPE 6d6 SKILLS: As for former OCC, but gains Pilot Robots & PA (what's honor to a CR?) MONEY: These guys are greedy beyond all human belief. Often, the typical CR (which, I will stress again, is a VILLAIN and should NEVER be used as a player character,) has at least 20 million credits and 100 million in black market items. GEAR: Varies from CR to CR, but ALWAYS has: a suit of power armor, various kinds of rune weapons, usually several robots, and a whole lot of other valuable stuff. FRIENDS: Evil personalities: Splugorth and Coalition Other personalities: Anything else (note that Abberrant counts as an "other" personality) ENEMIES: Evil personalities: Anything that could be considered a friend of the other personalities Other personalities: Splugorth and Coalition ENHANCEMENTS: Any

A villain for RIFTS by DaBeechMan Email me with your questions. Enjoy!


Cyber-Warrior OCC

    About 80 years ago, the Cyber Knights emerged. What no one

knew was, about 60 years ago, an off shoot of the Cyber Knights occurred also. Called the Cyber-Warriors, they are similar to the Cyber-Knights, but more concerned with raw combat. They were also mostly Unprincipled. Their numbers remained few (less he 100) up until 5 years ago. Their numbers have since tripled and are still growing (Only nowhere near as fast). The Cyber Warriors are all good, but a good comparison between the Cyber Warriors and Cyber Knights would be the Knights of Camelot and the Rival Cavaliers. The Warriors are a rowdy bunch who love a good scrap and never back down. But their nowhere near as civilized or intelligent as the Cyber-Knights. Training: Unlike the Cyber-Knights, all the Cyber Warriors have do is train with a high level Cyber Warrior for 2 years. He teaches them all they need to know. This warrior must be of at least 5th level. The PC will always start at first level. Use the Cyber Knight Experience table.

Alignments: Any, but only .5% are ever evil. If evil, the character loses the Psi-Axe ability.

Attribute Requirement: PS 12, PP 6, PE 11, Spd 6.

Psionic Powers

Roll a 1d10. On a 1-9, the character has no psionic powers but the Psi-Axe, and has only 1d4 ISP and is considered a Minor Psionic. On a 0 (10), the character gets the Psi-Axe AND chose 1 power from each of the categories (Not including Super). ISP is 1d4x10 +2 per level of experience and the character is considered a Major Psionic.


Psi-Axe: Similar to the Psi-Sword, the Psi Axe is more powerful. It follows the same rules of it looks reflect its user. The starting MD is 2d6. Add 1d6 at levels 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 13, and 15.

Special Bonus: Add a one time bonus of plus 1d6 to PS, PE, and Spd. Add a 1d4 Bonus to PP and ME. Add 2d4x10 to SDC and 1d6 to HP. Add a +1 to roll with punch and a +5 to SD damage from HTH. Add a +1 save vs. Magic and Horror Factor. Heals 2x Normal Human Speed.

PPE: 4d6.

OCC Skills

 Language: 2 of choice at 80%
 Radio: Basic (+10%)
 Detect Ambush (+15%)
 Detect Concealment (+10%)
 Wilderness Survival (+20%)
 First Aid (+10%)
 Demolitions (+15%)
 Demolitions: Disposal (+15%)
 Body Building and Weight Lifting
 Climbing (+15%)
 Prowl (+15%)
 Pilot: Chose 2 (+10%)
 WP Axe (I am not sure which book this is in, but if you can't find
 it, use WP Blunt.)
 WP 2 ancient of choice
 WP 2 modern of choice
 Lore: Demons and Monsters (+10%)
 Land Navigation (+15%)
 HTH: Expert (Can be changed to Martial Arts at the cost of one
 Other Skill.)

Other Skills: Chose 4 at level one, and an additional 2 at levels 3, 5, 7, 8, 12, and 14.

 Domestic: Any (+5%)
 Basic Electronics
 Espionage: Any (+5%)
 Mechanical: Automotive Only (+5%)
 Physical: Any (+10% when applicable)
 Pilot: Any (+5%)
 Pilot Related: Any
 Rogue Skills: Any but Hacking (+5%)
 Science: Math: Basic Only (+5%)
 Technical: Any (+5%)
 WP: Any
 Wilderness: Any (+5%)

Secondary Skills: Chose 5 skills from the above list without bonuses.

Gear: One set of MDC armor (usually Heavy), One MD Rifle with 4 clips, A set of Dress Clothing, Gas Mask, tinted sunglasses, 2 quart canteen, 2 Protein Healing Salves, Combat Fatigues and Combat Boots. Has no vehicle to start with.

Money: Starts out with 1d4x100 Credits.

Cybernetics: Starts with Cyber Armor identical to Cyber-Knights and chose one type of cyber eyes if you want. May get cybernetics later, but after three types (Not including Above eyes and Armor) reduce PPE and ISP by half. Never below 1 and round up. Cannot receive Bionics.

Code of Honor: Follows the code of the Cyber Knight.


Daemonite RCC

    The Daemonites are a race of evil alien creatures who came into

this world before the time of rifts. There was originally a mistake in sending the Daemonites and Kherubim (their arch enemies) were sent to earth. It was a small number of each race transported. Both integrated into the earth society and prospered. The Kherubim had good intentions, while the Daemonites sought to conquer the earth. They slowly built their numbers and sought out a way to bring their kin to earth in order to conquer it. The Daemonites were not very successful in their quest until the time of rifts. The Daemonites are magical creatures who gained strength and confidence with the rebirth of magic on the earth. With this new found strength and power, the Daemonites set their plan in full gear. They utilized their unique power to gain strong warriors and to discover ways to find their home world. The Daemonites continue to work to find their home world. When and if they do, they will call forth all of their forces to conquer earth and all the connecting realities through the rifts. The Daemonites are not super powered or super strong creatures. It is there amazing ability that sets them apart and their devotion to the cause that motivates the entire race to succeed. The Daemonites can possess and take control of any being. This process is painful and destructive for the victim, while quite rewarding for the Daemonite. The Daemonite gains all the abilities and skills of the victim while retaining its own psyche. The only ways to remove the Daemonite are through exorcism, or by killing the Daemonite and victim. The frightening part about the Daemonite's ability is that they may possess any person that they want. They can possess the regular "Joe" or a Splugorth. Any person that they possess is under their total control. The only limitation is that they may possess only one being at a time. They must also possess intelligent life forms.The Daemonite race as a whole has a sick obsession with the conquering of worlds and the destruction of other races or complete control over them (especially the Kherubim). Throughout the world, Daemonites are driven by their obsession and live with no code; merely to conquer. *Information based on ideas and characters of Jim Lee's "WildC.A.T.s," Image Comics

Typical Daemonite All Daemonites fall into the same general class. There appears an unspoken hierarchy of strength and intelligence who step up to lead the mass destruction. Alignment: All of evil alignment, possibly anarchist. Attributes: IQ-3D6+2, ME-5D6+2, MA-3D6, PS-6D6+2 (supernatural), PP-4D6+4, PE-4D6+6, PB-1D6, Spd-4D6 MDC: 1D4x100 Horror Factor: 14 PPE: 1D6x10 Weight: 250 to 400 lbs Height: 8 to 10 feet Average Level of Experience: 1D4+4 Natural Abilities: Possession- the Daemonite may possess any intelligent creature. By doing so, it gains all the abilities and skills of that creature. The Daemonite knows all magic, psionics, powers, etc. associated with the victim. The Daemonite retains its own psyche and doesn't know the memories of the victim, only his skills etc. The Daemonite can only be removed through exorcism or by killing the victim and Daemonite together (usually the Daemonite will abandon its host before it dies). Exorcism of the Daemonite causes 5D6 MDC damage to the creature and temporarily stuns it (loses one attack, no initiative). Night vision- 400 ft. Note- The creature's strength does not come physically, it is in its ability to take over powerful beings and control them. Most often when left out of its host, the Daemonite will run and fight at a later time, with a powerful host. Combat: Five physical attacks, or number of attacks of host body (only if greater). Damage: Claws do 3D6 MD, Bite does 2D6 MD, 5D6 on power punch, Critical strike on a roll of 19, or 20. Bonuses: +4 to dodge and parry, +2 to strike, +4 vs horror factor, +2 vs psionics. Invulnerable to a vampire's bite, or other forms of transformation. Magic: PPE 1D6x10, none. Psionics: ISP 1D4x10; Bio-Regenerate (self), Mind Block, Alter Aura, Sixth Sense R.C.C. Skills: Basic Math (30%), Radio Basic (+20%), Cook, Disguise (+10%), Tracking (+15%), Intelligence (+10%), Prowl (+10%), Wilderness Survival (+10%), plus select one piloting, two WP's, 1 Science, and two Physical. Also any skills of the possessed victim. Physical Appearance: A tall pinkish-gray humanoid. It is hunched over and has an elongated head with large sharp teeth. Large hands with big claws on each finger are connected to long strong arms. A small pair of arms is located underneath the first pair. These are extra claws for damaging foes. The two legs are thin and quick. Daemonites are very hideous looking. They are seldom seen in their natural state, for they are usually in possession of someone else's body. Seldom will wears body armor in natural state. Average Life-Span: 3000+ years Insanity: Multiple exorcisms can lead to insanity. Each time it takes place, after the initial time, roll on the following table. 01-20 Frightened, will run from the chance of being exorcised, when it feels its losing. 21-40 Frightened of psychics, will never possess one and will not ally with one. 41-60 Never will possess someone again, would rather die. 61-80 Loves it, will almost invite exorcism upon itself. 81-00 Frightened of Daemonites, will hunt them down to kill them, still evil.




Eons and Eons ago before the fall of the Old Ones, the animosity was

beginning to be felt. As a precautionary measure the old ones create a race of Half Elves. They were a Hybrid of the first elfs and of Dragons, they appeared to be normal elves. They became the Avatars and Knights of the Old Ones. They were the Purest of all the races. They knew they had power, but they couldn't harness it because of there masters -- The Old Ones. As the Animosity and Tensions grew, so did the daringness of the Dark Elves. Then without warning the Dark Elves turned there backs on the Old Ones. They did this Hours before there slumber, it is rumored that the Dark Elves may have been there true Killers. They will never talk about that time. The years that followed proved to be the Golden Age for the Dark Elves. They Built Mighty Empires and became a major force, but there numbers were small, only perhaps 100,000. Then came The Great Awaking when there Evil Finally Began To Leave Them, This only Happened to Three-Quarters though, they called them selfs the "Dea Simil'rians" which is Translated to "High Elves". This started a great war Between the Mor'drow Simil'rians and The Dea Simil'rians. This almost destroyed both races. The Mor'drow's have learned to accept the Dwarven nations due to a certain trait they share with a majority of them, Elven Hatred.

Now The Mor'drow number may be as high as 15,000.  But no matter how

many there are they are Evil.

Ala'raz Azure Tek'laus Scribe of the Arcannus

Notes Taken By Ala'raz about 10 years ago in a dimension that was up For

Arcannus takeover.

Day 25 of Observation I write from a Dimension we will call De'Alps it is a fairly advanced dimension. They are composed of 7 Kingdoms all Under there own Kings, but they answer to a head of Dimension, they call him De'alps Lucard Di' Dead' Dor. He is a powerful Priest and Mage of an Unknown Religious order, it appears to be an off shoot of the Dragonwrite religion.

Day 35 of Observation I write now from a hidden Elven alcove in a forest just 25 miles north of Lucard's Palace. I was hunted down the last 7 days. Some how or another Lord Lucard has a copy of my first Note. My Inquiries to the Arcannus Circle still say the take over is still going to happen.

Day 48 of Observation Battle!!!! The Invasion has started i now fear for my life knowing that within the first day of battle the death count ratio is 10:1 favoring Lucard. This appears to be the first down fall of the Arcannus.

Day 50 of Obsevation After a Discussion with some of the rebels on our side i have come to the conclusion that the Arcannus Must leave, I fear Lord Lucard and his Noble men are Dark Elves. My guide Treador Kaldean was once a slave for Lucard he explains, "After some years i notices a change in my master his evil ways have begun to show, an aura of Darkness fills his Black Marble Palace."

Dark Elves Alignment: 95% are evil, But any are acceptable Attributes: I.Q. 4D6, M.E. 4D6+3, M.A. 3D6+3, P.S. 5D6, P.P. 4D6, P.E. 5D6, P.B. 4D6, SPD 4D6+2, All Attributes are Supernatural M.D.C.: 3d6x10 + P.P.E., + Every level add 1d6x10 and any P.P.E. bonus. Plus any gained from Magic or Skills. P.P.E. Base: 4D6x10 + 1D4x10 per level, or if a Dark Elven Wizard 2D6x100 + 1D6x10. I.S.P. Base: 2dD4x10 + 2D6 per Level Horror Factor: 12 radiate evil Natural Abilities: See in absolute dark, See the INvisible, Ta-Itaik -- i highly focuses outburst of P.P.E. similar to a Chi blast does damage equal to P.P.E. expendature x 10 (P.P.E. X 10) range is limited to 200 ft, they can also defend at the same rate but they must declare amount before damage is taken., Change form to regular elves, just a color change, may not use powers in this form, absolute no detection of trueness in this form, Shadowmeld, They may also heal using P.P.E. at P.P.E. x 5. Bonuses: +4 vs magic, +3 vs Elven Magic, Immune to Illusions, +6 vs Horror Factor O.C.C.: Any magic, Tattoos, no Rift Military OCC, any Psionic Special Skills: Language: Mordrow 98%, Select two other languages and Literacies at 98%, Lore:Demon +20%, W.P. Throwing Claw(use the Knive Table) Equipment: Mesh Armour similar to the netting that the Predators wear, magically adds 200 MDC to body, Cloak of Drudane 100MDC, Talisman of Moriquendi (shows clan), TK Flame Pistol 1D4 x 10 2000ft rang take 20 to recharge, Any type of Sword usually a Katanna or Flamberge 1D6 x 10 Money: About 1D4 x 100,000 in Gold and another 3D6 x 10,000 in Gems

E-Mail Gil Jyhaud if you have any complaints, questions, additions or just plain old Info.


Darter RCC

    The Darter race has earned it's name for 2 reasons. One is

their incredible speed, which they use in their chose roll as adventures, scouts, and messengers. 2 is the power that allows them to shot MD darts from their hands (see powers later on).They look like bald humans with blue-green, red, or silver skin. The one thing different is that their skin looks thicker and their arms look weaker, Their legs, however, are always very muscular.

Alignment: Any, but most are good (40%), or selfish (35%).

Attributes: IQ 3D6+1, ME 6D6, MA 3D6, PS 1D6+2, PP 4D6, PE 4D6, PB 3D6, Spd 3d6x10

MDC: 3D6 +1 per level of experience.

Magic: Character has 3d6+2 PPE and may chose 2 spells from first or second level.

Psionics: Considered a Major Psionic. ISP is 2d4x10. Psionics include: Deaden Pain, Impervious to Cold, Impervious to Fire, Levitation, Nightvision,, Resist Fatigue, Resist Thirst, Summon Inner Strength (SDC bonus becomes MDC), Astral Projection, Object Read, Sixth Sense, Speed Reading, Total Recall.


 Recovers 1d6 MDC per 6 minutes
 See the Invisible up to 200 feet away
 Cannot be turned into a vampire
 Dart Launch: Once every other melee, the Darter can launch up to
 20 darts from his hand traveling at high speed. Each dart does 1d4
 MD. Multiply as needed. Range: 150 feet (+20 feet at levels 4 and
 7), Bonus: +2 to strike.

Other Bonuses

 +3 TO SAVE VS. Horror Factor
 +2 to save vs. magic
 +2 to save vs. psionics
 +3 save vs. Insanity
 +1 to save vs. Poisons and other drugs
 +4 to dodge
 +2 to parry and roll with punch
 +4 to initiative
 +1 attack per melee

Habitat: Darters can live in temperatures up to 130 degrees and down to 10 degrees without discomfort. They prefer dry, low altitude climates. They like temperatures from 70 to 90 degrees. Needs to eat and drink only 1/3 what a normal human does. Prefers high protein foods.

Darters are sexual and mature just like humans. They even look similar to humans. Darters have no home planet, and it is believed their are only around 1 million left in the megaverse. There are an estimated 600 living in the Rockies. Perhaps a total of up to 5,000 are on Earth, but probably not more. Most are kindhearted and help a soul in need. It is believed the Darters may have been created centuries ago by the true Atlanteans as one of their first attempts at modifying humans.

Experience: Uses the Juicer experience table.

Average Life Span: 70 years

Size: Humans size

Weight: Humans weight

RCC Skills

 3 Languages of choice at 97%
 Literate in the above languages 90%
 Radio: Basic (+30%)
 Sing (+10%)
 Detect Ambush (+15%)
 Intelligence (+20%)
 Tracking (+10%)
 Wilderness Survival (+10%)
 Climbing (+15%)
 Swimming (+20%)
 2 Pilot of choice (+5%)
 Read Sensory Instruments
 Math: Basic (+20%)
 2 WPs of choice (Ancient or Modern)
 Land Navigation (+20%)
 HTH: Basic (Can be changed to Expert only for 3 OTHER skills.)

Other Skills: Chose 5 from the list below. Chose an additional 1 at levels 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12, and 14

 Communications: Any (+5%)
 Domestic: Any
 Basic Electronics
 Espionage: Detect Concealment or Escape Artist (+5%)
 Medical: First Aid or Paramedic (Paramedic costs 3 OTHER skills)
 Physical: Any but Boxing, Wrestling, and Gymnastics (+10% when
 Pilot: Any (+5%)
 Pilot Related: Any (+5%)
 Rogue Skills: Any
 Science: Mathematics: Advanced, Biology, Chemistry, Botany, and
 Astronomy (+5%)
 Technical: Any (+5% on Lore, +15% on Languages)
 WP: Any
 Wilderness: Any (+5%)

Secondary skills: Chose 4 fro the above list with out the bonuses listed.

Gear: Light MD body armor of choice, light MD pistol of choice or vibro weapon (excluding sword and claw{s}), Running Clothes (Sweat Pants, Sweatshirt, and Running shoes), Normal clothes (Jeans, T- Shirt), Canteen, 3 food rations, light backpack (2 MDC).

Money: 1d6x100 Credits.

Cybernetics: None. Cannot receive Cybernetics or Bionics of any sort.


Death Dragon RCC

by Sean ()

Attributes: IQ: 2D6+4, ME: 10D6, MA: 9D6, PS: 5D6, PP: 4D6, PE: 5D6, PB: ?, SPD: 7D6 PS is supernatural. 85 mph FLYING

PPE: 1D6x10 (+3D6/level) ISP: 1D10x10 MDC: 1D4x100+100 Horror Factor: 20 Alignment: ANY but usually selfish or evil; some are good.

Natural Abilities: 1. Mesmerize: This power is sort of like the spell the King priest of Istar uses in the Dragonlance Legends series. People remember the horror and fear of seeing the Dragon but won't remember the exact details of the Dragon. 2. Death Sense: The Dragon is able to sense, through the use of PPE, where there is going to be major amounts of deaths occurring. This sense does not tell exactly where or when it is going to happen or who is going to die. It is more like a force that pulls the Dragon to the place of oncoming death. 3. Soul Trap: This is not what the rumors make it out to be. Instead of entrapping the soul, it absorbs the released PPE that creatures emanate upon death. This is different that most other creatures that use PPE to function, instead of only using a small amount of that released energy and having to use it right away, the Dragon will store all the released energy and can store for up to 2 months. Their is a limit to how much PPE the Dragon can store, the limit is 800 PPE. There are two ways the Dragon can use this PPE: PPE Discharge: This is the release of all the stored PPE at one time. This discharge inflicts 1D6+10 MDC to the Dragon itself. Once it leaves the Dragons body if forms an oddly shaped 50 foot ball of energy that can only go in a straight line for 2,000 feet: 1st 500ft. is 3d6x10 MDC to anyone hit 2nd 500ft. is 2D6x10 MDC 3rd 500ft. is 1d6x10 MDC 4th 500ft. is 4d6 MDC PPE Withdrawal: The scales can hold the PPE for up to 2 months, and while this the Dragon can use the PPE anyway it wishes. Once a Dragon reaches 5th level it is able to manipulate PPE even better than before. It is able to mold PPE into a solid object that resembles anything the Dragon wants it to look like. The object can walk and do simple tasks. But the creation is actually a shell of what it is made to resemble, it can't talk or think, and it shall die out after a month. The Dragon has total control over his own creation. Cost to create one is 100 PPE. 4. Smoke of Anger: If the Dragon is running low on PPE or hasn't come upon any deaths yet it will probably resort to this attack in order get more PPE. If a character fails a roll vs. spell at -4 then they fall into a rage, attacking anything it sees except the Dragon. The smoke cloud is actually a very fine mist that covers a 100ft radius for 1D6 rounds. 5. Feed off PPE: When people die their PPE is released from their body. PPE is doubled at time of death. The dragon is able to absorb any PPE within a 100ft radius.

Death Dragons don't like ley lines or Nexus points. This is due to the fact that their scales overload in their attempt to absorb all the PPE If the Dragon is to close to a ley line (500 ft) it will eventually die. 1st minute: Dragon is slightly dizzy -2 to strike, parry, and dodge 2nd minute: Burning sensation on Dragons scales 3rd minute: Pain increasing Dragon takes 1D6x10 MDC 4th minute: Pain intense take 3D6x10 MDC 5th minute: Roll vs. unconsciousness take 3D10x10 MDC 6th minute: Roll vs. Death take 6D10x10 MDC 7th minute: Dragon explodes If dragon dies at any stage his PPE will be released at triple the range and damage of the PPE Discharge ability. Also blast is not in just one direction it occurs in all directions, their is no chance to dodge this blast.

  1. Nightvision with a range of 1000 ft.

Skills: Same as all other Dragons (see page 98 of Rifts book).

Psionics: Dragon considered a minor psionic due to their inability to manipulate their powers so that they can gain powers. The powers that they had at birth are the only ones they can have. Pick 7 from the following list:

Deaden Pain Detect Psionics Induce Sleep Alter Aura Mind Block Telekinesis Astral Projection Empathy

Clairvoyance Mind Block See Aura Sense Magic Sixth Sense Telepathy Empathic Transmission Hypnotic Suggestion.

Spells: At 1st level knows all 1st and 2nd level spells along with the following spells:

Energy Bolt Paralysis: Lesser Blind Fire Bolt Life Drain Call Lightning Agony Fire Ball

At 2nd level can learn 10 new spells from 3rd and 4th level At 4th level can learn 5 new spells from 3rd through 5th level At 6th level can learn 3 new spells from 3rd through 7th level At 8th level can learn 3 new spells from 3rd through 8th level At 10th level can learn 2 new spells from 3rd through 9th level 11th through 15th level can learn 1 new spell between 3rd and 12th level. Note: The Dragon ABSOLUTELY cannot learn any teleport spells or any spells that have to do with rifts or dimensional travel.

Physical Description: Dragon is all black when fully charged with the exception of a white skull shaped blotch on its chest. When either empty or not totally charged the color of dragon will be different shades of gray. Length: 25ft. Height: 15ft. Weight: 6 tons. Wingspan: 70ft.

Physical Attacks: Bite: 1D6x10 MDC Punch: 5D6 MDC Tail: 2D6x10 MDC Stomp: 6D6 MDC Body Ram: 2D6x10 MDC Claws: 6D6 MDC Dragon considered an expert in HTH combat with +1 to strike and +2 to parry and dodge.

Average Life Span: 10,000 YEARS. Achieves adulthood at 1,000 years of age.

Allies: None

Enemies: Fellow Dragon, besides that nothing considered a threat.

Background: The Death Dragons are the rarest and most mysterious of all Dragons known to mankind. They have been seen only a few times in the last 5 years. When Death Dragons are seen it is usually over a battlefield or over a town that will be destroyed. That is how Death Dragons got their name. They seem to be harbingers of destruction; wherever they go death seems to follow. This makes Death Dragons look like evil beasts that kill people and suck their soul into a hellish imprisonment. These rumors are somewhat true, but due to people's fear have grown out of proportion. It is not entirely impossible to hear tales of villages leaving at the sight or rumor of a Death Dragons nearby. If you ever managed to talk to a Dragon about Death Dragons, they seem indifferent and won't answer your question. The Death Dragons are from the unknown planet Dragii. The planet is nearing extinction due to the overpopulation of Death Dragons. Fortunately for the Death Dragons, a Shifter happened to come across Dragii through a Create Rift spell. The Death Dragons killed the Shifter immediately. The Death Dragons, using the last of their PPE, were able to keep the rift open long enough for a few hundred to escape to Earth. The Dragons they left behind will probably die within 50 years unless they are able to find a way to get off the planet.


Death Seeker OCC by Morpheus ()

This is a special OCC that replaces the former one, not by player choice but by the choice of the GM (If you're a player and you really want to play one... you know how to bug the GM ;)

all skills, experience, cybernetic options etc.. remain the same however if the character does not alredy have psionics the character gains minor psionics in the sensetive category. ISP starts out a ME + (3d6 X 10)

A Death Seeker is a character that has had a traumatic event happen to them during the course of the game, ie: a lover murdered, their village torn to shreds while they were away etc.. The Death Seeker then starts to see visions, and these visions reshape the characters life, maybe add powers, but in any case the Death Seeker has a specific task to accomplish whether or not they realize it, but the GM knows. Unfortuneately for this character this task will mean certain (unavoidable?) death to the character: this is known as the Death Bond.

The period of time between this event and the creation of the character can be determined by the GM... it could happen at level 3 or level 13, the longer the period of time that elapses, and the more the character develops the visions become clearer and the steps, people, and resources the Seeker needs to accomplish this task become defined. A Seeker may need a specific character to help accomplish his or her final task, in which case the seeker will first offer to help the other character to accomplish their goals. Or the Seeker may need a specific Item that is across dimensions.... etc... these are ways to incorporate the seeker into your campaign easily.

When a death seeker dies, the character is reincarnated. Time is not a factor for this reincarnation, meaning that the "soul" of the character can travel into the past or the future. It is entirely possible for the new character to be ready to join the party soon after the Seeker dies... It also sets a stage for so many possible twists involving the seeker in his or her first form interacting with the reincarnated one, in fact a seeker might be avenging the death of his or her reincarnated form! The new character will have some memories of his or her past life as a seeker, but new OCC's/RCC's are chosen for the reincarnation, and the character starts out at a level between one and three. If the seeker had any special powers than those powers might be tranfered over to the reincarnated character.

The Death Seeker gains the following powers:

  1. Sense upcoming death A death seeker is attuned to death so strongly that the seeker will know if someone in the vicinity is going to die in the next hour. The Death Seeker however stays very calm about it, feeling death is the normal ending of life and will in most cases do nothing to prevent the occurence from happening. This death that the Seeker feels is by no means assured, intervention on the part of another party often throws the seekers sense off kilter, and the seeker does not know who is going to die unless the Seeker has physical contact with that person.

  2. Visions of tommorow A Death Seeker is sensetive to the mystical patterns in the universe many call fate. The Seeker's dreams are tormented, yet always give the Seeker some cryptic information on the forthcoming events of the next day. As time goes on the seeker learns to better interpret the dreams but the dreams become more and more cryptic... with one exception. As the Seeker approaches the time of the "propper" death those dreams become extremely clear. The Death Seeker may se his or her death as it actually should happen, or they might see something completely off, or anyehere inbetween. They just clearly see how they want to doe, it is their subconcious effecting their visions that brings about this amazing clarity.

  3. Final Sacrifice A Death Seeker may heal and revive a person who has been dead for less than 3 hours and has at least 60% of their body left. The Seeker does this by transfering his or her own life energies into the corpse, and this kills the Death Seeker. This may or may not be the Seekers propper death, if it isn't the Seeker is reincarnated (and may rejoin the party...), but not free of the Death Bond.

  4. Fein Death (Meditation) Seekers can control their bodies mentally so to all people examining the body are fooled into thinking the Seeker is dead. This is a very relaxing state for the Seeker, and while in this state, the Seeker heals at 3 times the normal rate, and is completely rested in 4 hours. The disadvantage of this is the fact that the Seeker does not know what is being done with his or her body and will not wake up until ready to do so. After 8 hours in this meditation, the Seeker dreams heavily and comes out of meditation with a resolution or plan of action for matters currently at hand.

  5. Speak with the Dead This power enables the Seeker to communicate with "spirits" of dead beings, however it requires the Seeker to be at the location of the death, and for the seeker to meditate for 5 minutes uninterupted. This is dangerous for 2 reasons, the first one would be false information the spirit gives to the seeker that might mislead and harm the seeker, and secondly a particulary powerful spirit might posess the Seeker's body. The Seeker and the Spirit now fight for control of the body... the rules for this are at the discretion of the GM... The spirit also might play a "parasite" tagging along in the body, letting the Seeker do the acting, but during this time the spirit feels, hears see's, and tastes just as the Seeker does.



Requirements: IQ 12, ME 11, PS 10, PE 10

OCC Skills Math: Basic 98% Literacy (Native Language) 98% Native Language 98%

Skill Programs Medical Program - Biology, Criminal Sciences/Forensics, (Chem, & Chem: Analytical prerequisitesnot necessary) Paramedic, Pathology. +25% to all skills Jouralistic/Investigation Program - Computer Operation, Intelligence, Photography, Research, Writing (+25%) Police Program - WP Auto Pistol or Revolver, WP Shotgun, Hand-to-Hand: Basic, Radio: Basic, Pilot: Auto. (+25%) Select 1 other skill program, excluding Military, Pilot: Advanced, or Stage Magic. +20% to all skills.

Secondary Skills: 10, +2 at 3, 6, 9, 12, 15


Math: Basic 98% Literacy (Native Language) 98% Native Language 98% Biology (+25%) Criminal Sciences/Forensics (Chem, & Chem: Analytical prerequisites not necessary) Paramedic (+25%) Pathology (+25%) Radio: Basic (+25%) Pilot: Auto (+25%) WP Auto Pistol WP Shotgun Hand-to-Hand: Basic

Other Skills: 5 Communications: Any (+5%) Domestic: Any Espionage: Any (+15%) Electrical: Basic Electronics Mechanical: Basic, Auto Mechanics, Locksmith (+5% on Locksmith, Mechanical Engineer prerequisite not needed) Military: None Medical: None (see skill programs) Physical: Any Pilot: Any ground, air, sea. No Power Armor, Robots, or spacecraft. Pilot Related: Any Science: Chemisty, Chemistry: Analytical, Math: Advanced, Psychology (+15%) Technical: Any (+10%) WP: Any

Secondary Skills: 10, +2 at 3, 6, 9, 12, 15

SDC: 3d6 XP: Use the Parapsychologist from Beyond the Supernatural


Diabolist OCC

    The Diabolist was originally a magic class from the Palladium dimen-

sion, brought to Earth by dimensional travellers/magicians. The art of wards and runes is a secret to most, due to the exaustive study it requires and the mastery of magic forces it takes to use. But of late, several Diabolists have begun to teach Earth natives the ancient art, and enough Earth-based Diabo- lists have popped up to warrant the class usable by all (or, phrased differ- ently, the class is an open O.C.C.).

Diabolist Abilities

  1. Can read runes. The Diabolist knows how to read and interpret runes of all make and form. The rune language/symbology is a jealous secret, and carefully guarded. It will NEVER be taught or shared with anybody who is not a Diab- olist.
  2. Knows all symbols, power words, and wards. This knowledge is essential for the functioning of the Diabolist's wards. On Rifts Earth, the materials necessary for the creation are not really required; it is the idea, power words, and the design of the ward that are important, the physical comp- osition only lends itself to remembering the exact workings. The Diabolist knows not only how to create the ward/circle, but the power words for it, and the symbols used.
  3. Deciphering Circles. The Diabolist is so skilled in magic wards and crypt- ography that he or she can attempt to deduce the function of a magic circle when encountered. The Diabolist makes notes about the design, materials, and other clues, and then studies it. When the Diabolist wishes to discover if his knowledge is enough for a successful invocation, he must try it and then roll under his percentage. If he fails, the P.P.E. vanishes (used up) and the player is knocked unconsious for 1d4 hours. There is also a small explosion, which causes 4d6 S.D.C./H.P. damage to the Diabolist and those around him in a 20 ft. radius. The Diabolist's skill in deducing the function of a circle is 20% +5% per level of experience. His skill in deducing the invocation necessary for the circle is 15% +5% per level of experience (I.Q. bonus is applicable to both skills).
  4. P.P.E.: 2d6 x 10 P.P.E. + P.E. and 2d6 additional P.P.E. points per level of experience.
  5. Bonuses: +2 save vs. Horror Factor at level one, with an additional +1 at levels four and eight. +1 to save versus magic at levels two, five, eight, eleven, and fourteen (includes all ward and circle magic, as well)
  6. Other bonuses: +10% to recognize magic items, +15% to recognize enchantment.

Diabolist O.C.C. Skills

Languages (native, 96%) Languages (three additional, +30%) Literacy (three, +40%) Mathematics: Basic (+20%) Forgery (+10%) Cyrptography (+10%) Land Navigation (+5%) Wilderness Survival (+5%) Lore: Magic (+15%) Lore: Demons & Monsters (+10%)

Hand to Hand: Basic can be selected at the cost of one "other" skill, Hand to Hand: Expert as two, Hand to Hand: Martial Arts (or Assassin, if evil), at a cost of three "other" skills.

O.C.C. Related Skills: Choose six from any available category below. Plus, select two at level three, two at level seven, one at level ten, and one at level thireen. All new skills start at level one proficiency.

Communications: Radio Basic only (+5%) Domestic: Any Electrical: Basic only Espionage: Intelligence only Mechanical: Basic only Medical: First Aid only (+5%) Military: None Physical: Any except acrobatics, boxing, and gymnastics Pilot: Any (+2%) Pilot Related: Any (+5%) Rogue: Any Science: Any (+10%) Technical: Any (+15%) W.P.: Any Wilderness: Any (+2%)

Secondary Skills: The character can also select five secondary skills from those listed. These are additional areas of knowledge that do not get the advantage of the bonus listed in parentheses (). All secondary skills start at the base skill level.

Standard Equipment: Robe or cape, two sets of clothing, one set of travelling clothes, light M.D.C. personalized armor, knapsack, backpack, 1d6 small sacks, 1d4 large sacks, a dozen wooden stakes and mallets, canteen, bino- culars, sunglasses/tinted goggles, air filter and gas mask, flashlight, 200 feet of rope, pen and pencils, notepad, sketchpad, various other drawing utensils (such as erasers, colored markers, paints), 35mm camera with 12 discs of film (48 exposures each disc), two blank books, and a portable hand-held computer (if proficient in it's use).

Weapons include one energy rifle with 1d4 extra clips, one other energy weapon of choice (1d4 extra clips), survival knife, automatic pistol, and a hand axe.

The vehicle of choice of the Diabolist tends to be either a horse or motor- cycle. Diabolists also like TW items.

Money: The Diabolist starts off with 2d6 x 100 credits in cash, and has about 1d6 x 1000 credits in saleable Black Market Items. Most of his/her money has been spent of art supplies and paper/books.

Cybernetics: Starts with none and avoids them unless necessary for medical reasons (though not every Diabolist is opposed to them). Bio-system replace- ments will be considered, if necessary.

CREATED BY: The Alchemist (12-17-94)


Duster O.C.C.

Dusters are mystic warriors schooled in the traditional arts of

assassination and equipped with the weapons and techniques of the future. They also study mental discipline and the development of the mind's hidden potential. The Dusters originated as another step in the search for the perfect human warrior. During the emergence of the Juicers and Crazies, certain factions of world governments became interested in creating formidable human warriors without the need of artificial augmentation. The forefront of this movement was ironically located in Japan, one of the most highly advanced technical nations. Researchers discovered a combination of training techniques and disciplines that produced a highly capable warrior, although one that was not as devastating as either the Juicers or Crazies. In the Time Before Rifts, some of the Dusters secreted themselves away and managed to survive the waves of destruction that ravaged the Earth. The training is now passed on from Duster to trainee, just like the martial arts of the ancient Orient. There are no known groups of organized Dusters, although rumors of a monastery located in Japan are still heard from time to time. Instead of relying upon chemical treatment or cybernetic implantation, the Dusters manifest their abilities through physical and mental training. From youth, Dusters constantly engage in training, personally supervised by a Master (level 9 or higher). When a Duster trainee is ready to venture forth on his own (achieving 1st level) he leaves his Master to seek his path in the world. A Master will usually only train one student at a time, although they are able to train two at once. Pairs which are trained at the same time tend to develop a complementary fighting style, and will stay together after their training is finished. These rare Duster warriors are known as Tai Dusters, and are almost never seperated from their partner. Dusters live according to their own personal code of ethics (generally determined by alignment), and are not bound to follow the particular code used by their Masters, except by choice. Some might choose to be wandering heroes of justice, mercenaries for hire, or anarchistic killers. Due to their intensive mystic training, Dusters have developed minor psionic abilities, and the ability to use techno-wizardry items. As trained mystics, they are the only Men of Arms whose P.P.E. actually increases as their level of inner consciousness rises. The Coalition views the Duster caste of warriors as useful tools in their expansionist policy. However, a Coalition Duster will never be completely trusted and will typically be assigned to duty with a Psi-Stalker and Dog Pack.

Duster Powers

1. Enhanced endurance. Add 2d4 x 10 S.D.C., 3d6 hit points, and 1d4 to

P.E. Can last up to five times longer than normal human exhaustion levels.

2. Increased speed. Add 2d6 to Speed attribute.

3. Enhanced reflexes. The Duster's high level of combat training

provides the following bonuses. Bonuses: +2 to roll with punch, fall, or impact; +1 on initiative; +1d6 P.P.

4. Minor Psionics. Select any three psionic abilities from Physical or

Healer categories.

Attribute Requirements: P.P. and M.E. 12 or higher.

P.P.E.: P.E. + 3d6. Add 1d4 per level of experience.

I.S.P.: 5d6 + M.E. attribute number is the base I.S.P., plus 1d4+1 I.S.P. per level of experience.

O.C.C. Skills: Detect Ambush (+10%) Escape Artist (+10%) Acrobatics (+10%) Climbing (+15%) Prowl (+20%) Land Navigation (+10%) Speak Japanese and language of choice (98%) W.P. Sword W.P. Knife W.P. Archery and Targeting W.P. Modern (choice of two) Hand to Hand: Martial Arts (or Assassin)

O.C.C. Related Skills: Select 8 other skills. Add 3 skills at level three, two at level six, one at level nine, and one at level twelve. Communications: any Domestic: any (+5% to Dance) Electrical: none Espionage: any (+5%) Mechanical: none Medical: Holistic Medicine or First Aid only Military: none Physical: any (+5% where applicable) Pilot: any Pilot Related: any Rogue: any (except Computer Hacking) Science: Basic Math or Anthropology only Technical: Art, Language, Literacy, and Lore only Weapon Proficiencies: any Wilderness: any

Secondary Skills: The character also gets to select six secondary skills from the previous list. These additional areas of knowledge do not get the bonuses listed in parantheses. Also, skills are limited (any, only, none) as previously indicated in the list.

Standard Equipment: Set of wilderness style clothing suitable for combat. One suit of M.D.C. armor, usually a lightweight and flexible model. Two Ancient weapons and one Modern weapon (including Energy Weapon). Backpack, two sacks, utility belt, two canteens, four week's of rations. Vehicle choices tend toward smaller and faster styles, ranging from horses to hover cycles to wing boards. Coalition Dusters have greater access to a wide variety of equipment which may be issued according to the Duster's assignments. Standard equipment for a Coalition Duster will include "Dead Boy" environmental armor, marked with the PSI insignia, and some sort of vibro-weapon. All Dusters prefer high-tech or magical versions of ancient weapons, especially vibro-blades and flaming swords.

Money: Starts with 3d6 x 100 in credits, and 1d6 x 1000 in black market items. Tends to spend on improving weaponry arsenal. A Coalition Duster will earn 1950 credits per month.

Cybernetics: Dusters will generally avoid cybernetic implantation except to replace missing body parts, preferring to rely upon their training.

Special Note: Tai Dusters Tai Dusters gain special bonuses to their offensive capabilities when fighting as a pair (bonuses apply to both Dusters): one additional attack per melee, automatic dodge, and +2 to strike.

Special Note: Martial Arts A Duster or Tai Duster trained in a true monastic environment will receive the Hand to Hand skill of Ninjitsu instead of HTH: Martial Arts or Assassin. However, such characters also forfeit their O.C.C. Related skills and Secondary skills when initially created, but the five W.P. skills may be changed to any other skills allowable to the O.C.C. (gain W.P. skills from studying Ninjitsu). Monastic Dusters also gain the specialized Martial Arts Powers inherent to Ninjitsu.

Duster xp table: same as Mystic


Ean/Rune Lord R.C.C.

Alignment: Any, but typically good or selfish. Attributes: I.Q. 3d6+3, M.E. 3d6, M.A. 3d6, P.S. 3d6+1, P.P. 3d6, P.E. 4d6+3, P.B. 3d6, Spd. 3d6 Size: Same as humans (Six feet average). Weight: Same as humans (160 lbs. average). M.D.C.: Years of living in the Nexus has changed the Ean into mega-damage beings like the natives of Wormwood (Note they are the exception to the rule that mega-damage beings cannot be rune casters). M.D.C. is 4d6+ P.E. x 2 + 6 per level, in addition to any gained by runes, if any. S.D.C./Hit Points: N/A, they are now minor mega-damage beings. Horror Factor: None. P.P.E.: 1d6x10 for non-rune casters, 2d6x10+20+P.E.+20 per level for rune casters (the Rune Lords). Average Life Span: 250 years. Natural Abilities: Natural mega-damage, plus see runes under magic. Psionic Powers: Standard, basically same as humans. Magic Powers: All Ean have runes inscribed on their bodies at birth including the heart rune and the warning rune, may have as many as three more runes. Most (85%) also have the healer rune. Rune casters have all of the standard abilities, but have four more rune spells/powers/body runes at first level, and gain one additional rune at levels four, eight, twelve, and fifteen, in addition to the standard runes. Otherwise only if magic O.C.C. is taken. Combat: Normal; varies with skills. Vulnerabilities/Penalties: None. O.C.C.s: Any but avoid technology. Very few, less than 100, have ever received bionics, juicer, or crazy enhancements. Most common breakdown is as follows: Rune Caster: 50% Ley Line Walker: 15% Temporal Wizard: 12% Mind Melter: 10% Mystic: 8% Other Practitioners of magic: 3% Other: 2% Appearance: Appear completely human, except they often have unusual eye and hair colors, and they have rune drawn all over their bodies. Alliances and Allies: All forces of good are their allies, but even most of their allies do not known that they possess the secrets of runes. Enemies: All of the forces of evil, especially the Splugorth and other alien intelligences (they remind them of the Old Ones).


Enhanced Biocontrol and Response Soldier (EBRS)

    Sort of a mix between the Juicer and the Crazy, the EBRS is a

system installed in the HUMAN brain that enhances the body's abilities by speeding up and organizing the messages sent by the body's nervous center. It also controls cell growth, increasing the density of the skin the person becomes light MDC. Use the Techno-Wizard experience table.

Requirements: None

Drawbacks: The change is permanent, and after a month (when the skin starts to thicken and densify and becomes MDC) reduce PB by 2. Removing the system will kill the person.


Heightened Attributes: Add 2d4 to PS. Minimum is 13. Increases willpower: add 1d4 to ME and +1 save vs. insanity. Greater endurance and respiratory system: add 3d6 to PE and +1 save vs. Poison Gases. Tougher Body: 1 month after the system is installed the skin becomes thick and increases density. Drop ALL SDC. Keep HP. SDC becomes 2d4 MDC. After one year, add 1d6 MDC. After 5 years, add 2d4 MDC. Improved Immunity: add +3 to save vs. Poisons and Harmful Drugs, +5% vs. Coma and Death. Increased Speed: add 3d4 to Spd. Can leap 10 feet across or 6 feet vertical. Double from a running start. Improved Reflexes: add 1d6 to PP. Minimum is 14. Add +1 to initiative. +3 to Dodge, +2 to Parry. +1 to Roll with punch/fall. Add 2 attacks per melee

Natural Psionic Powers

The device activates certain psionic powers within the character's mind, Chose 1 power from each category except super. Automatically has Mind Block and Nightvision. ISP: 2d6+ME add 1 at levels 3, 7, and 11. Saves as a minor psionic. +2 save vs. psionic. Regains 1 ISP per 2 hours awake, 3 per hour asleep.

PPE: 3d6

Other Bonuses

Can lift and carry 2x what a normal person of equivalent strength could. Needs only 3 hours of sleep normally and can stay fully alert, with no penalties, for up to 5 days. Only needs 1/2 the food and water a normal person does. The character NEVER feels pain and never falls unconscious till he has less then 1/3 his HP (Round Up) left.

Healing: Until the character becomes partial MDC, healing is 3x normal. After 1 month, the character heals 1d4 MDC/HP per 2 hours. After 2 years, the character heals 1d6 MDC/HP per 15 minutes. The system can repair ANY body system, even brain cells, but takes a long time to do some. Cannot restore entire brain. At least 2/3 of Brain must be left. Same with heart. At least 3 chambers must be left to avoid death.

The character becomes immune to all NORMAL diseases. +6 to save vs. all diseases that are extremely powerful, rare, or other worldly.

OCC Skills

 Chose 1 Language at 95%
 Get literacy in the above language at 85%
 Radio: Basic (+15%)
 Wilderness Survival (+20%)
 First Aid (+5%)
 Athletics: General
 Prowl (+10%)
 Climbing (+10%)
 Chose 1 pilot at +5%
 Read Sensory Instruments (+5%)
 Math: Basic (+5%)
 1 ancient WP of choice
 3 modern WPs of choice
 Land Navigation (+10%)
 HTH: Expert (Can be changed to Martial Arts (or Assassin) at the
 cost of 2 OTHER skills)

Other Skills: Chose 6 other skills from the list below. Chose 2 more at levels 3, 5, 8, 11, and 14.

 Communications: Any (+5%)
 Domestic: Any
 Basic Electronics
 Espionage: Any (+10%)
 Mechanical: Automotive Only
 Military: Any (+15%)
 Physical: Any (+5% when applicable)
 Pilot: Any
 Pilot Related: Any
 Rogue Skills: Any (+5%)
 Technical: Any (+5% to languages and literacy)
 WP: Any
 Wilderness: Any (+5%)

Secondary Skills: Chose 3 more skills from the list above without the bonuses.

Standard Armor: Character does NOT begin the game with armor. May buy it later.

Standard Weapons: Chose 1 energy rifle w/ 3 clips off ammo, chose 1 energy pistol with 3 clips of ammo (The NG-Super and Coalition C-14 Fire Breather take up BOTH the above choices, but you get 3 clips for both the weapon and the GL). Vibrodagger. Chose 1 SDC ancient weapon.

Standard Gear: Traveling Clothes (Jeans, T-Shirt, Sweatshirt, etc.), Combat style boots, Backpack, Tinted Sunglasses, Canteen, 1 Protein Healing salve, Black ninja style outfit with tabi-boots for prowling, Gas Mask, Pocket Night Viewer.

Cybernetics: CANNOT recieve them. The system will slowly destroy them until they are destroyed, then put the character into a coma until it can replace whatever system it expelled.

Money: Starts with 1d6x100 Credits. The EBRS soldier can get high pay in most armies. 1d4x10,000 credits a year to as high as 1d4x100,000 credits a year, although the latter is rare. The Coalition has just recently discovered this, and has given EBRS's the same treatment as Juicers and Crazies...DEATH ON SIGHT. There is no real way to identify an EBRSer because the only physical difference is the thick skin, and even that isn't very weird.



Anyone who's read the section in the RIFTS ENGLAND book on the Eternal

City knows about the Eternal Knights. For those of you who haven't read about them, the 500 Eternal Knights are "official champions of the city." The trouble is, the book never rounded out the Eternal Knights by telling us what exactly they were, so they have often been assumed to be ordinary knights with a name for their organization. However, Mrrlyn's spies recently found out that the Eternal Knights are more. Much more.

REQUIREMENTS: PS 15, IQ 15, PE 17 ALIGNMENT: Principled, Scrupulous or Unprincipled. Most are Scrupulous. MAGIC: Knows none at start, but may learn 1 spell per level. May not learn spell magic above level 5 or any temporal or warlock spells. PPE 4d6, add 1d6 per level PSIONICS:An Eternal Knight has the power to send brief telepathic messages in the form of an image to another Eternal Knight or the King, who also has this power (very effective distress call.) This power costs 5 ISP and has an unlimited range (with the exception that the sender and reciever must be on the same dimension.) ISP 3d6 (a roll below 5 is adjusted to 5), minor psionic. OCC SKILLS: Land Navigation +10% Wilderness Survival +15% Paramedic Speaks and reads Euro, +20% for both. Speaks 2 other languages at +20%. Reads one of these languages at normal proficiency. Acrobatics Gymnastics Escape Aritst +10% WP Sword WP 2 ancient, 3 modern Horsemanship HTH Expert. Can be upped to Martial Arts at the cost of 1 other skills Select 4 other skills, add 1 at levels 3, 7, 11, 15, and then 1 more every million XP. Communication: Any Domestic: Any Electrical: Basic Espionage: Any +10% Mechanical: Auto Medical: None Military: None Physical: Any Pilot: Any except tank or spacecraft. VERY few get Robots & PA (dishonorable except in cases of extreme emergency) Pilot Related: Any Rogue: Any + 20% Science: Any, but must be chosen at Level 1. May not be added later. Technical: Same story as Science. WP: Any Wilderness: Any Choose 3 secondary skills without bonuses. OCC BONUSES: Add 30 SDC in addition to the 1d4x10 used for men of arms. +2 to initiative +4 to save vs horror factor lives 4 times as long as normal humans, 240 to 400 years. How this is accomplished is not known (only the king of the Eternal City and perhaps the Eternal Knights know, and no one is telling.) ENHANCEMENTS: May be gained, but if they are gained the Eternal Knight loses the longevity that gives the Eternal Knights their name. This can be very depressing if the knight is more than the age at which a human knight would retire or worse, older than a normal human lives. GEAR: first-aid kit, camping gear, 150 ft.rope, a grappling hook, an IRMSS kit in case of emergency, 2 weeks' worth of rations, and 3 weapons of choice. The exact weapons can vary from Eternal Knight to Eternal Knight, but most have at least 1 ancient weapon or a high-tech version of one (like a vibro-blade) and an energy pistol with another "signature weapon." TW weapons are popular. Also starts out with MDC armor of any type (sorry, no power armor.) MONEY: The Eternal City pays the Eternal Knights well, 3000 credits per month. Starts with 2 months' pay.

IMPORTANT: Always remember that all the Eternal Knights are employed by the Eternal City as an elite fighting force. An Eternal Knight is a member of this force FOR LIFE, as a rogue Eternal Knight is hunted down and killed for fear of the secret of their longevity being revealed. However, every 4 years the Eternal Knight gets a yeear "off" to adventure, as the Eternal City knows that adventuring is good for the knights and can be used as training. If this entire year is not used, the time can be saved up. There is a catch: If a war breaks out, all 500 Eternal Knights must fight; those on vacation are called back (see the Psionics section.) Uses the Royal Knight XP table

An OCC for RIFTS by DaBeechMan. E-mail me with any questions.


Fighter Pilot O.C.C.

The fighter pilot is the master of any type of flying vehicle, especially space fighters. They are highly skilled in other vehicles as well, if they so choose. They are also highly skilled in using and weapons on board a vehicle. Almost no one is a match for skill in a dog-fight with a fighter pilot.

Attribute Requirements: I.Q. 10, M.E. 12, and P.P. 14 or higher. O.C.C. Skills: Language: Native language (98%) Language: Select one additional (+30%) Literacy: Native language (98%) Radio: Basic (+10%) Basic Math (+10%) Pilot: Space Fighter (+30%) Pilot: One air/space vehicle (+30%) Pilot: Any two (+20%) Fighter Combat Elite [one type] (+1 to all bonuses) Fighter Combat Basic (+1 to all bonuses) EVA (+10%) Weapon Systems (+15%) Read Sensory Equipment (+15%) Computer Operation (+10%) W.P.: Any two Hand to Hand: Expert Hand to Hand: Expert can be changed to martial arts (or assassin) at the cost of one "other" skill. O.C.C. Related Skills: Select 8 other skills. Plus select two additional skills at levels four, seven, and nine, and one at level twelve and fifteen. Communications: Any (+10%) Domestic: Any Electrical: Basic only (+5%) Espionage: Wilderness survival only. Mechanical: Automotive and basic only (+5%) Medical: First aid only. Military: Demolitions only (+5%) Physical: Any, excluding acrobatics. Pilot: Any (+15%) Pilot Related: Any (+10%) Rogue: Streetwise only. Science: Any (+5% on math) Technical: Any (+5%) W.P.: Any Wilderness: Land navigation and hunting only. Secondary Skills: The character can select seven secondary skills from the previous list. These are additional areas of knowledge that do not get the advantage of the bonus listed in parenthses. Standard Equipment: Space capable M.D.C. body armour suit, two energy weapons and an S.D.C. weapon. Also has ammunition/E-clips for all weapons, knife, hand-help communicator, as well as personal items. Will always have access to some sort of fighter or ship (either owns one or is in military). Money: 4d6x1000 for an independant or 1d6x100 for military pilot. Cybernetics and Bionics: Starts with none, but may get cybernetics and/or bionic enhancements.

Fighter Pilot O.C.C.: 1 0,000-2,150 2 2,151-4,250 3 4,251-8,850 4 8,851-17,000 5 17,001-25,000 6 25,001-35,000 7 35,001-50,000 8 50,001-70,000 9 70,001-95,000 10 95,001-130,000 11 130,001-180,000 12 180,001-230,000 13 230,001-280,000 14 280,001-330,000 15 330,001-400,000

By: Jason Bridgman


Genetic Cleanser RCC

Another RCC by Brian

Genetic Cleansers are the newest development from the lone star labs. The ultimate predators, they have powers and abilities that make them the ultimate in genetically engineered beings. Since the Genetic Cleansers are based on a human personality, there are rogue Genetic Cleansers, if encountered they are executed on sight. Currently there are only 5100 Genetic Cleansers in existence and they are used by the Coalition States on search and destroy missions where D-bees, aliens, and mutants are involved. Chi-Town has 1200 Genetic Cleansers. In Missouri, 400 Genetic Cleansers are stationed on the border areas. Lone Star has 600 Genetic Cleansers with 30 more produced each month. Iron Heart and Free Quebec are each home to 1000 Genetic Cleansers. The remaining 800 Genetic Cleansers are divided between the area infested by Xiticix (600), where they may be encountered in groups of 4 or more, while the others are being routed to Tolkeen (50) or scouring the North American continent on various reconnaissance missions. There are presently 100 known rogues.

Requirements: ME, MA, PE of 14 or higher.

MDC: 6d6x5 PPE: None. ISP: 40 (Does not change.) Psionics: Has the following powers at first level and never gains any new ones:

Alter Aura Sense Magic Presence Sense Detect Psionics Sense Evil Mind Block See Aura See The Invisible

RCC Powers

Metamorphosis: The Genetic Cleanser can change its appearance to resemble any living thing, a fool proof imitation (90%).

Energy Absorption/Redirection: Can absorb any kind of energy (kinetic, laser, etc.) up to PEx5. It then may use the energy to increase its PSx2, MDCx2, sizex4 or reflect the energy back at the attacker for 1/2 damage.

Intuition can tell when it is facing another Genetic Cleanser. It cannot be tricked by illusions, or Metamorphosis.

Techno-Organic Body: Its body is both machine and meat; not like a borg but intertwined.

Mass Redemption: The Genetic Cleanser can absorb metal into its body to heal 5 MDC a pound or can add flesh by ingesting (sick but true) humans or human-like D-bees to regain 50 MDC per person plus an extra 5' with each person and/or lb. of metal.

Super Endurance: Can go 5 weeks without eating/absorbing. after that looses 2 MDC a day without feeding, down to 2, after that it begins shrinking 1/4 ft a day until its 2 ft, then it goes into a fury until it kills and/or absorbs any metal or flesh that is larger than 50 lb.

Weapon Meld: Genetic Cleansers can absorb weapons into them and use their abilities (NO magical weapons). The weapon does 1d6 MD no matter what kind it is. The Genetic Cleanser also provides the power and ammunition, loosing 1' per 4 e-powered weapons.

Auto-Pilot: Since the Genetic Cleanser is techno-organic it can automatically pilot any vehicle, alien or otherwise (90%).

Appearance: When not morphed the are a 6' fleshy/metal humanoid shape with yellow eyes, no nose and no hair.

Flashback: If a Genetic Cleanser receives a considerable amount of damage (only has 5 MDC or less). Its flesh half takes over(brain) and it remembers who it was. at this point it will stop fighting, Resume the shape of its original form and wander off to try and find the remains of its life or do whatever it wants, these are the rogue type.

RCC Skills Basic radio +15% Tracking +20% Detect ambush Escape artist Intelligence +25% Prowl Concealment Language: American 98% Language: Spanish 98% Language: any one 96% lit American 98% lit Spanish 90% Track Animals WP Select 4 HTH Assassin

RCC Related Skills: Select four other skills from the list below at first level, plus select one more at levels 3, 6, 9, 12, & 15.

Espionage: Any (+10%) Medical: First Aid only. Physical: Any Rogue: Any WP: Any

Secondary Skills: Select 2 from the list above without the bonus listed in parenthesis at first level plus an additional one at levels 4, 8, and 12.

Equipment: Usually doesn't carry any, it can make anything it needs from its body. Weapons: Usually absorbs a large kind of weapon before departing on missions. Money: Same as Coalition Borg.

Uses the Dragon experience table


Genetically Engineered Neoteric Humans (G.E.N.S.)

by Steve Lombardi ()

This RCC was originally designed for use in a campaign that took place in a slightly altered universe than that of the Rifts RPG. In my campaign the characters originated in the underwater colony of Clarke, on Jupiter's moon of Io. The city was located under the thick ice that covers the entire surface of the moon. When the time of the Rifts occurred the colony seeing what was happening to Earth and the colony on Mars, (see the Mutants in Orbit Sourcebook), decided that a policy of isolation was safest (similar to what the orbital stations were doing). As observation of Earth continued, and the invading hordes of D-bees was let loose on Earth the people of Clarke began what was known as the GENS project.

The GENS project was intended to genetically engineer human beings into a more powerful form to battle the inhuman invaders. During the 50 years of research the colony was visited by a number of peaceful D-bees including Atlanteans and Wolfen. It was then decided that not all D-bees were evil and that a number of them were friendly.

Suddenly on June 4th 2369, a lone Splugorth (see the Atlantis world book) and a small force of Kydians arrived near the colony and ordered Clarke to surrender. Immediately the GENS were let loose and the attack began. After a battle lasting seven hours the Splugorth and his minions were destroyed. The battle killed about one-third of the population of the colony but the effectiveness of the GENS was beyond all the colony could hope for.

After the battle a movement began in the colony to award the GENS for their heroic actions and they were officially given citizenship and equal rights under the Constitution (the colony was mainly a North American effort).

When the colony was finally repaired it was decided by the President and Congress of the colony to begin to send GENS volunteers to Earth to begin to collect information about the Splugorth and other evil invaders and begin the war to reclaim the home world.

Warning!!! - This RCC is extremely powerful! I mean real powerful! It also has some extreme penalties! Check with your GM before taking this character.

Character information common to all GENS.

Alignment: Principled and Scrupulous

Attributes: IQ 3d6+2, ME 5d6, MA 4d6, PS 5d6, PE 4d6+4, PB 4d6, Spd 5d6+4

MDC: 35 plus 1d10 per level.

Horror Factor: 14

Weight: 150 lb and up.

Height: Start at 5 feet 10 inches and plus 4d6 inches.

Age: They appear to be in their middle to late 20's. The natural life span of a GENS is Unknown although it is most likely in the hundreds of years.

Sex: Either

Appearance: Appear Human with the following exceptions; Hair color can be anything from the normal range in humans to metallic colors. Eyes are the same as Hair. (My character was had Chrome Red eyes and Metallic Blue hair!)

Disposition: Usually quiet until the situation demands action. Then will speak or act with both words and actions.

Skills: Same as Coalition Soldier (halve the Secondary Skills).

Magic: NONE!!! Absolutely no exceptions to this Rule! (see Special Rules)

Psionic Powers: Yes ISP: 50 plus 1d6 per level.

The GENS has the following and CANNOT receive additional powers by any means:

Deaden Pain, Psychic Purification, Resist Fatigue, See the Invisible

Natural Abilities Punch 1d8 MDC Kick 1d10 MDC

Infravasion 100 feet Natural (not supernatural) MDC body Extended Lifespan Can Hold Breath Up to 25 minutes. Cannot become a vampire

Special Rules

Magic: Because of the way that the GENS is designed the character has basically no natural way to store PPE magic. The Player cannot take a OCC with magic and his PPE cannot be drawn out. There is no way around rule.

Bionics: The character can take any bionics that he/she wants.

Light: Because of the structure of the GENS eye. The character cannot take bright light. Even normal daylight on Earth gives the player a -5 to hit any light brighter than that gives the player a -7 to hit. You can usually tell a GENS because he never takes off his sunglasses.

Friends and Enemies: The GENS usually get along with almost any RCC except for those that serve the Splugorth. Indeed the GENS hate the Splugorth so much that they will usually go out of their way to annoy a Splugorth. They will not attack a Splugorth unless they believe they have a good chance of winning. (And usually a few nuclear warheads in his pocket!!) The GENS love the Atlanteans and usually will help them with anything. Indeed it has been know that a few GENS have started to hunt Sunaj Assassins. The GENS look at normal humans in a very special way. They know without them they would not exist and so they treat humans like a kid brother, always willing to give advice and take action on their behalf.

Well this is the first of a number of OCCs and RCCs that I have developed. If you like it please drop me a message at America On- Line Callsign: StevenL184, (Internet: ). Perhaps soon I will post some of the new spells, psionics and mecha that I have developed. So please drop me a line and tell me how I am doing.

This is dedicated to the 10,000 Maniacs who's music has kept me sane. And Michael Best AOL callsign Capt MJB, (but PLEASE fix your spell checker!!) whose own creations inspired me.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: I made a single addition to this RCC to make it fit better within the logic of the game. It can no longer pick an OCC, thus becoming a true RCC, and has its skill set clearly defined.)

============================================================================= Genetically Enhanced Man (G.E.M.) OCC

The GEM�s are a product of an unearthed Pre-Rifts Technology, discovered

about 10 years ago but a small kingdom in the middle of what used to be Alaska. This technology was used to engineer geneticly perfect men and women for use in war. Now the kingdom sells the transformation for 100000 credits and Military service for 3 years. The Transformation is both painfull and dangerous, only about 40% of the recipeants suvive the process. Major Powers- Choose 1 of the following powers:

  1. Genetic Cyborg The Characters entire body is transformed into an organic steel. The characters entire body , tongue, eyes, teeth, in fact, every thing except the brain and nerves has its cellular structure altered. This steel, while flexible for the most part, is a Mega Damage structure. The character starts with a PS of 30 (not supernatural), and a speed of 132 (90mph). The main body has a starting MDC of 300 and regenerates at double the normal healing rate. Starting Weapons include 1 forearm laser (left arm, uses regular E-clips) and 1 set of Vibro blades (right forearm, retractable) Adverse Effects cost: Basic - 4 Extra Limbs:(Arm&hand, tentacles,etc.) - .5 ec Effective Bionic Features - Multi optic eyes: .5 for a pair -Lungs with all the options .5 - All others .25 each Weapons- Each additional weapon - .5 each Regeneration- 1d8*10 MDC per day and can regenerate a limb or weapon within 3 days. - 1.5 Extra MDC- 1 per 100 MDC Extra PP- .5 for every +5 with a maximum of +20,(not to exceed 45 total) Extra Speed- .5 for a speed of 176

  2. Molecular/Atomic Transformation The Character is given the ability to change their entire bodies shape and molecular structure totally. In addition , they can shift atoms within their body thereby changing the entire molecular structure of about 50% of their total body mass. This means that the character can change them self into almost anything they wish. Basic mechanical items, Solid structures, etc can be duplicated, but computers and the like are impossible. Unfortunately for the character, they can be spotted by a careful scan. You see, the GEM must keep the brain , heart and circulatory system going, otherwise they die. Also the character retains the same total mass, so their ranges of sizes and shapes are severely limited. Along with indoctrination on how to use their powers, they are also trained in how to change their entire bodies into three MDC forms, The first of these forms is Stone. In this form the character can easily be mistaken for an earth elemental. Punches do 3d6 MD, Kicks do 4d6 MD. Speed is halved, weighs 2 times normal,and the character regenerates 1d4*10 MD per minute. This form has an MDC of 200 and can be maintained for 2 hour + 1 hour per level of experience. At the end of that time ,or when the character wants to , the character reverts back to his normal human form and cannot use his powers for half the time he was in it.

    The second form is of MDC steel. Punches do 4d6 MD, Kicks do 5d6 MD. Speed is halved. The form regenerates 1d4*10 MD per minute and weighs 4 times normal. This form has an MDC of 300 but can only be maintained for 30 minutes

Minor Powers- The player may choose up to 3 minor abilities, but only if they want to.

Magic Use- The Character can intuitively use Techno-Wizardry, and starts

with 4 spells from first level, all at 1/2 range , duration, effect, etc. New Spells can only be learned and they are all at 1/2 range, duration, etc. PPE is fairly large: PE + 1d6*10 +1d6+1 per level. A.E. Cost: 4

Master Psionic- Choose Two powers from each of the categories, Including

Super Psionics. At level five , choose 1 from each of the lists. At levels 9 and 11 choose four from any of the lists. ISP= ME+30+10 per level A.E. Cost: 3

Super Human Attributes: One Physical Attribute per Choice is hyped

up.Each one may only be selected twice at the most. Strength: Add 2d6 to PS and is considered Supernatural. Prowess: Add 1d6 to PP, and +2 to intuitive. Endurance: Add 3d6 to PE, +5% on all saving rolls and +10% vs Coma/Death Speed: Add 3d6*10 to speed, and +2 to strike , parry and dodge. A.E. Cost: 1 Each

Partial Transformation- This power is somewhat like the major power of

transformation, but is limited to only 1/4 he GEMs body at one time. To be effective, the GEM must have touched the material at least once. Duration of the transformation is 1 hour per level of experience. NOTE: any character with the major power of transformation cannot take this power. A.E Cost: 4

Bio Regeneration- The character can slip into a 15 minute trance in

which all HP and 1d410 SDC , or 1d610 MDC , are regenerated. In addition, physical attacks only do 1/2 damage, (Energy, magic, and psionics do full damage.). Also gives the character +3 vs poisons/toxins and +20% vs Coma/Death A.E. Cost: 2

Increased Mental Powers- No normal people have an organ that can

regenerate brain cells, but that is not true with this GEM, This organ can replace up to 75% of the brain cells lost each day. This gives the character a bonus of 2d6+3 to IQ and ME. In addition, the GEM gets 4 total psionic powers from physical, sensitive, and healing.(Sorry, no super psionics). Unfortunately, all that energy being expended on the mind, lowers the other attributes, -2 from PS, -1 from PP and PE, but +1 to Strike Parry and Dodge A.E. Cost: 1

Adverse Effects-
The character must pick a number of Adverse effects equal to the total

cost of all the chosen powers. The number is parenthesis indicates the number of A.E. it is worth.

Excessive Body Odor- The characters glands constantly excrete a foul

smelling pheromone. -1d4 from PB and +15% to track the character by smell. (1)

Excessive Body Hair- The characters body hairs all grow thicker and

darker than normal, similar to true lyncthracopy. -1d4 PB unless shaved daily. (1)

Excessive Body Hair and Odor- The character has a combination of the

previous two problems , the the combination of hair makes it worse, trapping the smell, like a wet dog. +20% to track the character by smell and halves PB. If the character shaves daily and uses large amounts of deodorant,(cologne just makes it worse), then add 4 to PB,(But it can never exceed the original attribute.) (3)

Weakened Intellect- This just lowers the GEMs IQ and ME by 1d4 and MA by

1d8 (Minimum of 4 in each Attribute) (2)

Severe Muscle Cramps- The characters muscles start spasming and knotting

at odd moments. 75% chance of cramping after 1 hour of sustained activity. The cramps are very painful and distracting,(-4 to Parry and Dodge, -8 to Strike, and -20% on all skills). The cramps will go away after 5 minutes of total relaxation (3)

Severe Acne- The character is constantly breaking out in pimples and

white heads, making people disgusted at the character. (-2d4 from PB) The acne is permanent and scarring, even plastic surgery will have no effect. (2)

 Low Resistance to Magic and Psionics- The character perceptions are

altered, giving them problems distinguishing reality from illusion, and opening their mind to control from outside forces. -5 to save vs psionics/magic/ and possession, in addition to -3 from ME and -1 from IQ. 55% chance of alcoholism or drug addiction. (4)

Permanent Powers of G-Men-

Night vision as good as Day vision, Very acute Sight (Like a hawks, can read a sign or ID a face at two miles away.), Normal Healing rate is doubled , along with a tough skin and dense flesh,(SDC weapons do 1/2 damage). The GEM characters are also forever sterile, to prevent the spread of enhanced genes or unfavorable mutations. Also, add 1d6 to all physical attributes except PB, 1d4*10 SDC and 10 Hit Points.

Skills- The GEM�s are well educated, but most of their time was spent learning how to use their powers.

OCC Skills

Radio: Basic (+10%) Acrobatics (+10%) Climbing (+5%) Prowl Land Navigation Language and Literacy: Native language only (+15%) Pilot: One of Choice (+5%) W.P. Energy Rifle W.P. Modern (2 of Choice) W.P. Ancient (3 of choice) Hand to Hand Expert. Can be upgraded to Martial Arts at the cost of two OCC related skills

OCC Related: Select 7 from the following list at level 1 . Also, choose 2 more at third, sixth, ninth, and eleventh levels. Communications:any Domestic: any Electrical: Basic only Espionage: any Mechanical: Automotive only Medical: First Aid Only Military: any (+10%) Physical: any (+5% where applicable) Pilot: any (+5%) Pilot Related:any Rouge:none Science: Any except Archeology and Analytical Chemistry Technical:any W.P.: Any Wilderness: any(+5%)

Secondary Skills-

Select 7 from the above list without the bonuses and within the limits (Any, None, Only)

Standard Equipment- A set of dress clothing, a set of black of camouflage covert clothes, a gas mask and air filter, a pair of sun glasses, hatchet, 1d4 knives, tent, knapsack, backpack,saddle bags, 2 canteens, 2 weeks emergency rations, Geiger counter, and personal items Armor can be of any kind, but is usually heavy for maximum protection. Weapons will include- 2 ancient weapons of choice and 2 modern weapons of choice with 4 E-clips apiece Vehicles can be anything, but are usually either light and fast, or heavy and well armed.

Money- G-Men start with 2d81000 in credit and a black market item(s) worth 1d81000 credits. G-Men tend to live fast and die hard.

Another OCC by The Reaper AOL name M Morbius6


Genetically Enhanced Unarmed Combat Soldier (GEUCS) OCC

    Being out classed by virtually every other world army in the

area of Technology, the Canadians where beginning to lose ground. As it was they had sold over 700 square miles of land to the U.S. to have enough money to buy Juicer and Crazy mercenaries to defend themselves. Then a break through. A Canadian DNA specialist discovered a way to enhance the human body to minor MDC and allow it to harden its nails and teeth and strength to do MD damage. Unfortunately, the Rifts came before this tech could be put to use. Recently, however, a band of mercenaries found the DNA blueprints for the soldier and has sold them to three cities which can now give the transformation.

  1. Free Quebec. The State of Free Quebec has created a small army (about 100 strong) to use as a airborne force (they have 4 C-130's converted to light MDC and fusion power) as an experiment. They offer the transformation at the cost of 500,000 Credits. All other Coalition states forbid MAKING G.E.U.C.S., but do not execute them on sight like they would Crazies or Juicers.

  2. Los Alamos. Los Alamos does not have an army of GEUCS's, but does offer the Transformation at a cost of 350,000 Credits.

  3. Tolkeen. Tolkeen currently has 56 GEUCS's in service and offers the transformation for 50,000 Credits and 2 years of Service (receive 500 Credits monthly for food budget, etc. each year).

Physical Bonuses

+2d6 to PS. Minimum is 11. +1d4 to PP. No minimum. +2d4 to PE. Minimum is 12. +1d6 to Speed. Eliminate ALL HP and SDC. Character now has 2d4x15 MDC. +3 Attacks per melee and gets auto dodge like a Juicer +2 Dodge, +3 Strike, +4 Parry


The character heals 1d6 MDC every 10 minutes (40 melees). +5% save vs. Coma and Death +1 to save vs. Poisons and Harmful Drugs


Punch: 1d4 Kick: 1d6 Power Punch/Jump Kick: 2d4 (counts as 2 attacks)

PS bonus for high strength is not applicable.

Magic: NONE. PPE is 3d6.

Psionics: Automatically has Summon Inner Strength and Deaden Pain. Permanent ISP is 4d4. Chose 1 additional Psionic from physical at level 5. ISP is regained at a rate of 1 per 2 hours of activity or 6 per hour of rest/meditation. ISP never rises. Saves as a Minor Psionic.

Attribute Requirements: Anyone with a PE under 5 cannot take the changes of the transformation and will die if he undertakes the operation without Psionic or Magic healing being performed at least every 5 minutes (the operation takes 2 hours).

OCC Skills

Chose 1 Language at 95% Detect Ambush (+10%) Wilderness Survival (+10%) Prowl (+15%) Climbing (+15%) Athletics (General) Pilot: Chose 1 (+5%) W.P. Chose 1 Modern and 3 Ancient HTH: Martial Arts or Assassin (May only select Assassin if of an Evil alignment.)

Other Skills: Chose 3 at beginning. Chose an additional 2 at levels 4, 8, 10, and 13.

Radio: Basic (+5%) Basic Electronics Espionage: Any (+5%) Automotive Mechanics Military: Any (+5%) Physical: Any (+10% if applicable) Pilot: Any Pilot Related: Any Rogue: Any Math Basic Technical: Any W.P.: Any Wilderness: Any (+5%)

Secondary Skills: Chose 2 skills from the above list without the bonuses.

Standard Armor: None. Usually doesn't wear any, but MAY wear light or medium. NEVER wears Heavy unless ABSOLUTELY needed.

Standard Weapons: Chose 1 of the following energy pistols: C-18, Wilks 320, NG-33, Jolt Gun, or TX-5. Whichever your choice, you have 3 clips (unless a Jolt Gun). Chose 1 Ancient SDC weapon.

Standard Gear: Traveling Clothes, UV protected Sunglasses, Boots, Canteen, Thermal Imager with 2 batteries, traveling bag (not quite as large as a backpack)

Experience Table

Level Exp

1 0-3000 2 3001-4700 3 4701-9000 4 9001-18000 5 18000-25600 6 25601-35000 7 35001-49000 8 49001-70000 9 70001-97000 10 97001-132000 11 132001-180000 12 180001-230000 13 230001-280000 14 280001-345000 15 345001-400000


The Gifted Ones RCC

    The Gifted Ones are the offspring of Kherubim and humans from

earth. The name "gifted ones" was given by the Kherubim to describe their awesome powers. Through magic from the rifts and the unlikely combination of human and Kherubim, came the "gifted ones." They are born with amazing abilities and powers. Not all children of Kherubim are "gifted ones," and those that are, are all unique in their powers. The Kherubim try to search out for their descendants, in order to recruit them for the battle waged against the Daemonites. The Daemonites, too search for any "gifted ones" in order to possess and control the mighty powers. The powers of the "gifted ones" range from simple mind powers to powerful destructive forces. Each "gifted one" is different, and is always a powerful being, in some way. Attributes: IQ-3D6+2, ME-4D6, MA-3D6, PS-4D6+2, PP-4D6, PE-4D6, PB-3D6, Spd- 4D6 Hit Points: PE number+ 3D6 SDC: 60+ skill and other bonuses PPE: 2D6 ISP: 3D6x10 Weight: Varies, usually human size Height: Varies, usually human size Natural Abilities: The character should roll on the power selection table below to determine the number of powers/abilities. 01-10 Select 4 major and two minor super powers 11-20 Select 3 major and 4 minor super powers 21-30 Roll on power selection table 31-40 Select 4 Super Psionics 41-50 Choose 2 of 3 Psionic categories and take all powers in it. 51-60 Choose 2 super psionics, and 12 others from all categories (not super) 61-70 Choose 2 major and 2 minor super abilities and 1 bionic limb and weapon 71-80 Choose 7 minor super powers 81-90 Choose 1 major super power* and 8 psionic powers (not super) 91-00 Choose 2 super Psionics and 2 major super powers In Heroes Unlimited and extra powers in this supplement. Note: The powers of the "Gifted Ones" are quite unique. Like their Kherubim relatives, when combined with bionics, they don't lose their abilities. Life Span: 100+ years. Appearance: Appear as a normal human, unless powers determine otherwise. 20% have mutant defects or appearance. Roll on mutant table in Heroes Unlimited. O.C.C.'s: Any, but lean toward mercenary and warrior. Few "gifted ones" become mages, crazies, or juicers.



[Here's the Gunslinger OCC, slightly modified to fit into RIFTS. In referance to the New West, I've been excited about it since it was first mentioned too. . .I just got tired of waiting.]

 The gunslinger is a phenomenon unique to the American West. They

are warriors at heart, highly skilled with their weapons of choice, and quick to face a challenge. Those of good alighnment are typically law- men deeply dedicated to justice, but even evil gunslingers can be implacable foes. They face death almost daily, as would-be gun fighters try to prove themselves against a successful gunslinger, and on the trail, which is unpredictable at best and quite lethal at its worst. These gunfighters are notorious throughout the West as capable killers with their own rough code of honor. They tend to be loners, more comfortable on a mountain trail than in even the smallest of towns.

OCC SKILLS: Language: American(98%) Language:Spanish(+20%) Language: Two of Choice(+10%) Horsemanship(+30%) Pilot: Hovercraft(+20%) Tracking(+20%) Wilderness Survival(+20%) Detect Ambush(+10%) Detect Concealment(+10%) Gambling(+15%) WP Energy Pistol WP Energy Rifle WP Sharpshooter: Energy Pistol WP Sharpshooter: Energy Rifle Hand to Hand Basic RELATED: pick 7 skills, plus 2 more each at levels 3, 5, 8, and 12 Communications: Any(+5%) Computer: Operation only(+5%) Domestic: Any(+15%) Electrical: Basic only(+5%) Espionage: Any(+20%) Mechanical: Automotive only(+5%) Medical: First Aid or Holistic only(+15%) Military: Any(+10%) Pilot: Any(+20%) Pilot Related: Any(+15%) Physical: Any except Acrobatics or Gymnastics Rogue: Any(+10%) Weapon: Any Wilderness: Any(+20%)

SECONDARY: also gets 6 secondary skills, with the above restrictions but without the bonuses; two more each can be selected at levels 6 and 10

EQUIPMENT: saddle, saddle bags, boots and spurs, chaps, duster, ammo belt, holster and gun belt, stetson/ten gallon hat, couple work shirts and pairs of jeans, sleeping roll, two canteens, trail rations, 50' rope, 6 wooden stakes, hammer, knife, steel plate and utensils, gas mask & air filter, sunglasses or goggles, suit of light mega-damage body armor, PDD recorder, a few personal items. As for vehicles, the gunslingers prefer, in order: horses, robot horses, motorcyles/bullet bikes, and hovorcraft. Weapons will include the rifle and pistol of choice, 2-3 e-clips for each, and maybe one or two other weapons. Gunslingers prefer to use the weapons they are experts with.

MONEY: Gunslingers tend to live the seat of their pants, they rarely have more than 2D4x100 cr at any one time

CYBERNETICS: None to start; avoid bionics and heavy enhancement, a gunslinger will consider minor cybernetics, typically along the lines of wired reflexes, smartgun links, or cyber-armor. Nothing fancy.

As this OCC doesn't have any flashy abilities like psi-swords or special power armor or anything, you might consider letting them be the only OCC allowed to get the sharpshooting skill. Like AD&D and specialization, sharpshooting allows the gunslinger to compete with more powerful OCCs.

Hope you like it, Gargoyle

============================================================================= Gur-Na-Ton RCC

    Imagine a 8 foot tall humanoid. Now put beetle like armor on

him. Next, add incredible strength. This is a Gur-Na-Ton. The Gur- Na-Ton's home world was destroyed by the Splugorth, and since them the Gur-Na-ton's have wondered the megaverse, exploring and extracting revenge whenever they can. Gur-Na-ton have no sex and use asexual reproduction. They create a cocoon, and 1d4 weeks later, the cocoon opens, the character goes about his business, and there is an egg left that will hatch in 2d4 years. When the egg hatches, the Gur-Na-Ton is already full grown and at level 1. This process can only be done if the character is 400 years old or older, and can only be attempted once every 20 years. Use the Dragon experience table.

Alignment: Any, but most are scrupulous (87%), and few are Evil (less then 2%).

Attributes: IQ 2d6, ME 2D6, MA 2D6, PS 5D6+4, PP 3D6, PE 4D6+3, PB 2D6, SPD 3D6

MDC: 2d4x100 +25 per level of experience.

Horror Factor: 9

Magic: ALL Gur-Na-ton's have 4d6 PPE. The may chose 1 spell from level 1 at levels 2 and 4, one spell from level 2 at level 5, and one spell from level 3 at level 8. Add 1 PPE per 3 levels of experience (I.E. One at levels 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, etc.)

Psionic: ALL Gur-Na-ton's Have 2d6 ISP. They may chose one psionic from any category but Super at level 2 and level 5. Save as Minor Psionic.

Other Powers

All attributes are magical, thus Physical Strength is supernatural. +2 vs. all poisons +1 save vs. psionics +1 to roll with punch Regenerates 2d6 MD every 3 minutes Cannot be turned into a vampire

Average Lifespan: 300 years

Habitat: Prefer Hot, Moist places. HATES cold places. Other then this, there is nothing else to note. The are omnivores, but only need to eat a third as much as a human.

Friends: Get along well with True Atlanteans (very good friends with Undead Slayers) and are friends with Gigantes and Cernon (how this happened is not known).

Enemies: HATES THE SPLUGORTH AND THEIR MINIONS!!!!! Will attack on sight most of the time. This means the Gur-Na-ton also hate Sunaj Assassins, Conservators, and the rest of the Splugorth Minions.

Size: From 7 to 10 feet tall.

Weight: From 500 lb to 1300 lb

RCC Skills

Math Basic at 85% One Language at 90 % Lore: Demons and Monsters (+20%) 1 WP. of choice 1 Physical of choice (See notes below). +10% HTH: Expert (Can be changed to Martial Arts at the cost of 1 Other Skill.)

Other Skills: Chose 5 at first level, and an additional 2 at levels 3, 5, 8, 10, and 13.

Radio: Basic Domestic: Any (+5%) Basic Electronics Espionage: Any (+5%) Mechanical: Automotive Only (+5%) Military: Any (+5%) Physical: Any (+5% when applicable) Pilot: Any but Robots, Power Armor, or Aircraft. Pilot Related: Any Rogue Skills: Any Technical: Any (+5%) WP.: Any Wilderness: Any (+5% when applicable)

Secondary Skills: Chose 4 from the above list without the bonuses.

Gear: NONE. CANNOT WEAR BODY ARMOR. Usually doesn't use any type of MD or SD weapon. Rather, it relies on it's own strength. Has been known to use Vibro Blades and other Ancient MD weaponry. Will always chose these if it can.

Credits: NONE

Cybernetics: May not receive any cybernetic or bionic implants as their biology is too alien..



Halflings are a race of short humanoids common to many worlds of magic (though not the Palladium world). They are sometimes confused for faerie folk or dwarves, but they are not related to either race. In fact, they appear to be closely related to humans. The main differences are in the little people's height (averaging about three feet tall), but several strains of halflings also have pointed ears, larger and hairier feet, and little or no facial hair. In many of the worlds they inhabit, halflings keep to themselves, rarely meddling in the affairs of the taller and more power-hungry races. These little people are content to live simple lives as farmers and peasants, often surviving and prospering while other races wear themselves out with struggles for power and glory. These halflings are generally friendly, hospitable, comfort-loving people with great respect for laws and morals. In some dimensions, they are held in contempt by the other, stronger races. In fact, on some of these worlds, halflings are considered little more than petty vagabonds and thieves. The rulers of other worlds use halflings mostly as slaves. These halflings tend to be roguish, furtive scavengers. Regardless of their status on their homeworlds, most of them do not consciously seek adventure or power, accepting their lot in life. Other races, especially humans and the gruff dwarves, think of halflings as soft, puny, and unimportant, but they are often tougher and more determined than they appear. They often learn how to circumvent their small size, or even turn it into an asset. Even the smallest and most comfort-loving halfling can turn into a resilient, clever, and capable adventurer -- if they have to.

Alignment: any, but usually good or unprincipled: even a halfling thief tends to be selfish rather than evil. Attributes: IQ 3D6 ME 3D6 MA 2D6 PS 2D6+3 PP 4D6 PE 4D6 PB 3D6 Spd 3D6 PPE: 3D6 HP: Standard. SDC: 10 plus those from OCC's and skills. Psionics: Standard. Combat: Standard. Life Span: Varies, usually around 110 years Penalties: Due to their size, may not use large weapons: they are restricted to small and medium sized ancient weapons, such as short swords and short bows. Modern weapons are also generally restricted to pistols and medium to light rifles. Their size also causes many other races to act condescending towards Halflings, or ignore them altogether. This can be an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on how the character uses it. Magic: no natural abilities, and rarely study it. Natural Abilities: - high physical prowess and physical endurance: many races are surprised at how resilient a halfling can be. - keen eyesight and hearing - +2 to dodge attacks from large creatures (Wolfen size or larger: includes humans in most power armour) - +1 to strike with slings, bows, and thrown weapons, due to years of tradition with such weapons. - +1 to initiative - can "freeze" : by remaining totally motionless, the Halfling may hide at +20% to his or her prowl skill - +20% on prowl and cook, +10% to rogue skills other than computer hacking, +10% to escape artist Skills of note: speak native language at 95% (60% are also literate), speak one other language (usually an elven or human tongue) at 75%, WP Archery/Targeting, Prowl +20% and Cook +20%. Enemies: usually Goblins, Orcs, and the like. They tend to distrust Giants and other big folk. Allies: generally, Gnomes, Dwarves, Elves, and Humans are preferred. On RIFTS Earth, they will tend to be allied with most downtrodden and non-violent races of generally good alignments. Height: 2'6" + 3D6 inches Weight: 80 to 120 pounds: tend to be stocky or overweight (Halflings like to eat seven meals per day, when they can, but can survive on a loaf of bread and a bottle of water for days when they have to.) OCC's: Palladium-type fantasy worlds: Any but magic users (not including mind mages and clergy) or longbowman (too short). RIFTS: any but most men of magic (may still become clergy or druids) & power armour pilots (too small for the suit, but they may pilot giant robots). Halfling adventurers are relatively uncommon: they usually get swept up by adventure, rather than seek it. They also tend towards scholarly classes rather than men-at-arms, but halfling warriors can be surprisingly effective (especially since their opponents don't expect them to be.) The most attractive OCC's would be ranger/wilderness scout, thief/city rat, soldier/headhunter, healer/body fixer, scholar/rogue scholar, and vagabond/peasant farmer. The truly noble and adventurous ones (generally seen as unbalanced by other halflings) will gravitate towards cyber-knight or paladin (riding ponies rather than horses, of course). These tend to see themselves as protectors of their people and of innocents everywhere. The natural resistance halflings have to travel makes them rare on the RIFTS Earth. However, a few thousand, coming from various worlds, are present, mostly in the British Isles and western Canada.

This character race for Rifts or other Palladium RPG's was created by Dan MacQueen (). _________________________________________________________________

============================================================================= Healer OCC

    The Healer's are a devout class of mystic healers. A person who

joins their order swears to forsake all evil and help all good people (includes anarchist and unprincipled) in need. The Healers are enemies of the CS, who they feel has hurt to many good and honest people/creatures. The Healers should be considered a Men of Magic OCC. Use the Mystic experience table.

Attribute Requirements: ME 9, MA 12, PE 6

Attribute Bonuses: Give the character a one time bonus of +2d6 SDC, +2d4 ME, +1d4 MA, and +1 PE.

Psionics: The character gets ALL psychic healing powers. At level 3, they can chose 1 power from any of the categories except super. At level 5, they get the super psionics of Bio-Regeneration, and a 8th level, they get the super psionic Bio-Manipulation. ISP is 2d4x10+ME plus 3 per level of experience. The Healer saves as a Master Psionic.

Magic: The character start with the following powers: Turn Dead, Impervious to Poison, Globe of Daylight, Negate Poison/Toxin, Cure Minor Disorder, Heal Wounds, Sleep, Cure Illness, and Purification. The character may learn two spells from levels equal to their current experience level +2 (i.e. a 5th level character can chose 2 spells from up to seventh level) at ever level after one. Base PPE is 3d6x10+PE plus 5 per level of experience.

Other Powers

Heals 4x as fast as a normal human. Are liked and recognized by all good creatures.

Saving Bonuses

+2 to save vs. Horror Factor +1 to save vs. Psionics at levels 2, 5, and 7 +1 to save vs. Insanity +1 to save vs. magic at levels 1, 3, 6, 8, and 11.

OCC Skills

2 languages of choice at 95% 1 Literacy from one of the above two at 85% Wilderness Survival (+20%) Paramedic (M.D. for the cost of 2 Other Skills) (+15% on either) Holistic Medicine (+15%) Athletics: General Biology (+10%) Math: Basic (+15%) Lore: Demons and Monsters (+10%) Land Navigation (+10%)

Character may chose HTH: Basic at the cost of 2 Other Skills. No other HTH is available.

Other Skills: Chose 5 from the list below. Chose an additional 1 at levels 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 14.

Radio: Basic (+10%) Domestic: Any (+10%) Basic Electronics (+5%) Detect Concealment (+5%) Mechanical: Automotive (+5%) Medical: Any but first aid (already knows this from OCC skill paramedic or MD) (+10%) Physical: Any but Acrobatics, Boxing, Gymnastics, and Wrestling Pilot: Any but ROBOTS and Power Armor and Tanks and APCs Pilot Related: Any Rogue Skills: Any (+5%) Science: Any (+5%) Technical: Any (+5%) WP: Any Wilderness: Any (+5%)

Secondary skills: Chose 4 from the list above without the bonuses.

Standard Gear: A light MDC suit of armor, one MD pistol with 3 clips of ammo, First Aid kit, Backpack, Traveling Clothes (Jeans, T-Shirt), 2 quart canteen, 2 IRMSS kits, 1 RMK kit, 3 Protein Healing Salves, Combat Boots, and a gas mask. No vehicle. Healers prefer to walk or hitch short rides.

Money: 2d4x100 Credits

Cybernetics: Will adamantly refuse all cybernetics and bionics.


Highlander Immortal RCC by Barrett William Nuzum

Immortals are humans with special physiologies, given immortality and other special powers, based on Highlander. Please view it before attempting to use this RCC. It will give you tons of campaign ideas.

Be sure to watch the film before attempting to use this RCC. Also, check out the great soundtrack by Queen. However, under no circumstances should you view it's 1992 sequel. It sucks. And none of these ideas come from the sequel, so don't watch it. The TV series isn't too bad, and can give you ideas for NPC Immortal Villians. Enjoy, and Don't lose your head.

Alignment: Any, but usually Scrupulous or Selfish. Attributes: IQ 3d6, ME 3d6+6, MA 3d6, PS 3d6, PP 4d6+6, PE 3d6, PB 3d6, Spd 4d6. PPE: 6d6 Hitpoints/SDC: None, see MDC. MDC: 10d6 MDC + d6/lvl. See also Power #2. Horror Factor: 14 (at the fall of a head) Weight/Height: Standard Human Variables. Age: Most are between 25 and 35 years old when immortality sets in, although certain elders have been known to exist. Life span indefinite. Sex, Appearance, Disposition and Psionics: Same as human. Experience: Uses the Stone Master table. Rifts Atlantis, page 68.

Combat Skills: 2 attacks + Those gained from physical skills and Hand To Hand (typically Expert or Martial Arts). Magic: No spell casting. See Powers 7, 8, and 9.

Immortal RCC Powers:

  1. Does not age once immortal gene sequence becomes active. Does not need to eat, sleep, breathe, etc. Immortals are powered by The Quickening, a force related to Ley Line Engergy.

  2. Natural MDC and MDC Regeneration. While an immortal has MDC, he can only die by having his head severed. For this to happen, and immortal must reach 0 MDC. At this point, the immortal is vulnerable to having his head taken, but if the attacker does not make a "Lore - Demon" check, they won't know to chop the head off and once the immortal regenerates 20% of their MDC, they become conscious again, and ready to fight. Immortals regenerate 1d10 MDC every minute. (4 melees) Arms and Legs regenerate inabout one year.

  3. Immortality. Immortal (does not age) until dead or wins "The Prize."

  4. Cannot be physically transformed by any means. See Rifts Atlantis, page 16.

  5. Inflicts Mega-Damage with SDC swords. The sword becomes indestructible when wielded, and can be used to parry energy attacks (-6 to parry). For justification, see Pogtal Giant, Rifts Vampire Kingdoms.

  6. Recognize and Sense Other Immortals. Range: 300 feet.

  7. Ley Line Regeneration. Complete restoration of MDC/PPE/ISP. Can be used once a day on a line or at a nexus.

  8. Sense Ley Line. Range: 10 miles. Chance: 30% + 5/level.

  9. Can Use Techno-Wizard devices intuitively.

  10. Empathy. As Psionic, but no ISP Cost. Duration: 1 melee. Trance: 2 combat actions or 1 melee.

  11. Immortals are sterile. They cannot reproduImmortal RCC

RCC Skills: WP Sword (+4 total, special bonus) WP Of Choice Basic Math +20%

Immortal RCC-Related Skills: Select 9 at first level. One additional at levels 4, 8, 12 & 15.

Communications: Any Domestic: Any (+10%) Electrical: Any Espionage: Only Detect Ambush, Detect Concealment, Tracking and Wilderness Survival. (+15%) Mechanical: Only Locksmith and Weapons Engineer. Medical: Any (+5%) Military: None. Physical: Any except HTH Assassin and SCUBA (+10%) Pilot: Only Auto, Boat, Helicopter, Horse, Motorcycle and Truck. Pilot-related: Any Rogue: Only Prowl (+15%) and Streetwise. Science: Any (+10%) Technical: Any (+15%) WP: Any. Ancient preferred. (+1 bonus to Ancient) Wilderness: Any (+5%)

Secondary Skills: Select six more from the above without bonus.

Standard Equipment: Clothing, Traveling Clothes, Cape or Cloak, Light MDC Body Armor, Backpack, Canteen, and Sunglasses. Usually uses no vehicle, but horse or hover vehicle. Weapons: SDC Pistol, MDC Energy Rifle with several E-Clips, and a sword (roll percentile):

01 - Greatest Runesword (DM Choice) 02-03 - Greater Runesword (DM Design) 04-05 - Lesser Runesword (DM Design) 06-00 - Std. Sword of Player's Choice

Money: 2d4 x 1,000 credits & 2d6 x 1,000 credits in black market items. Cybernetics: Starts with none and shuns them. They interfere with the Quickening and would kill the character one week after installation.

The Quickening is the force which powers all immortals and binds them together. It is related to ley line energy, which accounts for powers 6, 7, 8. Also, when an immortals head is taken, the Quickening manifests itself as a ley line storm, and the victor regains all MDC/PPE and ISP. See Atlantis, p. 12. The Gathering is a time when all immortals are drawn to a " far away land " to fight for "The Prize." There can be only one victor.

The Prize (granted to The One): No Longer Immortal: Ages normally from physical age. Granted the following psionic abilities with NO COST which can be activated AT WILL: Telepathy Range: Planetary, See Aura Range: 300', See The Invisible Range: 300', Empathy Range: Planetary, Object Read Range: Touch, Empathic Transmission Range: Planetary.



Somewhat related to Hsiao's, "Hsian" is a Hsiao word meaning "the winged

humans." In fact, the Hsian are a Coalition experiment gone seriously wrong. Their original experiment, which crossed the DNA from humans, hsiao's, and one of three species of birds (there were plans to use more breeds, but they limited themselves to 3 until the experiment was proven to work,) worked great, but the 100 Hsian that were created rebelled and broke loose. Needless to say, the Coalition no longer creates Hsian, and neither group likes the other very much. NOTE: There is a rumor that someone slipped a fourth species of bird into one of the experiments; the Coalition flatly denies this

HSIAN REQUIREMENTS: IQ 14 OCC/RCC: May not take a psychic RCC like the Mind Melter or Burster, but otherwise may take any OCC or RCC they wish. ALIGNMENT: Most are unprincipled, but any alignment is allowed ATTRIBUTES: IQ 4d6, MA 2d6, ME 3d6, Spd 3d6 walking. As for physical attributes (including flying speed,) remember how I said there were 3 kinds of birds used in the experiment? Roll 1d100 to see what kind was used in the PC:

1-50: DOVEWING: PS 3d6, PP 3d6, PB 4d6, PE 3d6, Spd 5d6 flying. Has the following psionics: Healing Touch and 3 of choice from the Healing category. ISP 60, major psionic. Does not recieve psionics from OCC except for a Cyber- OCC's Psi-whatever the OCC has (Sword, Axe, Bow, or Shuriken.) Cannot fly in rain, snow, or similar rough conditions. Also may not fly if more than half SDC is depleted. 51-90: EAGLEWING: PS 4d6, PP 3d6, PB 3d6-3, PE 3d6, Spd 4d6 flying. Has the following psionics: Summon Inner Strength and 1 of choice from Physical category. ISP 35, minor psionic. Recieves OCC psionics same as Dovewing. May fly in rain or light snow, but no seriously rough conditions. 91-99: HAWKWING: PS 3d6, PP 3d6, PB 3d6, PE 4d6, Spd 6d6 flying. Has the following psionics: See Aura and 2 of choice from Sensitive category. ISP 40, minor psionic. May fly in any conditions. 00: Player's choice. If the GM decides to place a fourth kind of bird in the experiment, it may be chosen but cannot be rolled normally. PSIONICS: See above MAGIC: It all depends on the OCC SKILLS: As for OCC with the following additions: Speaks and reads Hsian and Hsiao (the two languages are incredibly similar) at 96%. Will only speak 1 other language, even if the OCC allows more. Note that the Hsian language is not spoken per se, it is actually sung (the tones are used much like voice inflection; different notes imply mood, sarcasm, and stress. There are even "accents" among the 3 different kinds of Hsian! Note however that words (perhaps lyrics are a better word) are still used.) Thus, also gains the ability to sing at professional quality (a literal case of "before they could speak they could sing.") Gains Aerial Navigation (which works exactly like Land Navigation, only it works in the air and not on the ground.) MONEY: Hsian often start quite poor (assuming they are still in North America, where they are hunted by the Coalition and have been forced to construct elaborate villages of tree houses. These villages are truly awe-inspiring because of the intricacy of the various bridges and the ingenious methods of camouflage.) If the Hsian lives in North America, they start out with only half the money that their OCC is allowed. If they live anywhere else, however, they are often treated well on account of the fact that they can fly, and a few have even become "superheroes." These Hsian start out with the full amount of money their OCC begins with. CYBERNETICS: May get Cyber-Armor, but NOTHING ELSE. A normal cybernetic or bionic will be useless; bio-systems or bio-wizardry will kill the unfortunate Hsian. Tattoos, however, are allowed (owing to the fact that their DNA does have some Hsiao and human DNA.) APPEARANCE: A winged human of either gender. These wings make them easy to telll apart from humans, and thus they have a slight problem when it comes to trying to get into a Coalition city. There are 2 ways around this: a Hsian's wings are extremely flexible. They can either be simply folded and concealed under a shirt, though there will be somewhat of a bulge where the wings are (a Hsian doing this will often walk as though it has a very bad back; it enhances the appearence. Another way to conceal this bulge is to lift weights or otherwise work out enough that the bulge can look like more muscle if it is corectly shaped) or once the wings have been folded, a harness can be made out of almost anything and used to fold and keep the wings even flatter, flat enough that they are concealed beneath a shirt and the Hsian will look like a human and does not need to walk as if he or she has back trouble. One disadvantage to this way though: the harness will be somewhat uncomfortable, a problem if the Hsian cannot readjust the harness every 10 minutes. Also, when the wings are released from the harness, they will be rather wrinkled, no flight allowed for 5 hours while the wings smooth themselves out. FRIENDS: Just about anything except the Coalition, vampires, of the Splugorth. ENEMIES: the Coalition, vampires, and the Splugorth. SPECIAL NOTE: The Hsian CAN become vampires, owing to the human DNA that was crossed in with the Hsiao and bird DNA. In this unfortunate situation, they are easily told apart from their living cousins; a vampire Hsian's wings will turn a flat black color, a color that no living Hsian's wings are (the closest they can come is a glossy black; there is no shine in a vampire Hsian's wings.)

A PC Race by DaBeechMan. Email me with your questions. Enjoy!


HSIAO RCC (pronounced sh-HOW)

Based in the D&D creatures, these giant owls can be REALLY annoying at

times, but can be entertaining to play.

HSIAO RCC ALIGNMENT: Any, but few are anarchist or evil. However, all have a personality quirk: Hsiao's know a LOT, and jump at any chance to share it, often going into long, boring speeches. ATTRIBUTES: IQ 4d6, MA 3d6, ME 3d6, PS 5d6, PE 5d6, PP 2d6, PB 4d6 (once again, these guys are usually cute,) Spd 2d6 walking (or should I say waddling) 6d6 flying. Strength is supernatural in terms of carrying capacity, but not for damage in combat (see below.) MDC: 5d6. Add 2d6 per level MAGIC: Equal to a Mystic in all aspects. PPE 6d6+IQ+ME. PSIONICS: Healing Touch, Bio-Regeneration, See Sura, and Sense Evil. ISP 4d6, add 1d8 per level. POWERS: FLIGHT- I think this is self-explanatory. Can carry substantial amounts of gear, some even give people rides occasionally See The Invisible and Eyes of the Wolf constantly in effect. Ley Line Phasing the same as a Line Walker Impervious to all forms of poison, toxins, or harmful drugs. Nightvision equal to normal vision LIMITATIONS: First, these guys are birds. There are some things a human can do that a bird can't. Second, they're not only birds, they're owls. Therefore, they are rarely awake during the day (though a Hsiao can train itself to sleep at night and wake up in the morning; most adventuring Hsiao's do this). Third, their feathers do have some limitations. Every time a Hsiao is struck with a cutting weapon or one that utilizes heat, there is a 1 out of 20 chance that a feather is damaged. Only 5 feathers may be damaged or given away in any one month (30 days) or the creature will only be able to fly at half speed for a month while new feathers grow (roll once for every 5 MD inflicted.) If more than 15 feathers are damaged, the Hsiao will lose all flight capabilities for a month. Also, diving into water will make a Hsiao unable to fly for three days while the feathers dry. After this time, it must preen itself (proficiency of 95%) or it will still not be able to fly until it is properly preened (may try once per day, any other attempts automatically fail.) SKILLS: Languages: Hsiao's have their own language, speaks this and 3 others of choice at 96%. WP: Energy Heavy WP: Any, but you'll have to use common sense; a 10-foot owl simply cannot use some types of weapons (pistols, for example, are too small, and must have the WP to use a rifle WITHOUT bonuses.) First Aid (-20% owing to the fact that once again, these guys are BIRDS here.) Cook (however, remember this is an owl. Some foods may be, well... unappetizing to humanoids.) Hunt (good hunters, +20%) HTH Basic (cannot be upped, once again, this is a giant BIRD.) OTHER SKILLS: Select 10 other skills. Use common sense here; an owl simply cannot do some things (like gymnastics, computer hacking MD in Cyberneitcs, etc.) COMBAT: Claw 6d6 SDC Diving Claw 3d6 MD (3 actions, but can pick up victim on a natural 20) Bite 1d4 MD Diving Bite 3d4 MD (3 actions, may not pick up victim) Peck 3d6 SDC Diving Peck 3d6 MD (2 actions) Wing Swipe 1d2 MD (can only be done on the ground) CYBERNETICS: May be used, but must be modified for Hsiao's (which means triple normal cost.) Also, don't get too silly, NO extra wings or claws. Tattoos are allowed, but area that the tattoo is to be applied to MUST be plucked first (1d4 MD fro


Icer RCC

    Imagine the opposite of a Burster: a psionic with the power

to control Ice and Snow. That's an Icer. Icers and Ice Dragons like each other. Even the most evil of each will go a bit out of their way if it will help one of the other. This doesn't apply if the two are foes or are in combat. On the same hand, Fire Dragons and Icers will often go out of their way to annoy one another. This may occasionally lead to violence, and if they are in combat, they will seek each other out.

Attribute Requirements: ME 10, PE 6

PPE: 2D6+1


The Icer is considered a Master psionic, has 2D6x10 Inner Strength Points at first level, and gains 10 ISP per additional level of experience. Chose 2 powers from each category but Super. Chose 1 additional power from any category but super at levels 3, 7, and 11 in addition to the following powers:

Impervious To Cold

No amount of freezing temperature or Cold based attacks will ever harm a Icer. This makes them very useful when fighting a Ice Dragon. Duration :Constant, ISP: None

Shield From Cold

The psionic can bring the temperature around him up o 40 degrees if he feels it necessary. All Ice will melt, and all snow will stop This can be used on a specific object to melt all ice and snow off it if the Icer touches the object. Range: 100 feet around the Icer +10 feet per 2 levels of experience (beginning at level 3), Duration: 30 minutes, ISP: 5

Ice Armor

The Icer can form a suit of Ice around him. This gives him mega- damage protection, but reduces his attacks by 1. It also reduces dodge and parry by 1, but adds 1 to roll w/ punch. Fire attacks do 2x damage to this armor. Ice Attacks restore 1/2 their MD in MDC to the armor, round down. (i.e., an Ice Dragon does 5 MD to the armor. This REPAIRS 2 of the armor's MDC and does NO damage). MDC: 20 Per 3 levels of experience (Not available until level 3). Duration: 3 minutes per 3 levels of experience. ISP: 40

Cold Spell

The Icer can make a object suddenly surrounded in Ice. This can suffocate people! Range: 20 feet per level of experience, Duration: Until Ice Melts, ISP: 10

Snow Storm

The Icer can make the temperature around him drop to 20 degrees and have it start snowing so heavily a foot of snow will appear in an hour. Range: 1 mile, Duration: 30 minutes, ISP: 15.

Ice Blast

A blast of such cold temperatures it does up to MD!!! Rng: 100 feet for SD ones, 300 feet for MD attacks. Damage: 1d6 SD, 3d6 SD, 6d6 SD, 1d4 MD, 2d6 MD, ISP: 1, 3, 5, 15, 30

Regains 2 ISP per hour of activity/awake, 12 ISP per hour of Sleep/Meditation

The influence of Ley Line Energy

Within a half mile from a ley line, the Icers powers get a +50% bonus to their normal strength and range, and they cost only 2/3 the normal ISP (round up) to use.

The influence of Nexus Energy

Within 2 miles of a nexus, the Icers powers are DOUBLED!!! Plus, it only costs 1/2 the normal ISP to use them.

Bonuses +1 save vs. Horror Factor at levels 2 and 7 +1 save vs. Mind Control at levels 3, 6, and 10 +1 PE

RCC Skills

Speak American at 95% One Language of Choice at 85% Chose 1 Piloting Skill at +20% HTH: Basic (Can be changed to Expert for 2 Other Skills) WP Blunt

RCC Related Skills Select 7 OTHER skills from the list below. Chose an additional 2 at levels 3, 5, and 8

Communications: Any (+5%) Domestic: Any Electrical: Basic Only (+5%) Espionage: Wilderness Survival Only (+5%) Mechanical: Automotive Only Military Medical: First Aid (+5%) Physical: Any except Wrestling and Boxing Pilot: Any (+5%) Pilot Related: Any Rogue: Any (+5%) Science: Math and Chemistry Only (+5%) Technical: Any (+5%) WP: Any Wilderness: Any

Secondary Skills Chose 8 from the list above without bonuses.

Standard Gear: 1 suit of light MD armor, 1 MD Pistol or Vibro Blade of choice w/ 2 clips, 1 set of ordinary clothes and shoes, one pair of combat boots, 1 2-qt canteen.

Money: Starts with 1d4x100 Credits and 1d4x50 Credits in black market items

Cybernetics: WILL NEVER GET THEM!!! Will seek Bio-Systems instead, and will even hate them. Will avoid any altogether unless medically necessary for living.


IMPALER RCC A special RCC by DaBeechMan Original idea by BadgerBorg

The Impalers are a fierce race of dinosaur-like creatures believed to

have evolved from the familiar dinosaurs of prehistoric Earth. When the ley lines started to fade, they migrated from Earth to an unknown dimension. That dimension was destroyed by several careless Fire Dragons, but a few, maybe 100, survived and escaped to their ancestral home, Rifts Earth.


ALIGNMENT:Any, but usually anarchist. They mistrust Rifts Earth and all who live there, but it�s not like they have any choice but to stay there, so they put up with it all with the notable exception of Fire Dragons. Ooooooh, do they hate Fire Dragons!


ATTRIBUTES:IQ 3d6, MA 2d6, ME 2d6, PS 5d6 supernatural, PP 4d6 - 3 (because of the creature�s large size) PB 2d6 (hey, if you saw a gigantis T-0Rex outside your door, I doubt you�d find it too pretty.) Spd 4d6 but carries enough momentum that if it runs for more than 3 melees nonstop it can go up to 5d6. Both scores are rolled during character generation but can be changed by the usual means.

HORROR:OK, this is an interesting case. The character saves vs HF 14. If it passes, nothing happens. If it fails, save again. If this save also fails, all horror factor effects kick in. Otherwise, treat it as Awe Factor, but the character can return to fight in as soon as 2 melees.

APPEARANCE:This guy looks like a tyrannosaur with a few exceptions. These are: 1) a collapsible ball of spikes on the end of its tail (1d6 x 100 SDC or 1d6 MD per attack, but counts as 3 attacks. 2) bull horns on its head (1d4 MD normal, 4d6 MD running but character loses all remaining attacks.) 3) a horn on its snout (same damage as bull horns, but add 2 MD to all damage. 4) a more horizontal posture

OTHER POWERS: -Warlock Spells same as a witch -Strength is supernatural -Sonic attack roar (6d6 MD plus deafness with no save, range 500 yards. Counts as all attacks) -Can alter its height from the size of a cat to the size of a dragon (normally about human-sized.) Cannot use any other special abilities while resized. Damage done by Impaler is halved when sixe decreases, multiplied by 1.5 at max height. Cannot do damage at minimum size.500 MDC

LIMITATIONS: -Immeditaely goes into a frenzy (like that of a Crazy) whenever it sees a Fire Dragon. -Automatically has the Insanity of Paranoia -Cold-Blooded (I don�t care about the new theories on dinosaurs, this thing is cold- blooded!) This means that it dies within 40 melees if placed into an environment greater than 110 degrees or less than 40 degrees. If either linit is exceeeded by more then 20 degrees, dies within 20 melees. 30 degrees, 10 melees. Get the picture? NOTE that because of this, Fire Dragon and Ice Dragon breath do triple damage! -Cannot get psionics (EXCEPTION:All Impalers can communicate telepathically with other Impalers within 50 miles. Note that an Impaler rarely if ever gets to put this power to use.) -Daylight is painful (-2 to attack in daylight, -5 in anything brighter, -10 in Globe of Daylight spell or anything like it.)

ENHANCEMENTS:On a dinosaur (or any cold-blooded eptile)? Yeah, right!

FRIENDS:None, except will cooperate with anything that is the enemy of a Fire Dragon.

ENEMIES:Come on, do I have to tell you? FIRE DRAGONS!

GEAR:Most tyrannosarus do not startwith or care about gear. Besides, they can�t use any of it except for food (can�t hold weapons, IRMSS and the like don�t work on cold-blooded creatures, too heavy for vehicles, too big for armor, but why would a tyrannosaur care?)

MONEY:None and could care less about (they don�t really understand the principle of it either. They do love �sparkly things� though, meaning anything shiny. Who cares if they don�t do anything with it?)

SKILLS:Very few. Remember that these guys are dinosaurs. The only RCC Skill is Hunting (+20%) and only gets 4 other skills. GMs, feel free to disallow any skill that a dinosaur, even an intelligent one, might not be able to use.

Us ethe Dragon XP Table

An RCC for RIFTS by DaBeechMan (original idea by BadgerBorg) Email me with any questions (complaints, insults, suggestions, TeamBlade melds, you get the picture.) See ya!




    During the the late twentieth century there were a spree of

accidents causing numerous objects and people to become invisible (see movies such as Memoirs of the Invisible Man, and Invisible). These invisible people stay in perfect heath for numerous years. Unfortunately the strain on the body killed the invisible people after ten years . Now, the coalition and Triax see the potential for having the power of invisibility and have many scientists working feverishly to try to uncover the secret of it. Neither Triax or Coalition has had any success. The only cases of invisibility were exactly the same as the late twentieth century: accidents. These accidents are always varied. It might be caused by a weird explosion in a lab or somebody getting struck by lightning. The Invisible person OCC is always caused by an accident. The GM gets to pick the accident which caused the the person to become invisible. Even though the accidents are different, the victims are always the same. They are always have normal health. Also they are not invisible to info red, sonar, radar, ultraviolet light, heat, motion detector and any other human sense other than sight. Anything they ingest will be invisible until it comes out. Unlike what is previously thought, if the invisible person bleeds, the blood is invisible. Also they cannot conceal anything if they are wearing invisible clothes. One of the problems of the Invisible people OCC is that they lack hand/eye coordination.


ABILITY REQUIREMENT:It is useful for them to be strong but there is no requirement.

SPECIAL RULE: Because of their lack of hand/eye coordination, subtract 5 from their P.P. and gain 1 point back every level

HP and SDC: same as Headhunter

HORROR FACTOR: 10 if partially covered by anything visible.

O.C.C. SKILLS Disguise Escape Artist (+30%) Sniper Wilderness Survival Tracking Athletics-Basic Hand to Hand: Expert Climbing Prowl (+50%) Pick Pockets (+30%) Language (American) Language (Player's choice) Land Navigation Track Animals

Hand to hand: Expert can be changed to Hand to Hand: Martial Arts (or assassin if an evil alignment) at the cost of one "other" skill.

O.C.C RELATED SKILLS Select 6 Other skills from this list. Plus select two more at level three, and an additional one at levels six, nine, and twelve.

Communications: Excluding Radio: Scrambler and Surveillance Systems. Domestic: Excluding Play Musical Instrument and Sewing. Electronics: Basic Only Mechanical: Any (-10%) Medical: First Aid Only Physical: Excluding Acrobatics and Gymnastics (+5%) Pilot Skills: Any Pilot related skills (Any) Rogue Skills: (Concealment is only possible when the character is wearing visible clothing) (+10%) Science: Any Technical: Any (+5%) Weapon Proficiencies: Any Wilderness: Excluding carpentry

SECONDARY SKILLS: Choose 5 Secondary skills from the previous list. Secondary skills have no bonuses.

COMBAT BONUSES: in addition to the regular bonuses from their O.C.C. skill the character gets additional bonuses because they are invisible. +5 to dodge and strike +7 to initiative Two addition attacks per melee

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: The characters get a pair of pants, a shirt, socks, shoes, and underwear, that is invisible . If they want to, they get to pick one light energy weapon of choice and a knife or dagger of choice. If they want they could have a visible pair of clothes with a back pack. The characters usually get other adventurers to carry their equipment for them in order to stay invisible. MONEY: 3D4*100 credits (there pretty poor because they always on the run) CYBERNETICS: If the characters are happy that they are invisible there is no way they will get cybernetics. If the characters hate their invisibility, they might consider full bionic reconstruction.

EXPERIENCE: Same as headhunter

NEW RULE: anybody who operates on them will have a -50% on their skill.

============================================================================= Ironoid RCC

    The Ironoids are a race of humanoids that are made of iron.

But not just any iron, a MDC type iron. They have many supernatural powers to boot. Their only weakness is salt water, which does MD to them. They have no home planet, and there are only perhaps 5,000 in the entire megaverse. Their are only 20 reported to be anywhere near RIFTS earth. Ironoids do not reproduce, have no sex, and are featureless except for a mouth and two slits where they see from. They see in the same spectrum and humans, and hear in the same spectrum. Can not taste or smell. Can feel and hear just like humans. They are humanoid looking (i.e. two arms, two legs, no tail, head). If a opponent specifically targets and hits the head, 2x damage. Any amount of salt water smaller then a milk carton does 1d8 MD to a Ironoid. This MDC is permanently lost. Any amount over a milk carton does 3d6 MD and is also permanently lost MDC. This means the Ironoid can never gain it back.

Alignment: Any, but few are evil.

Attributes: IQ 2D6+1, ME 2D6+10, MA 1D6+6, PS 5D6+1, PP 3D6, PE N/A, PB 2D6, Spd 2D6.

MDC: 1d4x50 +15 per level of experience.

HF: 4

Magic: When creating an Ironoid, roll a 1d10. On a 1-3, the character has no magic and 1d6 PPE. On a roll of 4-9, the character may chose 3 first level spells at level one, an additional 2 first level spells at level 3, and 1 second level spell at level 8. The character has 5d6 PPE, plus 2 per level of experience. On a roll of 0 (10), the character can chose 4 first level spells and 1 second level spell at level one, and 3 spells from any level 1-3 at level 6. Characters have 6d6 PPE +2 per level of experience.

Psionics: When creating an Ironoid, roll 1d6. On a 1 or 2, the character has no ISP or psionics. On a 3-5, the character can chose 3 psionics from any class but super at level one (excluding Astral Projection and Empathy), and an additional 2 from any type but super, with no restrictions, at level 4. Characters of this nature have 3d6 ISP +ME, add 1 ISP per level of experience. On a 6, the character may chose 6 psionics from any category but super at level one, 1 Super psionic at level 3 (Excludes Mentally posses others, Mind Bond, and Telemechanics), and 3 psionics form any category but Super at level 7. This type of character has 1d4x10 +ME to begin with and adds 3 ISP per level of experience.

Other Powers

Attributes are all supernatural. Immune to all gases and poison, except MD corrosive ones. Can detect another Ironoid within a 500 mile radius, and can locate to pinpoint accuracy. Can detect iron deposits at up to 5 miles. Doesn't need anything to survive. Regenerates 2d6 MDC per 2 minutes unless salt water hit.

Cannot be turned into, or bitten, by a vampire. If a vampire bites an Ironoid, it permanently loses 2d6 HP.

Average Life Span: 300 years

Habitat: None, but hates and fears saltwater. Will rarely live by the ocean. Actually prefers Junkyards to anything else. But only if there is plenty of scrap metal for food.

Enemies: Cernun Mystics hate Ironoids. The feeling is mutual. This also means Gigantes hate Ironoids.

Size: 7 to 12 feet tall.

Weight: 400 to 2,100 lbs.

RCC Skills

Math: Basic at 95% Speaks 2 languages at 96% 1 Ancient WP of choice HTH: Basic (Can be upgraded to Expert for 3 extra skills)

The Ironoid can chose 5 extra skills from the list below at first level, with no bonuses but IQ, and 2 more at 3 and 6th level. add one final one at level 13

Radio: Basic Fishing Basic Electronics Detect Ambush (Only available to ones with no magic) Detect Concealment (Only available to ones with no magic) Intelligence (Only available to ones with no magic) Tracking Demolitions Navigation Read Sensory Equipment Pick Locks (Only available to ones with no psionics) Archeology Biology Art Language Literacy All Lores WP Ancient (Only ones who rolled 1-5 on psionic and 1-9 on Magic) Land Navigation

Gear: Nothing. They have no need for and can't use any advanced weapons, and they hate armor. They have all they need in life, and want nothing more.

Money: 1d6x10 Credits

Cybernetics: Not possible.


Jabbs RCC.

I designed this RCC for a campain I am currently running. I thought it might be kinda fun to give "more life" to the inhabitants of the pocket dimension the characters are in.

Backround: These creatures are the result of some pretty wild magic/genetic experimentation by some creature long, long ago. They live in a pocket dimension called Morva (this I may flesh out more later). Its pretty typical of Rifts style earth but the tech level is much lower (early earth reniacense) but there is a LOT of magic! The Jabs are one of the 2 intelligent races that are native to Morva. They like bow weapons and short swords, and can use them well. They're blacksmiths are equal to a Sacath Druid (sorry about the spelling) in skill and ability.

Alignment: Any, but typically good or selfish. Attributes: I.Q.: 3D4+3, M.E.: 3D6 (+4 females), M.A.: 3D4, P.S.: 3D4 (+4 males), P.P.: 4D6, P.E.: 3D4 (+2 males), P.B.: 3D6+2 (cute), Spd.: 4D6+2. M.D.C.: Minor magical creatures, P.E. +1D6 per level. Hit Points: -NA- Height: 4' +1D4 inches females, or +2D4 inches males. Weight: 80 +1D20 lbs (+10 lbs males) P.P.E.: 10 +P.E. +1D4 per level females, or +2D6 per level males. I.S.P.: Females Only! M.E. +2D4 per level.

Note: They are capable of drawing additional PPE from a leyline or nexus like a LeyLine Walker. They can also operate Techo-Wizard items.

Special Abilities: Jump 2 times farther than normal human, Nightvision 90', Heightened sense of hearing equal to cybernetic amplified hearing, Automatic kick attack at first level - 2D4 SDC damage. Very resistant to disease and poison.

Magical Abilities: Tounges spell is constantly in effect, costs no P.P.E. Pick one elemental catagory for your character. eg. Earth, Fire, Water, Air. Choose 2 spells from first level. Then for each level of experience select one new elemental magic spell, in your catagory. Levels of spells are limited to 1-4. At third level they can also cast the Armor of Ithan spell, but it costs 2 times the normal PPE to cast.

Psionics: Females Only! Select a total of 5 abilities from the Sensitive and Healer catagories. Add one new psionnic ability form both catagories at levels 3, 6, 9, 12, 15.

Skills: A typical Jab starts with the following RCC skills: Wilderness Survival (+15%) ID Plants and Fruit (+20%) Literacy - Jabinian (+25%) Language - Jabinian 98% (all others by magic) Basic Math (+15%) Horsemanship (+5%) Archery

Additional Skills for males only: HTH Expert, Intelligence (+10%), and 2 Weapon Proficiencies. Additional Skills for female only: HTH Basic, Holistic Medicine (+15%), and 1 Weapon Proficiency.

At first level the character can choose 6 other skills with the following limitations: Domestic - Any +10% Physical - Any except Acrobatics and Gymnastics +10% where applicable Rogue - Any except computers. Science - Any (except those that require computer ops. as a pre-requist) Technical - Any except computers Wilderness - Any +15% Espionage - Detect Ambush, Detect Concealment, Escape Artist, and Tracking Weapon Proficiencies - Any (no modern to start with) Pilot - None to start but can chose them as new skills later. Pilot Related - Navigation only.

The character can select one new skill from the above list every 3 levels of experience.

Average life span: 170 years. Physical Desciption: They look like humanoid rabbits. They have fully articulated hands with an opposable thumb. Thier fur is various shades of green, it starts out very bright in colour when young (almost flourecent) and darkens as the character ages (the very old typicaly have an almost black coat). ALL Jabs have brilliant purple eyes! Experience: Use the same table as Dog Boys. Bonuses: +2 to save VS magic, +3 to initiative (hearing bonus), +5 to save VS poison and disease, +3 to dodge and parry in addition to the P.P. bonus.

I really hope you like this RCC, its loads of fun!

George Bird () =============================================================================

Jedi OCC

Somewhere in a galaxy far, far away...


But this isn't your usual Star Wars. There aren't any Ewoks or Wookies, no Princess Leia, and no metal headed guy that breaths funny.

Something has gone wrong in the Star Wars universe. Unknown to them, they live in a dimension parallel to our Rifts Earth!! Therefore, the chances of a rift opening up there are greater than anywhere else! And that's just what happened.

An unfortunate Shifter, who abused his natural powers one too many times stumbled upon this dimension while trying to find a place he could pose as a god. But, he ended up opening a portal in the middle of a Jedi training camp. Since Luke's success, he had decided to show worthy people the ways of the Jedi. In other words, Jedi training camps could be found almost anywhere! The vortex of air created by the rift opening sucked about 100 of these advanced people into our world. Since they possessed a power so great, they instantly changed into what we call M.D.C. Even their skin!!

To many, the Jedi have become a sort of Cyber-Knight, only better! They are almost always of a Good or Unprincipled alignment with the exception of about one in seventy-five warriors. These are the rebel Darth Vader characters (which can actually be fun!).

O.C.C. = Jedi

Alignment: Any! (over 90% are Good or Selfish)

M.D.C. = 1d4 (not much, but convert it to S.D.C. and look out!)

I.Q.: 4d6 M.E.: 3d6+10 M.A.: 5d6 P.S.: 4d6 P.P. 4d6+5 P.E.: 4d6 P.B.: 3d6 NOTE P.S. AND P.E. ARE SUPERNATURAL!

P.P.E.: NONE! I.S.P.: 3d4x10 PSIONICS: Mind Block Auto-Defense, Bio-Manipulation, Psi-Shield, Telemechanics, Sense Evil (takes away no ISP!), telekinesis.

O.C.C. SKILLS: Radio Basic (10%) Basic Electronics (15%) Escape Artist (20%) First Aid (20%) Pilot: Jetfighter (30%) Navigation (15%) Prowl (30%) Basic/Advanced Math (30%) Computer Operation (20%) Lang/Literacy: American 98% "Space" Lore: 98% (they know) W.P. Energy Rifle, Sword, Archery & Targeting HTH: Assassin

O.C.C. RELATED SKILLS (choose 4 now and 1 at 4, 8, 12, 15) Communications: Any. Electrical: Any (10%). Espionage: All but Wilderness Survival and Sniper (10%). Mechanical: Mechanical Engineer and Robot Mechanics ONLY! (5%) Medical: NONE Military: NONE Physical: Any Pilot Skills: Any but PA and Robot stuff Pilot Related: Any Rogue: Any (10%) Science: NONE Technical: Any W.P.: Any Wilderness: NONE.

SECONDARY SKILLS: Any from the above list without the bonuses. Choose 4 now, and one at 5, 9, 13, 15.

O.C.C. BONUSES: Attacks twice per melee attack up until level 5. In other words, with three attacks per melee round, he would attack six times-twice per attack. BUT, this is only with the light saber!! +4 dodge, +3 parry, has death blow at level one on natural 18-20.

BIONICS: Following the movie, Jedi's may have limited bionics. FIVE at level one and no more!! If any more are taken, all psionic abilities are lost as are the OCC Bonuses. May have any bionic or cybernetic augmentation except for weapons, inhuman or other additional abnormal appendages. Jedi's try to keep their appearance as human as possible. They don't like to stand out!

WEAPONS: Light Saber: The Jedi's main weapon. Will be used over 90% of time. Length: 4 ft. Grows 1/2 foot per level of experience Damage: 1d6x10 M.D.! Special: Can parry energy, lasers, and plasma at additional +4. Unlimited Usage

S.D.C. weapon of choice. No automatic weapons. Bow or Crossbow of choice with 20 explosive arrows (3d6 M.D.) NG-57 Ion Pistol: Range: 1000ft. Damage: 2d4 or 3d6. Payload: 10 Carries an additional 5 long E-Clip for it.

EQUIPMENT: portable language translator, RMK, IRMSS. That's it!! They came through with minimum gear!

ARMOR: Will wear just about any light armor, but they also have their own. MYSTICAL CLOAK: 10 MDC, no prowl penalty, conceals face. Can cast Shadow Meld and Armor of Ithan for 55 MDC at no ISP cost!!

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Can floop into a parallel dimension (a black spacey, nothingness) for up to 1d4 attacks. They seem to have disappeared to everyone. Will reappear at a distance of 15 ft. NO, they cannot control where! Will never come back inside of an object, though. This ability is just like the floopers in RIFTS: MERCS. When using the light saber, they NEVER lose an attack for parrying with it! They may parry as many times as their heart desires without losing an attack! Also when using the light saber, they get a temporary paired weapon when defending. In other words, when parrying or blocking with the light saber, they may automatically attack at the same time with it as many times as they want! An automatic symotaneous!

MONEY: NONE!!! They had nothing when they came through! EXPERIENCE: Rather than create a new table for the Jedi, especially since there are already over 100 of them, I chose one that best fit what I thought to be typical. After reviewing the movies, I thought that Luke became very proficient in the Jedi ways an a quick pace. So, I chose the CS Grunt experience table. Yes, that's right...the Grunt.

NOTE: Almost all Jedi's will not hate D-Bees. They have lived with them for centuries and know they can be lived with peacefully! Also, they will never use Robots or Power Armor except in life and death emergencies! Even then, they will not pilot it. They do not believe in machines like that. THEY BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES!



Jedi Knight OCC

Here is that Jedi Knight class... sorry it took so long but with the amount of material plus finals I haven't had the time to sit down and type it all out. If you have any ideas or questions I will be on the list until May 19th and will return in September when the college reopens....I encourage any responses....well enough chatter....in the words of Admiral Kirk "Here it comes"

They are a group of travellers (always of good alignment; evil alignments are possible but I would keep them as NPC's in role playing testing evil Jedi PC's tended to get out of hand really fast because they had no qualms about killing people) that travel the galaxy righting wrongs. The Jedi's use the force, which is created and sustained by life. The Jedi acts to preserve this life. the Jedi may kill in self-defense or the defense of others if by doing so he preservesthe exsistance of life. The Jedi doesn't act for power, fortune or fame, just the gaining of knowledge and the preservation of life. If a PC breaks this code and doesn't atone for it (GM's choice of what atonement is) the characters powers and attributes are reduced 25%.(this usually keeps PC's honest, again citing play testing) The character can take 1/2 of their earned xp and put it toward the advancement of force powers( there are 3 classes Control, Sense and Alter) as they see fit. Alignment: Good alignments only Attributes: 3d6 for all (I try to limit this class to humans only, although any race with good intentions is permissable. I was trying to keep the class balanced and with some of the greater races around it could get really ugly really quick) HTP: PE + 2d6+4 per level SDC: 1d6x10 plus physical bonuses PPE: 3d6 ISP/FP: 2d4x10 + ME(x2) +4d6/lvl Natural Abilities: Can stay active even at -20 htp with the use of force powers, other than that they are same as humans Combat: 3 attacks/melee plus those gained from hand to hand combat Bonuses: +4 to parry, +2 to dodge, +2 to initiative plus bonuses from attributes and skills. Average Life Span: with the force 200+ years

            OCC skills

Languages(x2)+30% Literacy(x2)+25% Speak & Write English-96% Demon Lore(+20%) Anthropology(+15%) Paramedic(+10%) Navigation(all)+15% Climbing(+10%) Body Building Gymnastics Athletics Swimming(+10%) WP Lightsaber WP Energy Pistol HTH Martial Arts

    OCC related: select 12 skills, 2 at level 3, 3 at level 5, 2 at level

6, 2 at level 9, 1 at level 12. Communications: Any Domestic: Any Electrical: Basic only Espionage: Any (+5%) Mechanical: Automotive only Medical: None Military: Any Physical: Any (+5%) Pilot: Any Pilot Related: Any (+5%) Rogue: Any Science: Any Technical: Any (+5%) WP: Any Wilderness: Any (+5%)

    Secondary Skills: Choose an additional 6 skills from the previous list

without bonuses.

    Standard Equipment: Lightsaber, Energy pistol of choice w/ 3 clips,

set of black clothing (MDC 40), First Aid kit, Knapsack, Back Pack, 2 canteens, Boots, Cloak (MDC 15), 3d6x100 credits. Lightsaber: inflicts 5d6 MD and increases in power (+2d6MD every three levels, and +1d6MD per level of Control Power). They can parry energy attacks with no parry bonus (except for that gained from every level of sense power; +1 to parry per level). The character can also add 20 ISP(Force points) to boost the damage of the lightsaber 1d6MD/per 20 ISP, this effect lasts 5min/level of the jedi. NOTE: For the Lightsaber WP use the WP Sword given in the book. Also a Jedi will try not to use a lightsaber on an enemy not capable of defending himself from the attak. (ex. A peasant is being mugged by a thug with no weapons, the Jedi won't lop his head off with the Lightsaber.)

            ******* Control Powers *******

    Control Pain --> Cost- 5 isp no Sdc, 10 for 1/2 htp, 20 for no htp
    Effect: Allows the character to ignore the pain caused by any

wound and act as normal. This also works on pain inflicted through torture. NOTE: This doesn't heal the wound they just don't feel it. Dur: 2min/lvl

    Remain Concious --> Cost- 10 for no htp, 20 for -10 htp
    Effect: Allows the character to remain concious even if the blow

should render them otherwise. The next action should be Control pain if they would like to do anything else. After this is done the character may act normally for the duration of the effect. Dur: 2min/lvl

    Hibernative Trance --> Cost- 20
    Effect: The character falls into unconciousness and for all intents

and purposes looks dead. Anyone who looks at the charater will believe they are dead unless they perform a complete diagnosis to prove otherwise. Listening for a heart beat will require about a minute to discover a slight trace of one. Dur: 1 month in a dry atmoshpere, 2 in a moist atmoshpere, 3 before the character dies of starvation. NOTE: A character can snap out of the trance at any time but they have no idea about what is going on around them in this state.

    Accelerated Healing --> Cost- 5
    Effect: When using this power the character gains 10 htp or sdc plus

the normal healing rate is tripled for one day. Dur: Instant

    Contort/Escape --> Cost- Loose Bonds- 5, handcuffs- 10, serious

restraints- 15, Maximum security- 20, Houdini like- 30 Effect: Allows the contortion of body parts to escape any restraints without causing damage to the character. Dur: per set of restraints

    Detoxify Poison --> Cost- 15
    Effect: Allows the character to detoxify any poison so that it will

not harm them. This also includes the effects of alcohol and similar substances. Dur: Instant

    Control Disease --> Cost- 20
    Effect: Allows the character to direct the body's immune system to

throw off infection or disease with a 75% success rate. Duration: Instant

    Absorb/Dissipate Energy --> Cost- 15
    Effect: Allows the character to absorb and dissipate huge amounts of

energy without suffering damage. This includes all forms of energy and it may be used to dissipate weapons fire in which case the cost is the initial 15 + the damage inflicted by the attack. Dur: 5 min/lvl or per energy blast.

            ******* Sense Powers *******

    Receptive Telepathy --> Cost- 5 for willing members, 5+ the ME of

target if attempting to resist. Effect: Allows the character to read the surface thoughts or emotions of the target. For 3x the cost you can read sections of the victims mind and their true intentions. Dur: 2 min/lvl Saving Throw: vs Psionics

    Magnify Senses --> Cost- 5 per 5ft radius
    Effect: The character can sense something that would be impossible to

sense otherwise. The character can sense traps, concealled passages or people, invisible objects etc. However, the character will only know that they are present not where they are (knows general location) or what they are. Bonuses: +3 to initiative, +2 to parry, and +4 to dodge while power is activated. Dur: 2 min/lvl

    Life Sense --> Cost- 5
    Effect: The character can sense the presense and identity of the

person for which they seek. The user can tell how bad off the person is and if the power is kept up the character can track the target with 70% accuracy. If the target being tracked has psionic ability they will sense this and a mind block will negate it. Dur: 3 min/lvl

    Instinctive Navigation --> Cost- 20
    Effect: Adds +25% to navigation rolls and only have to check at half

the normal rate when the power is in use. Dur: 2 min/lvl

                    ******* Alter Powers *******

    Telekinesis --> see main book for description
    NOTE: Using this force power to injure or attack other characters is

possible but is considered an evil act that must be atoned for (or suffer penalties described earlier) because the force is being used offensively.

    Injure/Kill --> Cost- 30 plus targets PE
    Effect: The character attempts to alter the targets body in such a way

that it will incapacitate or kill the target. Both the target and the character roll a 20 sided die, the character adds their ME att. the target adds their PE att. to this roll. If the characters roll is 2x the targets then the target is mortally wounded, if the characters roll is higher the target is incapacitated for 1 melee round (loses all attacks), and if the targets roll is higher or equal there is no effect. Dur: Instant NOTE: Attempting this power, no matter what the result is an act of evil which the Jedi must atone for.

                    ******* Control/Sense Powers *******

These are combinations of the above powers giving the previous powers greater effect. In order to use these powers a character must have a level in each of these catergories.

    Projective Telepathy --> Cost- 5 per 1000ft range
    Effect: The target "hears" the thoughts and "feels" the emotions of

the user. The target knows these feelings aren't their own. This power is not used to control only to communicate. Bonuses: Adds +10% to trust rolls if the character is projecting sincere thoughts. Dur: 2 min/lvl Saving Throw: vs psionics if target is not receptive.

    Farseeing --> Cost- 15, + 15 if looking into the past, + 25 if looking

into the future. Effect: The user sees the place or person he wishes to see in their mind. The character can see the surrounding area around the target so the character can sense what is happening. This power can also be used to see into the past or the future. Looking into the past allows the character to get glimpses of what has happened in the particular area. Looking into the future the character's view rapidly becomes unclear because the future is not set. GM'S discretion on what they allow the character to see. Dur: 3 min/lvl

                    ******* Control/Alter *******

    Control Another's Pain --> Cost- add 5 to Control Pains costs
    Effect: See Control Pain

    Return to Conciousness --> Cost- add 5 to Remain Concious costs
    Effect: See Remain Concious

    Place in Hibernative Trance --> Cost- 30
    Effect: Same as Hibernative Trance but can only be used on a willing

    Accelerate Another's Healing --> Cost- 15
    Effect: See Accelerated Healing

    Detoxify Poison in Another --> Cost- + 5 to Detoxify Poisons cost
    Effect: See Detoxify Poison

    Control Another's Disease --> Cost- +5 to Control Disease cost
    Effect: See Control Disease

    Inflict Pain --> Cost- 20
    Effect: The target experiences a great deal of agony reducing all

bonuses and skills by half for as long as the power is kept active. The target gets a saving throw vs. psionics when the power is used and at every upkeep. Dur: 2 min/lvl NOTE: This is considered an evil use of the force so the Jedi must atone for it.

    Transfer Force --> Cost- 25
    Effect: The Jedi transfers part of his life force (htp) into a target

with a 5 htp minimum transfer. The target heals the amount channeled however the loss to the Jedi is permenant. (GM note: I suggest a hefty xp award when this power is used to save someone who was close to the character and would die without the transfer.) Dur: Instant

                    *******Control, Sense, Alter Powers*******

    Affect Mind --> Cost- 40 + ME of target
    Effect: Alter a victims perception "What was that noise", alter

memories permenantly so that it is incorrect or forgotten, or alter a characters conclusions so that they come to an incorrect conclusion " These aren't the droids we're looking for". Can also cause hallucinations sensed by all senses. The victim gets to make a saving throw at -3 to prevent the effects from happening. Dur: 5 min/lvl or permenant for memories

    Telekinetic Kill --> Cost- 100 + PE of target
            Can't be learned until third level in all 3 catergories
    Effect: The user uses his telekinetic ability to injure/ kill the

intended target. The exact method can vary: one can stir the brain, squeeze the heart or Vader's personal favorite crush the trachea. The victim is allowed the best 2 out of 3 saving throws at -3. Dur: Instant NOTE: This is the ultimate use of the force in an evil way so the Jedi should have good reason to use it and atonement should be twice as long.

OTHER NOTES: For those who would like to use the Jedi evilly ignore the penalties for offensive use of the force, the character has +1 lvl to control for the Darkside is easier to learn but reduce the life span to a third of what is normal because the Darkside destroys the body. For experience point tables use the ones for Cyber Knights in the main book.....the force catergories can be raised every 2000 xp. Durations given under these catergories are the levels that the powers are listed at (ex at first level the Jedi have lvl 1 control so the duration on resist pain is 2 min, at lvl 2 control 4 min etc) All information presented here was glkeaned from the movies or converted from the Star Wars RPG whose help in presenting the powers was most helpful so I cite them for my use. Any questions or comments please e-mail me before may 19th and I will be happy to help in any way possible. Have fun Gaming

                                    Matrix (JAB, Jb3045)


Kaazar R.C.C.:

The Kazaar are those Keltarians that show some psychic potential, and are made into an elite fighting force, much like holy warriors since only the priests also have psychic powers. They have also been physically modified in an unknown manner to make them far superior to the average Keltar. (Note: there is suprisingly more male than female Kaazar, only about 30% are female.) Kaazar have been made over with psychic powers, superior bodies, and a magic dampening field making them the deadliest of fighters.

Alignment: Any, but usually anarchist or miscreant. Aberrant alignment is also common. Principled and scrupulus are very rare (only about 1%!). Attributes: I.Q. 3d6+2, M.E. 4d6+1, M.A. 3d6, P.S. 3d6+25, P.P. 1d6+20, P.E. 1d6+22, P.B. 2d6, Spd. 2d6+30. All attributes are considered supernatural (male and female Kaazar are roughly equal). Size: 9 to 13 feet tall. Weight: 350-800 lbs. M.D.C.: P.E.x20+50, plus add 4d6 per level of experience. Horror Factor: 11 P.P.E.: 1d6 Average Life Span: 180 years. Natural Abilities: Night vision to 200 feet plus can erect a psychic force field at will. The force field has an M.D.C. of P.E.x12 and regenerates at a rate of 20 per hour (Note this is a personal force field and only extends about six inches around the body, but will cover equipment and weapons. Also note that the Keltarian cannot engage in melee combat while the force field is engage, but can fire weapons out through the shield). Limited bio-regeneration of 1d6 M.D. per hour. O.C.C./R.C.C. Abilities: Enhanced physical attributes plus has an innate magic dampening field! All magic cast at the character is nullified, except for magic that creates energy/matter to attack the character, in which case damage is reduced by 50%. Also see psionics. Psionic Powers: Unlike other Keltar, Kaazar have psionic powers! Considered a master psychic with the following powers being common to all: 1. Psi-sword! Equivalent to a cyber-knight causing 1d6 M.D. at first level and adding 1d6 M.D. at levels three, six, nine, twelve, and fifteen. I.S.P. Cost: 0. 2. Psi-shield: Same as the super psionic power but costs less. I.S.P. Cost: 10. 3. Can choose one other super psionic power, but I.S.P. costs will be half when using this power. Other powers: Choose two powers from any of the three lesser categories (sensitive, physical, or healing) at level one, and add one power at levels three, six, nine, twelve, and fifteen. I.S.P.: 2d6x10+25+ the characters M.E. attribute (50-170), plus add 2d6 per level above first. Magic Powers: NONE! No Keltarians have any talent for magic, but may use magic items or techno-wizardry. Combat: Add two hand to hand attacks per melee. Damage: Varies with P.S. Forearm blades/claws add 1d6 M.D. to punches. Bonuses: +3 on initiative, +2 to strike, +3 to dodge, +2 to save vs. magic, and +5 to save vs. horror factor. Vulnerabilities/Penalties: Magic dampening field nullifies all magic, including beneficial/healing magic. R.C.C. Skills: Keltarian Language (+25%) Knows two other languages (+15%) Radio: Basic (+10%) Pilot Space Fighter (+10%) Pilot Small Spacecraft (+10%) Pilot Anti-Gravity Board (+5%) Fighter Combat: Elite Detect Ambush (+10%) Detect Concealment (+10%) Intelligence (+10%) Weapon Systems W.P.: Any three Hand to Hand: Martial Arts (or Assassin) R.C.C. Related Skills: Select 6 other skills. Plus select two new skills at levels four and seven, and one at levels ten and twelve. All new skills start at the first level of proficiency. Communications: Any (+5%) Domestic: Any Electrical: Basic only (+5%) Espionage: Any (+5%). Mechanical: Basic and automotive only (+5%) Medical: First aid only. Military: Any Physical: Any, excluding acrobatics. Pilot: Any (+5%) Pilot Related: Any (+10%) Rogue: Any Science: Math only. Technical: Any (+5%) W.P.: Any Wilderness: Any Secondary Skills: The character also gets to select four secondary skills. These are additional areas of knowledge that do not get the advantage of the bonus listed in parentheses. All secondary skills start at the base skill level. Also, skills are limited to (any, only, none) as previously indicated in the list. Add one additional secondary skill at level five and another at level ten. Alliances and Allies: The Keltarians have conquered/absorbed dozens of societies, and most are now willing members of the Empire. Appearance: A huge reptilian humanoid with many long horns protruding from the back/top of their heads. They also have a ridge of small horns/ spikes running down their spines. There scales range in colour from a dark black to dark green-black, with a red high-light running down the sides of their heads/necks. Kaazar also differ from other Keltarians in that they also have retractable forearm blades/claws. Standard Equipment: Heavy energy rifle and side arm of choice, a melee weapon of choice (usually a giant vibro-blade or minor magic sword). Wears an alien environmental body armour that is laser resistant (lasers do half damage; M.D.C. 320). Usually also has an anti-gravity board and access to a small spaceship, in addition to personal items. Money: 3d6x100 credits Cybernetics: Impossible. Kaazar physiology rejects all attempts to implant cybernetics or bionics.

XP: 1 0,000-2,600 2 2,601-5,000 3 5,001-10,000 4 10,001-20,000 5 20,001-30,000 6 30,001-39,000 7 39,001-52,000 8 52,001-70,000 9 70,001-100,000 10 100,001-140,000 11 140,001-190,000 12 190,001-240,000 13 240,001-290,000 14 290,001-350,000 15 250,001-520,000

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Keltar Engineer:

Keltarian engineers are highly respected members of the empire. The reason for this simply is that they are the ones that made/invented many of the high- tech weapons/equipment of the Keltarian civilization. They are amazing engineers, always making modifications to their equipment to make it work better. The engineers are also usually good warriors, for they find the best way to develop and test a new weapon is in the real field of battle, and they are the only ones competent enough to use their newest and best technology. Note that male and female engineers have the same stats. This is because females with superior stats always choose other careers. Doctors are also in this class, they have an A.O.M. in Medical.

An A.O.M. is the Engineers Area of Mastery. The choices for area's of mastery are communications, electrical, mechanical, medical, weapons, piloting, science, and computers. Skills per A.O.M are: Communications: any four from communications plus computer operation and basic electronics. Electrical: any five from electrical or mechanical at half the bonus. Mechanical: any five from mechanical or electrical at half the bonus. Medical: any five from medical or from science at +5%. Weapons: any four from weapon prificiencies plus weapons engineer and basic electronics. Piloting: any four from piloting plus two from pilot related at +15%. Science: any five from science plus computer operation +10%. Computers: computer operation, computer programming, and computer hacking at +30% plus computer repair and both math skills.

Alignment: Any, but usually anarchist or aberrant. Principled and scrupulus are rare (only about 10%). Attributes: I.Q. 4d6, M.E. 3d6+2, M.A. 3d6, P.S. 3d6+3, P.P. 4d6+2, P.E. 4d6, P.B. 2d6, Spd. 3d6. All attributes are considered supernatural. Size: 8 to 10 feet tall. Weight: 250-600 lbs. M.D.C.: P.E.x10+10, plus add 2d6+1 per level of experience. Horror Factor: 8 P.P.E.: 2d6 Average Life Span: 120 years. Natural Abilities: Night vision to 200 feet plus can erect a psychic force field at will. The force field has an M.D.C. of P.E.x10 and regenerates at a rate of 20 per hour (Note this is a personal force field and only extends about six inches around the body, but will cover equipment and weapons. Also note that the Keltarian cannot engage in melee combat while the force field is engage, but can fire weapons out through the shield). Limited bio-regeneration of 3d6 M.D. per day. Psionic Powers: None, very few Keltarians have any psionic potential, and all that do are taken at birth to either become priests or Kaazar (see below). Magic Powers: NONE! No Keltarians have any talent for magic. Combat: Normal. Damage: Varies with P.S. Bonuses: +2 on initiative, +2 to dodge, +3 to save vs. magic, +2 to save vs. psionics, and +2 to save vs. horror factor. Vulnerabilities/Penalties: None. R.C.C. Skills: Keltarian Language (+25%) Literacy in Keltarian (+15%) Knows three other languages (+15%) Radio: Basic (+10%) As per A.O.M. (+25% unless noted otherwise) W.P.: Any two Hand to Hand: Basic. Hand to Hand: Basic can be changed to Expert at the cost of one "other skill or Martial Arts (or Assassin) for two "other" skills. R.C.C. Related Skills: Select 5 other skills. Plus select two new skills at levels four and seven, and one at levels ten and twelve. All new skills start at the first level of proficiency. Communications: Any (+15% if A.O.M.) Domestic: Any Electrical: Only if A.O.M. (+10%) Espionage: Any (+5%). Mechanical: Only if A.O.M. (+10%) Medical: Only if A.O.M. Military: Only if A.O.M. is in Electrical/Mechanical/Weapons. Physical: Any, excluding acrobatics and gymnastics. Pilot: Any (+5%) Pilot Related: Any (+5% or +10% if piloting A.O.M.) Rogue: Any Science: Any Technical: Any (+5%) W.P.: Any Wilderness: Any Secondary Skills: The character also gets to select four secondary skills. These are additional areas of knowledge that do not get the advantage of the bonus listed in parentheses. All secondary skills start at the base skill level. Also, skills are limited to (any, only, none) as previously indicated in the list. Add one additional secondary skill at level five and another at level ten. Alliances and Allies: The Keltarians have conquered/absorbed dozens of societies, and most are now willing members of the Empire. Appearance: A huge reptilian humanoid with many long horns protruding from the back/top of their heads. They also have a ridge of small horns/ spikes running down their spines. They range in colour from light green through dark green to black. Standard Equipment: Two energy weapons of choice, a gient sized close combat weapon, personal items, plus any other equipment appropriate to their A.O.M. Money: 3d6x1000 credits Cybernetics: Rare and frowned on (Keltarians pride themselves on their natural combat abilities), but are sometimes seen (none to start). Note that Keltar that get cybernetics/bionics lose their bio-regeneration ability.

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Keltar Priest(ess)/Psychic R.C.C.

The Keltarian religion is rather obscure, with the entire race worshipping a pantheon of war gods. All of the Prietesses (or priests, 90% are female) are master psychics, being the only other class of psychics in the Keltarian race (the Kazaar being the other). Their powers include a special "gift from the gods" allowing them to temporarily alter their physical structure, making them more deadly killing machines.

Alignment: Any, but usually anarchist or miscreant. Aberrant alignment is also common. Principled and scrupulus are very rare (less than 1%)! Attributes: I.Q. 4d6+1, M.E. 5d6, M.A. 3d6, P.S. 3d6+1, P.P. 3d6+2, P.E. 3d6+1, P.B. 2d6, Spd. 3d6+3. All attributes are considered supernatural (female and male priests are roughly equal). Size: 8 to 10 feet tall. Weight: 250-600 lbs. M.D.C.: P.E.x10+15, plus add 2d6 per level of experience. Horror Factor: 9 P.P.E.: 2d6 Average Life Span: 150 years. Natural Abilities: Night vision to 200 feet plus can erect a psychic force field at will. The force field has an M.D.C. of P.E.x12 and regenerates at a rate of 20 per hour (Note this is a personal force field and only extends about six inches around the body, but will cover equipment and weapons. Also note that the Keltarian cannot engage in melee combat while the force field is engage, but can fire weapons out through the shield). Limited bio-regeneration of 3d6 M.D. per day. O.C.C./R.C.C. Abilities: A bizaar psychic power that was developed by the Keltarians allow the priest to alter there bodies, thus making themselves more powerful. Bonuses: +3 to initiative, +2 to dodge, +3 to strike, +10 to P.S., P.P., and P.E. and +100 M.D.C. This power does have a penalty though in that the Keltar becomes more savage and less intelligent. Decrease I.Q. by half and consider the character to have the following insanities: obsession with violence (loves it, wants to kill all enemies) and becomes a borderline psychotic (wants to stalk and murder for the joy of it). The insanities are temporary, and vanish when the character returns to normal. (Note: the character can only change back by themselves if they roll under their I.Q. on 5d6. Otherwise they must wait for the duration to ellapse.) Gain a +1 to control rolls every two levels (starting with +1 at third level). Duration: 10 minutes plus 1d6 minutes per level. I.S.P. cost: 25. Also see psionics. Psionic Powers: Like the Kazaar, the priests have psionic powers! Considered a master psychic. Choose 7 powers from any of the lesser categories (healing, physical, and sensitive) and any three super-psionic powers. Add any three powers at level two and one power from any category at levels three, five, seven, nine, eleven, and fifteen. I.S.P.: 3d6x10+ the characters M.E. attribute, plus add 2d6 per level above first. Magic Powers: NONE! No Keltarians have any talent for magic, but may use magic items or techno-wizardry. Combat: Add one hand to hand attack per melee. Damage: Varies with P.S. Bonuses: +2 on initiative, +1 to strike, +1 to dodge, +2 to save vs. magic, and +2 to save vs. horror factor. R.C.C. Skills: Keltarian Language (+25%) Knows three other languages (+15%) Radio: Basic (+10%) Any two Pilot (+10%) W.P.: Any two Hand to Hand: Expert Hand to Hand: Expert can be changed to Martial Arts or Assassin at the cost of one "other" skill. R.C.C. Related Skills: Select 6 other skills. Plus select two new skills at levels four and seven, and one at levels ten and twelve. All new skills start at the first level of proficiency. Communications: Any (+5%) Domestic: Any Electrical: Basic only (+5%) Espionage: None Mechanical: Basic and automotive only (+5%) Medical: First aid only or paramedic (+5%) Military: None Physical: Any, excluding acrobatics and gymnastic. Pilot: Any (+5%) Pilot Related: Any (+5%) Rogue: Any Science: Any Technical: Any (+5%) W.P.: Any Wilderness: Any Secondary Skills: The character also gets to select four secondary skills. These are additional areas of knowledge that do not get the advantage of the bonus listed in parentheses. All secondary skills start at the base skill level. Also, skills are limited to (any, only, none) as previously indicated in the list. Add one additional secondary skill at level five and another at level ten. Alliances and Allies: The Keltarians have conquered/absorbed dozens of societies, and most are now willing members of the Empire. Appearance: A huge reptilian humanoid with many long horns protruding from the back/top of their heads. They also have a ridge of small horns/ spikes running down their spines. There scales range in colour from a dark black to dark green-black. Standard Equipment: Any two energy weapons of choice, a melee weapon of choice (usually a giant vibro-blade or minor magic sword). Wears an alien environmental body armour that is laser resistant (lasers do half damage; M.D.C. 220) in addition to personal items. Money: 4d6x100 credits Cybernetics: Not allowed, it would interfere with their powers.

XP: 1 0,000-2,600 2 2,601-5,000 3 5,001-10,000 4 10,001-20,000 5 20,001-30,000 6 30,001-39,000 7 39,001-52,000 8 52,001-70,000 9 70,001-100,000 10 100,001-140,000 11 140,001-190,000 12 190,001-240,000 13 240,001-290,000 14 290,001-350,000 15 250,001-520,000

By: Jason Bridgman


Keltar Warrior R.C.C.:

Alignment: Any, but usually anarchist or miscreant. Aberrant alignment is also common among those warriors in the military. Principled and scrupulus are very rare, but not unknown (about 5-10%). Attributes: I.Q. 2d6+3 (3d6), M.E. 2d6+3 (2d6+4), M.A. 2d6+5, P.S. 4d6+1 (4d6+3), P.P. 5d6 (4d6+1), P.E. 3d6+3 (3d6+5), P.B. 2d6, Spd. 3d6+1 (2d6+2). All attributes considered supernatural (attributes in brackets are for female characters). Size: 8 to 10 feet for males, 10 to 12 feet for females. Weight: 250-500 lbs. for males, 350-650 lbs. for females. M.D.C.: P.E.x10+20, plus add 3d6 per level of experience. Horror Factor: 9 P.P.E.: 2d6 Average Life Span: 120 years. Natural Abilities: Night vision to 200 feet plus can erect a psychic force field at will. The force field has an M.D.C. of P.E.x10 and regenerates at a rate of 20 per hour (Note this is a personal force field and only extends about six inches around the body, but will cover equipment and weapons. Also note that the Keltarian cannot engage in melee combat while the force field is engage, but can fire weapons out through the shield). Limited bio-regeneration of 3d6 M.D. per day. Psionic Powers: None, very few Keltarians have any psionic potential, and all that do are taken at birth to either become priests or Kaazar (see below). Magic Powers: NONE! No Keltarians have any talent for magic. Combat: Add one hand to hand attack per melee. Damage: Varies with P.S. Bonuses: +1 on initiative, +1 to strike, +2 to dodge, +2 to save vs. magic, and +3 to save vs. horror factor. Vulnerabilities/Penalties: None. R.C.C. Skills: Keltarian Language (+25%) Knows two other languages (+15%) Radio: Basic (+10%) Pilot Space Fighter (+10%) Pilot Anti-Gravity Board (+5%) Fighter Combat: Elite Power Armour Combat: Basic Weapon Systems Pilot: One of Choice (+10%) W.P.: Any two Hand to Hand: Expert Hand to Hand: Expert can be changed to Martial Arts or Assassin at the cost of one "other" skill. R.C.C. Related Skills: Select 9 other skills. Plus select two new skills at level three and one at levels six, eight, ten, and twelve. All new skills start at the first level of proficiency. Communications: Any (+5%) Domestic: Any Electrical: Basic only (+5%) Espionage: Sniper, tracking, and wilderness survival only. Mechanical: Basic and automotive only (+5%) Medical: None Military: Any Physical: Any, excluding acrobatics and gymnastics. Pilot: Any (+5%) Pilot Related: Any (+10%) Rogue: Any Science: Math only. Technical: Any (+5%) W.P.: Any Wilderness: Any Secondary Skills: The character also gets to select three secondary skills. These are additional areas of knowledge that do not get the advantage of the bonus listed in parentheses. All secondary skills start at the base skill level. Also, skills are limited to (any, only, none) as previously indicated in the list. Add one additional secondary skill at level five and another at level ten. Alliances and Allies: The Keltarians have conquered/absorbed dozens of societies, and most are now willing members of the Empire. Appearance: A huge reptilian humanoid with many long horns protruding from the back/top of their heads. They also have a ridge of small horns/ spikes running down their spines. There scales range in colour from a light green to a dark black, with dark green-black being average. Standard Equipment: Heavy energy rifle and side arm of choice, a melee weapon of choice (usually a giant vibro-blade). Wears an alien environmental body armour that is laser resistant (lasers do half damage; M.D.C. 220). Other personal items may also be carried. Money: 2d6x100 credits Cybernetics: Rare and frowned on (Keltarians pride themselves on their natural combat abilities), but are sometimes seen (none to start). Note that Keltar that get cybernetics/bionics lose their bio-regeneration ability.

XP: 1 0,000-2,000 2 2,001-4,000 3 4,001-8,300 4 8,301-16,500 5 16,501-25,000 6 25,001-35,000 7 35,001-50,000 8 50,001-70,000 9 70,001-95,000 10 95,001-130,000 11 130,001-180,000 12 180,001-230,000 13 230,001-280,000 14 280,001-330,000 15 330,001-390,000

By: Jason Bridgman ()


Keltarian Officer/Bounty Hunter R.C.C.:

The Keltarian Officer/Bounty hunter are the most common found in foreign space. Keltarian officers are often sent off alone or in groups of up to five on bounty hunting missions to capture/kill the enemies of the empire. When not on bounty hunting missions the officers either lead the common warriors and/or serve as an elite fighting force.

Alignment: Any, but usually anarchist or miscreant. Aberrant alignment is also common. Principled and scrupulus are very rare (about 3%). Attributes: I.Q. 2d6+5 (3d6+3), M.E. 2d6+5 (3d6), M.A. 3d6, P.S. 5d6+1 (5d6+3), P.P. 6d6 (4d6+3), P.E. 4d6 (4d6+2), P.B. 2d6, Spd. 4d6+3 (3d6+1). All attributes considered supernatural (attributes in brackets are for female characters). Size: 8 to 10 feet for males, 10 to 12 feet for females. Weight: 250-500 lbs. for males, 350-650 lbs. for females. M.D.C.: P.E.x10+50, plus add 3d6+3 per level of experience. Horror Factor: 9 P.P.E.: 2d6 Average Life Span: 120 years. Natural Abilities: Night vision to 200 feet plus can erect a psychic force field at will. The force field has an M.D.C. of P.E.x10 and regenerates at a rate of 20 per hour (Note this is a personal force field and only extends about six inches around the body, but will cover equipment and weapons. Also note that the Keltarian cannot engage in melee combat while the force field is engage, but can fire weapons out through the shield). Limited bio-regeneration of 3d6 M.D. per day. Psionic Powers: None, very few Keltarians have any psionic potential, and all that do are taken at birth to either become priests or Kaazar (see below). Magic Powers: NONE! No Keltarians have any talent for magic. Combat: Add one hand to hand attack per melee. Damage: Varies with P.S. Bonuses: +1 on initiative, +2 to strike, +1 to dodge, +2 to save vs. magic, and +4 to save vs. horror factor. Vulnerabilities/Penalties: None. R.C.C. Skills: Keltarian Language (+25%) Knows two other languages (+15%) Radio: Basic (+10%) Pilot Space Fighter (+10%) Pilot Small Spacecraft (+10%) Pilot Anti-Gravity Board (+5%) Fighter Combat: Elite Power Armour Combat: Basic Tracking (+10%) Weapon Systems Pilot: One of Choice (+10%) W.P.: Any two Hand to Hand: Expert Hand to Hand: Expert can be changed to Martial Arts or Assassin at the cost of one "other" skill. R.C.C. Related Skills: Select 8 other skills. Plus select two new skills at level three and one at levels six, eight, ten, and twelve. All new skills start at the first level of proficiency. Communications: Any (+5%) Domestic: Any Electrical: Any (+5% to Basic Electronics) Espionage: Any (+5%) Mechanical: Any (+5% to Weapons Engineer and Basic Mechanics) Medical: First aid only. Military: Any Physical: Any, excluding acrobatics and gymnastics. Pilot: Any (+5%) Pilot Related: Any (+10%) Rogue: Any Science: Math only. Technical: Any (+5%) W.P.: Any Wilderness: Any Secondary Skills: The character also gets to select three secondary skills. These are additional areas of knowledge that do not get the advantage of the bonus listed in parentheses. All secondary skills start at the base skill level. Also, skills are limited to (any, only, none) as previously indicated in the list. Add one additional secondary skill at level five and another at level ten. Alliances and Allies: The Keltarians have conquered/absorbed dozens of societies, and most are now willing members of the Empire. Appearance: A huge reptilian humanoid with many long horns protruding from the back/top of their heads. They also have a ridge of small horns/spikes running down their spines. There scales range in colour from a light green to a dark black, with dark green-black being average. Standard Equipment: Heavy energy rifle and side arm of choice, a melee weapon of choice (usually a giant vibro-blade). Wears an alien environmental body armour that is laser resistant (lasers do half damage; M.D.C. 220). Usually also has an anti-gravity board and access to a small spaceship, in addition to personal items. Money: 4d6x100 credits Cybernetics: Rare and frowned on (Keltarians pride themselves on their natural combat abilities), but are sometimes seen (none to start). Note that Keltar that get cybernetics/bionics lose their bio-regeneration ability.

XP: 1 0,000-2,100 2 2,101-4,200 3 4,201-8,400 4 8,401-17,200 5 17,201-25,400 6 25,401-35,800 7 35,801-51,000 8 51,001-71,200 9 71,201-96,400 10 96,401-131,600 11 131,601-181,800 2 181,801-232,000 13 232,001-282,200 14 282,001-342,400 15 342,401-402,600

By: Jason Bridgman ()

============================================================================= Kherubim RCC

This is a good natured and powerful race of people. They are the arch-enemies of the Daemonites. (email me for info on Daemonites). Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

    The Kherubim are a race of human-like aliens from another dimension

who came upon earth by mistake. During a battle with the Daemonites, their arch enemies, a group of each race was transported to earth. The Kherubim are nearly human in appearance, and they quickly melded into earth's society. They slowly continued to grow in number and fought to destroy the Daemonite presence in our world. When the rifts came, the Kherubim gained strength. They continued to try to stop the Daemonites from reaching their home world. When the Kherubim integrated themselves into society, they found that they were "compatible" with humans. The integration of humans and Kherubim was okay until the time of rifts. When the rifts came, the magic energy was channeled through the powerful Kherubim into their children. These children were called "gifted ones." The name given by the Kherubim applies. The half breeds were born with amazing abilities. These children had a few of the abilities of the Kherubim, and they also displayed various and numerous other traits and powers. The Kherubim began to find the "gifted ones" after the time of rifts. Not every child of Kherubim became a "gifted one," and they were all different. The Daemonites somehow also found out about these amazing "gifted ones." The Daemonites began to seek out the "gifted ones." They usually chose to attack the helpless new-born children. At first, the Daemonites sought to destroy all of the "gifted ones," but later they discovered that when they possessed the children, they too received the amazing powers. Thus began the search. The Kherubim and Daemonites fought to find the gifted ones for each their own purpose. The Kherubim sought to teach them to kill the evil Daemonites. The Daemonites sought to enslave the "gifted ones" and use them to conquer worlds.

Kherubim Warrior (Optional Player Character) Alignment: Any; usually good or selfish. Attributes: IQ-3D6+2, ME-3D6+2, MA-3D6+4, PS-4D6+5, PP-5D6+2, PE-5D6, PB-3D6, Spd-4D6. Hit Points: 2D4x10+20 MDC Horror Factor: None PPE: 3D6 Weight: 50-200 lbs (male); 110-140 lbs (female) Height: 6 ft. (male); 5 ft. 6 in. (female) Average Level of Experience: 1D4+1 for NPC's Natural Abilities: Extraordinary Physical Prowess, Extraordinary Physical Endurance, Bio-Regenerate 2D6 MDC per hour of rest, Healing Factor, Nightvision 120 ft., See the invisible. 45% will have Energy Expulsion powers. *Powers described in Heroes Unlimited and the Rifts Conversion Book Combat Abilities: Typically hand to hand: expert. The number of attacks varies with experience level and skills. Damage: Varies with PS attribute, but the most common range is 21-25: 6D6 SDC on restrained punch, 1D4 MD on a full strength punch, and 2D4 on a power punch (two attacks). Kicks do 1D4 MD and leap kicks 2D6 MD. Bonuses: +2 to strike and parry and dodge, +1 to roll with punch/fall, +2 vs horror factor, +4 vs Daemonite possession Magic: None Psionics: 4D6 ISP; Telekinesis, Mind Block, and Summon Inner Strength. R.C.C. Skills Radio Basic (+15%) Basic Math (+20%) Escape Artist (+10%) Tracking (+15%) First Aid (+10%) Pilot Power Armor Prowl (+20%) Language: Kherubim, Daemonite, plus one of choice (98%), one other (+15%) WP Two Modern and Two Ancient Hand to Hand: Expert (Martial Arts costs one other skill). Boxing or Wrestling (choose one) Acrobatics or Gymnastics (choose one) O.C.C. Related Skills: Select eight additional skills plus two more at levels three, six, nine, and twelve. Communications: Any Domestic: Any Electrical: Basic only Espionage: Any +5% Mechanical: Automotive, and aircraft only Medical: Holistic only Military: Any Physical: Any +10% where applicable Pilot: Any Pilot Related: Any Rogue: Any +5% Science: Any Technical: Any WP: Any Wilderness: Any Secondary Skills: The character gets to select six secondary skills from the list above, only without the bonuses. Can choose two more at levels three, six, nine, and twelve. Appearance: The Kherubim appear as human in visage. They are human-like in all aspects. All Kherubim have trademark white hair. Any "gifted ones" may or may not have white hair. Kherubim are typically well built and seldom are overweight or out of shape. Average Life Span: 240 years Weapons: Kherubim will use most modern weapons. They use weapons combined with their powers to create a deadly combination. The typical warrior will carry an energy rifle and pistol along with an ancient weapon of some sort (they love magic weapons). Note: Kherubim are not all warriors. The Kherubim in earth's society have chosen all types of occupations. The Kherubim in another occupation keeps his/her abilities and uses that skill and equipment category. Kherubim can receive bionics! They have powers that allow bionic augmentation. It is one of the only known powers of this type. Full conversion will 1/4 the powers, but all others have no affect. The Kherubim's psionics are reduced with bionics (normal limits), but natural abilities remain unchanged.

============================================================================= Lightning Dragon RCC

    Here is a new class of Dragon I think you'll enjoy. The

Lightning Dragon is the rarest species of Dragon known to exist. There are 1/4 less Lightning Dragons then there are Chiang Ku. The attributes below are for the baby dragon. I do not intend to make the attributes for the adult for quite some time. There are no adults on Rifts Earth, and there is only one in Atlantis perhaps once every 10 years. Use the Dragon RCC section from the rifts main book for the skills, age, levels, etc. The only difference is Claw does 3d4 MD (add to punch attacks), Bite does 1d6 MD.

Size: The average Lightning Hatchling, in Dragon form, is 40 feet long, 10 feet high, 7 feet wide, and has a wingspan of 60 feet.

Weight: The average Lightning Dragon weighs around 5 to 7 tons.

Attributes: IQ 6D6, ME 5D6, MA 3D6, PS 4D6, PP 5D6, PE 4D6, PB 5D6, Spd 6D6+2

PPE: 2d4x10

MDC: 1D6x50

Natural Abilities: Fly at 100 mph, Nightvision 80 feet, See the Invisible, Electricity Resistant (1/2 damage from Particle and Ion attacks!!!), Regenerates 1d6x5 MDC per 4 minutes.

Metamorphosis: Same as Great Horned Hatchling

Teleport: Same as Great Horned Hatchling, but has 35% +3% per level of experience.

Electricity Breath: 4D6 MD, 120 foot range

Psionics: Major Psionic. Chose seven powers from any of the psionic categories except super. Chose an additional psionic from any level but super at levels 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 14. Chose 1 power from super at levels 6 and 12. ISP: 3d4x10+10.

Magic Knowledge: Same as Great Horned Hatchling

Spells: Same as Great Horned Hatchling, but can begin learning spells at level 2.

Combat Abilities: Equal to HTH: Basic. +1 attack and +1 Dodge

Average Life Span: 6200 years Adult at 700 years



The Linebacker is a being of pure ley line energy, believed by some to be inhabited by the siprit of a person who died on a ley line. A Linebacker resembles a person in football gear, hence the name. They have some cool powers, but just as many limitations.

LINEBACKER RCC REQUIREMENTS: None ALIGNMENT: Any ATTRIBUTES: Same as in life. Note that while attributes convey, powers do not. SKILLS: As in life

POWERS: All OCC/RCC powers from life are completely GONE. This is important because the Linebacker gains the following powers:

-All the powers of a Line Walker that pertain to magic or ley lines. -The Linebacker loses all ISP and PPE. However, it gains the following psionics: PPE Shield, Telekinesis (simple) and 1 of choice from any category (Super included). Costs> Triple normal ISP cost to use with PPE. -Oh, I forgot to mention PPE. The Linebacker has 1d6x100+100 PPE! There�s one catch though: Since the Linebacker is made of PPE, the Linebacker�s MDC is ALWAYS equal to its cuttent PPE and vice versa. This means that casting spells takes away MDC, and causing damage to the Linebacker takes away PPE. -Hurting a Linebacker is not easy, by the way. It can only be hurt by magic, magical weapons, or energy weapons that do more than 4d6 MD. Even with energy weapons, damage is halved (though it is not halved for a magic weapon of any sort, and that includes Techno-Wizard weapons.) The Linebacker can shoot football-shaped bolts of PPE, doing an amount of damage equal to the amount of PPE spent making it. Note that this subtracts from the Linebacker�s PPE just like any other PPE expenditure. -The Linebacker regenerates 10 PPE/ 4 melees when within 100 feet of a ley line or nexus. Walking into a ley line or nexus instantly regenerates all PPE. -no need for food, drink, air, or sleep


-First, the Linebacker is made of energy, not matter. Not being matter, it cannot hold any items. The only way around this is telekinesis, and remember that this hurts the linebacker. -If a linebacker is killed, nothing can bring it back, not even a Phoenix tattoo. The only hope is to get it into a ley line before it dies. Note, however, that it is otherwise immortal, and will not die unless it meets a violent end. -For every week spent away from a ley line, the linebacker loses 10 PPE which cannot be regained until it touches a ley line. Remember what PPE loss does to Linebackers...

GEAR:Usually none, because it cannot be carried. It doesn't need any anyway.

MONEY: Why would it even care? It doesn't need to buy any gear, so why would it need money (like it could carry the money anyway)

FRIENDS: Anybody who isn't afraid of magic

ENEMIES: Anyone else, especially Coalition.

A special RCC for RIFTS by DaBeechMan. Email me with questions, ideas, insults, etc. Till next time...



Mago-Runners (also called "M-runners") started to appear about 5 years

after the Psi-Runners appeared. They like Psi-Runners and will do anything to help them, but the Psi-Runners are annoyed at them, believing them to be "copycats."

MAGO-RUNNER OCC ALIGNMENT: Starts out good or unprincipled, but may turn evil later. REQUIREMENTS: IQ 15, PE 14 BONUSES: +3 to ME, +2 to PE (added AFTER the character has qualified to be an M-Runner. Sorry!) PSIONICS: Psi-Armor and Telepathy. Should the character be in a situation where they may gain psionics, NO healing psionics are allowed. ISP 100 permanent MAGIC: May choose 2 spells each from Levels 1-4 plus 1 more of any level up to 4. Gains 1 spell per level, equal in level to the M-Runner's level. If the M-Runner's ME is below 15, he cannot cast spells of a level higher than the ME number (i.e. ME 13 means no level 14 or 15 spells.) NO temporal spells, warlock spells, Spells of Legend, or any healing magic of any sort, no matter what. PPE 2d4x10, add 1d10 per level. SKILLS: M-Runners are a loose bunch with no real formal training in the way of skills. Choose 30 skills except medical, computer hack, or pilot Robots & PA (just as dishonorable for an M-Runner as for a Psi-Runner.) However, will have these skills automatically, in addition to any chosen: Speak 3 languages WP Knife Horsemanship CYBERNETICS: Same story for tattoos as for 'Runners, any except for the rose or phoenix. Same story for penalties on the phoenix tattoo, but the rose halves PPE, not ISP, on an M-Runner. Would rather die than get any other kind of enhancement (NOTE: Psi-Armor is a little wierd for these guys. If they lose a limb, that limb will still appear on the Psi-Armor. The armor that is where the missing limb should be will be animated in such a way that it may be used as a normal limb with -1 to hit and -5% to all skills. FRIENDS: Everything that is good, especially Psi-Runners ENEMIES: Coalition, Splugorth, evil things. Consider Time Runners to be copycats (they're my next RCC) MONEY: 1d20x10 credits GEAR: Same story as for Psi-Runner

An OCC for RIFTS by DaBeechMan. E-mail me with your questions. Enjoy!

============================================================================= The Martial Warrior OCC

    Although certain forms of martial arts were stifled by the coming of

the rifts, as their secrets were buried in the rubble of chaos, others have bloomed since that point in time. The way of the Martial Warrior, despite its inherant secrecy, is gaining in popularity and influence. A skilled Martial Warrior uses a combination of his own chi and the PPE that saturates Rifts earth to create brilliant, destructive effects. Though some did know of the secrets of the Martial Warrior prior to the Rifts age, it is only now that the energies have been ripe enough for the art to grow. Martial Warriors are generally highly trained humans (and perhaps some non-humans, such as elves, dwarves, orcs, etc -- anyone without major natural abilities, such as MDC), whose advanced forms of martial art study allow them to perform super-human feats. As they grow in level, their range and strength of abilities also grows.

Psionics: 50% of all Martial Warriors have access to minor psionic powers. See the Rifts rule book, page 12, for details.

Special Abilities: A Martial Warrior has access to some very unique abilities. There are two main types: Augmentation Abilities and Power (or Chi) Abilities. Once a specific ability has been chosen, it may not be selected again for cumulative effect. Augmentation Abilities -- Starting at level one, a Martial Warrior may select from the following Augmentation list once every three levels (ie: select an ability at levels 1, 4, 7, 10, and 13). These abilities are described in Rifts Conversion Book One: * Extraordinary ME * Extraordinary PS * Extraordinary PE (all previous SDC bonuses become MDC) * Extraordinary PP * Extraordinary Spd * Healing Factor

    Power Abilities -- Starting at level two, a Martial Warrior may

select from the following Power list once every three levels (ie: select an ability at levels 2, 5, 8, 11, and 14). These abilities are described individually -- the exact details of all must be chosen when the ability is selected, and cannot be changed:

Power Abilities for the Martial Warrior OCC:

    * Charge - A charge takes up two of the character's melee attacks,

but allows him to strike an opponent up to leaping distance away. Damage is doubled, and even non-supernaturally strong Martial Warriors inflict 1D4 MD with this attack. This attack is very difficult to parry -- the target suffers a -5 penalty to do so. (Examples: Rayden's 'Superman' Attack from Mortal Kombat, Chun-Li's Spinning Star Kick from Street Fighter II).

    * Distance Strike - With this ability, the Martial Warrior summons

some form of concentrated mystic energy to fire at his opponent. The energy inflicts 3D6 MD when first selected, +1D6 per level thereafter. It can also be charged -- every additional melee action after the first that the character spends 'charging' his distance weapon adds 1D6 MD to its damage capacity. (Examples: just about every character in a fighting game has some sort of 'fire-ball' attack).

    * Entrapping Missle - Like the Distance Strike, except that this

attack will entangle and render its target helpless, unless he dodges it (parrying is possible, but at a -5 penalty, because of the 'grabbiness' of the attack). Damage can also be inflicted (the Warrior must decide if his Missile does damage or not when he selects this power, and cannot change his mind later), equalling 2D4 MD. (Examples: Xavier's Energy Dragon from Eternal Champions, and Scorpion's Harpoon from Mortal Kombat).

    * Groundstrike - The character can either physically strike or fire

energy into the ground under himself, cause a shockwave that ripples through the ground in all directions. The range of the shockwave is equal to the character's level in feet. Anyone within that area who does not successfully dodge (by leaping up when the wave passes) takes 1D4 MD and must roll over the striker's level on a 20-sided die (only PP bonuses apply to this roll), or suffer the effects of a Knockdown (see Rifts Conversion Book One for details). (Examples: Jax's Ground Punch from Mortal Kombat II, Slash's Club Smash from Eternal Champions).

    * Limb Extension - As the name implies, this ability allows the

character to extend his limbs beyond their normal limits, allowing long range melee attacks. Limbs can extend 1 foot beyond normal when this ability is first selected, plus one half foot for every level thereafter. Note: tentacles also fall under this category. (Examples: Dhalsim's attacks from Street Fighter II, Omega Red's Tenticles from X-Men: Children of the Atom).

    * Multi-Strike - This attack form requires all of the character's

melee actions in one round, but allows him to strike repeatedly in a short time period. Each strike inflicts 1D4 MD plus the character's normal damage for a strike (SDC attacks, of course, add nothing). The opponent gets one chance to dodge or parry. If he fails either, he may not defend against any of the attacks. If he dodges, the entire flurry is wasted. If he parries, half damage is inflicted for each succesful strike. The Martial Warrior must roll to hit individually for each strike. (Examples: E. Honda's Hundred Hand Slap and Blanka's Head Chomp from Street Fighter II, Barraka's Multiple Blade Slash from Mortal Combat II).

    * Offensive Shield - Like the Chi Shield, this ability requires that

the character remain stationary while it is in effect. It also has a maximum duration, equal to twice the Warrior's level in seconds (remember that one melee round is 15 seconds). Any opponent who comes in contact with the shield is instantly repelled, and takes 3D4 MD (when selected, plus 1D4 MD every level thereafter). (Examples: Blanka's Eel Shock from Street Fighter II, Trident's Spinning Trident from Eternal Champions).

    * Power Shield - A purely defensive ability, the Power Shield can be

set up and used in one melee action. It has a special rating all its own, which begins at 1 when the ability is selected, and rises by one per level thereafter. This rating equals the character's AR bonus. Also, five times this number is the amount of MDC damage subtracted from any attack on the character while he is shielded. However, the shield is only in place as long as the character concentrates on it with minimal movement. (Examples: most blocking maneuvers from any fighting game).

    * Power Strike - Inflicts 3D6 MD (plus the charcter's normal strike

damage, if it is also MD) when selected, plus 1D6 MD more per level thereafter. If the character chooses to spend all his actions on one Power Strike, it automatically inflicts double damage. (Examples: Ryu's Dragon Punch and Guile's Flash Kick from Street Fighter II).

    * Reflection - With this ability, the Martial Warrior can reflect

projectiles (physical and energy) aimed at him. By making a succesful Parry (with only half bonuses) and spending one melee action, the character blocks and redirects the projectile; he should then make another attack roll on the shooter (with NO strike bonuses) to see if the projectile hits him instead. The attacker should roll the damage before the Warrior attempts to reflect, because he can not reflect any projectile that would inflict more Mega-Damage than half of the Warrior's Hit Points (regardless of whether the Warrior has MDC or not) ie: An attacker fires a laser blast at a Martial Warrior. The Warrior has 48 Hit Points. If the total MD of the blast is equal to or less than 24, the Warrior can reflect it. Otherwise he cannot. (Examples: Fulgore and Eyedol from Killer Instinct, Nightwolf from Mortal Kombat 3).

    * Teleport - Although its range is limited to line-of-sight areas

within 100 feet, the Teleport ability is still a powerful weapon. It takes only one melee action to accomplish (although it can be performed only once every three actions), and if the Warrior uses it as a defensive maneuver, he gains a +3 bonus to his dodge. Opponents surprised by a teleporting character suffer a -2 to defend against his attack, while he gains a +2 to strike. (Examples: Rayden and Scorpion's Teleports from Mortal Kombat, Dhalsim's Yoga Teleport from Street Fighter II).

    * Weapon Charge - This power is focused on one type of weapon only

(scimitars, hand axes, bows, etc). The Warrior can carge a standard ancient-type weapon with Chi energy, allowing it to inflict double its normal SDC damage as MDC. Weapons that already inflict MD have their damage doubled. Bows do not need arrows -- these are creatd from pure Chi/PPE energy. Any thrown weapons return to the Warrior's hand immediately after attacking (requires no actions on the return). Two weapons can be charged -- one in each hand -- but only if the character is high enough in level to have the 'paired weapons' talent. (Examples: Baraka's Blades and Kung Lao's Bladed Hat from Mortal Kombat II).

Here's a new list of abilities: Mega-Power Abilities. One of these can be selected every five levels (ie: select one at levels 5, 10, and 15):

    * Finishing Move: Melee - Takes all actions in the melee round, and

the Warrior automatically has an initiative of 1 for the round (no bonuses). The details are up to the player, but the attack itself inflicts 3D6x10 MD.

    * Finishing Move: Missle - This power is identical to the Melee

Finishing Move, except that it is a missle of some sort, with a maximum range of 20 feet.

    * Transformation - With this ability, the Warrior can assume the form

and abilities of any humanoid opponent of lesser level than his own, whom he has previously battled. He loses all of his own abilities when he takes a new form (except this one, of course) and the transformation last until the Warrior is killed, knocked out, or until one full melee round passes.

And finally, here's a couple of clarifications/notes:

Attribute Requirements: ME, PE, PP, and PS of 12 or higher.

Special Bonuses: Add +1D4 to ME. Add +1D6 to PP, PE, and PS. Also add 1D6x10 to SDC, +1 to initiative, and one additional attack per melee. These are in addition to other attribute or skill bonuses.

Permanent Base PPE: Roll 1D4x10.

OCC Skills: Language: Choice of two (+10%) Detect Ambush (+15%) Prowl (+10%) Athletics Body Building Climbing (+10%) Gymnastics (+5%) Swimming (+20%) Pilot: Choice of two (+5%) Mathematics: Basic (+5%) WP Ancient (select 3 of choice) WP Modern (select 1 of choice) Hand to Hand: Martial Arts (Assassin if an evil alignment)

OCC Related Skills: Select 8 other skills, but at least three must be selected from either Physical, Espionage, and/or Rogue. Plus select two additional skills at level three, one at level six, one at level nine, and one at level twelve. All new skills start at level one proficiency. Communications: Any Domestic: Any (+5%) Electrical: none Espionage: Any Mechanical: Automotive only Medical: First Aid and Paramedic only (+5%) Military: none Physical: Any (+10%) Pilot: Any Pilot Related: Any Rogue: Any Science: Math only Technical: Any (+10%) WP: Any Wilderness: Any

Secondary Skills: Select five other skills from the previous list. Plus select one additional skill at level four, one at level eight, and one at level twelve. These are additional areas of knowledge that do not get the advantage of the bonus listed in parenthesis. All secondary skills start at the base skill level. Also, skills are limited (any, only, none) as previously indicated in the list.

Standard Equipment: A suit of personalized light or medium weight mega-damage armor (any more limits mobility), a few sets of extra clothing, sunglasses or tinted goggles, knives (1D4), hatchet for cutting wood, two or three ancient weapons of choice, a modern personal projectile weapon of choice with 1D4 extra ammo clips, a vibro-weapon or minor energy melee weapon of choice, tent, knapsack, backpack, two canteens, two weeks of dehydrated food rations, and some personal items.

Money: The character starts off with 3D4x200 in credit, and has black market items that will garner another 1D6x1000 credits. Generally has little use for money, except for supplies and daily needs.

Cybernetics: None. Will avoid them because they hinder their natural abilities. At most, one or two minor implants for medical reasons may be considered. Even a single bionic or cyber limb cuts all abilities in half -- any more eliminates them completely.

XP: Use the Techno-Wizard table

-chris watkins


Marauder RCC

The is a being similar to the temporal raider in nature. It goes from dimension to dimension killing and spreading entropy in it's wake. They come from an alien dimention called Xzymoc (zig-mock) and are ruled by a being known as Diabolus who is a Lord of Chaos. They are humanoid in appearance with the exception that they are covered with mystic sigils and runes and have slightly pointed ears.

Alignment: Evil and Anarchist only

Attributes: IQ 3d6+4 ME 3d6+4 MA 2d6+4 PS 5d6+12 PP 4d6+8 PE 5d6+12 PB 3d6+4 SPD 5d6+4

MDC: PE x 10 plus 1d4x10 per level

Horrorfactor: 12 when thier alien nature is exposed

PPE: 3d6x10 plus 4d6 per level ISP: MEx5+1d6x10 plus 10 per level (concidered Master Psionic)

Natural abilities: Nightvision 600ft, See the invisible, Turn invisible at will, Teleport Superior at will, Dimentional teleport 88% Resistant to fire and cold (even magic fire/cold does 1/2 damage) Bio-regenerate 1d4x5md per minute.

Combat Bonuses: +2 to strike, +4 to parry and dodge, +4 on initiative +4 to roll with impact, +6 vs all magic +2 vs psionics

Insanity: Choose or roll one on the random chart


Lore Demon (+25%) Lore Magic (+25%) 2 Espionage of choice (+15%) Tracking (+10) Demolitions (+20%) 2 Physical(+10% if applicable) 1 Pilot of choice, (+5%) Math: Basic (+15%) 2 Languages (+45%) 1 Literacy (+20%) 2 WP Modern 2 WP Ancient HTH: Expert

OCC Related Skills: Chose 8 from the following list. Chose an additional 2 at levels 3, 5, 7, and 13:

Domestic: any Electronics: basic only Espionage: any (+10%) mechanics: auto mechanics only Military: any Physical: any (+5%) Pilot: any Pilot Related: any rogue: any (+5%) Science: math only Technical: any (+10%) WP: any Wilderness: any (+5%)

Secondary Skills: Chose 5 from the above list, without bonuses. Chose 1 additional skill at levels 2 and 8

Magic: select 4 spells from each levels 1-5 plus Agony, Compulsion, Domination, Fire Bolt, Life Drain, Mask of Deciet, Negate Magic, Tongues,

Psionics: All sensitive and 6 from any of the 3 other lesser psionics

Equipment: Lesser or Greater Rune weapon (at GM's discretion) Two weapons relating to applicable WP skills, magic armor of some sort in the 80-120 MDC range (or normal rifts armor), traveling clothes, and personal items

Habitat: Indiginous to an alien dimension periodicly can be found anywhere.

Enemies: Forces of Light, good guys, etc...

Allies: Forces of Darkness, Lords of Chaos...

Size: Generally 6 to 7 feet tall.

Weight: 250 to 350 depending on build and size

============================================================================= Mechanoid Converted Hunter Killer RCC

Instead of just killing Humanoid life forms, and due to their current

limited numbers, a diabolic Mecanoid Brain devised a genetic disease. The disease is transmitted to a humanoid by an infected humanoid or by a transfusion of blood. When a Hunter Killer traps or nearly kills a humanoid it then spits from it's mouth a web like fabric that soon covers the entire body of the victim. The victim is trapped within the cocoon for a week. If the cocoon if destroyed before three to four days have passed the only side affects for the victim will be rolling once on the random insanity table. After the four day deadline the victim will die if removed early. Once the full week has ended what emerges is no longer the person it once was. It is an insane monster bent on destruction of all humanoids. Every two weeks it gets an incredible urge to reproduced. This is when more of it's kind are created. While in the cocoon the being is slowly being transformed. All of it's previous abilities are kept. Be the magic, Psionics, or Super Powers. The creature also gets incredible smell and hearing. It grows claws that can do Mega-Damage, it becomes a Mega-Damage monster, and is programmed to obey all new Mecanoid life forms.

Alignment:Miscreant or Diabolic evil only Attributes:I.Q.: 3D6, M.E.: 3D6+5, M.A.: 2D6, P.S: 5D6(supernatural), P.P: 4D6, P.E.: 4D6, P.B.: 2D6, Spd.: 4d6+6 Hit Points: Special see M.D.C. Natural Armor Rating: See M.D.C. M.D.C.: P.E. +2D4*10 Horror Factor: 12+3 if new old person. P.P.E.: Depends on O.C.C. Natural Abilities: Swimming-92%, Estimate Distance of sound-60%, Estimate speed of sound- 50%, Recognize specific odors-70%, recognize person by scent- 50%, Recognize poisons-50%, track by scent-50%, Prowl-65%, Wilderness Survival- 70%, Infra-red vision, Night Vision-200ft. Combat:3 attacks per melee plus HTH type. Bonuses: +2 to strike, +2 to parry, +3 to dodge, & +6 to initiative. Damage: Claws- 3D6+2 M.D.C., punch- 2D6 M.D.C. , Power Punch- 5D6 M.D.C.(two attacks per melee). Web Net 16 or higher needed to dodge, webbing has 35 M.D.C. Magic:Only if original O.C.C. possess magic. one has half of old spells. Psionics:Telepathy: unlimited, Mind Block: unlimited, + old psionics if any. Average Life Span: Have only been in use for 6 months. Mechanoids guess twenty years tops. Habitat: Anywhere they're sent Enemies: Any Humanoid life form. Allies: Any evil Mechanoid Size:Varies with humanoid type Weight: Varies with humanoid type Notes: Can under go hibernation for up to 120 years if Mecanoids tell it to.


Metalmorph RCC

The metalmorph is perhaps one of the most unique of shape changers,

because it can change its body in to any kind of metal! this has made them invaluable in the Vampire riddled mexico, seeing that they can change into pure(89%)silver!

Powers Metamorphisis-Metal The Metalmorph can alter its molecular structure into metal. This includes MDC alloys. When in metal form they have these stats; Iron 90 MDC,PS 28,PE 29 Steel 120 MDC,PS 28, PE 35 Gold 40 MDC, PS 15,PE 25 Silver 150 MDC,PS 25, PE 25 Titanium 300 MDC, 35 PS, PE 45 MDC alloys 350-700 MDC, PS 25, PE 35 The metalmorph doesn't have to eat,sleep or breathe in this form and cannot be changed into a vampire or affected by magical attacks(+15 to save). Stats in this form are considered supernatural. Duration 2 hours per level

Appearance: Looks human, average 5'5 to 7'0 Looks built, average 6'6 to 9'5 Attributes; IQ 2d6x2 ME 3d6 MA 5d6+5 PS 3d6 PP 4d6 PE 3d6+6 PB 2d8 Spd 3d4 Alignments: Any Hit Points: PEx3+6 SDC: 6d6+12 Horror Factor: 0; 12 in metal form PPE: 4d6x10+6 ISP: 4d6

OCCs Available: Headhunter,mystic,line walker,Techno wizard,gypsi theif,wilderness scout.

RCC Skills Communications none Domestic any +10% Electrical none Espionage any +15% Mecahanical any +5% Medical: holistic,herbology,frst aid only +20% Military none Physical any +5% Pilot any Pilot related none Rouge any +15% Science Biology +5% Techinical any +15% WP any( 2 ancient 2 modern) Wilderness any +20% Note Usually knows 2 languages at 98% and is literate in one at 98%

Allies: Likes Darters, Spikers, Meknoids, all cyber people, Turtextons, humans,elves atlanteans and kittani. Enemies: Vampires,Splugorth,Zllyphan,gargoyles,Xititcks,THe host Average Life Span: 90 years Magic: Mend metal,wall of iron,all 1st lvl spells Psionics: Bio-regenerate,Telepathy,Mind block,ppe sheild Most of the Metalmorphs (45%) live in Mexico,(25%) are in the NGR(10%) are in the CS(10%) are in Africa (5%)are in England and 5% are on Wormwood. Bionics: NONE! Cannot have any kind of enhancements


Mogara RCC

The Mogara are an extremely brutal and warlike race that is driven to

conquer other species. To the Mogara, the only good way to die to die in battle for the greater good of the Mogaraian Star Empire. Having evolved into a matriarchal society, the females of the species are the leaders of The Empire. As such, they make up the vast majority of all The Empire�s officers. This works out well for The Empire as female Mogara are superior both intellectually and physically, and not as mindlessly violent and aggressive as male Mogara. The males of the species comprise the majority of The Empire�s Mobil Infantry grunts. At the summit of The Empire's hierarchy, the Queen. She has final say in all matters pertaining to The Empire and her orders are fanatically followed to the lettre with an almost religious zeal. Mogaraian Mobile Infantry Detachments are composed of three squads of nine male Mogara, with each squad being commanded by a female Mogara. In addition to their advanced weaponry and savage cunning, the Mogara have the ability to create personal force fields, making them immensely harder to kill. These aliens are considered to be supernatural in nature.

Female Mogaraian Alignment: Any, but tend toward anarchist and miscreant. All Mogara are fanatically loyal to the Queen and The Mogaraian Star Empire. Attributes: The number of dice rolled is as designated: I.Q.: 2D6+10, M.E.: 4D6+2, M.A.: 4D6, P.S.: 4D6+10, P.P.: 4D6+8, P.E.: 4D6+8, P.B.: 2D6, SPD.: 5D6. M.D.C.: 4D410+20 Horror Factor: 14 P.P.E.: 1D410 Natural Abilities: Exceptional long range vision (able to read a street sign from three miles), M.D.C. body plating, supernatural strength and endurance, and the ability to create incredibly powerful force fields (100 M.D.C. per P.E. point). Combat: Two plus those gained from hand to hand combat skills and boxing. Bonuses: +6 to save vs horror factor, plus those gained from attributes and skill bonuses. Damage: Variable depending on P.S. attribute. See supernatural strength chart. Magic: None Psionics: None Bionics: None O.C.C.: May choose from Headhunter, Special Forces, or CS military equivalents. However, the Mogara never get bionics! Skills of Note: Language: Mogaraian 98%, Literacy: Mogaraian 98%, and Mathematics: Basic 98%. Level of Experience: Player characters use the same experience table as the Borg. Average Life Span: 300 to 500 years. Enemies: None per se; dislike and bully those weaker than themselves. Allies: None per se. Size: 10ft to 12ft (3m to 3.6m). Weight: 450lbs to 650lbs (205kg to 295kg). Appearance: A giant reptilian humanoid with red eyes and tusks.

Male Mogaraian Alignment: Any, but tend toward anarchist and miscreant. Attributes: The number of dice rolled is as designated: I.Q.: 2D6, M.E.: 2D6, M.A.: 2D6, P.S.: 5D6+10, P.P.: 4D6+6, P.E.: 4D6+6, P.B.: 2D6, SPD.: 6D6. M.D.C.: 4D410 Horror Factor: 12 P.P.E.: 1D410 Natural Abilities: M.D.C. body plating, supernatural strength, ability to create force fields (100 M.D.C. per P.E. point), poisonous bite, which takes effect in 10 minutes, causes nausea and a terrible headache. Victim is -2 to strike, parry, and dodge for 24 hours unless a saving throw is made. The poisonous effect from several bites are NOT accumulative. Combat: Two plus those gained from hand to hand combat skills and boxing. Bonuses: +5 to save vs horror factor, plus those gained from attributes and skill bonuses. Damage: Variable depending on P.S. attribute. See supernatural strength chart. Magic: None Psionics: None Bionics: None O.C.C.: May choose from Headhunter or the equivalent of the CS Grunt. However, the Mogara never get bionics! Skills of Note: Language: Mogaraian 98% and Literacy: Mogaraian 80%. Level of Experience: Player characters use the same experience table as the Psi-Stalker. Frenzy: All male Mogara are short tempered and prone to bouts of mindless violence. Select a Frenzy from the Crazy O.C.C. Average Life Span: 300 to 500 years. Enemies: None per se; dislike and bully those weaker than themselves. Allies: None per se. Size: 8ft to 10ft (2.4m to 3m). Weight: 350lbs to 550lbs (160kg to 250kg). Appearance: A giant reptilian humanoid with red eyes and tusks.

Mogaraian Technology

Giant Antigrav Disc Maximum Speed: 240mph (288km), max altitude is 1200ft (365.7m) Maximum Weight Allowance: 1000lbs (454.5kg) M.D.C.: 50

Giant Vibro-Knife Mega-Damage: 2D6 M.D. M.D.C.: 20

Giant Vibro-Sword Mega-Damage: 4D6 M.D. M.D.C.: 50

Giant Ion Pistol Mega-Damage: 4D6 M.D. Rate of Fire: Aimed, Burst, Wild; see modern Weapon Proficiencies. Maximum Effective Range: 1000ft (304.8m) Payload: 15 shot light E-Clip, or 30 shot heavy E-Clip M.D.C.: 24

Giant Variable-Frequency Laser Rifle Mega-Damage: 8D6 M.D. Rate of Fire: Aimed, Burst, Wild; see modern Weapon Proficiencies. Maximum Effective Range: 5000ft (1524m) Payload: 15 shot light E-Clip, 30 shot heavy E-Clip, or 60 shot assault clip. M.D.C.: 55

Mogara Battle Armour M.D.C.: 200 Weight: 46lbs (20.8kg) Prowl Penalty: -15%

Dustin M ============================================================================= Mok (also Motak) RCC

by Tony Figueroa ()

These ancestors of the brutan are monstrous in appearance.

Covered in brown or tan fur, their incredibly strong muscles still standout. They look less human than brutans in other ways as well. Their head is adorned with a golden mane, and their face is an almost featureless black save the sharp white teeth and eyes. Moks, sometimes called motaks, are animalistic and savage, yet most are gentle creatures when unprovoked. Attributed to their primitive minds is their fear of bodies of water. They can learn to swim although it is uncommon. Technology is another area they don't do well in. It confuses and frustrates them, and when frustrated, moks tend to react violently. They've been known to tear vehicles apart while trying to learn to drive them. Other disadvantages they have are a susceptibility to cold and a mistrust of magic. Their weakness to cold isn't lethal enough to merit taking extra damage from cold/ice attacks, but they do suffer more pain from it. In combat, moks prefer their fists or claws to weapons although they aren't adverse to throwing things. They can hurl rocks incredibly fast or can toss an automobile atop their enemy. Languages are also a problem for them. They are only capable of making roaring and guttural growling. The mok language is very basic. They are capable of understanding more advanced language though, and others can learn their language as it is very simple although loud.

OCC Capable Stats: Attributes: IQ 1D6, ME 1D6, MA 2D6, PS 8D6, PP 3D6, PE 5D6, PB 2D6, Spd 4D6 Nightvision Height: 6'+4d6" Weight: 220+3d6x10 lbs Punches start at 1d6 SDC damage. They automatically get the following skills: body building, boxing, running, wrestling, sports, and hand to hand ultraviolent. Basic math isn't included in the automatic skills for them. Their carry/lift ratio is 200/400x their PS in pounds.

Example RCC Mok on Race Creation Table: Attributes: IQ 1D6, ME 1D6, MA 3D6, PS 18D6, PP 3D6, PE 5D6, PB 2D6, Spd 4D6 Features: 2 arms, 2 hands, claws on each hand, head, 2 eyes, mouth, nose, 2 ears, thermal vision both eyes, 2 legs, carry/lift ratio 200/400x PS in pounds = 3 CP, RDC Body and punch with either hand(claw) does 1d6x10 MD = 28 CP, +15d6 PS, -2 IQ and ME, +2 PE, -1 PB, +1 Spd, +1 CP for unable to speak language other than native, +1 CP = +1D6 physical skills rather than +1D6 to IQ

RCC Mok Warrior: Attributes: IQ 1D6, ME 1D6, MA 3D6, PS 2D6x10, PP 3D6, PE 5D6, PB 2D6, Spd 4D6 MDC: 1D4x50+50 (+10 PLA) Skills: Same as OCC Capable Mok skills Carry/Lift Ratio = 400/800x PS in pounds Punch/Kick 1d6x10 MD, Power Punch/Kick (2 APM) 2d6x10 MD These moks were accepted by a Pool of Power during one of the most famous mok rituals performed by their tribes in the Gemineye Woods. To be chosen by a Pool is a great honor to them, and the Chosen Ones recieve much prestige.


Morian's Gargoyles RCC

The hermited immortal wizard Morian lives in a pocket dimension created for him by a semi-powerful being named Twinsen. Although Morian has near complete control of his (Rhode Island sized) dimension, he still insisted in recruiting protection. Though he was deeply rooted in magic, Morian turned to his extensive knowledge of genetics to create guardians for his fortress/dimension/home. Morian was inspired by the image of the mythic Gargoyle, and immediately began his work. What Morian created was the best he could hope for. The winged, human-faced Gargoyles had unbreakable loyalty as well as honed instincts and human intelligence. After many years of tinkering, Morian had completed his genetic model. Morian has personally created around 200 non-procreating Gargoyles since his final revisions, each bearing deep nobility, and a sense of guardianship.

    Appearance : Although the Gargoyles range greatly in size and

appearance, they have many common features. All are either gray (90%), red (5%), blue (3%), or black (2%) skinned. All have pupil-less eyes of various shapes. Due to a genetic (fluke?) their eyes glow when they are passionate or enraged. All have giant, batlike wings which are only strong enough for gliding. The wings are flexible enough to be wrapped around the body as a cloak when not in use. All have thick tails, mainly to balance and steer in flight. The tail is not prehensile but is strong as the legs and can be used to hit enemies (or sweep). All except very few (flawed?) have all- black or all-white hair, usually long and straight. All have particularly strong legs which have long, three toed feet. The foot has an opposable claw on the heel; because of this, the Gargoyle stands kind of on the balls of its feet, forcing it to bend its legs. The hands are three fingered plus a human- like opposable thumb. The claws (hand and foot) are hard and sharp, enough to climb with. Many Gargoyles also have a build and face which looks as if it has been hewn from stone, a genetically predisposed trait. Morian's abilities allowed him to guide the appearance of the Gargoyles to elven-equivalent handsomeness/beauty. Alignment : Alignments range from principled to diabolic, but all are loyal to Morian (genetically presupposed). Any found to be not loyal are immediately (honorably) exiled to a random dimension (like Rifts or Nexus or Phase World). Attributes : IQ 2D6+2 PP 16+2D6 (all attributes considered ME 3D6+1 PE 18+2D4 supernatural, incl. PS) MA 2D6+2 PB 4D6+5 PS 20+3D6 Spd 5D6+5 running Mega-Damage (In MDC worlds) : 1D4x100 + 1D6x10 SDC (In SDC worlds) : exactly same as MDC Hit Points (all worlds) : 1D6x10+40 Natural AR (In SDC worlds) : 8 (strikes below 8 do no damage) Horror Factor : 3 (not very menacing if they don't want to be, actually handsome to most humans). 8 (when enraged and not on your side). PPE : 0 (Untraceable by PPE, fruitless to Psi-Stalkers and PPE Vampires see Note) ISP : 0 (Same as PPE, it's because PPE doesn't exist in his dimension where he creates them) Psionics : None, can't learn. Magic : None, can't learn, but can use enchanted weapons. Height : 6' - 20' (Gargoyles above 8' are quite rare, though) Wingspan : 10' - 25' Weight : 600' - 3000' lbs. Sex : Females are rare but existent, and usually very beautiful. All Gargoyles are sterile (no equipment) and personally created by Morian. They are "born" at 1/2 full size from eggs (they are warm-blooded, though). Females look definitively female, and are usually slightly smaller than their male brethren. The males usually raise male young and the females, female young. (all young are created by Morian, though) Attacks : 3 + hand to hand + other bonuses Damage : See supernatural PS chart (page 22 Rifts Conv. Book) Bonuses : +2 initiative, +1 strike, +2 parry/dodge, +3 dodge in flight, +6 vs. HF, +4 vs. all magic. Life Span : 1000 - 2000 years natural life (don't age much biologically, though) Natural Abilities : Winged flight (gliding). Speed depends on environment and weather. Can dive pretty fast. Perfect night vision, can see 1' tall object at 1.5 miles. Can see easily in zero light conditions. Natural heat vision. The Gargoyles have uniquely engineered sight. Their vision is selective, controlled by a specialized area of the brain. If the Gargoyle can see something normally, it will appear normal. If the Gargoyle can't see the object but can see the heat, that is what he/she will see. The Gargoyle can see in different modes simultaneously. Leap 40' (50' with run), or 120' (wings, 200' with run). Thick, agile tail; not prehensile, but can be used in combat. Various lengths. Does not breathe, does not sleep, does not eat (see Night Shift). Regenerates at 20 MDC per hour. Also see random abilities.

    Innate Skills (Genetically implanted and/or learned) :
            American 98% / Lit. American 98%
            One other language 70% / Lit 70%
            Track humanoids +15%
            Detect Ambush +10%
            Detect Concealment +10%
            Prowl +15%
            1 Ancient WP (plus paired if applicable)
            Intelligence +10%
            10 Secondary skills +5%
            Hand to Hand : Any but Assassin
    Night Shift : Due to some genetic imbalance or flaw, all Gargoyles can

only function during night-time (however long that is). It doesn't matter to Morian because day in his dimension is 4 hours. At dawn, the Gargoyle turns to indestructible stone. In this stasis, the Gargoyle regenerates completely, and regains energy needed to survive. Even during the four hour day, Morian's Gargoyles regenerate completely. This is why Gargoyles need no sleep, food, or oxygen. They are a truly strange creature, since they are not magical by Palladium's standards. It is a natural, genetically determined attribute. Morian sees this attribute as both advantage and disadvantage, and will not tamper with it. All Gargoyles must seek an inconspicuous hiding place or habitat near dawn. The Gargoyles are bred (by genetics and common sense) not to get caught out in the open at dawn. Many find shelter upon Gothic buildings in cities or in deep caves away from civilization. Incidentally, two hours is the minimum time a Gargoyle needs to regenerate. Even though they are indestructible when stone, they can be picked up and moved (while in stone they retain their normal weight), and placed into a trap, or set for ambush.

    Random Abilities : Due to slight variation in genetic traits and

reactions, some Gargoyles have particular strengths/weaknesses/differences. Roll on the first table, then the second. Number of rolls on second table : 01-60 One 61-90 Two 91-99 Three 00 Four Random Abilities:

            00-10 Awareness - A combination of instinctive senses which
                    allow the Gargoyle to be aware of any movement within
                    their radius.  A lot like Zanshin.  Radius begins at
                    4' and increases by 2' per level.  Cannot be surprised
                    from behind.  By judging the movements of an attacker
                    before they attack (done automatically), the Gargoyle
                    can dodge without penalty if being attacked from
                    behind.  Adds +3 to initiative.
            11-22 Berserker Disposition - Gargoyle has an extra set of
                    adrenal glands which are triggered only when the
                    Gargoyle is beyond anger.  The eyes will brighten
                    noticeably, a warning to all opponents.  Temporarily
                    adds 4 to PS, 2 to PP (not likely to dodge much,
                    though), 8 to PE, 10 to Spd.  The rage usually lasts
                    10+2D6 minutes or until Gargoyle is sufficiently
                    restrained and calmed, or all enemies are bloody pulp.
                    After any rage (more than 4 minutes), the Gargoyle
                    will be noticeably fatigued, and will not function as
                    well until the next day.  This fatigue is not extreme,
                    just enough to take 1 or 2 from the occasional bonus.
            23-28 Speed Burst - Adds 2D6+10 to Spd for bursts of 2 to 3
                     minutes.  +2 dodge while "bursting."
            29-34 Enhanced Wings - Can now fly (not glide) at Spd
                     1D6x10+10, faster if diving.
            35-41 Enhanced Physical Attribute - roll 1D6 : 1 - PS; 2 - PP;
                     3 - PE; 4 - Spd; 5-6 - PB.  Then roll 1D4+4 and add
                     it to that attribute.
            42-47 Enhanced Mental Attribute - roll 1D4 : 1-2 - IQ; 3 - ME;
                     4 - MA.  Then roll 2D6+4 and add it to that
            48-54 Enhanced Horror Factor - Exudes an aura of intimidation
                    and awe, always HF 12
            55-63 Weird Hair Color (player choice).
            64-71 Weird Eye Color (player choice).  Many Gargoyles with
                    this have eyes which change color to suit their mood.
                    It is instinctive and cannot be controlled unless the
                    emotion can be controlled.  The eyes increasingly glow
                    according to how angry/passionate they are as well.
            72-78 Weird Skin Color (player choice).
            79-86 Elbow Spike - A short, thick, spike which sticks out of
                    the elbow.  Add 1D6 dice to normal punch damage if
                    elbow is used (can't be used with power punch).
            87-90 Knee Spike - Same as Elbow spike, adds 1D8 dice to kick
                    damage if knee is used (can't be used w/ power kick).
            91-94 Ambidextrous - All Gargoyles are _supposed_ to have
                    this, but apparently it didn't work as expected.
                    Means they can use both hands equally skillfully and
                    without penalty.
            95-00 Spectrum Eyes - Can see into ultraviolet and infrared in
                    addition to heat.  The Gargoyle always sees
                    ultraviolet and infrared.  Eyes will appear to
                    chaotically change colors.  The extra abilities of
                    infrared and ultraviolet tie into his natural vision
                    like the heat vision does.

    Note : Gargoyles will have an unpredictable reaction to a vampire's

bite. Some will become a vampire/Gargoyle hybrid, others will die immediately, others will be unaffected. There are three known hybrids in Rifts America, all very dangerous and lethal.

    Second Note :  Morian's Gargoyles are intended as player characters.

If the Gargoyle wishes to go out and explore, Morian will usually oblige and provide him/her with the essentials, on the condition that the Gargoyle return to service for at least the last 100 years or so before the end of his natural life span. Morian, though he is a hermit, has plenty of contacts in the outside world and likes to keep tabs on his prodigies. A few of his Gargoyles were sent away because they were early creations not yet up to standard. Others were less than his standards of loyalty and/or ability and were honorably sent away. Morian can easily open a Rift/Portal to send a Gargoyle to nearly any known world he approves of.

    Adventurers :  All player characters will be the ones which request to

leave and are obliged by Morian. Most of the time the Gargoyle will be sent to Rifts earth (easiest portal to make). Morian will give the Gargoyle 2000 credits (cash? ) ; a cloak, cape, or coat ; a backpack ; 20' heavy rope ; one or a pair of ancient weapons according to their WP, and an energy weapon of choice (within reason) if they know how to use it. Gargoyles also usually have a small collection of personal items by the time they leave, and Morian always gives each Gargoyle a unique keepsake to identify them by. Morian will also lecture them at length on the attributes of the world he/she is about to enter, and many stern warnings not to get caught out at dawn.

    Third Note : Gargoyles have no PPE or ISP in Palladium terms.  If a

Psi-Stalker, PPE-Vampire, or ISP Vampire tries to take the nonexistent energy, it will result in a disorientating backlash to the drainer (because of their strange nature). The Gargoyle will then be immediately aware of the attempt. It is because of the uniqueness of the dimension (Morian's world) they were born in.

Len Maxwell questions/comments:



The Mystic Knight was an order created by a group of Prometheans, Cosmo- Knights, and powerful spell casters of good alignment and intentions as a force to defend the megaverse against any and all threats. Men and women of all races were asked to join this force of light in an otherwise dark universe. The Mystic Knight is the product of these beings, a creation which has access to magic, psychic powers, and even phase powers, while also being highly trained in physical combat. While the Knights have access to a wide range of powers, they are the masters of none, except for perhaps there ability to utilize all of their powers for the most effect. The training the the Knights receive from many supernatural beings has allowed them to accomplish amazing physical feats, although many believe that magic and psionics are used to enhance their normal physical abilities.

While not all members of the order are Mystic Knights, the majority are. Those beings that are not Mystic Knights are usually powerful beings in their own right. Very few Mystic Knights turn to evil. All those that do are hunted down and slain. The few evil Knights that exist are vastly powerful, able to repel or avoid all attempts by the order to destroy them.

All races are welcome to join the order, but the requirements are harsh. The requirements include being at least a latent psychic or mystic, high physical and mental attributes, and above all, a dedication to the forces of goodness. Each candidate is probed by an unknown means, and all attempts to deceive the scan have failed (many believe a supernatural power or god of goodness supports the order).

Attribute Requirements: Minimum P.S. and P.E. of 13, P.P. and M.E. of 14, and I.Q. of 12. Also, see bonuses below. Typical Alignments: Principled and Scrupulous are most common, although many Knights are Unprincipled. O.C.C. Abilities and Bonuses: 1. Attribute Bonuses: +2 to P.S., P.E. and Spd. +1d6 to P.P. and +1d4x10 S.D.C. (or +4d6 M.D.C. if M.D.C. race). These bonuses are in addition to those gained through physical training and those based on race. 2. Combat Bonuses: +1 to initiative, +5 to parry and dodge, +1 to strike. All bonuses are in addition to attribute and skill bonuses. 3. Resistance Bonuses: +3 to save vs. magic and psionic attacks, +1 to save vs. poisons and toxins. 4. Magic: Choose 8 spells from levels 1-6 or any Temporal Magic spell. Add two spells at levels 2, 4, and six. At levels 7, 9, 12, 14, and 15 add one new spell from any level (subject to G.M. aproval). P.P.E.: 2d4x10+P.E.+10 per level after first. 5. Psionics: Choose 5 powers from sensitive, physical, or healing plus two super-psionic powers or phase powers! (Excluding psi-sword and close rifts which are not available to level four.) Add 1 power of any type at level 4, 7, 9, and 12. I.S.P.: 1d6x10+10+M.E.+8 per level after first. 6. Supernatural Physical Feats: The Mystic Knights uses a unique psionic ability and physical training to accomplish amazing physical feats. The Knight can leap their P.P. attribute in feet from a standing position. Add 15 feet up or 30 feet accross with a running start. The Knight can also parry energy and rail gun blasts with a sword (must be able to withstand the damage). There is no penalty when the knight attempts to parry long range attacks, but he only gains half of his normal bonus to parry. Mystic knights are so talented at this that they can even parry energy bursts, but must roll to parry each blast, maximum 8 blasts per burst. At third level the knight can parry energy blasts with his hands (but not rail guns). This requires 5 I.S.P. per attack parried (a single blast or a burst of up to 8 blasts is one attack). O.C.C. Skills: Two Languages of choice (+15%) Radio: Basic (+10%) Acrobatics or Gymnastics (pick one) (+5%) Pilot: pick two (except robot) (+10%) W.P.: Sword W.P.: pick two Hand to Hand: Martial Arts or Assassin (pick one) O.C.C. Related Skills: Select 12 other skills. Plus select one additional skill at levels three, six, ten, and twelve. All new skills start at level one proficiency. Communications: Any (+5%) Domestic: Any. Electrical: Basic electronics only. Espionage: Any (+10%) Mechanical: Basic and automobile only (+5%) Medical: First aid or paramedic only. Military: Any. Physical: Any. Pilot: Any except robot (+10%) Pilot Related: Any (+5%) Rogue: Any. Science: Math only (+5%) Technical: Any. W.P.: Any. Wilderness: Any. Secondary Skills: The character also gets to select five secondary skills. These are additional areas of knowledge that do not get the advantage of the bonus listed in parentheses. All secondary skills start at the base skill level. Also, skills are limited (any, only, none) as previously indicated in the list. Standard Equipment: Mega-damage body armour (any type) including magic armour (at the G.M.'s option), a mega-damage sword(s) (Laser/energy and magic are most common, but vibro, phase, and mega-damage alloy swords are also used. A lesser rune sword or simple holy weapon may also be used at the G.M.'s option. Tattoo magic swords are popular now amongst human and atlantean knights.), an assortment of weapons depending on weapon skills (psi-weapons and techno-wizardry are common). Air filter and gas mask, mini-oxygen tank (15 minutes of air), laser distancer, binoculars and/or assorted optic systems, cross/holy symbol, and additional personal equipment of choice (within reason). Also has extra ammo/e-clips for weapons. Traditional Garb: A set of robes worn over mega-damage body armour, usually black, brown, or white. Robes usually include a hood and several hidden pockets. Most common armour is a mega-damage chain and plate suit, often magical in nature. Personal force/phase fields are also common (often techno-wizard modified). Money: Usually donates most of their money to the order, but can develop a considerable amount while plundering the forces of evil. Receives most equipment and needs from the order, but has 2d4x1000 in personal funds. Cybernetics & Bionics: Varies based on race, but will never consider for anything less than medical reasons because it interferes with magic and psionics.

NOTE: Uses the same experience as the Temporal Raider.

By: Jason Bridgman ()

============================================================================== MYSTIC WILLOW RCC

Author Unknown

The Mystic Willow is the layman's term for a tree of immense magical power. Many theories exist about the origin of the tree, the most common being that the tree is the physical manifestation of a creature existing past the Astral Plane, or that it is another supernatural being. There are also local myths about the origin of Mystic Willows (ie, a town may think a person was once so sad, they turned into a magical tree). It is important to note that Mystic Willows are created good, with all intent to make people happy, but, if they are around one being for a long period of time, the Mystic Willow will take on that being's personality. If someone who delights in pain lives near a Mystic Willow, the Willow too will delight in pain. The Mystic Willow looks like a giant shell of golden needles, some big, some small, from the outside. If the Willow doesn't like someone, it's quills become energized with a type of static electricity, which draws them toward the person, even when the quills aren't shot out. This is usually used as a warning of when the tree is nervous, and is not necessarily a hostile act. This always happens toward supernatural creatures, good or bad, and prevents them from touching the tree. If the tree approves of a person, it's branches will part, like curtains, and the person can enter the Mystic Willows. Inside the Willow's curtain of needles is an open area with a carpet of green moss, a web of light brown branches overhead, and a shimmering silver trunk, about 5 feet in diameter. The Tree needs a PPE rich environment (Earth's normal environment is enough), some sun, and a lot of water. They are usually found up north, near a lake in Minnesota. Though they could live south of Ohio, they have not been found there.

Height: 20' tall + 1'/10 years (above ground) Radius: 12' branch radius + 1'/10 years Alignment: Normally Good IQ: About 5 + 1/20 years MDC: Trunk: 3d6 * 10 + 10/10 years Branch: 3d6 + 2/10 years Leaf: 1 Awe Factor: 15 PPE: 6d6 * 10 + 50 / 10 years Natural Abilities: Has 2 types of leaves - QUILLS: 3" needles covered with a wet, slippery oil. Naturally attracted to Supernatural creatures and anyone the tree wants to attack (SEE ABOVE). The quills can be shot out 40 feet, as many as 20 per action, they have +2 to hit against Supernatural creatures, and act as wood against Vampires and similar creatures, doing 1d6 MDC each. Fruit: 1 foot by 1 inch Bananas, that's it, just normal bananas OK? Not Supernatural or nuthin' Just like any other Bananas OK? Moss: The carpet of moss under the tree is actually part of the tree. It can be squeezed for water (Moss-water, mm-mm good), and releases a low altitude gas that acts as the psychic power Induce Sleep. This gas covers the floor of the tree, up to 2 feet up. Makes small animals and anyone who lies down tired. Gift: The tree has gifts it can bestow to people, if it wants (see below). Combat: 4 attacks + 1/50 years. Shoots Quills (SEE ABOVE), also PPE Shock, goes out 100 feet, 2d6 MDC, Paralyze Shock 75 feet - Save vs Fairy Magic (16) or be Paralyzed for 1d6 melee. If over 50 years, the tree can cause Lay Line Storm (See ATLANTIS book), 1000' radius if not near Lay Line otherwise normal. NOTE: if someone is attacking the tree from inside, EVERYTHING is doubled for the tree (Bonuses, damage caused by & done to tree, attacks, etc.) Bonuses: +5 vs Magic, Natural kinship with animals, Immune to Normal Fire, Cold, Poison, Gas. 1/2 Damage from other fire, cold and Supernatural creatures. Penalty: NO DODGE OR PARRY! (It's a tree.) Magic: Globe of Daylight (inside tree only), Concealment, Energy Field, Call Lightning, Heal, Control Plants + 1 spell / 10 years. Psionics: Telepathy, Empathy (NOTE: Telepathy and Empathy are constant and automatic, it is how the tree "Sees", and can penetrate Power Armor, but NOT Mind Block.)


Gifts are what the Mystic Willow gives to people who have helped it a great deal, or it likes for some other reason. They are difficult to make, and the tree must go dormant for a few days, and can only make 1 gift at a time. The user of a gift need not be Psychic or Man of Magic. All abilities go by the user's abilities. They use the user's ISP or PPE, and level to determine their power. All items have 10 MDC for every day of the tree's dormancy, unless otherwise noted. They can regenerate within 24 hours, if they have any MDC left.

Quill Ring: This is a simple thin wood branch twisted into a ring. With it comes 4 quills. The ring gives telekinetic control over the quills, as Super Telekinesis. One quill per level can be manipulated, using the wearer's ISP. Dormancy: 1 day

Friendship Amulet: This is the most basic gift. It is a wood knot that is recognizable to all Mystic Willows, and anyone with Mystic Herbology. The Willows will treat the wearer as a friend. The wearer also has a kinship with animals (like a Psi-Stalker) and Empathy. Dormancy: 1 hour

Cudgel: This is a wooden club, given to great defenders of a tree. It can become a Psi-Cudgel (Psi-Sword), and lets the user cast Armor of Ithan. Dormancy: 2d4 days.

Moss Sandal: The moss can either form a shoe, or cover an existing shoe. It gives the wearer +20% prowl, and +5 speed while worn. Dormancy: 1 day

Needle Cloak: This is a cloak made of the tree's quill, over a moss base. It gives the wearer Chameleon, Armor of Ithan, Charismatic Aura, +1d6 PB, and acts as a Quill Ring with 100 Quills. NOTE: It is too big and clumsy to be used as a shield, it only blocks attacks from the back. Dormancy: 2d6 days

Dress of the Thief: This is not necessarily a dress, but armor or clothes covered in Moss. This gives FREE Chameleon, and Create Chloroform (quick evaporating sleep liquid used in movies, save: Non-Lethal Drug 16), and gives the wearer the ability to use: Simple Invisibility, Mind Block, Globe of Silence (4' radius), Armor of Ithan, Empathy. The Moss only has 20 MDC, which is added to all armor, but it can regenerate in one hour. Dormancy: 3d6 days

Knowledge Staff: This gift is normally given by old trees to mages and scholars. It is a 6 foot, gnarled, knotted staff. It can be used as a symbiotic bank. It will form a psychic bond with whoever it was made for, and that person need only touch it to put in or take out PPE and information. The most PPE the staff can hold is half the tree's PPE, and can NOT regenerate PPE. The user can store one spell per 10 years of the tree in the staff by spending the PPE needed for the spell, and then can cast that spell in half the time. This spell can be used as long as the user has enough PPE, or until the user erases the spell from the staff to download another spell into the staff. Only spells, not Rituals can be put into the Staff. Dormancy: 2d6 days.

There are rumors of other gifts, so use your imagination. One rumor especially is that of a Supernatural Creature with silver skin somehow linked to the trees. These creatures appear as every type of DB, only with silver skin, and are great travelers of the dimensions.



The Nexians are a race of energy beings that seem to be composed of pure and raw magic energy (hence their name refers to Nexus points). In their true form they appear as an amorphous blob of crackling energy, or they often shape themselves into a humanoid shape. Nexians can also assume a solid humanoid form in which to better interact with other beings. They can not assume just any humanoid shape, for even as humanoids they have a unique appearance. In their solid form, the nexian appears to be almost human except that they have a blue tinge to their skins, they generally stand six to nine feet tall, their eyes glow a brilliant blue (they appear to remain spheres of energy), and they occationally have energy ripple across their bodies. The nexians do have different sexes, and they can be told apart like normal humanoids while in their solid forms. When in solid form, everything on the Nexian, including the beings themselves, radiate magic. This is because all of the possessions of the Nexians are either created out of magic energy (their clothes) or are magic/techno-wizard items. The Nexians can only transform magic items into energy form with them, they may not take mundane objects with them. While some Nexians may have some non-magic items, most will not as they like being able to change back to energy form at any time, and hate leaving anything behind.

Many would think that being beings of pure magic energy, that the Nexians would be able to accomplish anything that a normal spell could accomplish. While this is true to an extent, it is not totally true. Nexians can manipulate magic to accomplish the same things that a spellcaster could, they are limited in similiar ways as normal spellcasters. Nexians need to learn or figure out how to manipulate the energy around them and within them to accomplish the desired effects. This means that they have to basically learn like everyone else, they can't just do it. Nexians begin with many, but not a huge amount of spells. As Nexians advance, they learn to manipulate energy in new ways, and hence gain more spells. They may not learn spells from normal spellcasters as their magic is performed on a more basic level, and they can not learn them form other Nexian, as each Nexian is unique.

Nexians often go amoungst societies that do not recognize them as alien spellcasters or even as other humanoids if they have learned some magic to change their shape. Almost nothing is known about Nexian society including where they came from. It is a common theory that they either came from a dimension of tremendous magic energy (a thousand times that of rifts earth), but with very little rifts activity (the reason it has not been discovered). Another theory is that Nexians are born when a very powerful rift opens (this would explain their control over Nexus points and rifts).

R.C.C. Powers and Abilities

  1. Automatically sense the opening, closing, and location of all dimensional rifts within 50 miles + 10 miles per level of experience.

  2. Automatically senses the opening and closing of dimensional rifts, envelopes, pockets, mystic portals, dimensional teleportation, and magical time/space anomalies, holes, and portals within one mile plus one mile every two levels (+1 at 3, 5, 7, etc.).

  3. Can see/sense dimensional envelopes, pockets, astral travelers, the invisible energy essence of alien intelligences and entities, and beings under the effect of magic within the range of sight or 500 feet if not in the line of sight.

  4. Ley Line Phasing. Same as a Line Walker, but unlimited in number of times.

  5. Fire blasts of raw magic energy from the hands or eyes (anywhere when in energy form). Light blasts cause 3d6 S.D.C., 1d4, 1d6, or 2d6 M.D. points of damage (can be regulated by the Nexian). Heavy blasts do 3d6, 5d6, or 1d4x10 M.D. damage. Range is 1000 feet for light blasts or 500 feet for heavy blasts (200 feet for 1d4x10 M.D.). One heavy blast or two light blasts can be fired per melee attack.

  6. Can absorb energy at nexus points and from ley lines. Energy causes the nexian to regenerate 2d6 M.D.C. per melee round on ley lines or 1d4x10 M.D.C. per melee at nexus points. If completely healed, then P.P.E. will regenerate at 15 P.P.E. every 10 minutes on ley lines or 5 P.P.E per melee round at nexus points! They can also tap double the amount of P.P.E. than normal practitioners of magic.

  7. Nexians can control ley line nexus points! Like some alien intelligences, when a Nexian is on a Nexus point, they can control the amount of energy available by chanelling the energy through their bodies. This means that they can prevent all other beings from tapping the energy from that nexus point, and can also prevent rifts from opening at the nexus point. They can also create rifts at nexus points to any dimension known to them, or randomly. Chance to control a minor nexus point is 100% unless controlled by another being. To control a minor nexus point controlled by another being, or a super nexus, requires a roll of 50%+3% per level. If a super nexus is controlled by another being, it requires a roll of 25+3% per level to take control. (Note: If it was a nexian previously in control, they can try the same thing and retake control.)

  8. Other abilities: Can see in all spectrums of light and radiation (including thermal radiation). Nightvision (1000 feet). Do not require food or sleep (gather magic energy from around themselves). Doesn't breathe air. Energy attacks inflict half damage when in energy form, 75% when solid. Kinetic attacks do no damage in energy form, full damage in solid form. Magic attacks can be absorbed! On a successful parry against a magic attack, Nexians heal 1d6 M.D. If the Nexian fails to parry, they suffer half damage (applies to all magic attacks even if the Nexian is not aware of the attack). Can fly when in energy form and pass through most solid structures. Cannot pass through force fields, phase fields, or magic barriers. Also cannot pass through mega-damage sealed military vehicles (robots and PA included). Regenerate 3d6 M.D. per minute. Cannot receive cybernetic or bio-wizard implants, they are not compatible.

Nexian - Alien Energy Being

Alignment: Any, but unprincipled and anarchist are most common (they tend to be rather thoughtless beings, with just a lust to explore). Attributes: I.Q. 3d6, M.E. 4d6, M.A. 3d6, P.S. 3d6+10, P.P. 6d6, P.E. 5d6, P.B. 3d6, Spd. 4d6 (200 mph +10/level in energy form) (Physical skills only appropriate when in solid form, P.S. and P.E. are considered supernatural) Size: Six to nine feet tall in solid form, varies in energy form (One to fifteen feet in diameter maximum, can change size at will). Weight: 200-500 pounds when solid, weightless when in energy form. M.D.C.: 100+P.E.x10+15 per level. S.D.C./Hit Points: N/A. Horror Factor: 12 when they reveal themselves as energy beings. P.P.E.: 100+1d4x100+50 per level (250-550 at first level). Average Life Span: 5 to 10 thousand years average. Natural Abilities: See description of R.C.C. powers (above). Psionic Powers: Mind Block Auto-Defense only. Magic Powers: See description number __ under R.C.C. powers. Choose 2 spells from each of the levels from 1-6, and one spell from each of the levels 7-15 and two spells from any level for each level of experience (including first). Most areas of magic are available including normal spells, temporal magic, elemental, biomancy, african witch spells (not at first level), necromancy (not at first level), and magic chants/dances/ceremonies (same effect, but don't require ceremonies or chants). The only magic not available is wards, circles, and runes, and any other magic that requires physical manifestations. (Note 1: Any normal spell that requires rituals such as Summon and Control Canines, is cast without the physical requirements. Protection circles creates an invisible barrier the same size as which would normally be drawn. Note 2: While spells from many areas are available, Nexians do not gain any of the special abilities that belong to normal spellcasters.) Combat: Typically five (5) hand to hand attacks per melee, or ten light energy blasts, or five heavy energy blasts, or three(!) by magic. Add one melee attack at levels five, ten, and fifteen. Bonuses: +5 to save vs. magic (+1 at levels 3, 9, 15), +4 to strike in hand to hand (+1 at levels 5, 9, 14), +6 to strike with energy blasts (+1 at levels 4, 8, 12), +4 to parry and dodge, +2 to initiative (+5 in energy form), +2 to save vs. psionics. Vulnerabilities/Penalties: Nil. R.C.C. Skills: Nexians have minimal training, they tend to rely on their natural abilities. Select four languages (+20%), literate in two languages (+10%), radio: basic (+10%), tracking (+5%), first aid (+5%), prowl (+15%), two pilot skills (+10%), basic math (+5%), streetwise (+10%), all lore skills (+5%/+25% if in regards to magic), and two weapon proficiencies. Secondary Skills: Select 8 skills from any category except electronics, mechanical, medical, and physical. Plus select two at level four and one at levels seven, eleven, and fourteen. Alliances and Allies: None really, tend to be loners. When they do make friends, they are very dedicated. Tend to prefer magical beings and practitioners of magic. Enemies: Evil supernatural beings love to enslave and/or destroy Nexians for unknown reasons (especially the Splugorth). Equipment: A magical and/or techno-wizard weapons (including lesser rune weapons at the G.M.'s discretion), a set of light magic armour (60-140 M.D.C.), and perhaps some minor magical/techno-wizard items. The Nexian may have non-magical items, but they are generally not carried unless they are hiding amongst normal humanoids (disguise) or they have a place to put them if they want to change into energy form (Dimensional Envelopes/Pockets are common). Money: Nexians generally carry little money on them as it cannot change when they go into their energy form, but they often have a stash of funds with 3d6x100 credits. Those that can create dimensional pockets/ envelopes may also carry money that way. In addition they will have 2d6x1000 credits in minor magical trinkets for use in trade. Cybernetics and Bionics: Impossible! Mechanical implants are not possible in an energy being. Even when in solid form implants are automatically rejected and regenerated. Special Note: If a limb is cut or blown off of a Nexian, it is instantly reformed from the energy of the rest of the body, but the damage is only regenerated normally.

EXPERIENCE: Use the dragon's experience table.

By: Jason Bridgman ()



    This is the Predator as seen in both movies and countless comic books.

Self-described as "Hunters," these alien beings live their life for the Hunt, where they prove themselves to be the best of the best. They hunt and kill the most powerful creatures/people in an area until they are the ultimate champions. They also follow an elaborate set of rules designed to govern how they are to go about the Hunt, although there are Rogues, who are deemed unworthy of participating in the Hunt and are killed on sight, without honor. The Predators also fight amongst themselves for status in their clan. Aside from that, Predator clans get along very well, as do their constituent members (for the most part). They are effectively a military society whose sole purpose in life is to hunt.

NOTE: These are NOT humans. they do NOT have human standards and have NO regrets about killing ANYONE. Players and GMs should keep this in mind when determining if they should be allowed - this type of antisocial character can REALLY screw up a campaign (if played properly [grin]).

Alignment: 98% are Aberrant (they follow their Code of Honor and have little else in the way of emotion), with the remaining being Unprincipled, Anarchist, or Miscreant. Anarchists or Miscreants are ALWAYS Rogues.

IQ: 3D6, ME: 3D6+3, MA: 3D4, PS: 4D6+6, PP: 4D6, PE: 5D6, PB: 2D6-2 (Minimum of 1. Note: All Predators appear male without inspection of the genital area), Spd: 4D6

Requirements: IQ: 7, PS: 16, PE: 16 These are not natural necessities, but reflect the fact that stupid or weak Predators die. Invariably.

Horror Factor: 10 unmasked HP: 1D6 x 10 + PE SDC: 1D6 x 50 ISP: None Permanent Base PPE: 6D6 - Their Code of Honor is like a religion to them, and has been passed on for generations. They are very attractive to PPE. However, they can have NOTHING to do with magic - no techno-wizard devices, etc. They rely on technology and themselves and dislike magic in the extreme - it is not an honorable weapon. They do not get along with mages and will kill them without hesitation if provoked in the least.

Average life span: 10 - 20 years Natural life span: Anybody's guess. They invariably die before getting there. They are fully mature at age 3, and extremely old Predators (80+) show signs of weakening (-2 to all physical attributes except PB) Height: 7' + 2D6" Weight: 240lbs + 4D6lbs

Natural Abilities: Thermal vision to 600'. Blinded for 1D4 melees if surprised by a heat source as large or larger than a torch. However, this does give them the same vision in the night as in the day. And no, coating oneself with mud does not hide you. (Arnie got away the first time because he had been in freezing cold water and was about the same temperature as the surrounding jungle. The second time was just ridiculous.) Track by heat 90%, -10%/10 min (NOT -1%/minute, you math geniuses out there... this is by design)

Heals 2D6 HP/SDC every hour.

Mimic Sounds/Speech: Predators instinctively understand ALL languages. They can also perfectly mimic any sound they hear, and understand the meaning of what they say. Their speech generally comes out in snippets, clips of language from various people. (GM's note - you might want to make your PCs write down language strips that they want to be able to say... hey, even Predators can't remember everything...) Their proficiency in a given language is related to the number of hours they have heard it spoken - 10% per hour, max 60%. This refers to SPEAKING - they always UNDERSTAND at 100% proficiency!

Hear a whisper up to 30' away.

Leap 15 feet across (25, if running) or 10 feet straight up.

Damage from Hand-to-Hand Attacks: Restrained Punch: 1D6 (SDC) Punch: 3D6 Kick: 4D6 Claw: 1D6 Bear Hug: 3D6 Flip/Throw: 2D6 Jump Kick: 1D6 x 10 (all also receive PS bonus)

Bonuses: +1 attack +3 Roll with Punch +2 Parry/Dodge +4 initiative +40% Save vs. Coma/Death +2 Save vs. Poison +7 Save vs. Horror Factor +3 Save vs. Insanity

RCC Skills: Detect Ambush (+30%) Tracking (+30%) Wilderness Survival (+20%) First Aid (+5%) Hand-to-Hand: Assassin (treated as if they were 2 levels higher then they actually are) Acrobatics Athletics Boxing Prowl (+40%) Pilot: Small Spacecraft (Phase World, Base skill: 60%, + 3% per level) WP - Pick 3 ancient and 4 modern Hunting Land Navigation (+10%) Skin and Prepare Animal Hides (+30%)

Other Skills: Pick 5 from the following list. Gains 1 at 4th, 7th, 10th, 13th, and 15th

Communications: Any Domestic: Cook and Fishing only Electrical: None Espionage: Detect Concealment, Escape Artist, Pick Locks, and Sniper only (+15%) Mechanical: None Medical: Holistic Medicine and Paramedic (counts as 2 skill selections) only (+10%) Military: Any (+20%) Physical: Any (+20%) Pilot: None to start (may be added later) Pilot Related: Any Rogue: None Science: Any except Archaeology, Chemistry, Chemistry: Analytical, and Mathematics: Advanced Technical: Literacy and both Lores only WP: Any Wilderness: Any (+15%)

Secondary Skills: Pick 3 from the above list, without the bonuses.

Standard Equipment: * described below Predator Hunting Armor, Predator Battlearmor, Plasma Caster, Collapsible Spear, Boomerang Disc, Hunting Mask, Net Gun*, 1D4 pouches, 1D6 skulls/bones from humanoid creatures - typically worn as a necklace, RMK, IRMSS, First-Aid Kit (part of Hunting Armor), may have 2 E-Pistols/Rifles and 1 ancient weapon of choice, but if so, the forego the Hunting Armor and First Aid Kit

Starts off with no vehicle.

Money: None - do not need or want any

Cybernetics: None, and will not willingly get any, even to save their own life. They prefer to be crippled - battle scars show honor. If they cannot fight, they die.

NOTE: All Predators (except Rogues) must follow the Code of Honor (described below). To seriously break the Code is to become a Rogue.


    Sometimes, if a humanoid proves worthy, a single Predator or a group

of them will take the person under their wing, teaching them the ways of the Hunt. The change in these people is remarkable; however, they are still only human. They often DO feel regret for those they kill, and are never treated as full members of Predator society, though one or two Predators will often form a close bond with the individual. They are all formidable opponents, and have earned the right to Hunt.

Alignment: Scrupulous, Any Selfish, or Aberrant. Most are Scrupulous or Unprincipled.

Bonuses: +3 ME, +6 PS, + 1D6 PP, + 4 PE, + 1D4 Spd, + 10 HP, + 6D6 SDC (Considered to be a Man of Arms)

Requirements (after ALL bonuses): IQ:7, PS: 14, PE: 14

ISP: None Permanent Base PPE: 4D6 NOTE: Their weight is slightly above normal. Add 1D6 x 10 lbs to a normal human weight.

Bonuses: +1 attack +2 Roll with Punch +1 Parry/Dodge +3 initiative

Quick Healing: Heals 1D6 HP/SDC per hour.

OCC Skills: Detect Ambush (+15%) Tracking (+30%) Wilderness Survival (+5%) Hand-to-Hand: Assassin Athletics Boxing Prowl (+25%) WP - Pick 5 Hunting Land Navigation

Other Skills: Pick 8 from the following list. Gains 1 at 4th, 7th, 10th, 13th, and 15th levels

Communications: Any (+5%) Domestic: Any Electrical: Basic only Espionage: Any except Pick Pockets and Forgery (+10%) Mechanical: None Medical: Holistic Medicine, First Aid, and Paramedic (counts as 2 skill selections) only (+5%) Military: Any (+10%) Physical: Any (+15%) Pilot: Any except Robots and Power Armor, Robot Combat Basic and Elite Pilot Related: Any Rogue: Any except Pick Pockets (+5%) Science: Any except Archaeology and Chemistry: Analytical Technical: Any (+10%) WP: Any Wilderness: Any (+10%)

Secondary Skills: Pick 6 from the above list without bonuses.

Standard Equipment: * described below Predator Hunting Armor, Plasma Caster, Collapsible Spear, Boomerang Disc, Hunting Mask, Net Gun, 1D6 pouches, RMK, IRMSS, First Aid Kit (part of Hunting Armor), E-Rifle and 2 clips, knife or short sword (non-vibro)

Starts off with no vehicle.

Money: 1D4 x 100 credits

Cybernetics: None; if they ever receive ANY, they will be rejected from Predator society. If they ever hunt again, they are fair game for other Predators - they've gone Rogue.

NOTE: Must follow Predator's Code of Honor (see below)

PREDATOR'S CODE OF HONOR (does not apply to Rogues, and to severely break is to become a Rogue) -When fighting an honorable opponent, match the weapon as closely as possible (no long-range weapons vs. melee weapons, nor vibro-blades vs. SDC swords, etc.) -Always take a trophy and keep it FOREVER! If it is lost or stolen, recovery is IMPERATIVE TO KEEPING ONE'S HONOR!! -Invisibility is not fair in Hand-to-Hand combat with an honorable opponent. -In death, take your enemies with you. -Never back down from an honorable challenge. -Be submissive to greater warriors. -Fight until death or victory. -Equalize the odds by any means possible (this means that parties are not protected by the Code - a Predator will pick them off, one by one, until one remains) -An honorable opponent is defined as one who obeys the Code, more or less. In addition, MOST Predators will not kill opponents (honorable or not) who are helpless or too easy a target (will not kill an unconscious victim, nor an honorable opponent who is merely standing in the open, unawares).

NOTE: There are NO rules when it comes to actual COMBAT. They fight to win, and will not hesitate to use dirty tricks or unsportsmanlike attacks (i.e. - kneecap or groin)

PREDATOR HUNTING ARMOR 45 MDC, AR: 12 Wire mesh covers body, armor plates on both shoulders, forearms, shins, thighs, as well as the groin area (5 MDC apiece). However, the mesh emits a field which dissipates energy attacks. This provides an AR of 17 and 80 MDC against Plasma, Ion, and Laser weapons, as well as vibro blades (which do inflict SDC damage, if they roll between 12 and 17). The mesh's MDC regenerates at a rate of 1D4 MDC per minute, recharging via a standard 20-year nuclear battery. The mesh itself is an SDC structure, and can take 30 SDC before tearing and reducing the amount of MDC output by half and dropping the AR to 15. If it takes 80 SDC, it is basically destroyed. However, it is EXTREMELY hard to hit - called shots are -8 to strike. There is a chance that an attack accidentally hits it, as well - any roll of 24 or higher (obviously modified), or any natural twenty does damage to the SDC of the mesh. NOTE: The mesh does not protect the Predator from SDC damage - all damage done to it is taken by the Predator as well. It DOES prevent MDC damage.

The forearm portions of the armor (5 MDC ea.) contain various interesting implements. In the right forearm are two claws. These can be extended and used as a weapon to deal 2d6 x 10 SDC + PS bonus, or their vibro-component can be activated, making them mega-damage weapons which deal 3D6 MD (total - the two blades attack together, and cannot be used one at a time)

The left forearm contains the Predator's most deadly tool: The cloaking device. When activated, it bends electromagnetic energy around the Predator, effectively rendering it invisible. It can in fact be seen, as it has a shimmering outline - Detect Concealment has a -50% penalty if it is not moving, and a -25% penalty if moving. If the character does not have Detect Concealment, their base percentage to spot a MOVING Predator is equal to their IQ divided by two. See the Invisible has NO EFFECT. In addition, Lasers do NO damage - the light is bent around the Predator to reform on the other side, continuing on to hit whatever is behind it. Ion and Particle beam weapons do 1/2 damage, but all attackers are -8 to strike. Invisible Predators have Prowl values of 95%. Fortunately, there are limitations - it can only be active for 1 hour before it must recharge - recharging takes a time equal to the amount of time it was active. However, it is constantly recharging, so it can be used briefly for long periods of time (30 minutes an hour indefinitely).

Lastly, on the left forearm there is a keypad which is used to detonate the nuclear power pack, in the event that the Predator is mortally wounded or captured with no hope of escape. The explosion does 1D6 x 50 MD to everything within a 200' radius, 1/2 that to everything within 300', and 1/10 that to everything within 500' (NOTE: these are not cumulative - imagine 3 cocentric circles. Inside the first does 1D6 x 50 MD, between the first and the second does 1/2 that, etc.).

NOTE: The cloaking device/detonator can be disabled by doing 4 MD to the left forearm. This is a called shot and is -3 to strike in melee, and -3 for every 50', long-range.

The left shoulder contains a first aid kit which has tools that can be used to perform first aid on a Predator (not all standard techniques that work on humans work on Predators, since their physiology is different) NOTE: The human Predators will have human first aid kits.

PREDATOR BATTLEARMOR: 150 MDC, -20% Prowl, 25 lbs, AR: 19 (Does not include head protection)

Heavy Battlearmor specifically tailored for each individual Predator. It is NEVER worn in the Hunt. Even Rogues will not CONSIDER using it in the Hunt. It is used in an all-out attack, typically in the company of many other Predators. Thus, it has no cloaking device, nor does it have a nuclear detonator. In addition, Plasma Caster (see below) cannot be attached to the Battlearmor, since there is no nuclear power source for them to draw upon. Most often, E-Rifles are the weapon of choice to accompany the Battlearmor.

NOTE: It is VERY rare to see a Predator in this armor. I've seen it in ONE comic book that I've read (Aliens vs. Predator: War #1). It is really only used in all-out war.

PLASMA CASTER: This weapon is attached to the right shoulder and is hardwired to the Predator's sight. This, in combination with the triangle-shaped laser-targeting system give the Predator a +3 to strike with the Plasma Caster. Damage: 2D6 MD Range: 500' Ammo: Unlimited (connected to power source in armor) Rate of Fire: 3 per melee (15 seconds) Falls under WP: E-Pistol

COLLAPSIBLE SPEAR: A 3' long pole which telescopes to a 6' spear, pointed at both ends. Damage (+ PS bonus): Club (not telescoped): 3D6 Spear (held): 4D6 Spear (thrown): 6D6 Max Range: 150', - 1 to strike per 10' beyond 100' Falls under WP: Blunt (Including handheld spear) and WP: Archery/Targeting

BOOMERANG DISC: 10" in diameter, this small, basically circular disc always returns to the thrower. It is somewhat collapsible - it collapses in the middle, becoming ellipsoid with a minor radius of 5" (and a major radius of 10") Damage: 5D6 (does NOT get PS bonus) Max Range: 200'

HUNTING MASK: 10 MDC, adds 3 to AR of both previously mentioned armors. Provides following abilities: -Has its own, self-contained air supply. Predators CAN breathe air, but it is difficult, halving the amount of time they can exert themselves. The air system provides air for 8 hours, but replenishes itself, when possible with components of the outside air. NOTE: Predators breathe mostly methane, with a few other gasses mixed in. (Flammable? You betcha.) -Amplifies user's natural vision: adds 1000', provides passive nightvision to human wearers.

NET GUN: This is a small, handheld weapon which fires a titanium-alloy wire mesh to capture and hold prone an opponent. When the mesh is fired and scores a successful hit, the target must roll higher than the attack roll on a 1D20 to avoid being knocked down. If they attempted a dodge, however, they do not get this roll - they are automatically pinned, either to the ground approximately 20' away or to the nearest vertical structure that will support their weight. The initial attack does 2D6 SDC due to the tearing the mesh does against the body; in addition, struggling against it, or the impact with the ground/wall will do damage (even in MDC body armor, as per the tables in the RIFTS Rulebook, page 12). Treat as a high speed crash at 50 mph or a fall from 10 feet, depending upon whether they were propelled into a wall or into the ground. In addition, struggling against the mesh does 1D4 SDC per round (# of chances to break free = # of attacks per melee). It takes a combined PS of 25 to break free (most characters will need someone else's help). Predators use this to hold their prey immobile while they either dispatch with others or advance upon the helpless victim. The net gun is not used with tremendous frequency by Predators, but is one of the many weapons available to them. It falls under WP: Revolver. Other useful info: Ammo: 1 net (takes 1 minute to reload) Range: 200' Damage: see above The mesh has a total of 100 SDC, but only 20 SDC must be dealt to it to cut a hole in it big enough for a human to escape through.

These CCs were created by . Please do not call them your own, as they are not. Anyone found in violation of this policy will be taken behind the building and tickled until they can no longer breathe. Predators and their likenesses are most likely (c), (tm), (r), (ugly), and (property of) Paramount Pictures. Use them at your own risk, fully realizing that giant tomatoes can fall out of the sky and crush your house at any moment, thanks to the Greenhouse Effect.


Psi-Pilot O.C.C. The psi-pilot is a pilot which has had his latent psychic powers developed into an affinity for vehicles. These are the greatest pilots in the three galaxies, being able to get the most out of any vehicle they fly.

Atribute Requirements: P.P. and I.Q. of 12 or higher, also see attribute bonuses. O.C.C. Abilities and Bonuses: 1. Attribute Bonuses: Psi-Pilots have a +1d6 to P.P., +1d4 to M.E. and +3d6 to S.D.C. (or +2d4 if M.D.C.). 2. Innate Telemechanics: A limited, but special, form of telemechanics is developed allowing the pilot to partially control their vehicle using their minds. The psi-link requires no I.S.P. (Note: they have no other psi-powers). This amazing ability allows them to react more quickly, and fully utilize a vehicle to its maximum potential. The power also allows them to pilot vehicles for which they have not been trained, including alien vehicles. Vehicles for which the psi-pilot has not been trained is at 60% of the normal base + I.Q. bonus if any. (e.g. Psi-pilot finds a helicopter, but he is not trained. After linking into the vehicle (one melee action) the pilot can now fly with a skill of 21% plus his I.Q. bonus, if any. (60% of 35%)). If the psi-pilot is trained in the type of vehicle, but it is an alien vehicle, the pilot may use it at no penalty after one melee (-10% until then). 3. Bonuses for Psi-link: When linked to a vehicle, the Psi-pilot gains the following bonuses- +4 to initiative, +2 attacks, +3 to strike, and +3 to dodge. All bonuses are in addition to training bonuses. O.C.C. Skills: Language: Native language (98%) Language: Select one additional (+30%) Literacy: Native language (98%) Radio: Basic (+10%) Basic Math (+10%) Pilot: Space Fighter (+30%) Pilot: One air/space vehicle (+30%) Pilot: Any two (+20%) Fighter Combat Elite [one type] Fighter Combat Basic EVA (+10%) Weapon Systems (+15%) Read Sensory Equipment (+15%) Computer Operation (+5%) W.P.: Any two Hand to Hand: Expert Hand to Hand: Expert can be changed to martial arts (or assassin) at the cost of one "other" skill. O.C.C. Related Skills: Select 7 other skills. Plus select two additional skills at levels four, and seven, and one at levels nine, twelve and fifteen. Communications: Any (+10%) Domestic: Any Electrical: Basic only (+5%) Espionage: Wilderness survival only. Mechanical: Automotive and basic only. Medical: First aid only. Military: Demolitions only. Physical: Any, excluding acrobatics. Pilot: Any (+15%) Pilot Related: Any (+10%) Rogue: Streetwise only. Science: Any (+5% on math) Technical: Any (+5%) W.P.: Any Wilderness: Land navigation and hunting only. Secondary Skills: The character can select four secondary skills from the previous list. These are additional areas of knowledge that do not get the advantage of the bonus listed in parenthses. Standard Equipment: Space capable M.D.C. body armour suit, two energy weapons and an S.D.C. weapon. Also has ammunition/E-clips for all weapons, knife, hand-help communicator, as well as personal items. Will always have access to some sort of fighter or ship (either owns one or is in military). Money: 4d6x1000 for an independant or 1d6x100 for military pilot. Cybernetics and Bionics: None to start with. Will avoid them because they interfere with the link. More than two cybernetic implants or any bionics totally destroys the psi-link power.

By: Jason Bridgman



A Rising Knight is someone who was offered to become a Cosmo-Knight but decided to take a slow path there. At about 10th level or so they become true full cosmo-knights...increase everything as needed. Also...fallen knights can become Cosmo-Knights again (if they recognized their wrong doing and are trying to fix it/be forgiven). At level 10 or so (if the player announced when the char was created that he/she watns to become a knight again) then they can become Rising Knights...and 10 levels after becoming a Rising Knight they become Cosmo-Knights again. Fallen knights that have become Cosmo-Knights again are not looked down upon...just the opposite. They are considered strong people who saw their errors, fixed them and started and completed a long, hard journey to fight for the force of good once more. GM Note: Reborn Cosmo-Knights will never betray their Code or fall...ever again. So if a Reborn Knight wants to do something that will cause it to fall...don't let it. You're the conscious of the character, unless you have good players. Fallen Knights that are in the proces of Rising will be cheered on by their fellow Rising and Cosmo-Knights. Alignment: Same as Cosmo-Knight Attributes: Same as Cosmo-Knight

Size: Varies with race MDC: 2D6x10+30, plus add 2D6 MDC per level of experience. Their Comsic Armor adds an additional 250 MDC. -Half that of a Full Cosmo-Knight HF: Same as Cosmo-Knight PPE: 5D4x10 +100, plus 5D4 per level of experience Average Life Span: Same as Cosmo-Knight

POWERS OF THE COSMO-KNIGHT: Weakness: Same as the Cosmo-Knight 1. Resistance to Energy: Same as Cosmo-Knight but dramatically reduced. Fire, plasma, etc... does 1/20 damage and all other energy blast do 1/2 damage.

  1. Superluminal Flight: Same as Cosmo-Knight

  2. Cosmic Blasts: Reduced version of Cosmo-Knight power. -DAMAGE: In an atmosphere, these beams inflict 1D6x10 MDC at level 1 and an additional 1D6x10 at levels 4, 8 and

    1. Same in space, cannot be increased like a normal Cosmo-Knight. -RANGE: 2000 feet, plus 200 feet per level of experience in an atmosphere. 2.5 Miles (4 Km) in space, cannot be increased. -BONUSES: +3 to strike, in addition to normal hand to hand combat bonuses.
  3. Galactic Awareness: Same as Cosmo-Knight

  4. Bio-Regeneration: 1D4x10 MDC per minute

  5. Cosmic Armor: Same as Cosmo-Knight except with less

    MDC. Only provides 250 MDC.

  6. Cosmic Weapon: Same as Cosmo-Knight, but cannot have any extra powers added to it.

  7. MDC Conversion: Same as Cosmo-Knight

  8. Bonuses: Same as Cosmo-Knight

OCC Skills, Other Skills, Secondary Skills, Damage, Combat, etc...are the same as a Standard Cosmo-Knight.

Rising Knights use the Cosmo-Knight XP table.


Rune Caster O.C.C.

Attribute Requirements: Minimum P.E. of 10. Note: Only S.D.C. races may become rune casters. Also, races with scales or natural armour cannot be rune casters as the runes must be inscribed on the skin. (As an interesting note on humans and other races which normally have body hair is that they lose all body hair on their arms, legs, and torso. Wolfen have a particular dislike for this a property, and hence only a handful have become rune casters.) Only humanoids are allowed (because body runes only work on humanoids). True Atlanteans and any beings with magic tattoos may not become rune casters because the tatoos interfere with body runes. Typical Alignments: Scrupulous and unprincipled are most common, although any alignment is available. Evil rune casters are extremely rare. O.C.C. Abilities and Bonuses: 1. Mega-damage transformation! By enscribing the body with runes, the caster becomes a mega-damage being. Base M.D.C. is 3d6x10, plus 2d6 M.D.C. per level of experience. Note some runes and rune spells may add to the M.D.C. of the caster. 2. Attribute Bonuses: +2 to P.S. and P.E. +1 to M.E. Also the rune caster gets any normal bonuses do to race and skills. 2. Combat Bonuses: +1 to initiative, +2 to parry and dodge, +3 to parry with rune weapons (including long range attacks, which means only a -1 penalty -- +5 total parry bonus). All bonuses are in addition to attribute and skill bonuses. 3. Resistance Bonuses: +3 to save vs. magic and psionic attacks. Immune to poisons an toxins (a side effect of the runes). 4. Rune covered bodies. All rune casters have almost their entire bodies covered with runes. Only the head, palms of the hands, and bottoms of the feet are free of runes. The runes go as high as the base of the neck in the front and the hair line in the back of the head, as well as on the fingers until the first nuckle, but not on the toes. The runes have assorted functions ranging from protection to attack to healing. All rune casters have the following body runes: heart rune, basic protection rune, healing rune, and the warning rune. Also select three more body runes at first level. Also see below. Note some of the more powerful runes DO require being drawn on the face (greater healing) and many rune casters have meaningless symbols drawn on their faces for decoration. 5. Rune Magic. The rune caster is a master of rune magic, and as such has the following abilities: Recognize real runes and rune weapons 80%+2%/level, identify runes, wards, and symbols 60%+3%/level. Cast rune spells. Knows a total of 10 rune spells, two augmentations, and they have seven slots for more spells/abilities or body runes. (A rune caster may learn two spells per ability slot.) Add one new rune spell/ability or body rune at each level after first. Also, all rune casters can create rune weapons, but the time, materials and P.P.E. required makes the skill of little practical use. Base P.P.E. is 2d4x10 + 20 + P.E. attribute + 15 per level of experience. (First level ranges from 55-115 in addition to the characters P.E.) Rune casters can gain additional P.P.E. from the same sources as other practitioners of magic. O.C.C. Skills: Three Languages of choice (+20%) Literacy in the same three languages (+15%) Basic Math (+30%) Lore: All (+5%) Wilderness Survival (+10%) Two ancient W.P. of choice One modern W.P. of choice Hand to Hand: Basic Hand to Hand: basic can be changed to Expert at the cost of one "other" skill or martial arts (or assassin) for the cost of two "other" skills. O.C.C. Related Skills: Select 8 other skills. Plus select two additional skills at level three and one at levels six, nine, and twelve. All new skills start at level one proficiency. Communications: Any (+5%) Domestic: Any. Electrical: None. Espionage: Escape and Intelligence only. Mechanical: Basic only. Medical: First aid (+10%). Military: None. Physical: Any except gymnastics and acrobatics. Pilot: Any except robot or power armour (+5%). Pilot Related: Any (+5%). Rogue: Any. Science: Any (+5%). Technical: Any (+5%). W.P.: Any. Wilderness: Any (+10%). Secondary Skills: The character also gets to select five secondary skills. These are additional areas of knowledge that do not get the advantage of the bonus listed in parentheses. All secondary skills start at the base skill level. Also, skills are limited (any, only, none) as previously indicated in the list. Standard Equipment: Tend to avoid technology. Will have one greater and one lesser rune weapon (created while an apprentice, the greater weapon is the test to become a full rune caster)! Will also have a suit of mega-damage armour (often enchanted by runes), a modern or techno- wizard weapon appropriate for their weapon proficiency, and usually some minor rune enhanced objects depending on their rune skills. Will usually dress in clothes designed to hide their runes (only some require touch) including deep robes, capes, and gloves. Money: Will usually accumulate a small fortune by selling minor rune objects, in addition to the fortune in items they keep. Will usually have 1d6x10,000 credits and 1d4x5,000 in gems and precious metals. May or may not carry them on their person. Cybernetics and Bionics: Most would not consider these even for medical reasons. Any implants reduce magic the same as other practitioners.

NOTE: Uses the same experience as the Temporal Wizard.

by Jason Bridgman



by DaBeechMan

Actually, this is a lot like a Bot. The character literally is transformed into a rune weapon! This RCC is way powerful, with serious limitations. For one thing, the character must be Level 15 to make the transformation.

Requirements: ME: 20

Attributes: Unchanged, but drop PS, PE, PP, and Spd. You' re a weapon; you don't need them anymore!

Alignment: Roll 1d100. On a 1-50, the character reverts to Principled. On a 51-00, alignment is unchanged.

HP/SDC: None! Impervious to everything except the Magic Cauldron of Destruction (which they cannot escape from, which makes these cauldrons a serious threat.)

Magic: Same as before. Rituals and circles may not be performed unless the owner is controlled. PPE: Same as before.

Psionics: Only these may be kept, assuming the character had these: Psi-Sword (now equal to a CyberKnight's), any kind of -kinesis, healing touch, any sensitive, and induce sleep. All psionics now function at the level of the USER, not the player. ISP same as before.

Note: May be commanded to use magic or psionics. The weapon may not resist this command!

Powers: At Level 15, automatically has indestructibility and Mind Control, as well as any magic and psionics possessed before. Mind Control: The weapon may control its user at certain times. This may happen when:

1) the weapon is first handled 2) someone who the weapon thinks is more worthy comes along 3) These weapons are intelligent, and may get into arguments.

To check for control, add up the weapon's IQ, MA, and ME. The user must beat this number on 3d20 or be controlled. While under the control, the user will do ANYTHING the weapon commands. In fact, many a sword has used this to get a few more jewels on its hilt (each 10,000 credits worth of jewels increases the weapon's PB by 2) Every 2 levels, the sword may gain a new power, although Principled swords may not soul-drink. This starts at level 16.

Standard Damage: Double normal damage, then convert it to MD. Add 1 die every 4 levels. If a rune gun (like that one that looks like a dragon in the shape of a pistol) is created, the weapon starts shooting 2d6 MD pulses of force. It may shoot other things later on (fire, ice, etc.) but each new projectile counts as a power.

Limitations: The weapon may not move under its own power. The weapon only gets experience for killing things, and then only if it deals the death blow (it only has to strike the death blow, otherwise anything else can attack whatever the weapon must kill. NOTE: The weapon gets NO EXPERIENCE for soul-drinking! If the weapon should happen to get stuck in a cauldron of destruction, it may NOT try to get out. Roll percentile dice every 10 minutes. On a 1-10, someone walks by, but runs away. On a 00, someone pulls the weapon out of the cauldron. NOTE: for every hour spent in the cauldron, the weapon loses a level of EXPERIENCE. Increase the chance of being rescued by 2% every time someone walks by. If the weapon in the cauldron less than an hour, no damage is done. Otherwise, round fractions up. May not use skills. Totally dependent on its user in this field. If the user is controlled, the weapon may use its skills through the user, but not the user's skills.

Average Life Span: Indefinite

OCC/RCC: Any OCC or RCC may be a rune weapon, so long as it was 15th level in that OCC or RCC when it was transformed.

Gear: None

Cybernetics/Bionics: On a weapon? I don't think so!

Uses the Ancient Chiang-Ku experience table (levels 16-26). After this, the weapon must double their EXPERIENCE to get to the next level. May rise as high as it can, until it gets all the powers (which takes a while.) After this, raise the MD of the weapon 1 die every level.

NOTE: These weapons are INCREDIBLY rare! Currently, there are known to be: 3 swords (one each in North America, Ireland, and Phoenix) 1 staff (in the NGR somewhere) 1 axe (Triax found it, but they can't seem to find a way to duplicate it; they think it's some kind of technology) 1 sharpened boomerang (where else-it's in Australia) 5 daggers (scattered all over the place).


Shocker RCC

    You've all seen the Buster, and his psionic control of fire

and heat. You may have seen my Icer RCC, with his psionic control of ice, snow, and cold. As you may have guessed, here is the Shocker. This RCC has psionic control of electricity.

Attribute Requirements: IQ 6, ME 11, PP 7, SPD 7

PPE: 3D6

Psionics Chose 2 powers from each category but Super, and get the following special powers:

Impervious to Electricity: Even MD damage bolts (Particle Weapons) do NO damage. Ion weapons do only 1/2. Laser weapons do 3/4 damage.

Shield from Electricity

A shield can be erected that blocks electricity. It has the same effect as the above power on MD weapons. RNG: 20 feet +3 feet per level of experience. ISP: 5 Duration: 3 minutes +1 minute per level of the Shocker

Lightning Storm

The ability to create a freak lightning storm. This makes the weather turn nasty and a storm to appear. It's just a normal lightning storm, but they're still lethal. RNG: 50 feet or 2 miles ISP: 3 or 20, Duration: 3 minutes or 30 minutes.

Electric Blast

The ability to shoot a bolt of lightning at an opponent. RNG: 200 feet for SDC, 700 Feet for MD, DMG: 3d6 SDC, 5d6 SDC, 1d4 MD, 2d6 MD, 4d6 MD, 1d6x10 MD, ISP: 3, 5, 6, 9, 13, 25.

ISP: 3d4x10 ISP (+7 per level of experience)

Regains 3 ISP per hour of activity, regains 10 ISP per hour of rest/meditation.


+1 vs. psionics and magic +2 to Dodge +1d6x5 to SPD +1d4 to PP +1d6 to SDC

RCC Skills

Language: Chose 1 at 85% Radio: Basic (+20%) Basic Electronics (+40%) General Athletics HTH: Basic (Can be switched to Expert for 4 Other Skills.) 1 WP of choice

RCC Related Skills: Chose 4 OTHER skills. Chose 2 more at levels 3, 5, 8, 11, and 14.

Communications: Any (+5%) Domestic: Any Electrical: Any (+20%) Wilderness Survival (+10%) Mechanical: Automotive, Mechanical Engineer (The latter Counts as 3 skills, not available as a secondary skill.) Medical: First Aid or Paramedic (+5%)(Paramedic counts 2 skill selections) Military: Any (+5%) Physical: Any but Acrobatics, Boxing, and Wrestling Pilot: Any Pilot Related: Any Rogue Skills: Any Science: Chemistry and Basic and Advanced Mathematics (+5%) Technical: Any (+10%) WP: Any Land Navigation (+5%)

Secondary Skills: Chose 3 skills from the list above without bonuses.

Standard Gear: Light MD body armor of choice, MD laser pistol or vibrodagger. Clothes, boots, sunglasses or tinted goggles, canteen, backpack.

Credits: Starts with 1d4x50 Credits.

Cybernetics: Will never get cybernetic nor bionic augmentation. May consider cybernetics to replace lost body parts or for other medical reasons.


Silver Ball RCC

    The Silver Ball is a race of highly intelligent sphere-shaped

bipeds that are powerful psionics. They have no home world and are megaverse explorers. They seem to have no real love, they just like to wander and explore. Use the dragon experience table, but add 500 to reach level 2, 1000 to reach level 5, and 3000 to reach level 10. Silver balls have no sex, cannot reproduce unless they are at least 3000 years old, and have no features except a silver ball shaped body with a slant on the front for an eye, and two thin arms and two thin legs with bird like feet.

Alignment: Any, but few are evil and most (about 70%) are Unprincipled.

Attributes: IQ 5D6+3, ME 4D6+4, MA 3D6, PS 2D6, PP 2D6+2, PE 3d4, PB 4D6, Spd 1d6x10.

MDC: 1d6x25 +5 per level of experience

AWE: 7

Magic: When rolling up your Silver Ball, roll 1d10. On a 1-3 the character has no magic and only 2d4 PPE. Add 10 MDC and 1 to PS and SPD. On a 4-8, the character can chose 3 first level spells, with an additional spell at levels 3, 7, and 10. The levels you can chose from are: at level 3, spell levels 1 and 2, at level 7, spell levels 1-4, at level 10, spell levels 1-6. The character has 1d4x10 +10 PPE to begin with and gains 3 PPE per level of experience. On a 9 or 0 (10), the character can chose 5 spells from levels 1-3. At level 3 and 5, chose 2 spells from levels 1-5. At level 7, chose 1 spell from levels 1-8. At level 12, chose 3 spells from level 1-11. Base PPE is 2d6x10 +5 per level of experience. -1 PS and -5 MDC.

Psionics: When creating your silver ball, roll 1d12. On a 1, the silver ball may only chose 1 psionic from the sensitive category and only has 1d4 ISP, +1 per level of experience. Add 1 to PS and 5 to MDC. On a 2-4, the character may chose 2 psionics from all categories but super. The character has 2d6+ME ISP to begin with, and gains 2 per level of experience. On a 5-10, The character may chose 3 psionics from all categories but super. Plus the character gets PSI-SWORD at level 5. Base ISP is 1d4x10+ME. Add 3 per level of experience. Note that on both the above two, that's 2 and 3 from each category as in you chose 2 from Sensitive., 2 from Physical., and 2 from healer. NOT You only get 2 from all three. Thus, a 2-4 really has 6 psionics, and a 5-10 has 9 (10 with psi- sword). On a 11 or 12, the character may chose 4 psionics from each category but Super {In the same way as described above, so a total of 12}. The character also gets 2 super psionics at level 1. Base ISP is 2d4x10+ME, add 5 ISP per level of experience. At level 3, 7, 9, and 12, chose 1 psionic from any category but super (This means 1 from each, for 3). At levels 2, 6, and 13, chose 1 psionic from super ONLY.

Saves vs. Psionics as minor if you rolled a 1-4, as a major if you rolled a 5-10, as a master 11 or 12.

Other Powers

Immune to gases and poisons (Except MD corrosive) Regenerates 1d6 MDC every 3 minutes. Cannot be turned into vampire. If a vampire bites a Silver Ball, the same thing happens as with an Ironoid, they permanently lose 3D6 HP.

Average Life Span: 500 years

Habitat: None. Does not need anything, and could care less what its environment is. Can be in temperatures as low as -130 degrees to as high as 500 degrees without discomfort.

Friends: Dragons and Titans seem to like Silver Balls

Enemies: Metztla hate Silver Balls for reasons unknown (there is no reason, really)

Size: The main body (Ball) is about a foot in diameter. Height is from 3 to 7 feet.

Weight: From 230 to 700 lbs.

RCC Skills

Math: Basic at 98% 1 science skill of choice at +30% 2 Languages at 96% 1 Literacy at 92% HTH: Basic

RCC Related Skills: Chose 7 at level one, 2 more at levels 3, 6, and 12.

Communications: Any (+10%) Domestic: Any Electronics: Any (+5%) Detect Ambush (Only available to ones with the least psionic power) Detect Concealment Forgery (+5%) Intelligence (+5%) Mechanical: ANY (+5%) Medical: First Aid only (+10%) Military: Any Climbing Pilot: Any but Robots or Power Armor (+10%) Pilot Related: Any (+5%) Rogue Skills: Any (+5%) Science: Any (+10%) Technical: Any (+10%) WP: Any Land Navigation (+5%)

Secondary Skills: Chose 3 from the above list at level one with no bonuses.

Gear: None: can't wear armor, and has no use for anything. Isn't strong enough to use many weapons, but may use some pistols. Likes Swords and Spears.

Money: None.

Cybernetics: It is not possible to design them for their strange biology.


Smurf Faerie RCC (Schtroumpf in Euro) by Jason Stephenson ()

Everyone knows the Smurfs, those lovable little blue-skinned faeries of pre- Rifts legend. They cannot fly and live in deep forests far from larger folk. They can communicate with all woodland creatures and all wild animals will obey their commands. They usually go around naked or wear clothing of spun spider silk.

Alignment: Tend toward selfish. Attributes: IQ 3D6, ME 2D6, MA 2D6, PS 1D6, PP 3D6, PE 2D6, PB 4D6+6 (minimum of 16), Spd 3D6 (remember, they can't fly). Natural Abilities: Nigthvision 90 ft., see the invisible, keen normal vision, sense the location of water 60%, sense ley lines 80%. Magic Spells: Charm, love charm, grow plants, animate plants, sense evil, summon & control animals, tongues, and the faeries dance. Combat: 3 hand to hand or 3 with magic. Additional Bonuses: +1 to save vs. magic. R.C.C.: creature of magic and nature/woodland faerie R.C.C. Skills: Speaks Faerie and Gobblely 98%, player characters can learn two additional languages at the base skill +10% bonus, identify plants & fruits 80%, land navigation 82%, wilderness survival 90%, preserve food 90%, track animals 60%, faerie lore 90%, sing 60%, dance 74%, pick pockets 50%, prowl 80%, climb 80/70%, and one ancient weapon proficiency of choice. Skills do not increase! Size: 6 inches (152 mm) tall Weight: 6 ounces (250 grams) Notes: Never wear armor and don't trust most big folk. Use typical faerie weapons.

Smurfberries: Turns the victim blue and causes them to become obnoxiously cheerful and friendly to the point of losing all agressive qualities. The victim will be unable to engage in combat except in self defense and then will lose all bonuses to strike, parry and dodge due to joviality and a sudden lack of concern for their personal safety. In addition, the character will begin to "talk Smurf" (that is, saying everything is Smurfy and appending Smurf to every other noun). The effects of Smurfberries last 2D6+2 hours, unless a remove curse spell is used first.


Spiker RCC

    Picture a human with spikes all over his body. Now make him

about 7 feet tall. Now color him (or her, they have no sex) silver. You have the SPIKER RCC. A genetically engineered Bio- Warrior designed as a Gargoyle killer. You'd think the NGR would like these things, but they kill them just like any other creature. Currently 157 reside on Earth. 58 are in a community in the Rocky Mountains, 69 are in a community in Poland, and the rest are lone or paired wanderers.

Alignment: Any, but mostly (83%) good.

Attributes: IQ: 3d4, ME: 3d6, MA: 2d6, PS: 5d6, PP: 4d6, PE: 4d6, PB: 2d6, SPD: 6d6.

On a roll of 17, add 1d6 (or a roll of 11 or 12 on the IQ)

MDC: 1d4x1d6x15 (Pretty cool, eh.)

Horror Factor/Awe: Equal to PB + MA Divided by 2 rounding down

PPE: 2d4x5

Natural Abilities: Has all the normal senses of a human (NOTE: The hands are NOT covered in spikes, nor are the feet.) Including vision (although there are no apparent eyes, ears, etc.), Hearing, Smell, etc. They do have 3 powers of note: 1. They can sense ALL movement within 30 feet, regardless of walls or barriers, 2. the effects of DU rounds are negated and U rounds DO heal, just takes 3x normal time. Bullets need not be removed, 3. the spike's on the characters body can all be launched. This causes 1d4x50 Damage to all within a 20 foot range, but does 1d4x20 damage to the SPIKER and the Spikes take 1d4x2 days to regrow. Until then, permanently reduce 10 MDC. All spike bonuses are canceled.

Combat: See HTH but add +1 Parry.

Damage: Strength has no effect for the Spikers.

Punch: 2d6 MD, Spike Swipe (Forearm): 4d6 MD, Kick: 2d6 MD, Knee or Elbow with Spike: 1d6x10 MD (counts as 2 attacks), Power Punch or Jump Kick: 3d6 MD (also count as 2 attacks).

Bonuses: +3 vs. Magic, +2 vs. Insanity, +5 vs. Mind Control, +2 vs. Psionics, Immune to all toxins. (Cannot and does not eat, breath, or sleep.)

Double all damage to Gargoyles (the whole family) and Vampires

Psionics: 1d4x10 ISP. Chose 3 powers from any of the three major categories (Yes, McFly, this does not include Super.)

Magic: Chose 1 spell from level 1 and 1 spell from level 2. This is the FULL effect of the characters magic knowledge and they use it as more of a natural power then a Magic Spell.

Healing: The creature heals 2d4 MD every 5 minutes.

Size: from 6' 5" to 9' 8"

Weight: From 300 to 780 lbs.

Habitat: None, lives freely anywhere. Including vacuums and under water.

Average Lifespan: 600 years. Maximum is about 3000 years.

Reproduction: They cannot reproduce. There are currently about 2 million in the megaverse (although about 1,800,000 live on just one world (their home world).


Friends: Get along (perhaps designed by) True Atlanteans, Undead Slayers, Psi-Stalkers (share a close bond with these), and Dragons.

RCC Skills

Chose 3 languages at +35% Chose 1 Literacy at +15% Detect Ambush (+20%) Detect Concealment (+15%) Tracking (+20%) Athletics: General (ignore SDC bonus) Prowl (+10%) Climbing (+5%) Lore-Demons and Monsters (+15%) Chose 3 ancient W.P. Chose 1 Modern W.P. Land Navigation (+15%) HTH: Basic (Cannot be changed, but is 1 level above character's level. A first level character would have Level 2 HTH: Basic.)

Other Skills: Chose 2 from the following list

Communications: Radio: Basic Only Domestic: Any Electrical: Electronics-Basic (+5%) Only Espionage: Any (+10%) Mechanical: Basic Mechanics Only Medical: First Aid only Military: Any (+5%) Physical: None Pilot: None Pilot Related: None Rogue Skills: Any Science: Math Basic (+5%) Technical: Any (+10% on Lores and Languages, +5% on Literacy) W.P.: Any Wilderness: Any (+5% when applicable)

Secondary Skills: Chose 1 skill without the bonuses listed above. Chose an additional one at levels 2, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 14, and 15.

Exp. Levels: Same as Dragon

Gear: Chose 1 ancient weapon that is magical and has 10 MDC and does it's normal SDC damage in MD.

Credits: 1d4x5

Cannot accept Bionics or Cybernetics, but I think you're all smart enough to figure this out by now.


Spirit RCC

    There was pain.  There was horrible pain.  Not from the death as much

as from the life -- the regret. But now... now you have a second chance... of sorts... If you can overcome your own pain, you might just last long enough to see your enemies destroyed... your love requitted... your life remembered. Spirits are the ghosts of men and women who died in extremely emotional situations which left them with some earthly thing left undone. An uncomplete Spirit cannot let go of the material world -- it fears what the afterlife might truly be like. And it yearns for completeness. Unity. Spirits are further classified into three main groups by parapsychologists: wraiths, haunts, and spectres. Wraiths are commonly good beings that serve as protectors of some sort. Either they protect a person the knew in life, or a treasure they kept hidden. Haunts seek remembrance. They want to be knwn to someone for some specific reason -- an unrequitted love or a playwrite who never finished his final masterpiece are examples. Spectres are by far the worst. Some may be good -- seeking to bring their killers to justice -- but many are evil, tormenting a specific individual or group that scorned them in life. And all spectres are violent and hostile. Spirits may have lived as any sort of being in any sort of occupation, but they start their class advancement over after death. It's a new state of life they are entering and, even though they may remember some old skills, all experiences are new to them. (Note: new Spirit characters can be made from old, deceased NPCs or PCs; keep skills and attributes as they were, but add RCC bonuses, including the extra D6 to SPD and ME. All other aspects change -- even magic is lost to the change.)

Alignments: Any Attributes: The number of six-sided dice rolled is as designated: IQ 3D6, ME 4D6, MA 2D6, PS 3D6, PP 3D6+1, PE 3D6+1, PB 3D6, SPD 4D6 Hit Points: ME +3D6, plus 1D8 per level. Horror Factor: Equal to 20 minus PB with a minimum of 7. PPE: 1D4x10 Natural Abilities: Nightvision 60'. See into both the physical and astral planes simultaneously. Detect magic, the supernatural, and psionics within 100'. Spirits are naturally invisible and intangible (note that this means Spirits can pass through walls and other obstacles -- only magical barriers and walls made of pure iron will stop them). However, this also means they can't normally interact with the physical world. They must use their psionic powers to contact the material world. All Spirits can become visible for a time, if they spend 5 ISP -- the duration is ten minutes per level, and the clarity of the image also depends on the level (a second level Spirit appears as little more than a hazy cloud, while a tenth level Spirit is almost indistinguishable from a living creature). No matter how high the Spirit's level, however, there are two unsolvable problems: when someone films or takes a photograph of the Spirit, the image always comes out blurred and ghostly, and Spirits cast no shadows. Note that exorcism spells and effects will drive a Spirits from the area for the extent of the duration. Damage and Spirits: Ordinary attacks do not damage Spirits in their natural form. Non-physical psionic and magical attacks do harm them, as do rune weapons, holy weapons, and weapons forged from pure iron. When they have taken a physical form (usually via possession), any damage done to the body does half damage to the spirit. All damage that can harm the body, regardless of whether it is SD or MD drains from the Spirit's Hit Points equally. Spirits heal Hit Points back at the rate of 1 every minute (4 melees). Spirits are also obviously immune to poisons, toxins, fire, disease, etc. in their natural form. If a Spirit loses all of its Hit Points, it is dicorporated (and ejected from any body it may be inhabiting). It must then make a saving throw versus coma/death. If the roll is successful, the Spirit will reform within 1D4 hours. If not, it is destroyed forever -- sent into eternal torment in an endless limbo dimension. Combat: One attack without any training, or those gained from Hand to Hand combat and/or boxing. Psionic attacks equal the number of Hand to Hand attacks per round. Bonuses: +1 to initiative, plus those gained from attributes and skill bonuses. Psionics: All Spirits are considered master psionics. Base ISP is equal to ME +40; add 2D4 per level. Spirits can also draw off of the ISP and PPE of those around them. Living creatures get a saving throw versus psionics to avoid having their energy drained. One point of PPE equals 4 points of ISP. At first level, Spirits have the following abilities: see aura, mind block, empathy, see the invisible, and mentally possess others (in which their soul takes total control, actually entering the host body; duration is raised to 10 minutes per level). In addition, Spirit characters may select one new power from the following list at each new even numbered level: healing touch, increased healing, induce sleep, psychic diagnosis, psychic purification, psychic surgery, alter aura, ectoplasm, levitation, resist fatigue, resist hunger, resist thirst, summon inner strength, telekinesis, clairvoyance, object read, sense evil, sixth sense, and telepathy. Those powers marked with asterisks function only on a possessed body. Spirits also gain one Super-Psionic at third level (but cannot pick Bio-Regeneration: Super, Psi-Sword, or Psi-Shield). RCC Skills: Speaks native language at 98%, plus one other at +10%. Hand to Hand combat is none -- Basic cost 1 other skill selection, Expert costs 2, and Martial Arts or Assassin cost 3. Select 7 Other Skills from the following list: Communications: any, Domestic: any (+10%), Electrical: any, Espionage: any, Mechanical: any, Medical: any (+5%), Military: any, Physical: any, Pilot: any (+5%), Pilot Related: any, Rogue: any, Science: any, Technical: any (+10%), WPs: any, Wilderness: any. Plus select 4 more Secondary Skills from that list (without the bonuses listed in parenthesis), and select one more Secondary Skill at levels 3, 6, 9, and 12. Equipment and Money: none. Cybernetics and Bionics: Obviously, they can't accquire these themselves. Spirits can possess borgs, but the victim gains a +2 to save if he is partial conversion, and +5 if he is full conversion.

XP: Use the Burster table

Christopher Watkins


Statisti RCC

Often called �Stats,� because of their phenomenal ability with

mathematics, these beings look virtually identical to humans, despite being D- Bees from another dimension. They are a race of beings who take honour quite seriously.

Alignment: Any, but most tend toward the honourable alignments of Principled Good, Unprincipled Selfish, and Aberrant Evil. Attributes: The number of dice rolled is as designated: I.Q. 3D6, M.E. 3D6+10, M.A. 2D6+2, P.S. 3D6+4, P.P. 3D6+2, P.E. 3D6+8, P.B. 3D6, Spd 2D6 M.D.C.: 3D4*10+40 on RIFTS Earth, plus 1D6 M.D.C. per level of experience. Horror Factor: None P.P.E.: 4D6 Natural Abilities: Exceptional mathematics (see skills), high physical and mental endurance, superior sense of hearing equal to cybernetic amplified hearing (see skills), and superior tactile sense (see skills). Bonuses: +3 to initiative, +1 to parry, +2 to dodge, and +2 to save vs Horror Factor in addition to those bonuses gained from attributes, O.C.C., and skills. Magic: By O.C.C. Psionics: None O.C.C.: Any O.C.C. (except Glitter Boy), including equivalents to the CS Military. However, while not opposed to bionics and cybernetics, the Statisti never go for more than partial conversion. Note: reduce the number of Secondary skills by one-half to reflect the time spent honing the character's natural abilities. Skills of Note: Speaks and is literate in Statisti at 98%, speaks one additional language at 90%, plus select one additional W.P. Exceptional Mathematics: A natural ability to automatically understand and perform advanced mathematics in one's mind with the accuracy and speed of a calculating machine. This includes simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, percentages, algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, and so on. Base Skill: 80%+4% per each level of experience. Remember Numbers: Part of the phenomenal mathematics skill is the ability to picture and remember numbers instantly and permanently. This includes phone numbers, addresses, combination lock sequences, and so on. The total recall ability is restricted exclusively to numbers. Base Skill: 76%+4% per additional level of experience. A failed roll means the number is forgotten. Additional Bonuses: Mathematical: +10% Cryptography, +5% Pick Locks, +5% Locksmith, +10% Chemistry, and +10% Chemistry: Analytical. Estimate Distance of a Sound: 60%+5% per level of proficiency. Estimate Speed of Sound's Approach or Departure: 50%+5% per level. Recognize a Sound Through Intense Concentration: 40%+5% per level of experience. Imitate a Voice: 35% + 5% per level of experience. Additional Bonuses: Superior Sense of Touch: +10% to skills that require a delicate, light touch. For example: Demolitions, Pick Pocket, Pick Lock, Palming, etc. Average Life Span: 150 years. Habitat: Can be found anywhere. Considered an alien or D-Bee on RIFTS Earth. Enemies: Non per se. May associate with anyone. Allies: Non per se. May associate with anyone. Physical Appearance: These D-Bees are virtually identical to humans. While their skin colour tends to be more ashen in shade, the most obvious difference between Statisti and Humans is the fact that the Statisti have an additional opposable thumb on each hand. Size: 6ft (1.82m) plus 1D6 inches. Weight: 150 to 300lbs (68 to 136kg).

Dustin M



Attribute Requirments: IQ:12+, PE:12+, ME:12+

Experience Table: Same as Techno-wizard

PPE: (3D6 X 10 + PE) + 10 per level

SDC: 25(+)

BONUSES: +5 vs HF, +1 save vs ritual magic at lvl: 1, 5, 10 & 15 +1 save vs spell magic at lvl: 2, 6, 11 and 14 +1 Spell Strength at lvl: 3, 7, 9 and13

OCC SKILLS: Math: Basic(+10%) Lore:Monster(+25%) Lore:Faerie(+15%) Language:Select 3(+15%) Language:+ 1D6 more(+10%) Wilderness Survival(+5%) HTH:Basic Running Ride:Creature(+10%) WP:Knife

OCC RELATED SKILLS: -Select 6 at first level, then 2 at levels 3 & 6 and 1 at levels 9 &12

COMMUNICATIONS:Radio:Basic DOMESTIC:Any(+5%) ELECTRICAL:None ESPIONAGE:Any(+5%), except Forgery & Disguise MECHANICAL:None MEDICAL:Holistic & First Aid only(+10%) MILITARY:None PHYSICAL:Any PILOT:Any(+5%), except RV & PA PILOT RELATED:Any(+5%) ROGUE:Any(+5%) SCIENCE:Basic and Advanced Math only(+5% TECHNICAL:Any(+10%) WP:Any WILDERNESS:Any(+5%)


MONEY:2D4 X 1000 in credits ; 2D6 X 1000 in Black Market Items


EQUIPMENT: MDC Armor, clothes, knapsack, back pack, 1D6 small sacks, 2 large sacks, ritual equipment, pocket mirror, silver cross, 4 cloves of garlic, 2D4 wooden stacks and mallet, salt, cateen, binoculars, tinted goggles, air filter/gas mask, lighter as well as other stuff ---WEAPONS: Ornate ritual dagger( worth:1D4 X 1000 credits), .45 w/ 2 silver bullet clips, Energy Rifle w/ 1D4 clips, Energy Pistol w/ 1D4 clips, 1 other weapon of choice and 1D4 + 1 additional E-clips ---VEHICLE:A good riding animal of choice( tamed)

SPELLS:All summoning, Armor of Ithan, Familiar Link, Repel Animals, Exple Demons, See Aura, Sense Magic, Sense Evil, Magic Net, Seal, Domination, Constrain Being, Control Entity, Create Golem, Lightning Bolt and Fire Ball ---Plus select 1 additional spell every other level ---Level of spells to be is limited to level of chooser

NOTE: Change this as you wish, it is your game.



Requirements: ME 11, MA 9, PS 13, PE 14

OCC Skills Math: Basic 98% Literacy (Native Language) 98% Native Language 98%

Skill Programs Medical Program - Biology, Criminal Sciences/Forensics, (Chem, & Chem: Analytical prerequisites not

            necessary) Paramedic, Pathology.  +20% to all skills
    Police Program - WP Auto Pistol, WP Shotgun, WP Automatic
            Rifle or Submachine Gun, Hand-to-Hand: Expert, Radio:
            Basic, Pilot: Auto.  (+20%)
    Select 1 other skill program, excluding Espionage, Pilot:
            Advanced, or Stage Magic.  +20% to all skills.

Secondary Skills: 8, +2 at 3, 6, 9, 12, 15


Math: Basic 98% Literacy (Native Language) 98% Native Language 98% Biology (+20%) Criminal Sciences/Forensics (Chem, & Chem: Analytical prerequisites not necessary) Paramedic (+20%) Pathology (+20%) Radio: Basic (+20%) Pilot: Auto (+20%) WP Auto Pistol WP Shotgun Hand-to-Hand: Basic

Other Skills: 5 Communications: Any (+5%) Domestic: Any Espionage: Any (+10%) Electrical: Basic Electronics Mechanical: Basic, Auto Mechanics, Locksmith (+5% on Locksmith, Mechanical Engineer prerequisite not needed) Military: None Medical: None (see skill programs) Physical: Any Pilot: Any ground, air, sea. No Power Armor, Robots, or spacecraft. Pilot Related: Any Science: Chemisty, Chemistry: Analytical, Math: Advanced, Psychology (+10%) Technical: Any (+5%) WP: Any

Secondary Skills: 8, +2 at 3, 6, 9, 12, 15

SDC: 1ds4 x 10 XP: Use the Genius/Natural from Beyond the Supernatural


Tattooed Weapon Master OCC author: Brad Skibinsky (based on an original idea from Kevin Siembieda/Palladium Books)

The tattooed weapons master is an elite class of tattooed warrior slave. This T-man is taught the art of melee combat using hand-held weaponry. These slaves are popular in arenas and sometimes as personal bodyguards or assassins.

This is a sub-class of the tattooed man OCC. to create this character, use the stats for creating a t-monster man, and apply the following modifications:

T-weapons master creates magic weapons at normal PPE amount.

replace all wilderness skills with WP skills.

exotic WP skill selection : WP paired weapons, WP net, WP grappling hook, or any other weapon proficiency found in any palladium book.

HTH selection: any, including from other games (NO NINJAS & SUPERSPIES; however, can choose the art of sword drawing from the martial arts powers if a martial artist or gladiator HTH)

these skills are from the palladium book entitled adventures on the high seas... i'm only including them for completion of this charactrer's description. Author: Kevin Siembieda.

HTH Gladiator (from adventures on high seas) lev 1 +3 parry (3 apm to start) 2 +1 Attack Per Melee 3 +2 damage (counts as MD when supernatural strength engaged) 4 disarm opponent on nat 18-20 5 +2 strike 6 +1 a.p.m. 7 +2 parry +3 dodge 8 stun 17-20 9 kick 1d6 10 +1 a.p.m. 11 +2 parry/dodge 12 critical strike 18-20 13 +1 a.p.m. 14 +2 damage(see above) 15 critical strike from behind (3x damage)

WP net (see high seas, p 8) 1. snaring an opponent's weapon (disarm opponent on nat 18-20) unless opponent parries successfully w/ NO BONUS. 2. snare opponent-opponent must dodge or is snared (the net, if magic , is indestructable). +1 strike @ lev 1,4,6,9,12,15 +1 parry @ lev 2,5,7,10,13 +1 throw @ lev 3,6,8,11,14

change all 'animal' tattoos ot 'simple weapon' tattoos and vice versa change all 'monster' tattoos to 'magic weapon' tattoos and vice versa ** note that WP skills should reflect weapons tattoos given to the slave.

insanity: see T-man insanity table.

XP: character advances as per t-monster man occ

Treent RCC.

These creatures are composed of living plant matter. They look like walking trees that have legs, hands, arms, and a face. They are magical/elemental in nature and therefore are Mega Damage creatures in Rifts earth.

Alignment: Any, but typically anarchist. Attributes: IQ: 3D4+3, ME: 3D6, MA: 3D6, PS: 20+4D6, PP: 3D6, PE: 10+ 3D6, PB: 2D6, Spd: 3D6. Note: PS and PE are considered Supernatural. M.D.C.: 100 +PE +3D4 per level. S.D.C.: For none MDC worlds 200. Hit Points: -NA-, for none MDC worlds 40 +PE +2D6 per level Height: To 20 ft tall. (minimum of 7 ft tall) Weight: 300 lbs to 2 tones. P.P.E.: 65 +PE +2D6 per level

Special Abilities: Nightvision 120', Supernatural physical strength and endurance. Impervious to normal fire and cold, half damage from magic fire and cold. The ability to sense any water within 100 ft, includes water underground. Impervious to normal gases and disease, but attacks (both conventional and magic) that destroy plants does damage to these creatures. They don't eat normal food but they must "root" (stick thier toes into the ground to suck up water and nutrients) for 8 hours per 24.

Magical Abilities: Natural Warlocks, get all the abilities of a warlock, including the extra skills, and the ability to summon elementals. But not the OCC skills.

Skills: The following RCC skills are known by all Treents. All Wilderness Skills (+20%, +30% for Land Navigation) Language: Dragonese (+15%) Basic Math Singing (+20%) Dance (+20%) WP Blunt HTH Basic Wilderness Survival (+30%)

Select 4 skills from the following list: Archeology Any anchient weapon proficiencies Anthropology Detect Ambush (+10% in wilderness) Astronomy Detect Concealment (+10% in wilderness) Prowl (-5%, there big) Language: Any (+5%) Botany (+10%)

Select 1 other skill at levels 5, 10, and 15.

Average Life Span: 1800 years Experience: Use the dragon experience table. Bonuses: +2 save VS magic, +5 save VS possesion/mind control.


Turtextron RCC

    A rare race of humanoids, the Turtextron get the first 2

parts of their name from their ways. The Tur is for Turtle. They have heavy armor plating all over their body and it looks like that of a turtle, and their head is shaped like a turtles. The Tex is for Tech. TurTextron's don't use technology. There is no exception to this rule. The only Tech they may use is MD ancient weapons (Vibro-Blades, etc.) and MDC shields. NOT MDC armor, unless it is primitive in design. The reason is that, centuries ago, technology killed their race. Use the Techno Wizard experience table. Only a Turtextron can tell the sex of another Turtextron. They may mate only after they have reached 500 years, and then sex is pretty much like a human and they mate for life. When one partner dies, the other loses, permanently, 1d4x50 MDC and reduce all 8 attributes by 1 point.

Alignment: Any good, selfish, or Aberrant. No Diabolic or Miscreant.

Attributes: IQ 4D6, ME 4D6, MA 3D6, PS 4D6, PP 1D6, PE 3D6, PB 2D6, Spd 1D6. Attributes are supernatural

MDC: 4d4x100 +25 per level of experience

Horror Factor: 7

Magic: All Turtextron posses a small amount of magic, although they cannot learn new spells. Chose 2 first level spells and 1 second level spell. PPE is 2d6 + PE. Add 2 PPE at levels 5 and 9.

Psionics: All Turtextron posses a fair amount of psychic power (considered a Major Psionic). Chose 4 spells from any category but super at level 1. Chose 1 super psionic at level 5. Chose 3 spells from any category but super at level 10. ISP: 1d4x10+ME. Add 2 per level of experience.

Average Lifespan: 2000 years

Habitat: Vegetarians. Have a turtle like beak which does 1d4 MD on a bite attack. They must eat at least 20 lbs. of plants per week or starve and die within 36 yours. During this starved period, divide EVERY skill and ability by 1/2 in all areas. They prefer swamps where their is plenty of algae and moss and fern for them to eat.

Friends: None to speak of. Earth Elementals seem to like them though. Tend to have a mutual friendship with Silver Balls and Ironoids.

Enemies: None to speak of. Gargoyles dislike them more than other races.

Size: From 7 to 12 feet tall

Weight: From 700 to 3000 lbs.


+1 to save vs. insanity +3 to save vs. all poisons Add 2 MD to all kicks and punches because of small nails.


Nightvision (100 feet), see the invisible, Regenerates 2d6x10 MDC per 2 minutes until level 10. Ant levels 10 and above, they regenerate 3d6x10 per 6 melees (1 and 1/2 minutes). Cannot be turned into a vampire. Can survive in extreme temperatures (needs no oxygen, and can survive in temperatures as low as 20 degrees or as high as 400 degrees). Fire (including MD plasma and magic) does only 1/2 damage.


Twice a day, the Turtextron can form into a black ball about 3 feet in diameter. The ball has 1d6x1000 MDC and lasts for 5 minutes or until it is destroyed. If the time expires or it is destroyed, the Turtextron appears unharmed and has totally regenerated and healed all damage. Poisons are staled but not cured while in the Ball. At 12th level and above, the ball becomes 3d4x1000 MDC and lasts for 30 minutes.

RCC Skills

Language: Speak 3 at 98% Literacy: Chose 2 from the above at 85% Play Musical Instrument (Chose One): 70% Math: Basic: 90% Horsemanship (+20%) (Most horses can't carry a Turtextron, but many other animals can.) 2 Sciences of choice (Excluding Archeology, Chemistry-Analytical, and Math-Advanced) (+30%) 1 WP Ancient of choice Land Navigation (+20%) HTH: Basic

Other Skills: Chose 3 Other skills from the list below. Chose 1 additional at levels 2, 4, 7, 9, and 13

Domestic: Any (+10%) Detect Ambush (+10%) Detect Concealment (+15%) Tracking Wilderness Survival (+30%) Holistic Medicine (+15%) Physical: Any but Gymnastics, Acrobatics, and SCUBA. (+5%) Pilot: Only Boats-Sail Type is available Rogue: Any but Computer and Pick Locks (+5%) Technical: Any but the Computers and Photography (+10%) WP: Any Ancient only Wilderness: Any (+5%)

Secondary Skills: Chose 3 from the list above without the benefit of bonuses.

Gear: None

Credits: None

Cybernetics: Will NEVER get a cyber system. Would rather die. Will only get a biosystem if absolutely necessary to save their OWN life.


Vampire Hunter OCC

 The Vampire Hunter is a character driven fanatically to the goal of

destroying all vampires. The character sees vampires as a creature from the depths of hell who pose the most serious threat to humanity, humanity has ever seen. They may be right. Vampire Hunters focus on physical and mental strengths to defeat their foes. The longer they live the more knowledgeable they become about their enemy, yet as they grow older they often are not strong enough to carry on their crusade. The Vampire Hunter can be of any alignment. Just because the vampires that they seek to destroy are evil by no means indicates that their Hunters must be Principled! Some characters will attempt to overcome any boundary in-between them and their goal, even if it means hurting or killing a human being. A Vampire Hunter will work alone if need be, but they tend to like to work in groups. They feel that there is more safety in numbers, and frankly they are confronting an evil that has much more power than they, so having other people with them increases their chance of survival. However most Vampire Hunters do not like to work among their peers. They dispute and bicker over methods and targets, but this is a smoke screen to cover up their clashing ego's, Reids Rangers are an exception... They are bound together by Reids leadership abilities. But other hunters will often find or assemble a group of hearty adventurers to help them further their cause. These characters are usually relatively naive about vampires, and the Hunter takes great enjoyment on acting as a strange kind of mentor. A Vampire Hunter also often takes an apprentice, a person he or she can teach to carry on the good fight, in case they fall in battle, or for some other reason cannot continue their quest. The Hunter treats this apprentice as a loved son or daughter One of a Vampire Hunters greatest dangers is the distinct possibility that he or she may someday become what they loathe. Some Vampire Hunters who become vampires themselves commit suicide if they can, yet most become the most ruthless creatures of the night, as if their fanaticism for the destruction of vampires has transformed to a lust for blood most vampires cannot even comprehend.

Vampire Hunter Powers: Some people say these powers don't exist, that they are just rumors created from the rantings of Vampire Hunters... Others say that these powers are a special sort of psionics, and still others say a deity granted the Vampire Hunter these strange powers. The real answer? Nobody knows not even the Vampire Hunters themselves, but never the less they DO work.

  1. Smell Undead When a Vampire Hunter is within 1 mile of a vampire (or other undead) they smell something in the air. Its common to see a Vampire Hunter take a deep breath and say something like "Yep there's vampires here"

  2. Immune to ghoulish horror Vampire Hunters face horror so often they have become numb to it. They can be surprised but any HF from an undead creature affects a level 1 Hunter at one half its normal value, and at level 5 not at all.

  3. Faith A Vampire Hunter's greatest weapon, the one that makes their strikes ring true, and their flee in terror, can simply be called faith. 3 times a day Vampire Hunters can call upon their faith to add a + 2 bonus to any roll against undead, or exorcise a demon, or be a minor help for many other actions. However the player must declare its use before the action (not after the roll.)

  4. Induce fear in undead Undead who realize the Vampire Hunter for what he/she is have to check against a HF of 12. Vampires will have unpredictable reactions to this. Some will flee in terror, others will attack like a raccoon that's been backed into a corner. But the reaction will always be extreme.

  1. Weapon Making Vampire Hunters know how to create vampire killing weapons, and they commonly modify guns, crossbows, make water pistols. A Vampire Hunter will give these weapons to other people in town, hoping they will protect themselves

Requirements: IQ:12 ME:14 PE:10

OCC SKILLS Radio: Basic Basic Electronics Detect Ambush Detect Concealment Pick Locks Tracking Wilderness Survival Hand to Hand Basic Athletics (general) Climbing Prowl Language Lore (Vampires, Demons & Monsters) W.P. Archery and targeting W.P. Automatic Pistol W.P. Special (self designed weapons) Carpentry Hunting

OCC Related Skills Select 5 other skills. Plus two at level three, two at level six, one at level nine, and one at level twelve. All new skills start at level one proficiency.

Communications: Any Domestic: Any Electrical: Any except Robot Electronics Espionage: Any Mechanical: Weapons Engineer only Medical: First Aid or Medical Doctor only Military: None Physical: Any except Body Building or Boxing Hand to Hand (cost ex=2 , mar=3 assassin=4) Pilot: Airplane, Auto, Boat, Horsemanship, Motorcycle and Truck Pilot Related: Any Rogue: Any Science: Any Technical: Any W.P.: Any except Heavy Energy Weapons Wilderness: Any

Secondary Skills: The PC may choose 4 Skills from those available above.

Starting equipment: 1d4 X 500 credits, A vehicle (usually large enough for 1 - 2 people to live in) OR a small home. Numerous guns, crosses, stakes, water pistols, garlic, and 1 techno-wizard made weapon.

Experience table the same as a Cyber Doc.


Wildrunner R.C.C.

With the advent of psionic powers came into being the Wildrunners,

beings whose mental powers developed toward the control of beasts. In this regard, they are extremely powerful individuals, capable of mentally dominating even the mighty dragons! These are uncommon beings who generally dislike contact with civilization, spending most of their existence in the wilderness. They are sometimes sought out by Coalition forces for their ability to control supernatural creatures, and used to help eradicate their threat to humankind. Wildrunners in the wilderness tend to be solitary beings, except for a gathering of befriended animals who accompany them. As a Coalition soldier, a Wildrunner will generally be assigned to work with a Search and Destroy team of Dog Boys, Psi-Stalker, and Duster. Wildrunners are a valued asset of the Coalition in its campaign against supernatural creatures.

Wildrunner Powers

1. Psionic Empathy/Control of Creatures. Wildrunners have an affinity

with animals of all kinds. Domesticated animals will always take an immediate liking to a wildrunner and will do their best to please him; +20% bonus to ride a horse and work with all domestic animals. Wild animals will react to the wildrunner as if he was a fellow woodland creature, allowing him to walk among them without fear. This allows the wildrunner to operate in the wilderness without causing animals to react to his prescence; birds do not fly away, animals do not run, and therefore do not indicate a wildrunner's approach. Even watchdogs will not bark at the prescence of a wildrunner. Wildrunners not only have an empathy with animals, they can psionically control animals. This ability requires a saving throw to negate, otherwise the animal will be under the wildrunner's mental domination. Controlling an animal (or supernatural beastie) costs 4 I.S.P. for every 10 minutes of domination. Supernatural beasties are allowed a saving throw every 10 minutes, other animals are only allowed the initial save. Intelligent supernatural demons (including vampires) may also be controlled at the cost of 8 I.S.P. for every 10 minutes of mental domination. Note: this ability also applies to attempts to control dragons, although this is an extremely risky proposition. Attempts to control dragons must be made when the wildrunner is in actual, physical contact with a dragon, and the following conditions apply: saving throw is at +4 (every 10 minutes!), I.S.P. cost is 12 points per 10 minutes of control. Also note that when a dragon comes out of mind control, he is very disturbed and willing to shred the wildrunner! Special Note: because of his special rapport with animals, a wildrunner will try to never unnecessarily kill any animal. He will hunt for food, however, and shows no compassion for amoral supernatural beings.

2. Other Psi-Powers. Wildrunners also possess the following psionic

abilities: Empathic Transmission (super), Prescence Sense, Empathy, Nightvision, Bio-Regeneration, and Mind Block. Wildrunners also have a +2 bonus to save versus mind control. They can also use items of Techno-Wizardry, and especially enjoy TW weapon types.

3. Physical Bonuses. Enhanced senses make it difficult to surprise a

wildrunner, giving a bonus +2 to initiative rolls. +10 to S.D.C., +1d6 to P.E. and M.A., +1d4 to M.E.

Attribute Requirements: P.S. 10, P.P. 11, M.E. 16.

P.P.E.: 2d6.

I.S.P.: 2d4 x 10 + M.E. attribute number is the base I.S.P., plus 10 I.S.P. per level of experience. Considered a master psionic.

O.C.C. Skills: Detect Ambush (+15%) Detect Concealment (+15%) Acrobatics (+10%) Climbing (+20%) Prowl (+20%) Wilderness Survival (+20%) Identify Plants (+15%) Tracking (+15%) Land Navigation (+15%) Horsemanship (+10%) W.P. Sword W.P. Knife W.P. Energy Pistol W.P. Bolt Action Rifle Hand to Hand: Expert (can change to Martial Arts at cost of 1 "other" skill)

O.C.C. Related Skills: Select 8 other skills. Add 3 skills at level three, two at level six, one at level nine, and one at level twelve. Communications: Basic Radio only Domestic: any (Fishing +5%) Electrical: none Espionage: any Mechanical: none Medical: Holistic Medicine or First Aid only (+5%) Military: none Physical: any (+5% where applicable) Pilot: any Pilot Related: any Rogue: any (except Computer Hacking) Science: Basic Math only Technical: Art, Language, Literacy, and Lore only Weapon Proficiencies: any Wilderness: any (+5%)

Secondary Skills: The character also gets to select 6 secondary skills from the previous list. These additional areas of knowledge do not get the bonuses listed in parantheses. Also, skills are limited (any, only, none) as previously indicated in the list.

Standard Equipment: Wildrunners usually have equipment very similar to that possessed by the Wilderness Scout, and should refer to that list. Weapons usually carried include: energy pistol and a couple of spare E- clips, S.D.C. knife, bolt action hunting rifle and S.D.C. ammunition. Vehicle generally will be some form of riding animal, be it horse or some similar creature befriended by the wildrunner. However, mechanical forms of transportation may also be used. Coalition Wildrunners will have PSI "Dead Boy" body armor, a C-18 energy sidearm, and a vibro-blade in addition to whatever equipment they possessed before coming to work for the Coalition. Availability of other equipment depends, as usual, upon the relationship between the Wildrunner and his superiors.

Money: 2d6 x 100 in credit, and 1d4 x 1,000 in black market items. Coalition Wildrunners earn 2000 credits per month for their services.

Cybernetics: Wildrunners will generally avoid cybernetic implantation except to replace missing body parts.

Extermination Specialist xp table: same as Psi-Stalker


Woowari RCC

A friendly and peaceful people, the Woowari are indigenous to forested

world in another dimension where they live in harmony with their environment.

Woowari Alignment: Any, but the vast majority are unprincipled or anarchist. Attributes: The number of dice rolled is as designated: I.Q.: 3D4+4, M.E.: 2D6, M.A.: 2D6, P.S.: 3D4+6, P.P.: 3D4+6, P.E.: 3D4+6, P.B.: 2D6+2, SPD.: 3D4. Hit Points: P.E. + 1D6 per level. S.D.C.: 20 plus those gained from physical skills. Horror Factor: none P.P.E.: 1D6 Natural Abilities: heal at double the normal rate. Bonuses: +2 to save vs poisons and toxins, plus those gained from attributes, O.C.C., and skill bonuses. Magic: By O.C.C. only. Psionics: One in one hundred Woowari will be a psychic healer with eight psionics from the Healing Category. O.C.C.s: May choose from Wilderness Scout, Vagabond, or the equivalents of Druids. Skills of Note: Language: Woowari 98%, Mathematics: Basic +10%, and Horsemanship +15% Average Life Span: 60 years. Enemies: None per se. Allies: None per se. Size: 6ft to 7.5ft (1.8m to 2.3m). Weight: 100lbs to 220lbs (45.4kg to 100kg). Appearance: A tall, thin rather average looking humanoid, their thoughts are usually as simplistic as their looks. Ranging from a pale pink to a light gray in colour, the Woowari have large, dark eyes and light coloured hair. Their hands have three fingers with two opposable thumbs.

Dustin M


Yautja Hunter RCC

[Creator's Note: The Yautja Hunters are my rendition of the Predator, as based on the Dark Horse comics and the Bantam/Spectra novelizations of those stories. Detailed description of the Yautja and their culture may be obtained from these books.]

Yautja Hunter Alignment: Any, but the vast majority are aberrant or anarchist. Attributes: The number of dice rolled is as designated: I.Q.: 4D6, M.E.: 4D6+2, M.A.: 4D6, P.S.: 2D6+20, P.P.: 4D6+10, P.E.: 2D4+20, P.B.: 2D6, SPD.: 6D6. M.D.C.: P.E. plus 6D610+100, and 2D6 M.D. per level Horror Factor: 14 P.P.E.: 1D610 Natural Abilities: Natural M.D.C. body structure, supernatural strength and endurance (can carry 100 times P.S. in pounds, and can lift 200 times P.S. in pounds), heightened sense of hearing (equal to cybernetic amplified hearing), superior eagle-like vision (able to read a sign from three miles) heals ten times faster than normal. Combat: Three plus those gained from hand to hand combat skills and boxing. Bonuses: +3 to strike, +5 to parry and dodge, +10 to save vs horror factor +2 to save vs poisons and toxins, plus those gained from attributes and skill bonuses. Damage: Variable depending on P.S. attribute. See supernatural strength chart. Magic: None Psionics: None R.C.C. Skills of Note: Language: Yautja 98%, Literacy: Yautja 98%, Mathematics: Basic 98%, Climbing 90%, and Prowl 80% +5%. Skills gained from the heightened sense of hearing: Estimate the distance of the sound: 60% +5% per level of experience; estimate the speed of the sound's approach or departure: 50% +5% per level of experience; recognize a voice or sound through intense concentration: 40% +5% per level of experience; imitate a voice 35% +5% per level of experience. Hunting skills are as follows: Wilderness Survival: +30%, Land Navigation: +30%, Tracking: +35%. Additionally select six espionage/military/wilderness skills, four ancient W.P.s, two modern W.P.s, four physical, and a hand-to-hand combat skill (any), all with a bonus of +15%. Also select six secondary skills from any of the categories. Level of Experience: Player characters use the same experience table as the Techno-Wizard. Average Life Span: 200 to 350 years. Enemies: None per se. Allies: None per se. Size: 6.5ft to 9.8ft (2m to 3m). Weight: 350lbs to 550lbs (160kg to 250kg). Appearance: A giant reptilian humanoid.

Yautja Shift Suit

This suit of body armour gives the Hunter the incredible ability to blend in with his environment. In also has a shoulder mounted plasma ejector.

M.D.C.: 100 Weight Class: Medium Weight: 17lbs (7.7kg) Prowl Penalty: Excellent mobility; no prowl penalty!

Features: 1. Chameleon: A truly unique power that allows the hunter to blend into and adapt to his environment, the Shift Suit enables the individual to change colour and texture to blend into his environment. Movement destroys the effectiveness of the chameleon ability. Chances of being unseen: 90% Undetectable if completely still. 70% Undetectable if moving 2ft per melee or less. 20% Undetectable if moving 6ft per melee. Totally ineffective if moving any faster. Duration: Indefinite as needed. 2. Burner: this shoulder mounted weapon is a short range, but devastatingly powerful weapon. Mega-Damage: 1D6*10 M.D. per blast. Range: 1200ft (365m) Rate of Fire: Aimed, Burst, Wild; see modern Weapon Proficiencies. Payload: 20 blasts; one blast can be recharged every ten minutes. 3. Optics: the Shift Suit has the full range of optical enhancements found on power armours. 4. Other Features: - Insulated, high temperature shielding for up to 200 degrees centigrade. Normal fires do no damage. Nuclear, plasma, and magic fires do full damage. - Radiation shielded. - Polarized and light sensitive/adjusting tinted visor. - Helmet face plate is removable. - Wrist Mini-Comp: A multi-purpose miniature computer and display that will indicate system errors within the armour, damage levels, and oxygen supply, as well as direction (compass), time, and date.

Dustin M

============================================================================= Appendix A

Excerpts From A Coalition Campaign:

Welcome, True Believer!! This file contains information about the Coali tion States that I used while running a Rifts campaign. I haven't been actively playing for a couple of years, but I still keep up on the products and I look forward to to the time when I can sit down and play again. Anyhow, I was wandering through AOL the other day and found out that so many people had been uploading Rifts files and I decided to upload a few and see if people could use the stuff. I previously put up a file which has a complete listing of all "official" OCC's and RCC's from Palladium games that I have in my possession. Obviously, whatever I don't have is not in that file, but I believe it is fairly comprehensive. Some of the information given below is from my own imagination, but some of it was inspired from different sources. The Wildrunner is an adaptation of the "Beastmaster" character class presented in Dragon Magazine. The Duster came from my desire to inject "Jedi Knights" into my campaign (It didn't turn out the way I'd planned...). The Gomer Boy is obviously derived from "Gomer Pyle, U SMC," and the Sea Wolves are an adaptation of US Navy Seals. The Coalition chain of command I took pretty much straight out of Robotech, but I inserted some ranks from Twilight: 2000. The composition of the Extermination Units is modelled after the list of Coalition strike forces found in Rifts Sourcebook Number One. Last, but definitely not least, I have to give credit to Kevin Siembieda and all the folks at Palladium Books who have given all of us such a great Me gaverse in which to spend our free time. If you ever get a hold of this, Kevin, my hat is off to you!! If you enjoy these characters and information, or if you just absolutely hate them, feel free to comment on them to me. My email address is , and I'd be happy to hear from anyone about Rifts.

Coalition Experience Tables:

Occupation Appropriate Table

Centurion CS Military Specialist Commando CS Military Specialist Duster Mystic Entertainment Specialist CS Grunt Extermination Specialist Psi-Stalker Inquisitor Techno-Wizard Oceanic Specialist CS RPA Elite

Coalition Military Chain of Command:

Heads of State: Emperor Head of Propaganda Military Counsel Special Advisors Individual Coalition State Governors

Commissioned Officers: General Lieutenant General Major General Brigadier General Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Major Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant

Non-Commissioned Officers: Sergeant Major Master Sergeant Sergeant First Class Staff Sergeant Sergeant

Enlisted Personnel: Corporal Lance Corporal Private First Class Private

Military Specialists Not Within Chain of Command: (those who take orders from officers, but cannot issue commands) Mercenaries Civilian Urban Guides Equipment Analysts

Coalition OCCs Initial Rank Status Nickname

Dog Pack * Private PSI unit Extermination Specialist Private PSI unit Wildrunner Duster Private PSI unit Psi-Stalker % Private PSI unit Borg Private Soldier Grunt Private Soldier Oceanic Specialist Private 1st Class Soldier Sea Wolf Entertainment Specialist Lance Corporal Soldier Gomer Boy RPA Elite Lance Corporal Soldier Sam Technical Officer Corporal Soldier Commando Corporal Soldier Swift Glitter Boy & Sergeant Soldier Centurion Sergeant I.P.@ Military Specialist Lieutenant Soldier Inquisitor --- I.P.@ Crazy --- Mercenary Headhunter --- Mercenary Juicer + --- Mercenary Wilderness Scout % --- Mercenary

@ I.P. = Internal Police

% CS Iron Heart has a massive force of psi-stalkers and wilderness scouts.

& Glitter Boys are used solely by CS Free Quebec.

Non-Military Coalition OCCs (OCC to use for stats)

Archives Scholar (Rogue Scholar) Bionics Specialist (Cyber-Doc) Civilian Urban Guide (City Rat) Equipment Analyst (Operator) Medical Doctor (Body Fixer) Research Scientist (Rogue Scientist) Vagabond %

% Vagabonds are simply the uneducated Coalition citizens

Note: the non-military OCCs are listed mostly for reference only. Players might find the Civilian Urban Guide or Equipment Analyst interesting for playing, but the others are mostly for the GM's use.

Typical Deployment of Coalition Extermination Units

Light Extermination Unit: (7) 1 Wildrunner 1 Duster 1 Psi-stalker (unit leader) 2 Dog Pack soldiers 2 Dog Pack heavy weapons

Heavy Extermination Unit: (10) 1 Wildrunner 1 Psi-stalker (unit leader) 1 Duster 1 Swift 3 Dog Pack soldiers 2 Dog Pack heavy weapons 1 Dog Pack second in command

Special Forces Extermination Unit: (22) 2 Wildrunners 2 Dusters 2 Psi-stalkers (unit leaders) 2 Swifts 4 Dog Pack soldier trackers 4 Dog Pack soldiers 4 Dog Pack heavy weapons 2 Dog Pack seconds in command

Note: Extermination units of the Coalition States are primarily compose d of the psionic specialists in the Coalition military. Even the Swifts which s erve on the units tend to be psionic in nature, whether possessing minor or major ability levels. These units are usually dispatched to counter supernatural, psionic, or magical enemies which threaten major urban areas within the Coalition States. With the combined abilities of Psi-stalkers and Wildrunners, these units enjoy a high rate of success in their deployments. Another facet of the units is to field-test the Swifts. It is said that any Swift who can survive a tour of duty with the extermination units is able to handle any assignment given him, and that those who cannot handle the tour are not seen as truly competent. Some of the Swifts even go so far as to request a permanent assignment to the units. These few emblazon the "PSI" mark upon their body armor as a sign of their duties, even if they themselves are not psionic.

============================================================================= Appendix B


By: Jason Bridgman ()

[This race is based on the Toogarth aliens in the Villains Unlimited book, converted to Rifts/Phase World (see pages 188-190 of said book).]

The Keltar are a warlike race with vast technology, especially in the areas of war and space travel. They have a small empire consisting 39 planets in 5 solar systems, in a nearby galaxy.

The Keltar have a matriarchal society in which the females hold most of the positions of power. This is simply because the females are usually larger, smarter, and more "cool tempered" than the males. The males make up most of the common work force as well as most of the common soldiers. There are very few males in the upper ranks or in postions of power.

The Keltar Empire is ruled by a Queen, who is advised by a host of advisors, many being from worlds that the Keltar have conquered.

Possible Classes include: (Note: most Keltarians do not get to choose their own careers, as they are chosen for them either at birth or at an early age based on there attributes/ skill.)

Warrior/Soldier-65% Bounty Hunter/Officer-20% Engineer-5% Mystic Priest-5% Kaazar Warrior-2% Other-3%

============================================================================= Appendix C


By: Jason Bridgman ()

The original rune magic was created by the Old Ones of the Paladium world, which they taught to several races, including the dwarves. Durring the Time of Chaos on the Palladium world, there was a race of human-like beings that possessed the secrets of rune magic known as the Ean. The Ean fought against the Old Ones in the war that ended the Time of Chaos, and were thought to be among the races that were destroyed. In truth, the Ean had begun to develop rune magic unlike anything any other being had done, including the Old Ones. The Ean fled the Palladium world near the end of the war, creating a pocket dimension using rune magic. In their new dimension, the Ean developed rune magic into an art which combined concepts of conventional rune magic, tattoo magic, and spell casting. The Ean became the Rune Lords. Conventional rune magic while powerful, is rather simple. It consisted of creating ultra-powerful weapons by trapping a life essence into a weapon or item. Now the powers of the Rune Lords included augmentation to their bodies in addition to objects, and even a form of spell casting. No other race has ever accomplished anything similiar to that of the Ean, except for perhaps the Splugorth with their tattoo magic, which is similiar to vastly inferior rune magic.

For thousands of years the Ean were content to remain in their dimensional realm and develop their magic, only occationally venturing from their homes into the rest of the universe. The Ean eventually became restless. They were essentially good beings, and were upset by the evil that they saw. Creatures like the Splugorth, evil gods, and demon lords struck fear into them. These beings were growing in power, power like that of the Old Ones. Their were little in the way of forces of good to combat these forces of darkness. Hence the Rune Lords journeyed forth to do battle against the forces of evil. While the Rune Lords were powerful, they knew that they could not face their enemies alone. Thus they began to teach the secrets of the runes to a select few. Each Rune Lord usually only takes on one or two apprentices in their life time, and hence the number of rune casters remain low. Most rune casters are of good alignment, but some have turned to evil. To this day, the Splugorth do not know of the rune casters, Rune Lords, or even of this form of rune magic. All rune casters, even the evil ones, will go to extraordinary measures to ensure that the Splugorth do not find out about them. If the Splugorth ever found out about them, they would do whatever was necessary to learn this new magic, and then destroy all others who possessed it.

Today most rune casters and lords live in the Nexus, the dimension created by the Ean. The dimension is known as the nexus because the entire dimension is like a giant nexus point. Anywhere in the dimension practitioners of magic receive the benefits of being at a nexus point. Also, while it is like a nexus point, no rifts have ever opened to this dimension. Therefore most beings do not know of its existence, and none have ever found it. The only way to travel to the dimension is via magic runes. Very few beings other than rune casters have even seen the dimension. Those who have were either friends of rune casters or criminals being taken before the elders for judgement. The elders are extremely powerful rune casters with 90% being Ean, 5% human, and the remaining being other races. Most rune casters when they draw near the ends of their lives choose to become rune weapons. This is so that they can spend the rest of eternity helping the forces of good. NOTE: Most, and all good rune casters, will only make rune weapons from willing beings. Their are a suprising number of powerful beings of good that volunteer to become rune weapons. Most of them are near the ends of their natural life spans, and choose to continue to serve the forces of good rather then simply waste their life forces.

<--==Rune Magic==-->

The powers of runes are varied, ranging from physical augmentation to effects similiar to conventional spells. There are two different classes of Rune Magic. The first is body runes while the other is rune spells/ abilities. Body runes are runes that are drawn/tattooed onto the body of the rune caster. The body runes then augment the body in some way, either by increasing physical attributes including M.D.C., or by affecting the body like a spell effect (invisibility, flight, metamorphosis, etc.). Most rune spells/abilities are similiar to conventional spellcasting, but they are cast differently. Other rune spells/abilities include object augmentation (rune weapon creation is done like this), and effects similiar to wards and circles.

-Body Runes: Body runes cover almost all of the body, and all are connected. While all of the symbols may not cause an effect, they are all magical and connect all of the runes in a network of magic. When adding a new rune, the connection symbols are modified in the creation process in order for the rune to fit into the latice of symbols. Only some of the body runes require P.P.E. to activate, as many are permanently active. All runes are activated by thought, except those which are specified in their description. The body runes are drawn in an azure blue colour.

The Heart: This symbol is the first rune any rune caster receives. It is a symbol drawn over the heart of the being that receives it, and all other runes are connected to it. The heart rune is required to cast any rune spells. In addition to forming the basis or heart of the rune system, this rune adds 5d6 M.D.C. to the person receiving it. P.P.E.: None.

Healer: The healer rune must be drawn on the back of the hand. In order to activate this rune, it must be touched to the heart rune. Touching does not necessarily mean flesh contact, it will work through clothing and MAGIC armour. This rune simply heals damage to the body, healing 3d6 M.D.C. per application. P.P.E.: 10.

Basic Protection: This is actually a series of six runes, with one being placed in each location of each leg, each arm, the chest, and the back. If the being has more than two arms then they only need the runes on two of them. The basic protection rune system adds 1d6x10 M.D.C to the wearer. P.P.E.: None

Advanced Protection: This is a modification to the basic protection runes, and requires the basic system first before these runes are added. This system adds an additional 2d4x10 M.D.C. in addiotion to the protection provided by the basic protection runes.

Strength: This rune may be drawn anywhere on the body. This rune increases the wearers strength by six points and makes it supernatural, minimum P.S. of 16. Duration is 2 minutes per level of experience. This strength increase allows the user to inflict mega-damage in their attacks. Damage varies based on strength as follows: P.S. 16-20 -> 1d6 M.D. P.S. 21-25 -> 2d6 M.D. P.S. 26-30 -> 3d6 M.D. P.S. 31-35 -> 4d6 M.D. P.S. 36-40 -> 5d6 M.D. P.S. 41-50 -> 6d6 M.D. The maximum strength for a humanoid character is a 50. P.P.E.: 15.

Speed: This rune must be drawn anywhere on the legs. The wearer of the rune has his speed increased to 44, or ten points added to his speed if he already has a 44 or heigher speed attribute. Also, the wearer gains a +4 to dodge while the magic is active. Duration is one minute plus one minute per level of experience. P.P.E.: 10.

Flight: This rune may be drawn anywhere on the body. The rune allows the wearer to fly at 60 mph + 10 mph per level of experience. Maximum height is 4000 feet and duration is 15 minutes per level of experience. P.P.E.: 15.

Defence: The defence rune creates a magic shield around the wearer. The M.D.C. of the shield is 20 M.D.C. per level of experience. The duration is 10 minutes per level of experience or until destroyed. This rune may be drawn anywhere, but is usually drawn on the chest or arms because it must be touched by the fingertips to be activated. P.P.E.: 20.

Super Healer: This is an enhancement on the healer rune and must be drawn on the forehead of the user (the person usually has runes running up the sides of the face). The healer rune must be possessed before this rune can be created, and it is activated by touching the healer rune to it. Flesh contact must be made (the two become one). The rune instantly heals 100 M.D.C. points, and doubles the normal healing rate of the user. P.P.E.: 100.

Enhanced Healing: This rune must be drawn near the heart rune. It increases the normal healing ability of the body allowing the user to heal 1d6 M.D.C. per hour. The healer rune must also be possessed for this rune to work. P.P.E.: None.

Body Weaponry: This is another rune set, consisting of four or more runes. The runes are drawn on the top of each of the feet, and on the back of the hands or on the wrists. These runes energize the wearer allowing him to perform mega-damage attacks. The runes can be used in one of two ways. The first is to enhance the users hand to hand strikes. When used in this way, the users inflicts 2d4 M.D. for a punch or kick. A power punch or jump kick does 3d6 M.D. If used with the strength rune, or if the being natually causes mega-damage in their attacks, this power give them a +10 M.D. to their damage. Duration in this form is 2 melee rounds per level of experience. The other form allows the user to release the energy in one long range blast. Range of the attack is 1000 feet and causes 2d6+1d6 M.D. for every level of experience. P.P.E.: 10 or 15 for a blast.

Invisibility: The rune of invisibility is a very rare rune. It may be drawn anywhere on the body. The rune grants the user invisibility, similiar to that of the invisibility: superior spell. The user can not be detected by any means including infrared, ultraviolet, heat, motion detection, and smell. The user leaves no foot prints and makes little sound (prowl 80%). Like other invisibility powers, the user becomes visible when they take a hostile action. Otherwise the power last for 5 minutes per level of experience, or until it is disengaged by the user. P.P.E.: 20.

Energy Resistance: This power reduces the damage of energy attacks to 75%. The rune must be drawn on the torso. P.P.E.: None.

Metamorphosis: This is one of the most rare runes in existance. It must be drawn on the spine of the user. It allows the user to shapechange into any animal or humanoid. The user can also change into inanimate objects but it requires double the P.P.E.. While the user is in the other form, they retain all of their normal attributes and abilities, but gain none of the form they change into. The only thing they gain from the transformation is the appearance and means of locamotion (flight for birds, swim for fish, etc.). Maximum size is three times as tall for humanoids, or the size of an elephant/melech for animals. Even monsters can be imitated including things ranging from centaurs to gryphons to melech (about the biggest) to gargoyles. Inanimate objects have a maximum size of 100 cubic feet (5x5x4 box). Duration is 10 minutes per level of experience for creatures, 5 minutes per level for inanimate objects. P.P.E: 50/100.

Psionic Defence: This rune, which must be drawn on the head or neck (usually the top of the neck/base of the skull or forehead), makes the user impervious to mind control, possession, and mind reading/probes. It also grants a +5 to save vs. other psionic attacks. Duration is one minute per level of experience. P.P.E.: 20.

Breathe Without Air: The breathe without air rune must be drawn on either the chest or the neck. It allows the user to breathe while under water or in a vacuum. It also allows the user to breathe in atmospheres that are poisonous and while in poisonous gases clouds. An additional effect is that if the user has a protection rune set, they may operate in outer space without an environmental suit. Duration is 5 minutes per level of experience. P.P.E.: 8.

Hiding: Hiding runes are common for those people that must go amongst beings that may recognize the runes as such. When activated, the hiding rune masks the runes on the body of the user. It is a simple magic that just makes the runes less obvious and makes people think that they can't see it. Chance for noticing runes by casual observation -- 5%. Chance of noticing the runes under close examination is only 50%. Duration is one day per level of experience. This rune may be drawn anywhere on the body. P.P.E.: 20.

Warning: A simple rune drawn connected to the heart rune, this rune warns the wearer when they are in danger. When anything hostile to the wearer is within one mile, all of the runes on the body begin to glow. The brightness depends on the closeness and degree of danger. An extremely powerful demon lord standing near the wearer will cause the runes to glow so bright that they can light up a room through his clothing! The warning system can be turned off with a thought, so that the wearer is not so obvious. This rune is always active. P.P.E.: None.

NOTE: Other body runes exist, but are very rare and are not usually available. many Ean families have a special rune which is like a family heirloom and only passed down through the family. Also, rune casters can develop their own runes/effects through research and experiments.

-Rune Spells/Abilities: Rune spells are like conventional spells, but are cast by drawing runes either on an object or in the air. Special spells/abilities are used for such things as augmenting objects.

Augmentations-> Note: In all rune sequences with temporary and permanent forms, temporary runes may be drawn with anything, and in anything. Permanent runes must be drawn in a more permanent material, hence the runes must be carved or engraved into the object. Most rune casters also fill the runes with silver (if not their is a 5% chance that the runes do not hold, and the enchantment will only last for five years per level).

Create Magic Weapon: This spell/ability allows the rune caster to change a normal S.D.C. weapon into a mega-damage weapon. Their are two forms of this power. The first one only grants the power temporarily. The second form makes the weapon permanently magical. Whether permanent or not, the weapon now inflicts its normal damage, but as mega-damage instead of S.D.C. (a weapon which did 1d6 S.D.C. now does 1d6 M.D.). The rune caster must have something with which to draw the runes with (anything will do, the magic makes it stick; in desperate times rune casters have been known to draw with their fingers in blood). The weapon, like true rune weapons, becomes indestructable. Creatures that are vulnerable to rune weapons are affected in the same way with these weapons. Duration for a temporary enchantment is 30 minutes per level of experience. It takes 2 minutes to do a temporary enchantment or 30 minutes for a permanent enchantment. P.P.E.: 10 for temporary, 100 for permanent.

Supernatural Slayer: This is similiar to the create magic weapon ability, only it does normal S.D.C. damage to most creatures, but does double normal S.D.C. damage in mega-damage to creatures of magic and the supernatural including dragons, demons, etc. (a weapon that does 1d6 S.D.C. does 2d6 M.D.). Those creatures that are vulnerable to rune weapons are affected in the same way with these weapons. These weapons can be temporary or permanent, the same as with the previous power. Duration for a temporary weapon is 30 minutes per level of experience. It takes 3 minutes to create a temporary weapon, 35 minutes for a permanent. P.P.E.: 15 for temporary, 120 for permanent.

Flying Weapon: When a weapon is inscribed by these runes, it can be thrown, or if a bow fired, three times as far as normal. Also the weapon or arrow automatically returns to the user whether it strikes or misses. This enchantment can be used in combination with either the create magic weapon or supernatural slayer powers, but in the case of bows, each arrow must be enchanted, not the bow. These weapons, unlike other rune weapons, are NOT indestructable unless they are combined with one of the previous powers. This power can be temporary or permanent, similiar to the create magic weapon power. If this is combined with one of the previous powers, the P.P.E. cost is cumulative. Duration is 30 minutes per level of experience for temporary weapons. NOTE: When combining with other enchantment forms, you must use the proper form; ie. temporary with temporary, permanent with permanent. You may not mix. Enchantments take 1 minute for a temporary, 15 minutes for permanent. P.P.E.: 5 for temporary, 50 for permanent.

Imbue Weapon with Spell Ability: By using these rune enchantments, the rune caster can grant weapons with spell abilities. This power like all of the other abilities has two forms, but this one must be inscribed in conjunction with either create magic weapon or supernatural slayer. In the temporary form, this power allows the user to use the ability once. The user of the weapon has until the other enchantment ends (either create magic weapon or supernatural slayer) to use the imbued power, or it is lost. In the permanent version, the power can be used a certain number of times per day, depending on the power. The number of uses may be doubled, but at triple the P.P.E. cost. Powers, the P.P.E. costs, and the number of times per day they may be used, is as follows: Blinding Flash; 2/20; 5/day. Circle of Flame; 12/60; 3/day. Energy Bolt; 7/50; 3/day. Fire Ball; 12/80; 3/day. Fly as the Eagle; 30/80; 2/day. Globe of Daylight; 4/40; 3/day. Invisibility: Superior; 25/75; 2/day. Levitation; 7/40; 3/day. Superhuman Strength; 12/70; 3/day. Superhuman Speed; 12/70; 3/day. Teleport: Lesser; 20/100; 3/day. Other powers may be available, but are rare. The temporary version of this power can be used with either the temporary or permanent form of the base enchantment (create magic weapon or supernatural slayer). The permanent form can only be used with the permanent version of the base enchantment. All enchantments require 3 minutes for temporary runes, 40 minutes for permanent runes. A maximum of three powers may be added to a weapon, and they all must be drawn durring the same enchantment. ie. You must draw the runes for create magic weapon, fire ball, and levitation must be drawn in one sitting. You may not add another power at a later time. (Unless it is temporary cating in which case you simply start again from scratch). Note: An increase in the number of uses counts as a second enchantment.

Enchanted Armour: These runes, when drawn onto armour, either change S.D.C. armour into mega-damage, or increases the M.D.C. of mega-damage armours. Like most object augmentation runes, this series has both temporary and permanent versions. When making an S.D.C. suit of armour into mega-damage the base M.D.C. is 80. It costs 25 P.P.E. for a temporary enchantment, 150 for permanent enchantments. The M.D.C can be increased for 2 P.P.E. per M.D.C. point for a temporary enchantment, or 5 P.P.E. per M.D.C. for permanent enchantments. If a suit of armour is already mega-damage, then it costs ten points to begin a temporary enchantment, and then 2 P.P.E. per M.D.C. point. For a permanent increase, it costs 50 P.P.E. to start and 5 P.P.E. for each M.D.C. point added. Maximum M.D.C. for S.D.C. armours is 200. Maximum additional M.D.C. for mega-damage armour is 200 or plus 100, which ever is more. Temporary enchantments last for twenty minutes per level of experience. It takes 10 minutes to draw temporary runes and one hour for a permanent enchantment. Add 1 minute for each M.D.C. point added in a temporary rune structure, 5 minutes per point in a permanent. This counts for both S.D.C. conversions and M.D.C. increases. The legendary rune armour is created using the process. It is a natural mega-damage alloy chain and plate armour, with 100-200 M.D.C. and often has special features as per the next enchantment.

Imbue Armour with Special Ability: This enchantment requires the enchanted armour rune sequence as a base. After the runes are drawn for the echanted armour series, these runes may be added to increase the power of the armour. (Note: Powers do not have to be added all at once, but each time a power is added, the enchanted armour runes must be redrawn in order to allow the armour to accept the magic.) Each power is described below. All powers may be permanent or temporary. Temporary powers may be activated once. -Armour Increase: Adds a temporary increase to the M.D.C. of the armour. Add 10 M.D.C. per level of experience. Duration is one minute per level of experience or until depleted. May be used five times per day. Requires 5 minutes to draw the temporary version or 30 minutes to inscribe the permanent form. P.P.E.: 12/80. -Breathe Without Air: Allows the wearer to breathe while under water, in a vaccuum, or in a hostile environment. Duration is 5 minutes per level of experience. For 200 P.P.E. the effect can be made to be constantly in effect. This power may be used five times per day. Requires 2 minutes to create the runes for a temporary spell or 25 minutes for either of the permanent versions. P.P.E.: 6/45/200. -Chameleon: This rune sequence causes the effects of the spell of the same name. The effect can be made to be constantly in effect for 200 P.P.E., otherwise it lasts 5 minutes per level of experience. This power may be used four times per day. It requires 4 minutes to draw the temporary runes or 30 minutes for either permanent forms. P.P.E.: 8/65/200. -Spider Climb: This power allows the armour wearer to climb up any surface, even across ceilings. Speed is equal to half of the characters speed attribute. For 200 P.P.E. this can be made into a constant power. Duration is 5 minutes per level of experince, and it may be used five times per day. The runes require 2 minutes to draw the temporary or 25 minutes for the permanent form. P.P.E: 5/ 60/200. -Energy Shield: The energy shield created by this rune sequence forms a energy field around the wearer of the armour with 100 M.D.C. plus 10 M.D.C. per level of experience. The shield also takes only half damage from all energy attacks including electricity, fire, lasers, particle beams, etc. Full damage from physical attacks. May be used 3 times per day. Duration is 3 melees per level of experience, or until destroyed. The temporary runes require 5 minutes to draw or 40 minutes for permanent runes. P.P.E.: 20/95. -Fly: This rune series allows the user to fly at 100 mph plus 5 mph per level of experience. Maximum height is 4000 feet and the duration is 2 minutes per level of experience. This power may be used three times per day. Temporary runes require 4 minutes to draw and permanent runes require 30 minutes. P.P.E.: 25/100. -Silence: This power simply makes the armour completely silent. It does not rattle and does not clang when struck. Lasts for 30 minutes for the temporary version or is always active in the permanent form. This rune series requires 2 minutes for temporary runes or 15 minutes for permanent runes. P.P.E.: 10/50. -Impervious to Energy: This rune sequence makes the armour impervious to all energy attacks including fire, heat, electricity, lasers, etc.. Physical attacks still do normal damage. This power may be used twice per day, and lasts for 2 minutes per level of experience. This power can be made constant for 350 P.P.E.. It requires 8 minutes to inscribe the temporary version and one hour to draw either permanent form. P.P.E.: 30/120/350. -Shadow Meld: These runes work identical to the spell of the same name. Duration is the same as the spell (2 minutes per level) and the power may be used 5 times per day. The power can also be made limitless for 250 P.P.E. points. It takes 4 minutes to inscribe temporary runes and 30 minutes for either permanent form. P.P.E.: 15/75/250. Other powers do exist, but are rare. These are the most common abilities. (GMs and players may use these powers as a basis for developing more powers.

Enchant an Object: This power allows the rune caster to grant magic to normal objects. This power only has a permanent form. Any of the powers from enchanted armour, imbue weapon with spell ability, and imbue armour with special ability are available. Note: For objects larger than 8 feet increase P.P.E. costs and time by 50% (ie. 100 P.P.E. and 30 minutes becomes 150 P.P.E. and 45 minutes). Special objects are as follows: -P.P.E. Battery I: This object usually takes the form of an amulet or charm. The object can hold up to 300 P.P.E. at a time, for an indefinate period of time. In order to add 1 P.P.E. point to the battery the user must expend 2 P.P.E. points. On ley lines the battery automatically charges at a rate of one point of P.P.E. every five minutes, or at nexus points at a rate of one point every two minutes. This item takes three hours to enchant. P.P.E.: 250. -P.P.E. Battery II: This battery is similiar to the type one battery only it is not charged by the practitioner of magic, it charges itself. These batteries have a much smaller amount of P.P.E. available. This item has a maximum of 80 P.P.E. points and it recharges itself at the rate of 2 points per hour. At a ley line the battery recharges at a rate of 10 per hour or at a nexus point they recharge at a rate of 20 points per hour! It takes a rune caster 5 hours to create this item. P.P.E.: 350. Using this enchantment the mightiest of rune casters have created rune ships! Rune ships typically appear like normal sailing ships, but they are covered by runes. They typically are mega-damage, possess the power of flight, and may have other powers of attack and defence built in.

Rune Spells-> Note: These spells are identical to the spells of the same name presented in the assorted rifts books, except where noted. P.P.E. costs may differ (some spells are easier to cast with runes, others are more difficult. Costs are listed beside each spell. Rune spells are cast by drawing the runes in the air and by speaking runes at the higher levels (8+). Those spells that may/must be cast by using rituals are cast by enscribing and carving the runes into the ground and or objects. Two spells may be learned for each slot available. (Note: The runes are actually drawn in the air. Glowing azure blue lines follow the casters finger forming the symbols. When the spell is complete the rune either vanishes or flies out changing into the spell effect.)

Animate/Control Dead (15): Drawn on the dead bodies, 2 minutes per body. Amulet (250) Apparition (20) Armor of Ithan (14) Banishment (60) Befuddle (3) Blind (4) Blinding Flash (1) Breathe Without Air (7) Call Lightning (15) Calling (10) Calm Storms (200) Carpet of Adhesion (12) Chameleon (8) Circle of Flame (10) Climb (3) Close Rift (300): This spell costs more, but doesn't permanently drain anything. Cloud of Smoke (3) Commune with Spirits (30) Compulsion (25) Constrain Being (20) Control/Enslave Entity (85) Create Zombie (225) Create Mummy (145) Create Golem (650 or 900) Create Magic Scroll (90) Cure Illness (25) Curse: Phobia (45) Dimensional Portal (950) Dispel Magic Barrier (20) Energy Field (14) Energy Bolt (6) Energy Disruption (14) Exorcism (26) Familiar Link (85): This spell does not summon a creature but is cast subconsciously when the caster is with an appropriate animal (GM's choice when this happens, will usually link with a pet). In addition to the normal benefits the animals I.Q. is raised to 7 (high animal) and the range for telepathic communication is unlimited, though not across dimensions. The animal can also teleport to the casters location at will, even across dimensions! The caster CANNOT consciously cast this spell. Fingers of Wind (6) Fire Ball (10) Fire Bolt (7) Float in Air (5) Fly (12) Fly as the Eagle (30) Globe of Daylight (2) Globe of Silence (20) Heal Wounds (12) Id Barrier (600) Impenetrable Wall of Force (575) Impervious to Fire (5) Impervious to Energy (20) Invisibility: Simple (6) Invisibility: Superior (20) Invulnerability (25) Levitation (5) Magic Net (8) Mask of Deceit (20) Metamorphosis: Mist (200) Metamorphosis: Human (35) Metamorphosis: Insect (50) Metmorphosis: Superior (90) Metamorphosis: Animal (20) Multiple Image (10) Mystic Portal (55) Mystic Alarm (4) Negate Poisons/Toxins (10) Negate Magic (30) Paralysis: Lesser (5) Protection Circle: Superior (275) Protection Circle: Simple (40): Both circles consist of a circle of power runes (hence less magic for same strength). Reduce: Self (20) Remove Curse (150) Repel Animals (8) Resist Fire (8) Sanctum (360): All of the walls in the sanctum are covered with runes. Takes one hour to complete the casting. Seal (6) See Aura (6) Sense Evil (1) Sense Magic (3) Shadow Meld (10) Sleep (8) Speed of the Snail (50) Stone to Flesh (30): This spell requires runes to be drawn all over the surface to be transformed. Requires five minutes per 50 pounds of stone to draw the runes. Summon Shadow Beast (140): This spell costs only 120 P.P.E. when cast in ritual/inscribed form. Summon and Control Canine (40) Summon and Control Rodents (60) Summon and Control Rain (185) Summon and Control Lesser Being (400) Summon and Control Storm (285) Summon and Control Entity (230) Summon and Control Animals (115) Superhuman Speed (12) Superhuman Strength (12) Swim as a Fish (8) Swim as a Fish: Superior (15) Talisman (460) Telekinesis (10) Teleport: Lesser (20) Teleport: Superior (625) Thunderclap (5) Time Hole (225) Time Slip (25) Tongues (15) Turn Dead (5) Wards (75) Wind Rush (25)

All elemental spells are available, but they cost 50% more P.P.E. to activate.

Note: Like all other rune magic, there are spells not listed hear. Other spells are rare and are usually researched by the owner. Some of the more powerful rune casters even have rune spells for temporal magic, but this is rare and nobody has all of the temporal spells coverted (the most common is dimensional envelopes and pockets).

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