Mystical Martial Artist OCC Attribute Req: PS 12 PE 12 PP 12 MA 8 Attribute Bonuses: +1d6 PS, PE, MA +1d4 PP Combat Bonuses: +1 att, +2 init, roll PPE: 2d6 ISP: PE+1d6x10 +10 per level SDC: 2d4x10 HP: Standard Powers: choose 4 +1 at lvl 2,4,6,8,10,12,14 Power ISP Stone Ox (converts HP to MDC) 0 Dam Sum Sing(convert SDC/2 to MDC) 0 Kanhsu/Chagi(convert PS to Supernatural) 0 Kangeiko( 1/2 damage from cold) 0 Shokugeiko(1/2 damage from heat) 0 Dim Mak(as in conversion book) 4 Chi-atsu(as healing touch) 6 Body Chi(as summon inner strength) 4 Hardened Chi x +x to mega damage of strike or +2x to mega damage capacity Negative Chi Attack(must be evil) x a ranged attack that is +3 to hit, range 30', and does 2x MD. Chi Awareness(as See aura) 6 Tamishiwara(as in conversion book) 2 Zanshin(as sixth sense) 2 Warrior Spirit(HF=MA+6) 2 Calm minds(as Empathic Transmition:Peacefulness) 6 Karumi-jutsu 2 reduce wieght to 15% of normal. no damage from falls. x10 to jump distance. +20% to all physical skills Mind Walk(as astral projection) 8 Mystic Invisibility 1 character is completely undetectable for 1 melee or until his next attack against one person. Skills: Math:Basic(+5%) Literacy(+20%) 2 languages(+15%) 1 philosophy(Bushido, Zen, Taoism, etc.) Boxing Wrestling 4 WP ancient HtH: Any Other skills: 12 +2 at 3,6,9,15 at least 2 must be domestic and at least 3 must be espionage. Communications: Only Radio: Basic, Cryptography Domestic: Any(+10) Electrical: only Basic Espionage: Any(+15) Mechanical: Only Basic Medical: Only Holistic, First Aid(+5) Military: any (+10) Physical: Any (+10) Pilot: Any except jets, tanks Pilot Related: Any Rouge: Any(+10) Science: Any Technical: Any(+5) WP: Any Wilderness: Any(+5) Secondary Skills: 6 Standard Equipment: 1 suit light MDC body armor, 2 vibro-weapons, 1 other MD weapon + 2 clips, 3 SDC weapons, 6 thrown, 12 caltrops, 4 grenade type, a set of dress clothes, a set of Black Ops clothing, back pack, knapsack, a small cloth bag, 2 weeks rations, 3 ft towel, a small cooking pot, paper and pencils, matches, a first aid kit, lockpicks, some personal items. Most common means of transportation is foot, occasionally a real or robot horse, a motor cycle or small vehicle. Money: 2d6x100 credits. 1d6x1000 credits in black market items. Cybernetics: None to start. Some get cybernetics. Will never get bionics. XP: as cyberknight.