Palladin OCC Attribute Req: IQ 10 PS 12 PP 12 PE 10 Attribute Bonuses: +1d6 PS, PE, MA PPE: 3d6 SDC: 2d4x10 HP: Standard Powers: Can ignore all armor penalties Magic weapon: 1 independent personality: divide 40 points between IQ,ME,MA choose an alignment(should be same or simmiliar to character's) 6d6 PPE 2d6 ISP 2 communicate through limited telepathy 3 totally indestructable, the blades never dull or bend 4 Made of black, dark grey, blue grey, or dark red metal and lined from tip to handle with runes 5 do 4d6 MD and can be used to parry modern weapons at -6 to parry 6 link themselves to weilder/owner. can sesnse each others presense within a 4 mile radius 7 grants +1 to all saving throws 8 does damage to people of dissimmiliar alignments(good, selfish, evil). 9 choose 4 abilites from: +1d6 damage (max 6d6) holy weapon abilites know any one spell level 1-6 and add enough PPE to use once per day choose 1 super psionic or all sensative and add 1d6 x 10 ISP grants 1 minor super power Skills: 2 languages Literacy(+40%) Horsemanship(+20) WP Shield WP Lance or WP Sword HtH: Palladin Other skills: 7 +3 at 3,8,12. Communications: Only Radio: Basic. Domestic: Any(+10) Electrical: only Basic Espionage: Any(+15) Mechanical: Only Basic Medical: Only Holistic, First Aid(+5) Military: none Physical: Any (+10) Pilot: Any except jets, tanks Pilot Related: Any Rouge: Any Science: Any Technical: Any(+15) WP: Any Wilderness: Any(+5) Secondary Skills: 10 +3 at 4,10. Standard Equipment: a set of clothing, boots, belt, one large sack, one small sack, and one rune weapon as listed under powers Most common means of transportation is a real or robot horse, occassionaly a motor cycle or small vehicle. Money: 1d6x12000 credits. Cybernetics: None to start. Some get cybernetics. Will never get bionics. XP: as cyberknight.

HtH: Palladin 1 two attacks per melee to start,+3 parry/dodge 2 +2 damage, +1 attack 3 +3 strike 4 +5 damage, paired weapons 5 +1 attack 6 critical on 17-20 7 kick attack: 2d4, judo style body flip throw 8 KO/stun 18-20 9 +1 attack 10 +3 parry/dodge 11 +3 strike, leap attack(critical strike) 12 +5 damage 13 +1 attack 14 +3 parry/dodge 15 DB on 20