RIFTS STYLE SUMMONER OCC Attribute Requirments: IQ:12+, PE:12+, ME:12+ Experience Table: Same as Techno-wizard PPE: (3D6 X 10 + PE) + 10 per level SDC: 25(+) BONUSES: +5 vs HF, +1 save vs ritual magic at lvl: 1, 5, 10 & 15 +1 save vs spell magic at lvl: 2, 6, 11 and 14 +1 Spell Strength at lvl: 3, 7, 9 and13 OCC SKILLS:Math: Basic(+10%) Lore:Monster(+25%) Lore:Faerie(+15%) Language:Select 3(+15%) Language:+ 1D6 more(+10%) Wilderness Survival(+5%) HTH:BasicRunningRide:Creature(+10%) WP:Knife OCC RELATED SKILLS:-Select 6 at first level, then 2 at levels 3 & 6 and 1 at levels 9 &12 COMMUNICATIONS:Radio:Basic DOMESTIC:Any(+5%) ELECTRICAL:None ESPIONAGE:Any(+5%), except Forgery & Disguise MECHANICAL:None MEDICAL:Holistic & First Aid only(+10%) MILITARY:None PHYSICAL:Any PILOT:Any(+5%), except RV & PA PILOT RELATED:Any(+5%) ROGUE:Any(+5%) SCIENCE:Basic and Advanced Math only(+5%) TECHNICAL:Any(+10%) WP:Any WILDERNESS:Any(+5%) SECONDARY SKILLS: Select 6 MONEY:2D4 X 1000 in credits ; 2D6 X 1000 in Black Market Items CYBERNETICS/BIONICS: NONE! ! ! ! EQUIPMENT: MDC Armor, clothes, knapsack, back pack, 1D6 small sacks, 2 large sacks, ritual equipment, pocket mirror, silver cross, 4 cloves of garlic, 2D4 wooden stacks and mallet, salt, cateen, binoculars, tinted goggles, air filter gas mask, lighter as well as other stuff ---WEAPONS: Ornate ritual dagger( worth:1D4 X 1000 credits), .45 w/ 2 silver bullet clips, Energy Rifle w/ 1D4 clips, Energy Pistol w/ 1D4 clips, 1 other weapon of choice and 1D4 + 1 additional E-clips ---VEHICLE:A good riding animal of choice( tamed) SPELLS:All summoning, Armor of Ithan, Familiar Link, Repel Animals, Expel Demons, See Aura, Sense Magic, Sense Evil, Magic Net, Seal, Domination, Constrain Being, Control Entity, Create Golem, Lightning Bolt and Fire Ball ---Plus select 1 additional spell every otherlevel ---Level of spells to be is limited to level of chooser NOTE: Change this as you wish, it is your game.